Sunday, May 5, 2013


Wow, it's been awhile since I've blogged about my shopping adventures. No worries, it's not like you're missing very much. I just shop really sporadically, and usually late into, if not the last day of the sale.

However, my Walgreens shop of last week didn't go exactly as I'd planned, and I ended up with (5) $3.00 RR's expiring today. So, I had to go spend them.

Last week I wanted the Ultimate Flora Probiotic for my husband, and I had $3.00 off mq's from a January insert. I rolled the Probiotic with the Air Sleep thingamajig and the Planters Peanut Butter that was free after RR's.
At the end I was going to spend my $3.00 profits I made from the Probiotic on the Charmin toilet paper that was on sale for $3.99, making it only 99¢ for me, but they were sold out the day I went and I never made it back the rest of the week.

This week, 5/5 - 5/11, there are several free after RR's, but not much profit. I had (5) of the $2.00 off Breathe Right strips coupons, which coincidentally was the same number of $3.00 RRs I needed to roll.

For some reason I don't know yet, the $2.00 coupon with the expiration date of 8/31/13 *beeped* as "Expired". The Manager had the cashier price modify, but then limited me to only (2) of the Breathe Rights.

Trans 1 & 2:
$4.00 Breathe Right
$1.49 W Tampons
-2.00 Breathe Right from Walgreens Cold & Flu Answers booklet
-3.00 RR from last week
= 73¢

Rec'd $4.00 Breathe Right, $1.50 W Tampons

The General Mills cereal is 2/$5.00, and there's a $1.00/2 Wags coupon in the monthly booklet.
There's also several different General Mills manufacturers coupons and printables you can combine with the Wags coupon. I had a $1/2 General Mills, and a 60¢ off Reese's Puffs and 60¢ off Honey Nut Cheerios.
-1.00/2 Walgreens store coupon
-1.00/2 General Mills cereals IP (or (2) 60¢ off)
= $1.50 each

Be sure to look for Specially Marked boxes for Movie Codes to get a Free Movie Ticket when you buy 2 boxes.

I also bought the double newspaper, marked $3.99 but rang up $2.50, with a bag of W Chocolate dipped peanuts on sale this week for 79¢.

That took care of all my $3.00 RRs from last week.

$15.00 RRs from last week
$11.00 RR's earned this week
= $4.00 cost for (4) box cereal, (2) bags W chocolate candies, (2) Breathe Right strips, (2) 8ct W Tampons, (2) newspapers for coupon inserts.

Then I used the (2) $4.00 RRs from the Breathe Right Strips to buy a bottle of the Male Enhancer supplements - $8.00/Free after RR - and a bag of 79¢ candy (filler)
Which I rolled into a box of Charo Caps gas relief - $7.00/free after RR - and (2) bags of W candy on sale for 2/$1.00
Which I rolled back into another bottle of Male Enhancer.
Final cost $3.45 including tax for all.

I think I can probably sell the Male Enhancer on Ebay for $10 or so.