Thursday, September 30, 2010


Rite Aid

(Did Olay deal twice)
$21.99 Olay Eye Roller
$ 4.24 Olay Moisturizer BOGO50%
$ 6.79 Olay Moisturizer 20% disc.
- 5.00/25.00 RAq
-17.99 Olay Eye Roller mq
- 1.00 Olay mq
- 1.00 Olay mq
- 2.00 Olay Coupons Savings or Flu booklet
- 3.00 +UP rewards
= $.03 + 1.89 tax = $1.92 from gift card

Rec'd $10.00 +UP P&G
Final Total $5.08 profit

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Used Book Store

Carried in a couple bags of books for credit to trade on some new-to-me books.

Most of the books I trade in for credit I've gotten free, or really Mom gives me alot of books she gets from her friends or buys at the thrift store or Goodwill, I also shop at the thrift stores/Goodwill for books which cost about .50/.75, and sometimes I get bags/boxes of books free from Freecycle.  I keep saying I'm going to start stopping at yard sales again, because you can usually get books for .25 at those.

Then the UBS gives me credit of something like 25% of the books' original price.

Today I got a credit of $60-some-odd dollars worth for books I didn't pay much, if anything, for to start with.  So I pretty much got all of the above books for free.
They aren't new or in the best condition, but that don't matter a bit to me, so long as I can read the stories.

Speaking of the Goodwill....I was in one earlier today, looking for treasures or whatever, when all of a sudden alot of people started like, hollering. Like they were in pain or something.
I thought, oh crap, what's going on, are they being robbed?!
So they're still carrying on like I don't know what, and I'm looking for the back way out, when I hear someone groan, "Ugh, somebody really passed some gas, bad!!"


Did a Kroger run; one more day of the Energizer OYNO deal and I still have two more to go, blah.

Glory Greens and Peas are still $1.00, so .10 after IP coupon (leave your email if you need me to send it to you).

The Bestlife Buttery Spread is on sale 10/$10, or $1.00 each, and there were $1.00 coupons in some insert(s) - (see database). They only had (5), so I got them all.

The Butterfingers and Snackers are 2/$1.00 and I found $1.00/2 tearpad coupons, so those are free after coupon. I got 10 of the snackers.

And lastly, found a waterbottle my son was wanting. I thought it was supposed to be 75% off, but was only like, half off, but whatever.

Total Spent $6.05 (The waterbottle was $5.99, so that's pretty good)


Walgreens didn't have the Hylands Kids cough stuff I was hoping to find for the profit, but instead of just leaving, I had these Vicks coupons, and apparently thought I needed to use them.

The Vicks Sinus spray deal is they are on sale for $6.00, get $2.00 RR. The coupon from this past weeks' P&G was for $4.00, so makes them free after coupon and RR.

The Fullbar things were $1.99, get $1.99 ($2.00) RR, so free after RR.

They also had the free after RR Emergen-C stuff in stock, but I didn't have any $3.50 RRs, so I skipped those.

I had a couple of $4.00 RRs, so I started with getting the Vicks, Fullbar, and a Necco candy on clearance for .22 cents.

Then I started rolling the $2.00 RRs back and forth; used the Fullbar RR to buy the Vicks and a candy, then the Vicks to buy a Fullbar and a candy.

The Sports Drinks were clearanced for .99, so I couldn't pass those up, and just bought them with cash.

Started with $8.00 RRs
Spent $2.92 + 3.34 tax = $6.26oop
Ended with $10.00 RRs
Final Total $4.26 cost


Had a relatively productive day at CVS...meaning I succeeded at all the deals I tried.
But not productive in that none of the stores had the Oral-B Rechargable toothbrush, and that I wasn't in the frame of mind to be able to really work the deals with my rainchecks and be able to use up the rest of my Sobe BOGO coupons while the $/$$ CVS q's were still good.

Trans #1
$ 5.99 Thermacare x 2
$  .99 Sobe x 8
$ 7.00 Blink Gel Tears w/ Raincheck
$13.99 Bud Light

-5.00/30.00 CVS IP
-1.59 Sobe BOGO IP x 4 (No longer available)
-3.00 Thermacare IP x 2
-4.00 Blink peelie
-15.00 ECBs

= $1.52 + 2.30 tax = $3.82 oop
Rec'd $5.00 Thermacare, $8.00 Blink (w/ raincheck)
Total $5.82 cost

Trans #2
$5.99 Thermacare x 2
$ .99 Sobe x 12
$3.50 Crest Rinse w/ Raincheck
$2.99 Reach Access Flosser
$2.49 Charm

-5.00/30.00 CVS IP
-2.49 Free Charm wyb $15 CRT
- .99 Sobe x 6
-3.00 Thermacare x 2
-1.50 Reach Flosser
-2.00 Crest Rinse x 2
-10.00 ECBs

=$1.41 + 1.65 tax = $3.06 oop
Rec'd $5.00 Thermacare, $2.99 Reach, $7.00 Crest Rinse (w/ raincheck)
Total $1.93 profit

Trans #3 Found some Mucinex on clearance, didn't have any coupons but wasn't about to pass up such a good price on these.
$13.12 Mucinex 100-ct
$ 3.32 Mucinex 20-ct

-3.00/15.00 CVS IP
-12.00 ECB

=$1.44 + .45 tax = $1.89 oop
Total $13.89 cost

Trans #4
$9.99 Alive vitamins w/ Raincheck
$ .99 Sobe x 12
$2.49 Charm

-4.00/20.00 CVS IP
-2.49 Free Charm wyb $15 CRT
- .99 x 6
-1.00 Alive IP
-10.80 ECBs

=$0.13 + .91 tax = $1.04 oop
Rec'd $10.00 Alive (w/ raincheck)
Total $1.84 cost

Rite Aids

I did not want to go shopping today, just was not in the mood. But with all the q's expiring like, tomorrow, I knew if I didn't go I'd be mad at myself later. Thought maybe once I got in the car, cruising along, music jamming I'd get in the mood, but, nope.
So, I just did leetle Rite Aid shops. Which was a good thing, too, because, first thing, it didn't go well at all.

I went to a Rite Aid I'd not had trouble shopping at before, the same on where the girl worked so hard to help me with the Listerine Zero last week. I don't know what happened between a few days ago and today, but it was a whole different story.
First she wouldn't let me use three of the coupon savings booklet $2.00 Olay, "Limit one per customer", bah.
Stunk because I was planning on overage and bought some junk I didn't need to cover it, which I ended up paying with +UP money, bah.

I didn't argue it, because I always know using multiple of the RA coupons is YMMV, but I was disappointed.

But then it was the arguement with the Free Olay Eye Roller coupon. I wrote $19.99 on the coupon; usually they would have just entered it, no question. But this time she argues that it rang up $17.59. I explained that it was showing $17.59 now, but when she hit total, the BOGO sale would override the 20% discount, so it would ring up $21.99.

Since I obviously have LIAR! tattoo'ed across my forehead, she calls the Shift Supervisor out there. I explained to her that although it says $17.59 at this point, the BOGO sale will override the 20% discount and it will ring up $21.99, but the coupon limit is $19.99. So she says, well they can only enter $19.99 then. Um...ok.
But then the cashier says, no, it's ringing up $17.59 with her 20% discount. Then the SS says, well, you can only enter $17.59 then.

I didn't argue further, let them do what they insisted on doing, paid, and then when I got my reciept I showed them it rang up $21.99, and told them they ripped me off two-bucks from my coupon.

So, the way they chose to fix it was to price modify the next eye roller down by $2.00. I didn't realize it at the time, but when they did that, it apparently made that price better than the BOGO sale, and the 20% discount stuck, making it $15.59. They took off $15.59 for the freebie coupon, however, my moisturizer item that was supposed to ring up 50% off, didn't. It rang up full price, then the 2nd moiturizer rang up 50% off, instead of 20% off.

Trans #1
$21.99 Olay Eye Roller
$ 4.49 Olay Moisturizer BOGO50%
$ 7.19 Olay Moisturizer 20% disc.
$ 1.03 Sardines
- 5.00/25.00 RAq
-17.99 Olay Eye Roller mq
- 1.00 Olay mq
- 1.00 Olay mq
- 2.00 Olay Coupons Savings or Flu booklet
- 6.00 +UP rewards
= $0.71 + 1.97 tax = $2.68 from gift card

Rec'd $10.00 +UP P&G
Final Total $1.32 profit

Trans #2
$15.59 Olay Eye Roller
$ 8.49 Olay Moisturizer
$ 4.24 Olay Moisturizer BOGO50%
$ .50 CheezBalls
$ .49 Pringles x 3
- 5.00/25.00 RAq
-15.59 Olay Eye Roller mq
- 1.00 Olay mq
- 1.00 Olay mq
- 2.00 Olay Coupons Savings or Flu booklet
- 4.00 +UP rewards
= $0.70 + 1.62 tax = $2.32 from gift card

Rec'd $10.00 +UP P&G
Final Total $3.68 profit

Next I went to a RA where the SM is always a jerk and I know up front my mileage ain't gonna vary there, which is why they rarely get my business, and only a little bit of it when I for go looking for something that is probably oos at the better stores.
I explained to him about the eye roller going to ring up at $21.99; he didn't believe me, either, but at least had sense enough to print out the pre-receipt thing that showed him the prices.

Trans 3
$21.99 Olay Eye Roller
$ 4.24 Olay Moisturizer BOGO50%
$ 6.79 Olay Moisturizer 20% disc.
- 5.00/25.00 RAq
-17.99 Olay Eye Roller mq
- 1.00 Olay mq
- 1.00 Olay mq
- 2.00 Olay Coupons Savings or Flu booklet
- 2.00 +UP rewards
= $1.03 + 1.89 tax = $2.92 from gift card

Rec'd $10.00 +UP P&G
Final Total $5.08 profit

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rite Aid

Used $39.00 +UP
Spent $9.40 from Gift Cards
Rec'd $56.00 +UP
Final Total $7.60 profit
SCR #70 Kimberly-Clark $10.00 gift card
SCR Oral Care $10.00 GC


Still last week's deals, because I didn't get finished and haven't had time to look ahead to next week yet. I was able to do all plans except for one more Revlon deal. Oh well.

Trans #1:
$0.00 + 1.19 tax = $1.19 oop
Used $12.97 ECBs; Rec'd $15.00 ECBs
Total $0.84 profit

Trans #2:
$0.26 + .81 tax = $1.07 oop
Used $7.99 ECBs; Rec'd $7.80 ECBs
Total $1.26 cost (bought the 6 pack of Gatorade in this deal, so good price!)

Trans #3:
$0.98 + .72 tax = $1.70 oop
Used $11.99 ECBs; Rec'd $15.00 ECBs
Total $1.31 profit

Trans #4:
-$0.34 + .62 tax = .28 oop
Used $4.99 ECBs; Rec'd $7.80 ECBs
Total $2.53 profit
(Somehow misfigured my math here and gave too many ECB so had to buy the M&M's to bring the total with tax up out of the negative.)

Grand total $3.42 profit

Food Lion

Got (12) more waters at Food Lion.

$1.00 Aquapods x 3
-3.00 OYNO coupon
= $0.00 + .09 tax = $0.09 oop

Final Total $0.36


Ran into Publix to use up my last two Cinnabon Pancake coupons because they expired today, but they didn't have any in stock, so oh well. I still have a freezer full of Eggo waffles, I was only getting these because...I don't really know why.

They did - surprisingly! - have six boxes of Krusteaz left. I grabbed those, and a couple of Yakisoba for overage.

Total $0.01 + .12 tax = $0.13 from gift card
Saved $15.16


Trans #1 & 2:
$2.49 - $1.00 IP = $1.49 Thermacare
$0.69 Brach's candy
Used $2.00 RR
$0.18 + .17 tax = $.35 oop

Trans #3 & 4:
$4.99 Carmex Lotion
Used $4.00 RR
$.99 + .30 tax = $1.29 oop

I didn't have a coupon for the Carmex, but I needed to roll those $4.00 RRs. It was either that or waste them buying some junk I didn't need, so I chose to spend a little and roll them.


Ran into a couple of Krogers looking for papers, grabbed a couple cans of Glory collards and BEPs.
-  .90 IP
= $.10 + .03 tax
Total = $.26/2

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rite Aid

Used $32.00 +UP
Spent $8.13 from Gift Cards
Rec'd $47.00 +UP
Final Total $6.87 profit
SCR Mead $4.00 wyb $25.00
SCR Kimberly Clark $10.00 gift card


Once again, I looked at the Publix ad for this week and thought, "Nothing."
By "nothing" I mean, nothing I need/want that I want to pay for. I don't mind paying some for something I need or want, but otherwise I want it free or better yet, money-maker.

But that was getting boring, so I figured I'd change it up this week and spend some money. I looked at Michelle's (iheartpublix) best deals list and picked out a few things .50 or less and made my list.

Since my regular Publix stopped taking my $5/$25 RAq this week, they lost my loyalty so since I was visiting another town to go to different Rite Aids, I visited different Publii, too.
Turned out, one of the ones I had thought stopped accepting the $5/$25 a long time ago, didn't. They still do, plus Target, Rite Aid and Walgreens. Think I have a new (old) Publix!

I don't know what, if any, Compettitor q's the other Publix accepted. I didn't have any to use, so didn't ask.

Some of my deals:
$2.50 Fiber One Yogurt BOGO
-  .50 (doubled) x 2
= $.50, or .25 each

$2.79 Cinnabon Pancakes BOGO
-1.00/1 8/15 Parade x 2
= $.80, or .40 each

$2.27 Krusteaz pancake or waffle mix BOGO
-  .50 (doubled) x 2
= $.27, or .14 each

$2.99 Crunchmaster Crackers BOGO
-1.00 SS 8/29 x 2
= $.99, or .50 each

$2.65 Wishbone dressing BOGO
-  .50 (doubled) IP x 2
-  .75 Target Q x 2
= +.85 overage

$2.89 Nestle Tollhouse Cookies BOGO
-$1.00 IP x 2
= $.89, or .45 each

$2.39 Green Giant Steamers BOGO
-  .50 (doubled) IP x 2
= $0.39, or .20 each

$2.19 Lactaid Milk Quart
-2.00 blinkie
= $0.19

$1.29 Dayquil Travel size
-1.50 8/29 PG
= +.21 overage

$6.99 Thermacare
-$3.00 IP
-5.00 PQ
= +1.01 overage

With some of my overage I bought
$2.03 Beef Cube Steak
$2.09 Top Round Steak

Transaction #1: $0.58 + .54 tax = $1.12 from gift card
Saved $67.95
Transaction #2: $0.17 + 3.10 tax = $3.27 from gift card
Saved $74.90
Grand total $4.22


Stopped in at Kroger to check out the Krusteaz Catalina deal.
Krusteaz Pancake/Waffle mix is $1.99
and there's a .50/1 in the 8/22 SS
If your Kroger doubles, you pay .99

Rumor has it that in the Delta region (Brandy?) you get a $1.00 OYNO cat for each box.
Apparently in the Southern Region we get $1.00 wyb (2). Which makes them .50 each after OYNO. They are only .14 each after coupon this week at Publix.

Also got more Glory Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas. Tag now has a 10/09 date, so still time to stock up plenty for Winter. Greens, peas, and cornbread. Yum!
- .90
= $.10 each

Did the battery deal and bought flashlights:
$2.50 batteries x 8
-2.00 tearpad q's x 8
$1.19 flashlights x 5
-1.00 (insert?)
= $4.95; paid with $5.00 OYNO; Rec'd $5.00 OYNO

Finally got the coupons I ordered from ebay for the Rockin' Refuel chocolate milks, so used a $10/10 Raincheck to get these free after (doubled) coupon:

Total $2.53 + 2.24 tax = $4.77 oop
Rec'd $1.00 OYNO for Krusteaz
Final Total $3.77

Rite Aid

Weird. I checked the online ads for the Rite Aid stores in my surrounding area because I live in the middle of like three different ads, and saw all the deals I was looking for in all of them. But then I get to a Rite Aid with the super-short ad and there's no sale sticker on the Listerine, nor is it even in their sale paper! WTH? I know I'm loopy, but, I'da swore I saw it.

I was going to just shrug it off, but the cashier girl insisted on price checking it anyway. It came up on sale for $2.99. Hm. But there was no way to know if would give the +UP or not.
Because of Rite Aid's RIDICULOUS policy that if you use a coupon, they'll still only give you the difference in price back (RIP OFFS!) no way I was going to try it and lose my coupon if it didn't give the +UP and I needed to get a refund.
So she went and got the Store Manager and made him come out there and use his card to "buy" the Listerine to see if it printed the +UP, and it did.
I thought that was very nice of her to perservere to help me like that. Most would say, if it ain't in the sale paper....

Unfortunately, despite it being a hidden sale there, there was still only one bottle on the shelf.

Also unfortunately, by the time I finished my shopping, the fantastic cashier was gone to lunch or somewhere, and the Store Manager was cashiering. Nice guy, but dumb as a box of rocks. My Huggies Video Value coupon wouldn't scan and he was having to call other stores to ask how to enter it; he kept saying that if they didn't scan it, and entered it as a vendor coupon or whatever, they wouldn't get credit for it.
Personally I'm sure that's more ignert Rite Aid BS, like them keeping your coupon and still only giving you the difference in price after coupon on a refund. I don't understand why more people aren't arguing this.

Anyway. He decided to enter it anyway, and added the coupon amount to my total, but finally after a good while figured out how to take it back off again.  I was so afraid he was going to hit the Void button to start over before I could stop him. If he did that, my already scanned +UPs would have been useless.
Rite Aid has alot of good deals, but their programs and policies are awful!

Transaction #1:
$1.99 Quaker Oats x 2
$5.99 Nutrisse Hair Color x 3
$2.99 Dial Hand soap
$0.00 Dial Hand soap (BOGO sale)
-5.00/25 myRiteAid IP
-1.00 Quaker Oats 8/29 or 9/12 RP x 2
-1.00/10.00 Hair Care Wellness IP
-2.00 Nutrisse RA Coupon Savings book x 3
-3.00 Nutrisse RP 9/12 x 3
-1.00 Dial Hand Soap RA Coupon Savings booklet x 2
- .35 Dial Soap (?insert?) x 2
= -.76 + 1.17 tax = $0.41 from gift card

Rec'd $5.00 Garnier, $1.00 Quaker x 2, $1.00 Dial wyb 2
Final Total = $6.59 profit

Transaction #2:
$8.99 Huggies
$5.00 John Frieda
$5.00 John Frieda
$2.99 Listerine Zero
$3.00 Oreos x 2
-5.00/25.00 myRiteAid IP
-2.00 Huggies Aug. Video Values
-3.00 Huggies IP zip 10011
-3.00 John Frieda Root Awakening SS 8/22 x 2
-1.00/10.00 Hair Care Wellness IP
-2.00 Listerine Zero RP 9/19
Used $9.00 +UPs
= -.02 + 1.16 tax = $1.14 from gift card

Rec'd $2.00 Huggies, $3.00 John Frieda, $1.00 Listerine, $1.00 Oreos
Final Total $3.14 cost (Will sell diapers for $5.00)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tried to do the Revlon deal at CVS.

$6.99 Lustrous, Moon Drops lipstick, or Double Twist Mascara, Get $5.00 ECB (Limit 6)

There was a $2.00 off the lipstick at Facebook which I think is no longer available, or wasn't earlier.
Someone said that coupon beeped unless you got the lipstick with the UPC code starting with 03997 or something like that. Someone else said be careful or you'll get a lipstick that doesn't count with the deal.
Well, I remembered the former, forgot the latter.
So I paid $7.99 for the lipstick, and no ECBs.

I wanted to do a return and try again, but the boy said it was too hard to do a refund when I used coupons, so he was just going to issue the ECB.
It was still $1.00 too much for the lipstick, but since he pushed thru my $4/$20 coupon without any fuss, I didn't want to argue about it.

$6.99 Double Twist Mascara x 2
$7.99 Lipstick
-1.00 Revlon 9/12 SS x 2
-2.00 Lipstick Facebook IP
-4.00/20.00 CVS IP
= $13.97

Used $12.99 ECBs
and $.98 + 1.54 tax = $2.52 oop
Rec'd $15.00 ECBs

Final Total $0.51 cost (Should have been +2.03 profit before tax)

Food Lion

Was able to find some Aquapods at another Food Lion tonight, YaY!
It was a lucky find; the shelf was empty and I nearly just left, but for some reason decided to walk over to produce and see if maybe there was a display or something. Didn't see one, so turned to leave, and there was a stack of packages of them beside an endcap no where near the other water, or snacks, or anything else you'd think water would be near.

I got (9) packages and did (3) transactions. The cashier was fantastic. No problem at all doing three transactions. She was so tickled when my final totals came out to be .09 cents.

$1.00 each x 3
= $3.00 + .09 tax = $3.09
Paid with $3.00 OYNO cat and .09 cash
Rec'd $3.00 OYNO cat

Total $.27 oop

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rite Aid

$2.99 Oral B TB x 2
-1.00 RA Coupon Savings booklet x 2
- .75 8/29 PG
-2.99 BOGO 8/15 RP
Get $2.00 +UP x 2
= $3.76 profit

$1.99 Quaker Oats
-1.00 9/12 RP or 8/29 RP
Get $1.00 +UP

$2.50 Fiber One bars
-1.00 RA Coupon Savings booklet x 2
-1.00/2 IP
Get $1.00 +UP
= $1.00/2, or .50 each

$5.00 x 2 John Frieda Root Awakening
-3.00 8/22 SS x 2
-1.00/$10 Hair Care Wellness raq
Get #3.00 +UP wyb 2

$5.99 x 3 Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color
-2.00 RA Coupon Savings booklet x 3
-3.00 9/12 RP x 3
-1.00/$10 Hair Care Wellness raq
Get $5.00 +UP wyb $15
= $3.03 profit

$2.50 Fall Throw blanklet 50% sale

Trans #1:
Used $5/$25
and $4.50 +UP
 -.31 + 1.85 tax = $1.54 from gift card
Rec'd $15.00 +UPs
Final Total $8.96 profit

Used $5/$25
and $7.50 +UP
.17 + 1.74 tax = $1.91 from gift card
Rec'd $16.00 +UPs
Final Total $6.59 profit

*ETA: Here's y'all a new $5/$25 good thru 10/31.


Shop #1
$3.85 + .52 tax = $4.37 from gift card
*Surprise! Since the other day, with no warning, we no longer accept the $5/$25 RA coupon.

Shop # 2
-3.55 + 3.07 tax = +$0.48 (they paid me)

Food Lion

Aquapod Deal:
10/$10, or $1.00 each
If you buy (3), you get s $3.00 OYNO cat coupon
= FREE Aquapod!

$0.35 x 8 cat food
Get $1.00/4, $2.00/8, $3.00/12, etc. OYNO cat coupon
Final Total $0.80

Final Total $0.80 + .23 tax = $1.03 oop


Yeah, this deal didn't work out. Don't know why, but I'm guessing the flashlights didn't count. Will call the Cat company tomorrow, or return the flashlights next visit.

By themselves the flashlights aren't a bad deal with the $1.00 mq from the 9/12 SS
-1.00 mq
= .19 each

My deal:
$1.19 x 8 flashlights
$3.19 x 5 batteries
$0.59 Sliced Pineapples
$0.69 Pinto beans
$1.00 Glory Black Eyed Peas

-1.00 x 8 flashlights
-2.00 x 5 batteries
-5.00 OYNO cat

Total $0.40 + 1.61 tax = $2.01 oop

Should have gotten another $5.00 OYNO cat, but didn't, so this deal cost me $7.01. No way, hozo!


Had to go to Walmart for beer, so grabbed my free Gain dishwashing liquid while I was there.

$0.97 Gain x 8
-1.00 MQ x 8
= +.03 overage each

Friday, September 17, 2010


Publix shop was okay. Found alot of the Old Fashioned oatmeal I prefer over the 1-minute stuff. I had 22 coupons, but only got 10. I'll go back later in the week, although I'll probably have to get rainchecks at that point. The q's are good for awhile.

Got some Ronzoni Angel Hair pasta my son likes. It was $1.39 BOGO and I used (2) .50/1 Blinkie q's that doubles to $1.00, for .61 overage/2.

Still have the Lactaid $2.00 off blinkie's on the fridge door, making the quart size $0.19 each. I got (5), or $0.95 worth.

I hadn't visited Kroger yet at this point to know the Glory vegs were 1.00 each there, so I got a couple cans here; they were $1.29 - .90 coupon = $0.39 each

Covergirl Nail Polish is $3.29, on sale this week 30% off = $2.31 - $1.50 green flyer q - 1.00 mq 8/29 P&G, gave me about .20 overage each. 
I got some black and orange for Halloweeny, and some pink which I'll probably give to one of my neices because I can't wear pink w/ my orange hair.

The Nyquil/Dayquil travel size are $1.29, used $1.50 from 8/29 P&G for .21 overage each.

With the $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon, I still had about $1.63 overage, which isn't enough to put on a gift card, so they had marked down candy, I got some Gummy Bugs for .75 each.

Final total was -.14 + alot of tax. I can't remember how much, but my total cost was still over $3.00, even with my subtotal going in the negative.

I also did the Ore-Ida Steam & Mash and Heinz Gravy deal, which *should* have been an awesome deal, had I not forgotten to bring half of my coupons.
(3) Ore-Ida Steam & Mash $2.00 each
(3) Heinz Gravy $1.27 each
= $9.81
-(2) $2.00 Steam & Mash AND Heinz Gravy PQ from FL Toss4Cash booklet
-(1) $2.00 free Ore-Ida wyb (2) Ore-Ida PQ from FL T4C booklet
-(1) $1.00/3 Heiz Gravy IPq
= $2.81

There was also supposed to be (3) $1/1 Ore-Ida Stean & Mash MQs from somewhere that I seemed to have overlooked.  I will find those and take them for a post-coupon refund next time.

Food Lion

No Aquapods.

Tried out the $1/4 OYNO cat deal with Home360 cat food and Food Lion brand potted meat. Both were .35 each for a total of $2.80.
Got $2.00 OYNO, so actual cost .80 cents.

Since my Food Lion doubles coupons up to .60, I got 10 Rice and 6 Yakisoba, hoping to get $2.00 overage.
Only to find out FL has fixed their registers like Kroger, so now they only double up the amount of the item. So I pretty much wasted all those rice and Yakisoba coupons, because I could have used them and got the overage at Publix.

Totally forgot to do the Chicken/Shake'n'Bake/Kraft Dressing deal.


Rite Aid


Uh, yeah, not a big day at Wags. All my RRs are expired, like this past Sunday. So I tried this one deal to see if I could. Bought the Colgate and a clearanced thing of Necco candy at .22. Used $1.00 Colgate mq and $2.00 RR. Spent $0.56. Got $2.00 RR back.

So then I was going back to do a Dulcolax/Intuition/Colgate deal to spend my $4.00 RRs. Realized I forgot to get a $3/1 Dulcolax coupon to go with the rest of them.
Wags people would look at me like I'd invited them to stick a fork in their eye if I came back later and asked for a post-coupon refund, so I just aborted.
Should've done another Colgate and spent the other expired $2 RR I had, but, I dunno.


So I get to CVS planning to get nothing but Rainchecks. But then looked in my envelope and what do I find? $14.99 expired ECBs. On each card!!

They were only a couple days expired, so I asked and the cashier (possibly Shift Manager) said they could still take them, a long as they were within a couple of days, because they only send the envelope of coupons in once a week.
I knew that, but other a-hole cashiers like to say no, they can't take them, just to be hateful, so I asked before I knew whether to try to spend that much or not.

They had the Nivea Men's Bodywash in stock. Couldn't hardly believe that!
Also a couple of the AirWick Aquamist.
The deal on those is/was they are/were 4/$10, get $5.00 ECB.
If you buy 4 and use 2 BOGO q's from one of the inserts, they are free after ECB.
I could only get 2, but I got a raincheck for 2 more, and the ECBs code, so if I miss it this week I can still get it later (except I have to check the date on my coupon because I think they might be expiring pretty quickly.)

Otherwise to spend the rest of the expired ECBs I got Cokes, 4/$13, get $3.00 ECB, and a pack of toilet paper for $8.99.


Kroger had the Glory vegs 10/$10. I got some collard greens and black eyed peas.
They were .10 after the $.90 IP coupon (leave your email if you need me to send it to you).
I don't know how long they'll be on sale for that price. Since I haven't been keeping up with the blogs and boards this week, I'm pretty much out of the loop at this point.
The tag says 9/11/10, but I don't know if that is starting or ending date. Usually it's ending date, but they were still on sale, so I dunno.

The Libby's vegs are 2/$1, so with the $1/3 from the (8/29?) insert, they are .50/3 cans.
I only got some Sweet Peas because we still got cans of corn coming out our ears from the last Publix Viva Italia sale and we don't care to much for canned green beans or beets. Wasn't much else left.

Rolled over two of my Energizer/Schick cats with the batteries. Still have another one, but it's good until 9/25. Still hoping for a Mega sale soon, like next week.
(I don't know why I say that, when at this moment I could care less if I ever go shopping again).

I Won an Award!

Thanks to Lacy @ The Dill-io for this award!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My Auntie passed away Monday, so with all the funeral doings, once again I didn't do any shopping planning since Sunday. But with today being the last day of the sale I wanted to make a run to Publix for one last Mtn. Dew grab.

I walked in the door and saw the front display they had this week completely empty and was like ooooohhhhh nooooo, I drove all the way down here for nothing!! But they had like 9 boxes back on the Soft Drink aisle.

Then I got around to the Yakisoba and found they had stocked some more since the other day, but then found out I only had (2) coupons with me. Gah. I was too lazy to cut some more out. Thought I had several still.

Got the free Yoplait yogurt using Publix BOGO q and (2) .30 (doubled) mq's. Both from newspaper inserts; see datebase.

Forgot my (5) Breakstone's Sour Cream. Hopefully another Kraft item will go on sale for $1.00 before my $5/5 IP expires. (Or does the Breakstone sale go on after this week?)

I had it planned the Yakisoba, a Thermacare, and a Rite Aid $5/$25 would take care of the Mtn. Dew costs. Until I got ready to go check out and found I didn't have any $5/$25!!! Argh!
I got (2) more Thermacare and the EAS bars to cover it, but I hate when I have to do that. The $5/$25 are unlimited, and the Thermacare and EAS are not. So it feels to me like wasting $5.00.

Final Total -0.75 + 2.06 tax = $1.31 from gift card

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Trans #1:
$2.50 J&J Baby Lotion x 10
-1.00 J&J Baby Lotion 8/15 RP x 10
$1.59 Sobe Water x 8
-1.59 Sobe BOGO Sale x 4
-1.50 Sobe BOOGO IP x 4
-$5/$30 CVS IP
-10.00 ECB

Total $0.00 + 1.30 tax = $1.30 oop
Rec'd $10.00 ECB
Final total $1.30 cost

Trans #2:
$8.97 Hydro 5 Razor
-5.00 8/08 SS
$3.99 Hydro Shave Cream
-3.49 free wyb Razor (Don't know why he saw 3.49 instead of 3.99. I didn't catch it until later)
$ .99 Trident Layers gum x 2
-1.00 IP q
$6.99 Exedrin Menstral
-1.00 any Exedrin 8/29 SS
-$4/$20 CVS IP
-4.00 ECB (Should've used more like $8.00 ECB, but I misfigured again somehow)

Total $3.44 + 1.02 tax = $4.46 oop
Rec'd $4.00 Razor, $.99 Gum, $5.00 Exedrin
Final Total $1.53 Profit

Trans #3: (Best Deal!)
$8.99 Wisk HE deterg x 4
-8.99 BOGO sale x 2
-3.00 8/29 RP x 4
$1.59 Sobe x 8
-1.59 BOGO sale x 4
-1.59 BOGO IP x 4
-$3/$15 CVS IP

Total -.02 + .91 tax = $0.89 oop
Final total $0.89 cost

Rite Aid

(When am I ever going to learn to actually read the lists I make??)

First Rite Aid, I did three shops:
Trans #1 (Card #1)
Mead 1-subject notebooks on sale 4/2.00 (.50 each)
Buy 4 and get $1.00 +UP reward
$0.50 x 18 notebooks
-1.00/2 x 9 8/08 RP
= FREE x 18
Rec'd (4) $1.00 +UP rewards

2/$5.00 M&M's
Buy 2 get $1.00 +UP reward
$2.50 x 4 M&M's
-1.00 x 4  Pretzel M&M's 7/25 RP
= $6.00
Rec'd (2) $1.00 +UP

$2.99 Oral-B Cross Action TB x 2
-2.99 BOGO 8/15 RP
(should have also been a -.75 from 8.29 PG, but I cut out the TP instead of the TB one, duh)
Rec'd $2.00 +UP reward
($5.98 towards Oral Care SCR)

Used $5/$25
Used $3.00 +UP
Total $0.99 + .58 tax = $1.57 oop
Final Total $3.43 Profit

Trans #2 (Card #1)
$6.49 Airwick Freshmatic Ultra on 50% Sale x 5
-4.00 8/08 SS x  5

Used $5/$25
and $7.00 +UP rewards

Total .45 + 1.65 tax = $2.10 oop
Should have rec'd $10.00 +UP wyb $30.00 products, but it didn't work. Will be calling CS tomorrow.
Final Total $9.10 cost

Trans #3 (Card #2)
$5.49 Quantum Finish on 50% sale x 3
-3.00 7/18 SS x 3
$4.99 Airwick Mini I-Motions on sale 50% x 3
-4.00 Airwick 8/08 SS x 3

Used $5/$25
and $5.00 +UP rewards

Total .44 + 1.59 tax = $2.03 oop
Should have rec'd $10.00 +UP wyb $30.00 products, so have to call about it tomorrow.
Final Total $7.03 cost

*I probaly shouldn't have did this deal because I wasn't entirely clear on the items included in the $10 wyb $30 deal. The ad lists the Freshmatics, Ultras, and Mini in the 50% off sale, although more Airwick were also 50% off.  The sign in the store just says $10 wyb $30 of these Products, and has the Airwick logo, among others, making it seem like every Airwick item is included.

This is where me and Rite Aid are going to have a knock-down-drag-out if they say I didn't get the right stuff, and I try to take the stuff back, and they think they are only giving me a refund of the value AFTER coupon, as per their jacked up coupon policy.
I can't even imagine how anyone - whoever made up that policy - could think they could get away with keeping the coupon for reimbursement, getting the item back, and refunding the few cents you paid.

Second Rite Aid, I did two shops:
Trans #1:
$5.49 Quantum Finish 50% off sale
-3.00 7/18 SS
$4.99 Airwick 50% off sale x 4
-4.00 8/08 SS

Used $5/$25
and $1.00 +UP

Total .45 + 1.23 tax = $1.68 oop
*I didn't do this deal to try for the $10 wyb $30, but just because with the coupons and $5/$25 I could get the stuff for really cheap. I know, usually I go for free or profit, not really cheap, but my family likes air fresheners so I figured I could buy them cheap and get some "good daughter/neice" points, lol.

Trans #2:
*I didn't want to waste the rest of M&M coupons I had, when they had these in stock, so I figured out that if I bought (6) bags, and used (6) $1.00 off coupons and a $5/$25 and got back (3) $1.00 +UP, I was only spending $1.00 for (6) bags of M&M's.
Surprise! In addition to the (3) $1.00 +UP I got from M&M's, I also got a $5.00 +UP fro Mars I wasn't expecting.

$2.50 M&M's x 6
-1.00 7/25 RP x 6
Rec'd (3) $1.00 +UP M&Ms, and $5.00 +UP Mars

*The C.Booth coupon in the (long) ad is for the Derma line, not the regular stuff we got a few weeks ago, but this store had stuck the $5.00 off w/ ad coupon stickers on the regular stuff, so I figured I could get away with using the coupons.
The cashier wouldn't have said a thing about it, she said she didn't know the difference, but just so happened the/a Manager came up right at that time and said about the coupons in the ad weren't for the regular stuff. She'd already scanned my $5/$25 by then, so I didn't care if they took the C.Booth off, I really only got it for something free to get my total up to $25 or over.  But I said oh, well, then you might want to take the yellow stickers saying $5.00 off this stuff back there, so they let me have it using the coupons.

$4.99 C.Booth Honey Almond Body Butter
$4.99 Lavendar Bath Soak
-5.00 in-ad q x 2

Used $5/$25
and $4.00 +UP rewards

Total -.02 + .60 tax = $0.58 oop
Final Total $3.42 Profit


*The Reach Floss Cat deal is apparently over, or fixed, whatever the case was.

Just rolled the Energizer Cat a few times today, and spent a few more Minute Maid coupons. Only a few left to go.


Shop #1, I got 8 12-packs of Mtn. Dew/Code Red/Voltage. Found a thing of Benevia on clearance for $3.50 and had $5.00 MQ. With a couple of Thermacare overage and the $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon, I ended up being paid $0.12.
I really don't like doing that, but the tax is usually alot higher. I can never figure tax right.

Shop #2, found lots more Benevia on clearance. I only had (9) coupons with me so that's how many I got. Also got Yakisoba ($0.60 - .50 (doubled)= +.40), Breakstone Sour Cream ($1.00 each - $5/5 IP = Free), and Yoplait Greek Yogurt ($1.19 each - $1.19 BOGO PQ - .30 (doubled) MQ x 2 = +.01) just so I would look like I was buying something more than just Benevia.

I got a $25 gift card and paid $12.12 from another gift card, so that means I banked $12.88 for later shopping.

Friday, September 3, 2010


This picture makes me LOL.

Found the 2-packs of C-9 Boyfriend T's on clearance for $5.58 finally. I had (6) coupons with me, so that's how many I got. I don't know why, but I loooove these shirts. Now I have one for every day of the week, lol.

$5.58 - $5.00 C-9 TQ = $.58 each

The toilet seats are reg. priced $5.49, and I used the $5.00 Bathroom furniture TQ. Someone else posted it didn't beep, but it did for me. He K-1'd it, but I'm not really sure toilet seats count as Bathroom furniture and probably won't be trying that one again.

But I never thought I'd have toilet seats in my stockpile, LMAO!

$5.49 - $5.00 TQ = .49 each

Total $5.44 + .38 tax = $5.82 oop


Did this deal once at each store:
$5.70 Shick Hydro 3 x 2
$2.71 Schick Shave Cream x 2
$2.50 Energizer battries x 2
-5.00 Shick MQ x 2
-2.71 Free wyb Razor Peelies x 2
-2.00 Energizer Tearpad
= $2.40

I was using a $5.00 OYNO cat, so I had to spend $2.60 more: at the first store I got a 4-pack of canned Fanta Orange on sale for 10/$10 and a Powerade on sale for .79 cents.

At the other store I got a bag of chips on 4-day sale for $1.99 and another Powerade for .79 cents.

After coupons and OYNO, my totals for the Schick/other deal should have been around .18-.19 cents + tax, which was less than $2.00.
When I checked out, I saw that an E Coupon SC for $4.00 came off; I need to check my account, but I figured I had added the $4.00 Schick eq to my card(s) and had forgotten about it.
At any rate, my total should have came up a few dollars in the negative with that $4.00 eq I didn't count on.
But it didn't. I ate into the tax, but not all of it, and I still had to pay some oop without getting anything else to make up the difference.
So I dunno what happened.

Got more Free Rockin' Refuel milk with a raincheck. I've ended up with more rainchecks than coupons now, so if anyone has like 15 coupons they don't

Also got some more boxes of free Minute Maid frozen lemonade.

Reach floss deal: apparently only works on the Cleanburst flavor?
Reach floss on sale for 10/$10, or $1.00 each. When you scan the Reach Cleanburst floss, it auto prints a $1.00 cat coupon. You can use this coupon to pay for the floss in the same order (the Right'n'Tight ones say that's wrong to do, that you should start with a coupon from the paper or an IP. I don't see the difference, the one from the paper, this one, they're all MQs.)

(You can use it in the same order if you're using self-check-out. If you go to a cashier, they probably ain't going to give it to you until after the transaction anyhow.)

Trans #1: $0.33 oop
Trans #2: $1.61 oop
Trans #3,4,5: $0.06
(tax on the floss)


At the first Publix I did the Mtn. Dew deal, and got another couple of quarts of Lactaid milk.

The cake mixes were $1.65 BOGO. The boxes had a .35 peelie for frosting on them, so I got (2) and used (2) $1/2 Duncan Hines PQs from GA Toss 4 Cash booklet and (2) .35 peelies. Except I was expecting the .35 to double to .70, and didn't pay attention that the barcode started with "9", so no doubling dang it.

Got the Vitamins @ $3.99, no overage but to bring my total before coupons up to $25 so I could use the $5/$25 coupon. I think I didn't need to once I bought all the potpies, but I forget.

There was no Thermacare or $2.99 Vitamins.

I had (thought I had) $2.91 overage; the pot pie deal was buy (5) pot pies @ .58 each, and get (3)  fruit pies free, which came out to a cost $2.90, so I should have been $0.01 in the negative at checkout.

But then the frosting coupon didn't double, so I ended up paying .70 more, and apparently misfigured something else I can't find at the moment, anyway;
Total $0.79 + .86 tax = $1.65 from gift card

I forgot to add the bag of Tostitos in the picture; there was a tearpad by the Pepsi's for Buy (3) Pepsi and get Free Tostitos. It expired 8/27, but I asked at the desk since it was still out would they still take it and she said they would.

Publix number 2, I went venturing to another store looking for the Downey Balls and Tide peelies and Wisk hangtags - none.

But they had Thermacare and Vitamins. Being the last day the Green Flyer Coupon is any good, I wanted to use all the ones I had.
I had no idea if they would let me use only one or more, so I wish-washed around a bit and then said, oh what the heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I got the Rice and Thai soup mostly just to have something else in the order besides the Thermacare and vitamins, although the Rice gave me a bit of overage, too: $0.89 - .50 MQ (doubled) = +.11 overage x 10 bags.

The Thai ginger noodle soup stuff was $0.99 and I used a .50 (doubled) coupon I got, either or maybe, so it was basically free, or +.02 overage.

I ended up with $10.xx overage, but after $3.60 worth of tax ate a chunk out of it, I still had $7.13 overage left.
I bought a $25 gift card, paid $17.87 from a previous gift card, so I still have $7.13 on the previous card, plus a new $25 card.
This is how to bank money for later, when you need something and there's no overage items.

Rite Aid

Shopping at Rite Aid was no good. Nothing in stock. I tried getting another Nivea; someone said they'd gotten another +UP buying a different "flavor"...didn't work for me.
Used other card for other Nivea, got +UP no problem.

I had to call CS on my favorite store today; the guy cashiering, who was wearing a blue shirt like a Manager but his nametag don't say Manager, said I could only use (1) +UP per item. I was trying to use to (2) $1.00 +UPs along with a $1.00 MQ.
I asked where it said "one per item", he pointed at the number bar code and said something about the number 49.
So I didn't argue, and went out to my car and called. The girl said I was supposed to be able to use multiple +UP's, it even said that in their Coupon Policy. So I took the phone back inside and gave it to the Cashier/Manager guy to talk to her.

He said the Store Manager told them only (1) Rite Aid coupon per item. (If that's true, this ain't gonna be my favorite Rite Aid for much longer!)

This is the same Store Manager that argued with me that the Manufacturer isn't paying for the +UP, and thinks Rite Aid is giving out "free money".

After talking to another Store Manager at another store, and she told me they'd gone to a meeting and were given packets explaining about coupons and wellness and +UP and alot of stuff; she said they were told that the Manufacturers sponser the +UPs, so that was money they were making! I kind of thought maybe I'd get an apology or some acknowlegment from that Store Manager that accused me of trying to get all that "free money" out of Rite Aid.
Apparently he either didn't attend the meeting, or slept through it and tried to decipher it on his own later.

Anyway, I got my $1.00 back in cash. I was still out $2.00 from the +UP that didn't print, but no big deal, my hubby loves the Nivea BW.

The next store I used $1.00 MQ and $2.00 +UP and got $2.00 +UP back, only paid tax.

Total $2.18 oop
Total $0.18 oop

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Publix - Mtn. Dew Deal

[*If your Publix accepts Targeet Competitor coupons]

At Publix this week (9/02 - 9/08), Pepsi Products 12-packs are on sale for B2G2; Final Price 4/$9.50.

Mountain Dew -12/12 Oz. Cans

If you buy (4) 12-packs of Mountain Dew or Mtn. Dew variety:
Use $2/4 MQ from HERE
(4) $1/1 Targeet Q's from HERE

You pay $3.50 for (4) 12-packs!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Made it to Publix today to get my youngun his Starbucks ice cream. Figured I'd end up getting a raincheck instead, but they were well stocked.
They were $3.79 BOGO - (2) $1.50 MQs = .40/.39 each

I also had .50 Yakisoba mqs from 8/29 SS (or RP?). Yakisoba is currently priced at 5/$3, or .60 each, so with the coupon doubled, I got .40 overage each.
I got (8) Yakisoba, so the .40 overage cancelled out the .40 cost of the ice creams.

At that point I was at free, or really about .04 overage still.

Then I had a $3.00/2 EAS PQ from the Family Style magazine, along with a Up to $3.89 EAS IPq.
This one is always hard to figure because you never know if the cashier is going to enter $3.89 or $1.99, the cost of one of the bars. I figured if she put in $1.99, I'd just give her a 2nd coupon for the other bar and get them both free, and have the $3.00 overage from the PQ to pay towards my other purchases.

I used my EAS overage to buy milk. It was $2.49, so either way the EAS overage came out, I was still about .42-.51 in the negative.
Usually I wouldn't worry about it and let it eat into tax, but today there is a blinkie machine on the milk fridge with coupons for $2.00 for any Lactaid milk. The Quart size Lactaid is only $2.19, so that was .19 for a quart of milk after coupon, so I got a couple paid for by some of the overage I still had.

And then I still had my $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon, with which I bought my kid his frozen burritos ($3.69) and a couple pot pies for me (.58 each).

Total -0.23 + .68 tax = $0.45 oop
Saved $52.53

Check this out:

Because I have to drive out of town to shop most of the time, I usually plan it where I go to several stores and do several shops while I'm out.
But today I hadn't gotten a plan together, and didn't care to mess with it, but I did want to go to Publix and get the Starbucks ice cream, or raincheck if nothing else.

So I decided to see how far I was driving to make one special trip to Publix to maybe or maybe not get ice cream.

From the parking spot I was sitting in at the store, to my parking spot in my driveway at home, is exactly 20.0 miles.
So, 40 mile round trip. Oh well, I have my mp3 player with my favorite music and it's a nice, relaxing ride.