Friday, September 17, 2010


Uh, yeah, not a big day at Wags. All my RRs are expired, like this past Sunday. So I tried this one deal to see if I could. Bought the Colgate and a clearanced thing of Necco candy at .22. Used $1.00 Colgate mq and $2.00 RR. Spent $0.56. Got $2.00 RR back.

So then I was going back to do a Dulcolax/Intuition/Colgate deal to spend my $4.00 RRs. Realized I forgot to get a $3/1 Dulcolax coupon to go with the rest of them.
Wags people would look at me like I'd invited them to stick a fork in their eye if I came back later and asked for a post-coupon refund, so I just aborted.
Should've done another Colgate and spent the other expired $2 RR I had, but, I dunno.

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