Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Lion

No Aquapods.

Tried out the $1/4 OYNO cat deal with Home360 cat food and Food Lion brand potted meat. Both were .35 each for a total of $2.80.
Got $2.00 OYNO, so actual cost .80 cents.

Since my Food Lion doubles coupons up to .60, I got 10 Rice and 6 Yakisoba, hoping to get $2.00 overage.
Only to find out FL has fixed their registers like Kroger, so now they only double up the amount of the item. So I pretty much wasted all those rice and Yakisoba coupons, because I could have used them and got the overage at Publix.

Totally forgot to do the Chicken/Shake'n'Bake/Kraft Dressing deal.


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