Friday, September 3, 2010


Did this deal once at each store:
$5.70 Shick Hydro 3 x 2
$2.71 Schick Shave Cream x 2
$2.50 Energizer battries x 2
-5.00 Shick MQ x 2
-2.71 Free wyb Razor Peelies x 2
-2.00 Energizer Tearpad
= $2.40

I was using a $5.00 OYNO cat, so I had to spend $2.60 more: at the first store I got a 4-pack of canned Fanta Orange on sale for 10/$10 and a Powerade on sale for .79 cents.

At the other store I got a bag of chips on 4-day sale for $1.99 and another Powerade for .79 cents.

After coupons and OYNO, my totals for the Schick/other deal should have been around .18-.19 cents + tax, which was less than $2.00.
When I checked out, I saw that an E Coupon SC for $4.00 came off; I need to check my account, but I figured I had added the $4.00 Schick eq to my card(s) and had forgotten about it.
At any rate, my total should have came up a few dollars in the negative with that $4.00 eq I didn't count on.
But it didn't. I ate into the tax, but not all of it, and I still had to pay some oop without getting anything else to make up the difference.
So I dunno what happened.

Got more Free Rockin' Refuel milk with a raincheck. I've ended up with more rainchecks than coupons now, so if anyone has like 15 coupons they don't

Also got some more boxes of free Minute Maid frozen lemonade.

Reach floss deal: apparently only works on the Cleanburst flavor?
Reach floss on sale for 10/$10, or $1.00 each. When you scan the Reach Cleanburst floss, it auto prints a $1.00 cat coupon. You can use this coupon to pay for the floss in the same order (the Right'n'Tight ones say that's wrong to do, that you should start with a coupon from the paper or an IP. I don't see the difference, the one from the paper, this one, they're all MQs.)

(You can use it in the same order if you're using self-check-out. If you go to a cashier, they probably ain't going to give it to you until after the transaction anyhow.)

Trans #1: $0.33 oop
Trans #2: $1.61 oop
Trans #3,4,5: $0.06
(tax on the floss)

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