Sunday, February 27, 2011


...or *Shopping in Hell*

What a horrible experience shopping at Wags was for me today. If you're interested in what happened, read about it *Here*.
Deals I got:
$2.99 Colgate
-1.00 MQ D&Y mag
-1.00 IVC D&Y mag
= .99; get $3.00 RR
*The IVC expires tomorrow, but will still be a $1.00 mm with the MQ.

$4.99 Nasogel
-2.00 IP (pdf leave ur e-addy if you need me to email it to you)
= $2.99, get $5.00 RR

There are several other FARR items, but I didn't need any of them and didn't want to pay tax on them.
See for the other items.

*The Sinex still didn't give me $10 RR for buying $20, so I give up.

*The Tuff trash bags IVC coupon says "10-36 pack" but I got a 28 count and it didn't work. Manager said "That's not what's pictured". 

Vitamin Water $1.00 - .75 tearpad q = .25
Charmin $2.99
Cberry sauce .37 clearance

$44.00 RRs Spent
$7.19 + 3.75 tax = $10.94 oop
$42.00 RRs Rec'd (Should have been $52.00)
= $12.94 cost (Should have been $2.94 cost)


I was only going to CVS to buy the Crest TP, with the $1.00 off coupon, to make $2.00 profit on two. Not the FAECB Oral-B TB or Revitalens because I didn't need neither of them, and didn't want to pay tax for them.
Somehow, it didn't quite work out that way.

Another deal I did today was the Excedrin, but $20 get $10 ECB, Limit 1. The Excedrin PM is $4.99 or $5.00, and I used the $2.50 off tearpad mq (there was also in some insert I can't recall at the moment).
Buy 4, use 4 coupons, pay $10.00 get $10.00 ECB = FAECB
Today only I used a $4/$20 CVS IP and made them a $4.00 profit.

Trans #1, I bought the Excedrin and (1) Crest TP. Somehow I got *Playing the CVS Game* on my mind, about rolling the ECBs. Of course I didn't need to do that, since I already had ECBs to roll, and that Game is for people with no ECBs.
So, by rolling the Crest ECB, instead of making $1.00 profit with the coupon, I wasted it on a box of cereal.

Card #1 totals:
$17.61 ECBs spent
$.01 + 2.33 tax = $2.34 oop
$22.58 ECBs Rec'd
= $2.63 profit

Saved $43.11

Trans #2, this time I figured out to buy both Crests together, but I made the error of not price checking. The Crests were marked clearance here for $1.99, and I took the tag's word for it. One did ring up $1.99, the other regular price. No big deal except I figured for price of $1.99, so ended up paying more oop than with ECBs as I would have preferred. 
The $1.99 Crests DO count for the ECB deal.

Card #2 totals:
$13.75 ECBs spent
$1.49 + 1.63 tax = $3.12 oop
$22.58 ECBs Rec'd
= $5.71 profit

Saved $42.53

Final Total $8.34 profit

Rite Aid

Rite Aid didn't hold much of interest for me this week. Several Free After - items, but I don't especially need to roll any +UPs at the moment and I end up paying tax on the stuff I don't really need.
But I was across the street from this store, so kinda stupid to not go in while I was there.

They had more of the snack items; the Stax had a sign that said Limit 3 per Person, although the other stuff didn't have a limit sign, I just stuck with 3 of each and left the others for other peeps who can't manage to get off their arses and get to the store and still expect to be able to find everything they want when they finally get off their lazy butts later in the week....NM.

Anyway, I'll probably get out again later in the week and see if there's anything left. Now that the $20/$100 Rewards are gone I need to work on my Gold level status (1,000 points = 20% disc for next year).

The snacks: Burger King, Combos, and Lays Stax are $1.00, and all give $1.00 +UP so are Free After +Up.

The Bodiheat pain patches 3-4 count are also $1.00 and giving $1.00 +UP, so end up free.
I only got the two that had a .50 peelie on them so I made $1.00 profit.

The Reach 55yd floss is $1.00, free after $1.00 MQ from 10/10 RP (I think it was 10/10?)

Coffee is still $1.99, or free after $2.00 RAq.  Sale good thru possibly 3/1.

The Nesquik powder I did need, $2.39 after 20% disc.

The Spongebob candy is Valentines 75% off clearance, I just needed to spend .25 to be able to use another +UP instead of spending more oop.

$18.00 +Up Spent
$0.00 + .86 tax = $.86 oop
$14.00 +Up Rec'd
= $4.86 cost (mainly for the Nesquik)

Total Savings $58.28

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rite Aid

Was able to return/rebuy the Youth Code kit I bought Sunday past and it applied this time, finally giving me my $20.00 WR.

Also bought another one:
$30.00 Youth Code
-$4/$20 Video Value
-10.00 Jan or Feb video value
-3.00 2/20 RP
= $12.99
Got back (2) $5.00 +UPs, there is a $5.00 SCR, and a $10.00 Mail-in-rebate offer online.
Final total = $12.00 profit

Coffee $1.99 - 2.00 RAq = Free

$4.99 L'oreal Healthy Look haircolor 50% clearance x 3
-2.00 in-ad q x 3
-5.00/2 RP 2/20
-2.00/1 RP 2/20
 = $1.97; get $5.00 +UP wyb $15.00

$4.85 L'oreal eyeshadow x 4
$2.42 BOGO50%
-3.00/1 RP 1/30 x 4
= $2.54; get $5.00 +UP wyb $15.00

Final Totals:
$44.00 +UPs Spent
$.40 + 11.72 tax = $12.12 oop
= $56.12
$130.00 +UPs Earned
$ 5.00 SCR
$10.00 L'Oreal MIR
= $88.88 profit

Total Savings $280.44


$72.00 RRs Used
$6.21 + 8.31 tax = $14.52 oop
$99.00 RRs Rec'd
Final Total $12.48 Profit
Total savings $243.72


Viva Italia sale still going on, got more tomato sauce and bread.

New week deal:
$1.99 BOGO Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
-1.00 2/20 RP x 2

$3.89 BOGO Pepperidge Farm Grain Bread
-1.50 off produce wyb bread x 2 from Healthy Beginnings booklet
= .89 + cost of produce

Cashed in one of my rainchecks for free OEP shells and seasoning.
Overage with the Nyquil/Dayquil q's.

$1.57 + 2.78 tax = $4.35 from gift card
Savings $99.49


More Mega-dealing:

$14.85 + 1.74 tax = $16.59 oop
Savings $79.04


Stopped in a couple of CVS's to get rainchecks for the Purex 3-in-1 sheets.
At the first store, I forgot I had looked at the CVS clearance thread last night, so didn't look for any of the stuff.

At the next store I found some of the L'oreal Hair Color on clearance.
Excellence-to-go #9 $2.62
Healthy Look Chesnut B:5ECB (?) $2.49
Excellence #4G (?) $2.44

Altogether added up to $10.17; used (2) $5.00/2 Any L'oreal Hair Color 2/20 RP (I think).

With no more deals to be had, I looked for something I needed. Found some canned chicken I'd been needing to cook with yellow rice, and a couple jugs of milk.

-$4/$20 CVS q
-$11.00 ECBs
= $0.55 + .95 = $1.50 oop

Final cost $12.50 (holy she-ite!)

Saved $56.55 (yeah, bullcrap)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Thee Kleenex are $1.89 regular price and I used a $1/1 MQ (regional), and then the In-ad IVC took off $3.50, so gave me $0.77 overage on (7) boxes.
Apparently the Get $2.00 RR wyb (7) Kleenex is over, because I didn't get one.

In the 1/30 P&G insert there is a coupon for $1.00 off any Vicks product. Walgreens (and maybe other retailers) has these boxes of Vicks Cough drops for .99, or 2/$1.79.
I had (10) coupons, but at 2/$1.79, 10 boxes would only cost $8.95, so the last two coupons would holler. Buying one more box at .99 is still only $9.94.
If I was shopping at an agreeable Wags, I could tell the cashier she needed to enter the coupons at .99, or enter the last one for .94...but where I was shopping, if I tried to tell them to alter a coupon in anyway...well, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty. They would probably call the popo or something. Fah-reeks.
Anyway, I bought (12) at $10.74, figuring I'd pay a little so the coupons wouldn't beep.

These were found on the candy aisle, on a shelf up above the multi-packaged gum. Silly me, I was looking in the section where they keep the Hall's and Chapstick and such.
If you have these coupons, they expire in like 6 more days, 2/28.

As I was looking for the cough drops I saw the sign and was reminded about the montly deal Buy $20 worth Vicks and get $10.00 RR.  Nyquil and Dayquil were on sale for $4.99 each, and I had $1.50 coupons, so I figured I'd spend $7.72, and get back a $10.00 RR.
Apparently Vicks Cough & Cold is an item, not an overall inclusion.
She tried ringing up $20+ of only the Nyquil and Dayquil and they didn't work either.
Suppose I better research this deal better before I try it again with the new $4 Sinex coupons coming in this weekends insert.
They offered to give me a refund, but I said, Nahhhh. Whatever. I guess I should have returned the Nyquil and Dayquil anyway, but oh well.

They had plenty of Dove deo in stock; Wow. Not the first one to be found at RA last week. I was able to get all (8) I was looking for (Four, two and two). 
They were $2.99 regular price; I used $2.00 MQ from 1/30 RP, and then gave the in-ad IVC took off $4.00 on the first order, so $0.04 overage. Wasn't really looking for overage, just free, but didn't want my Q's to beep.

Got the RePhresh Tampons because I was under the amount I needed to be able to spend a $10.00 RR. They were $5.99, get $5.00 RR. Using the $1.00 IP q made it FARR.

Adding a box of those took me over the $10 RR and I was able to use a $2.00 RR, and get a couple cheap fillers, and my oop was only $0.64.
Literally, because this store doesn't charge tax. At all. I don't know how or why, but that's the main reason I shop there when I can despite how disagreeable they can be at times.

They had jellied cranberry sauce on clearance for .37 each. The exp. date wasn't until Aug.2012 so we'll eat these up come T'giving and Christmas...if they last that long. My youngest son loves it and will eat it anytime.

Trans #1:
$12.00 RRs Used
$.64 + .00 tax = $.64 oop
$5.00 RRs Rec'd
Final Total $7.64 cost
Total savings $52.74

The next two transactions were the same; I wanted to get a couple Neuragen mm's and free Dove (I split it up so it didn't actually look like I was buying (8) of them at once). Instead of finding something that cost me $1.01, I got another box of the tampons and used a $4.00 RR with the $6.00 RR, so I spent $10 RR, and got $15 RR back.

Trans #2 & #3 combined:
$20.00 RRs Used
$1.40 + .00 tax = $1.40 oop
$30.00 RRs Rec'd
Final Total $8.60 Profit
Total savings $90.48

Final Total: $.96 profit
(Somehow that just don't seem right)


More Mega-dealing

$4.73 + 1.00 tax = $5.73 oop
Savings $35.27


Bought 40 more cans of tomato sauce, and got (6) breads free + overage. Like $5.24 overage.

Since I had all that overage I went ahead and got (8) Wishbone dressings since I had $1/1 coupons, making them .33/.32 each.

I ran out of $2/2 Publix coupons on the Scrubbing Bubbles, so I used a $3/3. I had to buy (5) total, used (2) $2/2 MQs, (1) $2/2 PQ and (1) $3/3 PQ. Final cost $1.00, or .20 each.

Nyquil trial is $1.29 and there's $1.50 any Nyquil and Dayquil q's in the 1/30 P&G for a little overage.

Advil $4.49 each; used $5/2 green flyer q and (2) $2.00/1 tearpad mq's = free

I was also able to use the new $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon that I found in my Wellness+Online account yesterday so got a couple packages of Ground Round on Manager's Special.
It was a little more than the overage I had, so I grabbed (8) Yakisoba for .21 overage each.

According to my figures (and we know the ending to that story, right, lol) my total was $0.00 before tax.
But it come out to $.08 cents, so I miscounted, as usual. At least it wasn't as bad as usual.

Final total:
$0.08 + $2.48 tax = $2.56 from gift card
Saved $108.59

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rite Aid

Adventures of Rite-Aiding...heh.
So when last we heard from our Rite-Aid Adventuress, she'd abandoned her quest for the $20.00 Winter Reward +UP when her total went from $50-something to $29.99 after buying the Youth Code kit...

Yeah, so I just figured it needed time to "catch up" or whatever, so I did the same like I did last week and stopped in and bought a Chocolate-Covered-Cherry to see if it would kick the +UP out, since I am or should be several dollars over the $100.00 mark.
Nope. Nothing. Not even a "You are still at seventy-something-dollars mark" note.

The (think she knows everything) cashier said it was because I had to buy something that actually counted towards the WR. No, but okay, we'll try her big fat idea. So I exchanged the CCC for a Reese's candy bar.
This time it printed a note saying I had spent .50 of $100.00! Whaaaat??

I gave up and went home, planning to call and ask what was up. But then I had a brainy idea: previously to today I had been using a Temporary Membership card I printed off my computer until the plastic card showed up (at my Mom's house). The plastic card came and I used it today. I did the same thing with another account and it worked fine, but maybe it messed this one up, IDK.
Anyway, I decided to go to another Rite Aid and use the Temp Membership card and see if that was the problem.
I bought a can of coffee, and it counted towards the WR, but still says I am at seventy-something-dollars. The Youth Code thing just is not counting for some reason.

Oh well, I'll either call and ask them to fix it, or maybe try to take it to one of the agreeable stores and do a return-rebuy and see if it picks up then.
If I can do it that way, I can get them to modify the new price to $30.00 so I won't have any trouble with my Rebate, and hopefully get my +UP right there and not have to wait for Corp to figure it out.

Since others were reporting the Youth Code was counting on theirs, I went ahead and bought another one on another card, along with several other things, and it did count. Put me up to approx. $68.00, so I stopped in the local RA on the way home and bought another one and a bag of jerky, and passed the $100 mark and got the $20 +UP.

As I was walking into the store, there was a new couponer at the counter asking for the Youth Code thing. Since I had looked earlier and seen there was only one on the shelf, I was like 'oh man, I'm gonna have to be the bigger person and give this thing up even though I want to finish this out and be done with it today'.
I went on over to it, the cashier and the other couponer following, and whaddya know, there was two on the shelf now. One for me and one for her. W00t.

We chatted a little about couponing and she mentioned about it said there was supposed to be some little peelie somethings on the Right Guard body wash but she didn't see any.
Since I knew last week they were going to be free after +UP this week I went ahead and grabbed four when I saw them at another store on Saturday. I bought two earlier, but even though it says Right Guard on the WR list, the BW didn't count towards the WR, so I wasn't planning to buy anymore anyway, so I gave her the other two peelies I had.
Banking up a little Good Coupon Karma hopefully. Or maybe I got paid in advance when there was two YC kits on the shelf, when there had only been one like just a couple hours earlier.

Both Managers told me they *couldn't* price modify the YC kit to $30.00, but then they ended up doing it anyway. Do people just like to be contrary or what? Gah.
Oh, and the Store Manager at the first store missed ringing up like $5.50 of my coupons. I was so flustered after her lying and denying and then doing it anyway after I said whatever, I'll argue it out with L'oreal that I thought I had messed up my cypherings, so I paid with more +UPs. Blah.
At the next store, I *did* mess up my addition; I counted off $15.00 for the $10.00 Youth Code Vv and $3.00 MQ. Duh.

$44.00 +UPs Spent
$3.38 + 5.54 tax = $8.92 oop
= $52.92
$52.00 +UPs Earned
$ 14.00 SCR
$20.00 L'Oreal MIR
= $33.08 profit

Total Saved $124.95

*Oops, forgot the $5.00 Youth Code SCR(s)


While I was going up to the Rite Aids, decided to pop in the CVS up there and see if they had any clearance Head & Shoulders. They did, YaY!
-1.00 P&G 1/30
= $.47

Also found the 10oz. Dove Visible Body Wash. It was $2.49 instead of $1.99 anymore, but I had a $1.00 off any Body Wash CRT and a $1.00 off Dove Visible MQ from (insert?) RP, so I figured I could afford .49 cents.
-1.00 CVS q
-1.00 MQ
= $.49

The candy bars are 4/$2 with a $1 ECB back. I had  (3) BOGO MQs from some papers that get thrown out at my hubby's fire station, because all the q's from the inserts expired yesterday (None of the stores I visited had any yesterday...or so they claimed).
$4.00/8 candy bars
- .50
- .50
- .50
= $2.51
Rec'd $2.00 ECB = .51 final

Found the Kisses in the clearance buggy for .87 cents. Shore didn't need 'em, but .87? How could I not take 'em home with me?

Spent $3.99 ECBs and .34 + .38 tax = .72 oop
Rec'd $2.00 ECB candy bars, and $1.00 Green Bag tag

Final Total $1.71 cost

Playing the CVS Game 2

Starting out with $2.00 ECB from Colgate deal, and $0.99 ECB from jelly beans deal from this week.

Next week we have a Crest deal. If you have enough toothpaste by now, you can get some mouthwash and/or floss to go with it. Several options, check sizes to make you buy the right thing.

There will be some Crest, etc. coupons in this weekends P&G insert in the Sunday paper, so try to pick one up (check to make sure the P&G insert is inside it before you buy it. Some people just like to steal them out and not buy the paper.)
(If your paper costs $2.00, you're going to save $2.00 on the Crest deal at least, so it's break even, plus there will be alot more coupons included so you might even save some more, too.)

$3.29 Crest/Scope/or Satin Floss
-1.00 Crest toothpaste or rinse (or .75 Floss)
-2.00 ECB from this week's Colgate deal
= .29 + tax you pay
Get $3.29 ECB

There is a limit of 2 on this deal, so you can get another one.
Using a $1.00 coupon with this deal makes your item cost less than your ECB, so you need to buy a $1.00 item to fill the difference.
Use $3.29 ECB and pay only tax.
Get $3.29 ECB.

You can save your $3.29 ECB for next week, or if you need Multi-purpose solution, Revitalens Multi-purpose Solution 4oz. will be free after ECB.

$5.99 Revitalens 4oz.
-0.99 ECB from this weeks' jelly beans deal
-3.29 ECB from previous transaction
= $1.71 + tax you pay
Get back $5.99 ECB

There is a Limit of 1 on this, so save your $5.99 ECB for next week.

RevitaLens ocutec Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution 4 fl oz (120 ml)

To review, spend .29 + tax and get (2) Crest/Scope/or Floss items and (1) $1.00 item; have $3.29 ECB left for next week sale.
Or, spend $2.00 + tax and get (2) Crest/Scope/or Floss items, (1) $1.00 item, and (1) Revitalens; have $5.99 ECB left for next week sale.

*There is another deal to get a free Oral-B Battery toothbrush, but it really doesn't fit into the above scenarios really well, unless you want to lose some money. You can decide if it's worth it if you want a Battery toothbrush I guess.
After the Crest deal, you can get an Oral-B Cross Action power toothbrush.
-3.00 coupon from the P&G insert this coming weekend
= 3.00 + tax

Since your ECB is $3.29, you either ask them to enter it for $3.00, causing you to lose .29, or you buy a .29 filler item, which there really isn't any. Maybe you can find some Valentines clearance. If not, I think the next cheapest thing is the individually wrapped caramel candies they keep on the checkout counter for .33 cents. So you have to use .29 plus .04 cents more for the candy.

So pay with your $3.29 ECB, and get a $3.00 ECB back.
Again, there is a Limit of 2, so you can get another, use the $3.00 coupon and $3.00 ECB and pay only tax.

Now when you go to buy your Revitalens and pay with the $3.00 ECB, you owe .29 more than before.
So basically it costs you .58, but maybe that's worth it to you to get a couple of these brushes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


The Finish are on sale again this week; $2.99 each, but no ECB. After $2.25 1/2 SS MQ they only cost .74 each.

I still had a raincheck for Finish @ $3.00, Buy $20, get $10 ECB, so I finished getting that one, plus a few more, using the $/$$ coupons.

Purex 3-in-1 are on sale for $3.99, and there is a $3.00 MQ in the 2/20 RP, making them .99 each (or cheaper with the $/$$ q's).

Purex liquid is $1.99 a bottle, and there's a $1.00 MQ in the 2/20 RP, making them also .99 each.

The Colgate is $2.99, get $2.00 ECB, Limit 2.
I used the $1.00 MQ from the Walgreens D&Y magazine to make them FAECB.

The EOS lip balm is a hidden deal again: $2.99, get $2.99 ECB, so FAECB.

The CVS jelly beans are .99, get .99 ECB.

The Cadbury eggs and minis are .75, get .75 ECB - Sun, Mon, Tues Only!
*When I shopped early this morning, the Cadbury ECB wasn't printing, so they had to manually print, which meant it didn't show up at the bottom of my receipt so I could do it again. (And again, and again, and again?!)  By the time I did the deals again after lunch the ECB was working :-(~

The Valentines buttons and caramel candy were fillers to reach the amounts for the $/$$.

And A MILLION THANKS to Paige at Cheap & Sweet Blog for the heads-up on the Head & Shoulders clearance!!
I'm not so good at reading the Clearance threads so I usually don't have any idea what's on clearance unless someone posts it in the weekly thread, so thanks to Paige, I gots great deals on H&S.
There's alot of other clearance, too, but I don't need more shampoo, and my boys need H&S.

$1.47 - 1.00 PG 1/30 = .47 each

$22.99 ECBs Spent
$3.23 + 7.81 tax = $11.04 oop
$29.46 ECBs Earned
= $4.57 cost
$297.68 Saved

Rite Aid

Someone asked the question: Is L'oreal Youth Code still giving double points towards the Winter Reward? (The answer is, apparently not).
I didn't know, so I wanted to try it before I bought other stuff that counted towards the WR that I could have been using on another card, so I bought the YC by itself.

Someone ran up the scenarios with the discount levels and found out buying one at 10% discount gave the best payout, and luckily for me I have recently gotten a couple of 10% off coupons.
Turns out the Youth Code rang up on sale at $29.99.
Since I was planning to pay $31.49 after 10% disc, even better, and I still have my coupon to use elsewhere.

So the deal looks like this:
$29.99 Youth Code
-$4/$20 Video Value
-10.00 Jan or Feb video value
-3.00 2/20 RP
= $12.99
Got back (2) $5.00 +UPs, there is a $5.00 SCR, and a $10.00 Mail-in-rebate offer online.
Final total = $12.01 profit

And should have given me $29.99 towards my Winter Rewards, which were at $57.xx the other day. But what came out was "You have spent $29.99 towards your reward". WTH?? Like it started over.

Thinking maybe it just needed to re-adjust or something, or at worst I'd call CSR and make them credit it and give me $20.00, I went ahead and got (4) Oreos and a coffee, which should take me up to just over $100.00.
When the Reward notice printed this time, it included this stuff, taking me up to $71.08, but not counting the Youth Code.

So I don't know if I need to finish out this reward with $28.xx worth of stuff that's NOT Youth Code, and if I buy a few more Youth Code will I get another $20.00 Reward on the same card, since it seemed to count by itself?
I just stopped and decided to come home and read and see if it happened to anyone else and what's the deal with it.

Oreos deal:
-1.00/2 Jan or Feb video values
= 5.00/2
Get $1.00 +UP wyb 2 weekly, and $1.00 each monthly
Final total $1.00 each
(and I'm having to make an Oreo Cream Pie afterwhile)

Coffee is still $1.99; use $2.00 RAq to make it free.

And lastly, I wanted to stock up on some Q-tips at .79 each.
These are apparently not included in the $2.99 sale price, but are included in the $2.00 +UP.
They are regular priced $3.49, so I used my 20% disc card to bring the price down to $2.79.
After $2.00 +UP, only cost .79 each.

I also bought a $25.00 Sears gift card, which I can spend at KMart.
I had been going to get another Lowe's, until it occured to me there is a Big K up in Rome. The local one has some groceries, but the one up there has meat and produce, which I need!

$55.00 +UPs Spent
$1.39 + 3.05 tax = $4.44 oop
= $59.44
$22.00 +UPs Earned
$ 5.00 SCR
$25.00 Gift Card
$10.00 L'Oreal MIR
= $2.56 profit (Shoulda been $22.56, had I gotten the $20+UP I was supposta)

Total Saved $92.57


I'd been meaning to see if I could use the $4/$20 RAq at the store that used to accept the $5/$25, so I decided I go buy a bunch of tomato sauce, so even if they said Nah, I wouldn't be out much.

@ 6/$2.00, 20 cans came up to about 6.67 (according to my not-so-great cyphering, so YMMV). Used the $5/20 items Italia coupon to make them $1.67.

But, then I found some more of those Parmesan Bread Chips things, for a WHOLE lot less, like .52 and .60 cents. Used the $1.50 off Bakery Bread wyb 6 tomato stuff and got some overage. I was able to get (3) of them.

Also got a couple more free Scrubbing Bubbles, and (10) Reach floss w/ .01 overage each.

Because I didn't know if they'd take the $4/$20, I didn't want to buy $4.00 worth of stuff I might end up having to pay for, so I got a gift card for $25.00.

She did take the $4/$20, so my final total was -5.54 + .83 tax, for a profit of $4.71.

Didn't do well at the next store. I knew they hadn't taken RA before, but things change so much, who knows maybe they changed. Well, they did change: they will take RA q's on the item only, not $/$$, and they quit taking Food Lion. Blah.

They had plenty, plenty, plenty of tomato sauce in stock, so I went ahead and got 2 deals worth, or 40 cans, and (6) breads for some overage.

I asked the cashier if I could use (2) of the $5/20 items coupons in the same order, or did I need to do (2) transactions? She said as long as I got 40 items, no problem. BUT we can't use any other Publix coupons along with that one.
I explained to her that the other coupons I had was for bread, and was not for any of the (20) items that the $5 applied to.

Not good enough, she had to go ask at the desk. And the desk had to go ask in the office, and it was a NO, cannot combine.
However, I didn't feel like I was combining, so I asked to see whoever had made that decision.
I went ahead and paid so as to not hold up the line, which was probably a mistake.

So the little man comes out of the office and I said I just needed a clearer explanation as to why I can't use a coupon on BREAD when I bought 40 cans of tomato sauce.
He said he was in an interview and the CS lady hadn't had his full attention and he thought the coupon was for 6 cans of tomato sauce, it was his mistake and he was sorry.

So he takes me to a line and a cashier rings up my bread chips, but they can only give me the dollar amounts on the breads, not cash back. So I got them free, but no overage to apply to my tomato sauce.
Thanks for the screwing little dude.

So this deal cost me $3.67 + .41 tax = $4.08 oop

In the end, though, I still come out with a small overall profit of +.63, and now at least I know I can use my $4/$20 q's at the one store.

Total saved: $67.12

PS, another reason I started buying up a bunch of tomato sauce, I thought I'd try to make and can my own spagetti sauce.


Kroger's having a pretty cool Mega sale, started last week and continuing into next week. Buy 10 items and get an instant $3.00 off, plus then you get a $3.00 OYNO, so $6.00 altogether.

The Banquet meals - which we practically live off of - cost .58 after the instant savings. Buy 10 @ $5.80, and get $3.00 OYNO back. Final cost $2.80, or .28 each!!

The Gatorade are .69 after Instant Savings.
Instead of buying 10, I bought (5) and (5) Banquet @ $6.35, and used my $3.00 OYNO, so it cost $3.35, or about .33 each (or .28 Banquet and .39 Gatorade).

My kid likes the milk & cereal bars, but I never find them on a good sale, so I made him happy today!
They were $1.89 after instant savings, and I used a .50 MQ from (what insert?)that doubled to 1.00, making them .89 each.
I bought (5) of those and (5) Banquet @ $7.35. Used my $3.00 OYNO, so final cost was $4.35, or about .43 each (or .28 Banquet and .59 cereal bars).

I still have a $3.00 OYNO to roll on another deal.

There's more good deals, next week I'll be stocking up on Manwich and Chef-Boy-R-Dee and more Gatorade at .39 each.
I want to stock up on more Banquets, too, but I gotta unload some freezers and make room.


Two Publix shops cost me right around $13.00 on account of crazy high taxes, and at the 2nd store the boy said he couldn't take both the $5/20 and the $1/4 Green Giant veggies coupons.
He said they were both store coupons and he could only take one coupon per item..."Corporate policy". I said I knew for a fact it wasn't Corporate policy. He ignored that. I asked what he did when someone came in with a $5/$30 coupon? He just shrugged and/or acted like he didn't hear me.
The bagger that walked me out apologized repeatedly and said that was the first he'd heard of that, he thought the boy just made that up and said the boy should've called the Manager out and let him decide instead of just saying it was Corporate policy.

$2.00/6 Hunt's tomato sauce x 2 (total of 12)
$1.04-1.49 bakery bread x 2
$1.29 BOGO GG canned veggies x 4 (total of 8)
- $5/20 items italian flyer PQ
(-$1/4 GG canned veggies x 2) italian flyer PQ x 2
-1.50 off Bakery Bread wyb 6 Hunts Tomato stuff italian flyer PQ x 2
= approx. $2.00 after coupons

$0.99 Reach floss
-1.00 10/10 RP or Dispenser (SmartSource plastic box, but not blinkie machine)
= +.01 overage

$3.59 Sundown B6 150 ct. viatmins
-3.00/1 green flyer PQ
-1.00 Peelie
= +.41 overage

$4.49 Advil x 2
-$5/2 green flyer PQ
-$2.00 tearpad mq x 2
= +.02 overage
(I think these what killed me on the taxes)

.99 Ronzoni lasagne noodles
No coupon; good price

$2.65 BOGO Wishbone dressing
-1.00 MQ 1/30 RP x 2
= .65/2 or .32 each
(There's a Wishbone TQ out there that would have made this a mm, but I missed printing it)

$4.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles
-$2/2 PQ from Right at Home booklet
-$2/2 Peelie from last year
 = Free/2

$4.00/2 Sargento cheese
-1.50 PQ from x 2
- .40/2 (doubled) MQ ?insert?
= $0.20/2, or .10 each

$13.00 would've been a great deal for what I got, I'm sure, but the problem is, I didn't need a bit of it.
I still have tomato sauce from last year. My freezers are already packed with breads and cheeses. The floss, vitamins, and Advil are for other people.

At this point I think I'm shopping Publix just because. No real reason...just because.


I didn't look forward to see that the Gillette were on sale, same deal, next week, so I worked to get my coupons spent today. No biggie, now I don't have to think about them anymore.

Arnicare and Neurogen deals still going on through this next week.


Hit CVS for my last Coke deal, and found another 7 Finish to use my raincheck with.

I stupidly didn't think to check for $/$$ coupons, and there were some, so cheated myself out of some dough.

They were out of Colgate and Listerine and Reach Floss.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rite Aid

Wow, sad week at Rite Aid for me. Hoping for a better next week.

At the first RA I found two more Almay eye shadows clearanced at $1.87.  There's $2.00 SCR on these:
Rebate #42
Valid from 01/26/11 to 03/01/11
$2.00 Rebate
Almay Eye

Purchase One (1) of Any Variety:
• Mascara, Liner or Shadow

So they are mm even without a coupon, but I used $3/2 tearpad coupons found at RA awhile back.

At the other RA they actually had the coffee tagged as being on sale for $1.99 thru 3/11/11. Used the $2.00 RA q to get them free, but best part was they counted towards my $20 wyb $100 Reward.

This is the last week for the Winter Reward.

Totals:$.00 +UPs Spent
$.99 + .27 tax = $1.26 oop
= $1.26
$.00 +UPs Earned
$ 4.00 SCR
= $2.74 profit

Total Saved $50.24

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dog Owners Listen Up

Chek out this Future Deal on Kibble & Bits for .49 a bag at Publix in about 5 weeks.

They will be BOGO for $4.99, or $2.50/$2.49 each.

This Sunday there will be a $2.00 off MQ in the inserts, making them .50/.49 each.

As coupons are regional, be sure to check your inserts first before buying extra papers.

If you buy coupons from Ebay, be sure to look for the ones with the exp. of April 16th, not March 19th.

Thanks to Jenny at Southern Savers for this heads up:
Publix: Future Deal: Kibbles & Bits

Walgreens Help

Brandy from I Prefer Publix has posted a rockin' Walgreens informational this week.

I didn't even think about being able to get the razors so cheap.
With all the males around here, we go through razors like crazy (it's cheaper to get whole new razors than to buy refills when playing the coupon game).

I Prefer Publix: Getting Started: Walgreens

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing the CVS game

Level: Beginner: Easy

This week CVS has Colgate Sensitive 6 oz or Total Advanced 5.8 oz $3.79, Get $3.79 ExtraCareBuck.
If you have the $1.00 coupon from the 1/30 SS insert, or the 2/06 SS insert, or the Jan or Feb. All You magazine, you pay $2.79 + tax for (1) tube of toothpaste. Otherwise just pay $3.79 + tax.

After you checkout, you will get a coupon, or ECB, for $3.79 at the end of your receipt.

Because this particular deal has a limit of (2), you can get another tube of toothpaste and use the $3.79 ECB and pay only tax.*
(Unlike Walgreens, you CAN use the ECB on an identical item and still get another ECB back.)

After you checkout, you will get another ECB for $3.79 printed at the end of your receipt. Keep up with it and save it for next week.

*If you have another $1.00 coupon, in addition to the toothpaste you should get something that costs (at least) $1.00. They have a $1.00 section where you can buy a jar of fruit or a cupcake mix or sandwich baggies, etc.
(Also unlike Walgreens, you can use a coupon and an ECB on a single item without needing a *filler* item, but in this case, because the TP costs the same as your ECB, using a $1.00 coupon will make your TP cost $1.00 less than your ECB, and they don't issue *change* ECBs. Use it or lose it.)

In the end, you will have spent either $2.79 or $3.79 + tax and gotten (2) tubes of toothpaste, and possibly a $1.00 item, and still have $3.79 to spend next week.

Next week there are a couple of Free after ECB items, and more cheap toothpaste. (Different variety of TP, see picture for item.)
You have to go Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday only to get this deal. After Tuesday, no ECB for the Cadbury.

Buy (1) Cadbury @ .75, (1) bag Gold Emblem Jelly Beans @ .99, and (1) tube Colgate toothpaste at $2.77, for a total of $4.51.
Use the $3.79 ECB from last week, and pay $0.72 + tax.

You will get back, printed at the end of your receipt, a $2.00 ECB, a .75 ECB, and a .99 ECB.

The limit on the candys are (1), but the toothpaste is (2), so you can get another toothpaste and use the $2.00 and the .75 ECB, and pay .02 + tax.
You will get back a $2.00 ECB. Keep with your .99 ECB and save for next week, or later.

This time you will have spent .74 + tax and gotten (2) more toothpaste, a Cadbury egg, and a bag of jelly beans, and still have $2.99 to spend next week or later.

This is just playing the CVS game small potatoes; little cash, no complicated deals.
To see early ads and more deals, visit Erika at IHeartCVS.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I still have my butt on my shoulders over the fact I didn't get off it and go try to do two more Garnier deals last week. Just threw $20, or six free packs of Cokes, away, like it was nothing.

The Colgate was $3.79, get $3.79 ECB. I didn't have anymore coupons, so they were just FAECB.
The Floss was $3.99, get $2.00 ECB. Used $2.00 from 10/10 RP, so they were just FAECB, too.
I haven't really been buying as much free stuff unless it's something I need, because it's not really free since I still have to pay tax. But oh well, I was there, so just did it for the heck of it.

Cokes are 3/$10, get $3.00 ECB = 3/$7.00.
Used $10.00 ECB I got free from doing Garnier hair color deal last week.
Still $3.00 up on that one.

Found more Finish to use another raincheck.
$3.00 x 7
- $2.25 MQ x 7
= 5.25; got $10.00 ECB wyb $20.00


At Walgreens I bought more Neurogen; they are $14.99, with $10.00 RR all this month. There's a $10.00 MQ in the Diabetes mags found at Wags, so makes for about a $5.00 profit each time.

I've got like $140.00 worth of $10 RRs at this point. I'm looking to spend it on an e-reader. I seen they have some on-line, but not in the store I shopped today. I asked the Photo gal if they ever carried them, but she said no, they wouldn't carry things like that.
Really. They carry DVD players, Blu-Ray players, televisions, printers, etc. etc.,  but they wouldn't carry *things like that*?
CVS had e-readers. Too bad I didn't have all this in ECBs instead.

The Reach Total Care is $2.99, get $2.00 RR. I had $2.00 MQs for the Floss from the 10/10 RP, and some $2.00 any Reach TB tearpad MQs found st CVS some time back, so I paid .99, got $2.00 RR. About a dollar profit, before tax, I reckon.

The Twizzlers are on sale 3/$4. Because I'm apparently so (insert un-politically-correct term here)...I got backwards and thought it was buy 4, so I ended up buying more than I needed to. Stupidly.
So instead of $4, mine was like $5.33.
Then I got a $3.00 off your next purchase of Easter Candy RR. I knew I would be buying Easter Candy, so ending up spending ONE dollar on Twizzlers seemed like a good deal to me.

The drinks are .39 with IVC, and I bought them thinking I needed them as fillers, not realizing I was idiotically buying too many Twizzlers.

Rite Aid

Yeah, way sucky RA shop today. Haven't looked at the Boards since like Saturday...went out unprepared.

Thanks to Brandy, my coupon-Sista-contact, for answering my text questions so quickly.
If you don't got a coupon-Sista, I highly recommend getting one. (Just not me, 'cuz I suck)

Found the Almay Tru-blends I thin it was on 75% clearance, so $1.87 each. Used a tearpad coupon found at RA sometime back for $3/2 Almay products, so I paid .74 for both, and there's an SCR...maybe. My luck it was probably last month.

The Colgate was $3.50, I think, get $3.50 +UP. I had $1.00 off coupons, so $2.00 profit.

The loafa bread was clearanced to .50.

The Necco's were clearanced to .22, but the reason I got them was because, last week I was shopping with one of my cards and got up to like $97.xx, and had bought another mini-drops to get over $100.00 to get the $20.00 Winter Reward.  Instead of going over $100, it backed up to $40.xx again.
I knew that it had been reported that people were having mess-ups if they did back-to-back transactions like that, but I had just did the same thing at another store with another card and got the $20 +UP with no problem.
Anyway I figured that was what happened, so today I just wanted to buy something cheap to see if it would trigger the $20 +UP, and it did, so it's all cool.

Totals:$6.00 +UPs Spent
$.46 + .65 tax = $1.11 oop
= $7.11
$27.00 +UPs Earned
$ 4.00 SCR
= $23.89 profit

Total Saved $24.22


(15) Yakisoba's overage = Free ground Pork

Found some Publix coupon booklets, Healthy Beginnings. Haven't looked to see what's in them yet. Probably nothing I want, given the name "Healthy" in the title.

Total .00 + .15 tax = .15 from gift card

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mail box

In the mail today I got a coupon booklet from Victoria Secret for $10 off a pink bra, and a free pair of Ruched Back Panty. Apparently *Ruched* back is another name for *Stuck In Your Crack* back panty.
Even when my rear-end used to stick out like that I didn't like my drawers stuck in between my cheekas.
I remember my Aunt used to ask me, "You going to a concert?" I'd say, "No, why?" She'd say, "You're picking your seat." heeheehee.

I do love free stuff from Victoria's Secret, though. I collect it up and give my 20-year-old neice a bag of goods for Christmas and she thinks I spent alot on her, mwah-ha-ha.

If you're not already, join the Pink Nation at Victoria Secret dot com and you'll get several coupons to print and mailed to you for free stuff throughout the year.

Also in today's mail I received (one of three) of my $10.00 Holiday Keebler rebates. The others are going to my Mom's and Aunt's houses, so I may have gotten those, too, and just don't know it yet.


The Right Guard body wash was $3.99, get $3.00 RR this week, and there was a $1.00 peelie on them, making them free after RR. I only got these because I had $3.00 RRs expiring tomorrow I needed to roll.

The Kleenex were on sale for $1.09 w/ IVC, and I had gotten the $1.00/1 MQs in my paper, which made them .09 each.
But also this month there is an escalating RR deal where you get $1.00 if you buy (5), $1.50 (6), and $2.00 (7). 

The Neurogen is $14.99 - $10.00 MQ in the D&Y magazine located in the pharmacy = $4.99, get $10.00 RR = $5.01 profit. I had several $6 and $5 RRs expiring tomorrow I needed to roll, so did several deals with these.

The Arnicare is $5.99 - $2.00 IP Q = $3.99, get $5.99 (6.00) RR. Used the $3.00 RR from the Right Guard BW on these.

$1.50 x 10 Skippy PB - .50 x 10 MQs = $10.00; get $5.00 RR = $5.00 (but free after you figure the Neurogen profit)

The fire hydrant dog toy thing was clearanced to $2.49. I had been wanting one of the hydrants to go with my fire dept. stuff collection, and I had a $2.50 RR I needed to spend, so that worked out pretty dang good.
I don't have a dog, so I'll give the toys to my Mom or Son for their mutts....I mean babies.

And then, of course, the pile of pencils and candy I had to buy as fillers. Ugh.


A couple weeks ago, Food Lion had a sale where the Old El Paso taco shells ended up costing about $1.00 after the deal or whatever. I *never* get OEP coupons in my papers, so $1.00 each is a good price for me to stock up on them. But, I didn't go. And I was whining about it last week. So when I saw Publix had them BOGO $1.99, I was glad, and I'll be stocking up on some rainchecks to be able to get them free when I get the coupons I broke down and ordered.

These ones I bought with overage today.

Awhile back they had oatmeal on BOGO, and there is a $1.00 MQ and a $1.00 TQ, which gave me an overage of $1.45/2, or $4.35 total.
I also got (15) Yakisoba at .21 overage each, total $3.15.

Not pictured is a package of ground chuck that cost $3.52.

Everything after coupons came up exactly $0.00, and I paid .41 tax from my gift card.


Went into a CVS today, looking for clearance Garnier hair color.
I meant to get off my arse and go to a town with (5) CVS's last week and do two more Garnier deals with my two spare cards. I haven't been using them, but if I could get the Garnier free w/ coupons, and then get a $10.00 ECB, I could have bought the 3/$10, Get $3 ECB Cokes next week for nuttin. I really suck sometimes.

Anyway this store did have (7) Finish so I was able to use a raincheck and got them at $3.00 each - $2.25 MQ = $5.25; get $10.00 ECB = $4.75 profit

Also did another candy bar deal: Buy 2 Get 1 Free...bought (6) - (3) BOGO MQs (one rang up .99, the other two asked for price entered .89) = .79 cents.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Geez, all my ECBs expired, like, yesterday. $32.xx on one card and $27.xx on the other. Had to get my fanny out there and spend those babies.

CVS doesn't have much good sales anymore so no way I was rolling all that. I rolled what I could and spent the rest on stuff we could use. Lost a good bit of ECBs, but don't guess I need to keep so many anyway since I barely go to CVS, maybe onest a month.
I lost out on $3.00 more worth of stuff because I forgot to use my $3/$10 cosmetics CRT from the BRM. Blah.

Garnier deal: Buy $20, get $10 ECB (Limit 1)
They have some Herbashine hair color on clearance, some are $1.99 and some are $3.99. They weren't marked in either store I went in, so check the prices at the machine.
At the first store I was able to get (5) $1.99, (1) 3.99, and (1) 7.00 = $20.94
Used (7) $3.00 Herbashine insert MQs - $21.00.
(They didn't beep to be adjusted down so I got .06 overage, but that doesn't usually happen)
Anyway = FREE, and got $10.00 ECB = $10.00 Profit

At the other store they only had (1) 1.99, (3) 3.99, (1) 7.00 = $20.96
Used (5) $3.00 MQs - $15.00
Paid $5.96, got $10.00 ECB = $4.04 Profit

Nivea Deal: Buy $10.00, Get $5.00 ECB (Limit 1)
Any Nivea, there's alot of products and like the Garnier some are on hidden clearance, and several different coupons to make deals. I just went with the Lip balm and the BOGO coupon.
At one store they had a little gift package kit thing with a lip balm, travel size lotion, and travel size body wash, I think. It was $2.99, same as lip balm, and they let me use the BOGO coupon on those since lip balm was pictured on the box and the coupon said any lip product.
$2.99 x 4 = $11.96 - $5.98 (2) BOGO Q's
Paid $5.98, Got $5.00 ECB = $.98

(The $3/$10 Cosmetics CRT works without beeps on the Garnier and/or Nivea)

Quakers Oats Deal: (Limit 2)
2/$5.00, get $2.00 ECB
Used $1.00 insert q x 2 = $1.00/2

.99 Trident Vitality gum, get .99 ECB = FREE

$1.99 Excedrin PM, used $2.50 tearpad Q, no beeps, got overage, don't know why, but ain't cryin' about it.

$10.00/3 Cereal, get $4.00 ECB = $6.00, or $2.00 each
(NOT a great price for cereal, but I was trying to roll ECBs)

$0.89 Buy 2, Get 1 Free Hershey candy bars
Bought 6, used (3) BOGO MQs, got (2) free w/ sale, so I got (6) but only paid for (1).

2/$3 GE Mashed Potatoes: I had spent my amount of ECBs, and remembered I was still holding the $3/$10 CRT, so I had to spend another $3.00, so I got these.

Parmesan cheese, Refried Beans and Old El Paso, no deal.


Rite Aid

Rite Aid coffee claims it's on sale 2/$5, but is ringing up $1.99. Use $2.00 RA IP to get free, and get $1.00 +UP wyb 2 = $1.00 Profit wyb 2.

Hall's are $2.00/2, get $1.00 +UP wyb 2. There is a .50 Vv coupon, and tearpad coupons around that can make these free after coupon. I had some .55 blinkies I picked up from Publix at some point.

2/$4 Betty Crocker, get $2 +UP wyb 2, and (2) $1.00 +UP monthly reward = Free.
I found frosting today and was able to use .75 off both mix and frosting for .75 profit.

Totals:$102.00 +UPs Spent
$.59 + 3.37 tax = $3.96 oop
= $105.96
$68.00 +UPs Earned
$50.95 SCR
$25.00 Gift Card
= $37.99 profit

Total Saved $207.89

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rite Aid

$4.00/2 Betty Croker cookie mix, cake mix, frosting
Get $2.00 +UP wyb 2
Also get $1.00 +UP each as monthly deal
= Free wyb 2
(there are various Betty Crocker MQs and Vv coupons to make this an even sweeter deal)

$1.99 Excedrin PM
-2.50 tearpad coupon hanging right beside them
(maybe adjusted down, depending on your cashier/store)
= Free or overage

$6.00/2 Finesse shampoo
Get $5.00 +UP wyb 2
= $1.00/2
(I used Excedrin overage to make these Free)

$16.79 KY lube
(not sure why mine rang up $16.79; on sale for $17.99; reg price $20.99)
- 7.00 Facebook MQ (YMMV, RA policy is not to accept IPs over $5.00. Some do anyway)
- 3.00 Vv coupon
Get $5.00 +UP
= $1.79
(Used Excedrin overage to make this Free)

$4.99 Biotrue
-20% disc = 3.99
Get $4.00 +UP
= Free
*Usually I wouldn't have gotten these for 'just free', but they counted towards my Winter Reward so I got a $20 +UP wyb $100.00.

SCR deals I did:
$6.99 Children's Coldcalm
-3.00 IP Q
= $3.99
Get $6.99 SCR = $3.00 Profit

$4.99 Child's Chestal
-3.00 IP Q
= 1.99
Get $4.00 SCR = $2.00 Profit

$4.99 MiniDrops Eye Therapy
-1.00 IP Q
= $3.99
Get $4.99 SCR = $1.00 Profit

$4.99 Revitalens
-20% disc = $3.99
Get $4.99 SCR = $1.00 profit

$2.99 Perfect 10 haircolor clearance
-3.00 MQ
=  Free

$2.63 Milk w/ 20% disc

$2.39 Nesquik w/ 20% disc

$79.00 +UPs spent
-1.14 + 8.09 tax (ooowwww!) = $6.95 oop
$67.00 +UPs earned
$39.96 SCRs earned
= $21.01 Profit

Total Savings $247.60

Food Lion

Food Lion had several deals this week, but I screwed around and waited until the last day to go. I think I got suckered into doing a couple of the deals I thought were a good bargain, but maybe not so much, but no chance to decide later.
I went to to two stores; the first store didn't do right, and only gave me $3.00 on my Unilever. The CS girl said it's because it goes by MVP price, not shelf price, so at the next store I figured it by MVP price. Then I forgot to give a couple of packages of Knoll sides I'd gotten to get me up to the mark and turned out it gave me the $10 based on shelf price, so I could have done my deals totally different.

Walgreens has a Unilever deal this week also, I thought about waiting and getting the Ragu there, getting it free with Neurogen overage, but then decided I didn't want to risk them not having any or enough in stock.

Oh well...snooze, I lose.

20 Axe Spray
20 Ragu
12 Vlasic Dill pickle
10 Lipton Tea
4 Red Baron Pizzas
2 Texas Toast
2 TGIF Mozzarrella Sticks
2 Otis Spunk frozen cookie dough
2 Cocoa Puffs
2 Cheerios
2 Dove deo

Total $41.61 + 7.26 tax = $48.87 oop (approx. $0.63 per item)
Savings $298.06
($198.28 Coupon Savings)
($99.78 MVP savings)