Wednesday, September 30, 2009

$5.00 SC Johnson Rebate wyb 3 Products:
• Ziploc
• Glade
• Windex
• Scrubbing Bubbles
• Pledge
• Shout
• Fantastik
• Drano
• Raid
• Off
• Saran
• Nature’s Source

Limit 3 Rebates per household for total of $15.00. (Mail in separately.)
Must be postmarked by 7/15/10, so plenty of time to wait for some good deals, especially double or triple coupon events.

Hubby's Favorite Eatin' Joint

Free Chips and Medium Fountain Drink with Purchase of medium Hook & Ladder.
Coupon good thru 12/31/09, so I know we'll be using alot of these.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food Lion, Last Day

The store didn't restock but I was able to find 20 last things to buy. Rumor has it they'll be doing triples again in 3 weeks...which is the amount of time since the last triples was, so that sounds right, if indeed they are planning to do triples monthly as has been reported.

I'm still learning things about triples, hopefully learning from past mistakes. Number one thing being to buy the items first with coupons that will be expiring before the next triples event.
For instance, I still have a handfull of Reynolds Foil coupons that will expire on the 11th. I could have gotten 10 rolls of 30 ft. foil for .04 each. But I was rationing them out, buying a few at a time, not thinking about them running out and the store not restocking before the sale ended.

I apparently got some bonus overage on this final tally was $2.++ plus tax...but my actual oop was $0.70 cents. Nice surprise!

Value of Items Before Coupons: $37.83
Total Spent: $0.06 + .64 tax = $0.70 oop

Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Big, Long Shopping Day

Whew, I'm tarred. Today I visited Food Lion, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, CVS, Rite Aid, CVS, Food Lion, Target, and Publix.

Pickings were slim at the Food Lion today.
Three Rite Aid transactions, but part of it isn't pictured because it's still at the store. I have to go back and pick it up tomorrow.

Two Walgreens transactions.

Three CVS transactions.

CVS clearanced item buys.

Slim pickings at the other Food Lion, too.

Target...with 10 Friskies cat foods not pictured because they are also still at the store. Have to go back for them too. Gahhhhh.

Got some more cool Halloween Publix bags. I love these!

Value of items Before Coupons: $77.03
Total Spent: $1.23 Publix Gift Card
*Submit for $10.00 Fuel for School Rebate

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rite Aid Plan

More Free Halloween Candy!

(3) Synovium Gel $15.00
-2.00 IP Q x 3
(3) Bags Hersheys/Reeses $6.00
-1.00/3 SS 9/27
-5.00/$20.00 Video AdPerks Q

Pay $9.00
SCR #6 $10.00 Synovuim
=$1.00 profit

Gillette Fusion Razor $9.00
-4.00 PG 9/27
Nivea Lip Care $2.99
-1.00 RP 8/30
Crest White Plus Scope $2.69
-.50 PG 9/27
Oral B Advantage or Artica Toothbrush $2.69
-.75 PG 9/27
(3) Bags Hersheys/Reeses $6.00
-1.00/3 SS 9/27
-5.00/$20.00 Video AdPerks Q

Pay $11.12
SCR #85 $5.00 Gillette Fusion Razor
SCR #86 $2.00 Nivea Lip Care
SCR #127 $2.69 Crest plus Scope
SCR #120 $2.69 Oral B
= $1.26 profit

(Need a $5/$20 coupon?)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I found the deal for getting all 10 boxes of Nabisco cookies/crackers for the Nabisco Back to School Rebate late in the game, but it worked out to my benefit. I got the 6 boxes of cookies at Rite Aid earlier today, but I waited until this evening to head to CVS, which isn't a 24-hour CVS, and supposedly the new Sunday sale starts at/around 6pm Saturday night, so you can still get this/past week's deals and tomorrow's deals at the same time. I don't think it did this week, though. The boy had to give me the $2 sale price on the candy, and then manually print my $5.00 ECB on the Covergirl stuff.

$1.00 Wheat Thins x 4 (Sale 5/$5 Past Week)
-1.00 IP Q x 4
= Free x 4
*Completes 1/3 of the $20 Nabisco Back to School Rebate

$6.19 Covergirl Foundation Makeup
$12.99 Covergirl Blusher
-1.00 Any Covergirl Product
-12.99 Free Face Product wyb Foundation
= 5.19
*Got $5.00 ECB = $0.19

$2.00 Candy x 3
= 5.00
*Used $5/$25 Flu Shot Quiz Rite Aid coupon to make candy free too!

*Used $5.00 ECB

Value Before Coupons: $29.18
Total Spent: $0.19 + $1.36 tax = $1.56

Saturday...Papers, Target, Rite Aid, and More Rain

Another rainy day in Georgia. But, I had places to go. It was raining here as we left out, but we got ahead of it for awhile. It just started raining as I was buying the newspapers. Then we went and visited with my Aunt a few minutes and went by my Mom's but she wasn't home. It was thundering there, the sky looked dark and ominous and scary. So I said well okay, we still have to pass Target and Rite Aid on the way home anyway, so I'll do my shops there and leave Food Lion and Publix for tomorrow or Monday.

TargetI had almost decided that Target would be wasted stop. Generally the deals/sales are snapped up by the time I get in there. Or if I am able to find anything, the cashier will give me heck and try to not let me use my coupons.

I was very surprised to find alot of the Friskies Appetizers cat food trays, with the BOGO coupons making them free this week. I got 10, having 5 and 5 of each coupon.
I had 4 of the $1/2 Market Pantry Cheese coupons that was expiring today, so I went ahead and got 8 Mozzarella sticks. Prefer cheddar, but they didn't have any, and I think I can roll these in bread crumbs and bake them. I like mozzarella cheese sticks and pizza sauce. Haven't made any in...years, I guess. Then I did another of the Fiber Plus bars deal, buy 4 get $5 gift card. I had found the $1/1 tearpad coupons somewhere, at some point, I can't even remember now, that made them $0.08 a box after the gift card.

When I went to check out, I told the cashier, a young'ish girl, that I had several of the same Target coupons and could she take them altogether, or did I need to do separate transactions. She said she could take them altogether.
Also, my Friskies Appetizer Manufacturer beeps as "Item not found" when scanned...I have no idea why...but she pushed it on through without any problem.

This same thing happened 3 times at another Target yesterday...I'm beginning to feel like I'm in some sort of alternate universe, twilight zone kind of place. It's scaring me.

Total Before Coupons: $25.42
Total Spent: $6.32 + .58 tax = $6.90 (Overpaid $1.00; didn't notice one of the Fiber Plus coupons didn't come off. This is why you (I) should always know the final amounts before hitting the register.) Paid $5.43 with Gift Cards from previous deals, and $1.47 oop.
Got back $5.00 gift card.

Rite AidI wasn't going to go back to this Rite Aid, either. This is the one I complained on about not accepting my Covergirl BOGO coupons last week and proved the Manager wrong. I figured they'd scrutinize my coupons and give me trouble about the Clean & Clear coupons and about my Tag coupons. But they didn't. A boy checked me out, but the Manager was sitting in a chair right behind him. When he asked her about the AdPerks yellow coupons that wouldn't scan, she told him yeah, he'd have to put them in, those that come off the internet don't scan.
My coupons were still on the counter as I took my bags and left, so maybe they scrutinized them and talked about me after I left. Don't make me no nevermind, as long as I get my deals.

I got the 6 boxes of Nabisco cookies at .99 each, and used (3) $1/2 coupons. After (3) $1/2 SCR, they will be free, and I can use them towards the $20.00 Nabisco Back to School Rebate.
I bought another V-05 shampoo just to be safe. I'd rather spend .99 than lose my $5.00 SCR. Anyway, it was free with my $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon.
I got (2) more Clean & Clear products (got $1.00 overage after coupons) and (4) more Tag sprays at $.25 each after coupons, so these deals made it all free.
I still had money to spend out of my $5/$25 coupon so I got the 2/$1 lightbulbs, and BOGO Hershey's candy bars.

Value Before Coupons: $34.78 (sale prices)
Total Spent: $0.79 + 1.81 tax = $2.60
Get back $3.00 SCR on Nabisco cookies.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Shopping Spreeeee

Today I visited Rite Aid, Food Lion, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walgreens, Food Lion, Target, and Publix. Pretty good shopping day. Found most everything I was looking for, and didn't have much trouble using my coupons. Most trouble I had was with the folks at the same Rite Aid I had complained about just this week! She didn't want to take my $2.00 Tag coupon along with the BOGO Tag coupon. She finally took it, but didn't like it.

Check out my cool new Publix shopping bags! I love these!

Rite Aid:
(Pictured is the last two of three scenarios; Summary of all three scenarios below:)
$33.00 (3) packs Huggies Pure & Natural Dipers
- 9.00 (3) Pure & Natural IP q's
- 6.00 (3) Rite Aid Adperks IP q's
Get $10.00 SCR

$5.00 (2) Huggies Wipes
-4.00 (2) Huggies Diaper Product IP q
Get $1.00 SCR

$8.00 (2) Tresemme Shampoo/Conditioner
-2.00 (2) Rite Aid AdPerks IP q
$1.98 (2) Alberto V-05 Shampoo
*Supposed to get $5.00 SCR wIb $10 worth...Someone posted at Southern Savers that they qualified for the rebate anyway, even though it came up to $9.98.

$6.99 Proantinox
-3.00 Rite Aid AdPerks IP q
Get $6.99 SCR

$9.00 (2) Clean & Clear products
-6.00 (2) Rite Aid AdPerks q
-4.00 (2) IP q
=1.00 overage

$24.95 (5) Tag Spray Reg. Price
$12.45 (5) Tag Spray 50% off Sale
-24.95 (5) BOGO P&G 8/30
-10.00 (5) P&G 8/02
= 2.45 (10) or about .25 each

$0.88 Reeses PB Cup
$0.00 Reeses BOGO
- .88 BOGO SS 8/23
= Free

-$15.00 (3) $5/$25 Rite Aid IP q

Total Value of Items: $102.25 (after Sale Prices)
Total Spent: $17.42 + tax...?
SCR: $22.99
Final Total: Probably about break even with Tax. Will sell diapers and wipes for about $20.00.

Food Lion #1Value of Items Before Coupons: $38.17
Total Spent: $4.83 + .68 tax = $5.51

(The 6 jugs of water was free; Food Lion doing a Community Help thing to assist the Citizens of the County after the floods have caused water outages and boil water advisories.)

Food Lion #2Value of Items Before Coupons: $36.16
Total Spent: $5.83 + .67 tax = $6.50
*My last coupon didn't scan so the CS Asst. gave me a refund of $1.65 (.55 coupon tripled)

WalgreensSeveral transactions; I'll have to work on the totals later...

Will do totals later...

Value Before Coupons: $65.96
Total Spent: $0.76 + 2.32 tax = $3.08 Kraft Rebate Gift Card
*Submitting for $10.00 Fuel for School Rebate*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have not had a great past couple/few shopping weeks at Publix. Between not being able to find any of the new coupon booklets, they just haven't had a good sale on stuff I like/want/need. I will get stuff I don't like/want/need, if it's free, but I've also been experiencing a sad lack of overage items lately, too.

My list looked a little better this week....until Food Lion's ad came out. Our Food Lion is tripling coupons this week, and they're price on the Smart Balance butter sticks is better.

I was going to do this deal because I needed milk and I could get a jug and 2 packs of crackers and a shopping bag for $1.75. But now thanks to Food Lion's triples, I don't really need milk. I wanted to get Chocolatey milk at Food Lion but they were all out, but maybe Publix has Chocolatey milk. Seems like I recall they don't, though. Hopefully I am mis-remembering:
Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies or Wafers or E.L. Fudge, 8.5 to 15 oz pkg, save up to 3.49 (1.75 ea)
- $1/2 Fuel for School Insert (1.25 ea)
- $2/2 Peelie (.75 ea)
- Save $2 on Milk wyb any 2 Packages of Keebler Cookies (.25 ea)
- FREE Reusable Shopping Bag wyb Any 2 Kellogg’s Products- Yellow Advantage Buy

.67 cents is a good price for 18oz tube of oatmeal. We like the old-fashioned with the bigger flakes, and use it a good bit making chocolate-oatmeal-peanut-butter-no-bake-cookies:
Quaker Oats Oatmeal, Quick-1 Minute or Old Fashioned, 18 oz tube, save up to 2.59 (1.30 ea)
- $1.25/2 8-30-09 RP (.67)

I seriously don't need anymore frozen waffles, but how can I refuse 2 boxes of waffles, a couples of bananas, and a shopping bag - for Free??
Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles or Special K, 9.9 to 12.6 oz box, save up to 1.99 (1.00 ea)
- $1/1 Peelie (Look for these)
- $1/2 Fuel For School Insert (expires 9/27)
- Save $2.00 on Fresh Fruit WYB 2 Eggo Frozen Waffles- Fuel For School Booklet
- FREE Reusable Shopping Bag wyb Any 2 Kellogg’s Products- Yellow Advantage Buy

I won't be paying .20 cents for Pasta after the 10 boxes of it I'm getting free at Food Lion this week:
Ronzoni Pasta, 12 or 16 oz box, (excluding Lasagna, Manicotti, Jumbo Shells, or Florentine), save up to 1.39 (.70 ea)
- $1/2 8-02-09 RP (.20 ea)

Definitely have to get these, I haven't bought catfood in like 8 months...and don't plan to for a long, long time...if ever again, lol;
Purina ONE Cat Food, 3.3 or 3.5 lb bag, 2/$10
-$3/1 09-13-09 RP
-$2/1 Target Coupon PRINT
Combine the $3/1 MQ with the $2/1 Target IP to get FREE cat food!!

Only .15 a box at Food Lion this week, without triples:
Smart Balance 50/50 Butter Blend Sticks: Omega-3, Original or Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16 oz box, save up to 3.49
- $1.50/1 09-13-09 RP (.25) (3.29 BOGO at Food Lion this week)

I'll look for Ritz peelies, but not hopeful to find any. Hopefully there'll be a Ritz coupon in one of the inserts before the Crackerfuls q expires (and I Publix BOGO sale to go along with them):
(Take the Crackerfuls q in case I can find the peelies in-store)
Nabisco Ritz Crackers, 13.66 to 16 oz box, save up to 2.99
- FREE Nabisco Crackerfuls wyb 1 Ritz Crackers 8-23-09 SS
- $1/1 Any Nabisco Cookies or Crackers Peelie

Love this kitty litter, try to stock up a few jugs whenever they're on sale. The past 2 times they've had $2.00 on them at the same time of the BOGO sale, so hopefully they will again this week:
Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter or Box Filler, 14 lb pkg, save up to 6.99 (3.50)
(Usually is a $2.00 peelie on jug) (1.50 ea)

Food Lion Triples

Took my two boys with me so there is a total of three orders here.

Trans #1 (Mine)
$1.99 Smart Option Milk x 2
- .55 (1.65) wyb (1) Welch's Jelly x 2 SS 7/26
= .34 each

$2.42 Welch's Squeezable Jelly x 2
- .75 (2.25) IP Q
= .17 each

$2.79 Cinnabons x 2
- .75 (2.25)
= .54 each

$2.00 Hot Pocket Cripsy Crust
- .50 (1.50) RP 9/13
= .50

$1.00 Pringles x 3
- .50/2 (1.50/2) P&G 8/30
= .25 each

$1.40 ($2.79 BOGO) Birdseye Lighty Sauced Vegs x 4
- .50 (1.50) SS 9/13 x 4
= FREE x 4

$1.95 Barilla Plus Angel Hair pasta
- .75 (2.25) SS 8/23

$2.00 Cheez-it
- .75 (2.25)IP Q

$0.89 Mahatma Yellow Rice
- .55 (1.65) RP 8/30

$2.48 Edge Shave Gel
- .75 (2.25) SS 8/02
= .23

$1.65 (3.29 BOGO) Smart Blance Blend Sticks x 4
-1.50 RP 9/13 x 4
= .15 each

Total Value Before Coupons: $37.84 (includes sale prices)
Total Spent: $3.20 + .62 tax = $3.82

Trans #2 (Son)
$1.40 ($2.79 BOGO) Birdseye Lighty Sauced Vegs x 4
- .50 (1.50) SS 9/13 x 4
= FREE x 4

$1.79 Starkist Tuna Pouch x 5
- .75 (2.25) RP 9/20 x 5
= FREE x 5

$0.92 Ortega Taco Mix x 2
- .75/2 (2.25/2) SS 9/13
= FREE x 2

$1.99 Mt. Olive Dill Salad Cubes
- .50 (1.50) IP Q
= .49

$1.67/$1.66 Poptarts x 6
= .55 (1.65) RP 9/13 x 6
= .02/.01 each

$1.99 Wonderbread
- .55 (1.65) IP Q
= .34

$1.65 (3.29 BOGO) Smart Blance Blend Sticks x 2
-1.50 RP 9/13 x 2
= .15 each

Total Value Before Coupons: $32.11 (includes sale prices)
Total Spent: $2.61 + .48 tax = $3.09

*The .75/2 Ortega coupon beeped and wouldn't enter, so the cashier just handed it back to him.
A Manager verified he had bought the correct products and so refunded him the full value of the coupon/triped $2.25.
So the final oop was $0.84

Trans #3 (Son's Friend)
*I was attempting an experiment here, only getting things that would be Free After Coupon, to see if the final total would be Nothing or Tax. But the cashier messed it up. Can't complain much, though...

$0.92 Ortega Taco Mix x 6
- .75/2 (2.25/2) SS 9/13 x 3
= FREE x 3

$1.37 Wacky Mac Pasta
- .75 (2.25) IP Q x 3
= FREE x 3

$1.09/$0.92 Texas Pete Hot Sauce x 3
- .40 (1.20) RP 5/10 x 3
= FREE x 3

$1.75 Tabasco Sauce x 2
- .75 (2.25) Tearpad q x 2
= FREE x 2

$1.40 ($2.79 BOGO) Birdseye Lighty Sauced Vegs x 4
- .50 (1.50) SS 9/13 x 4
= FREE x 4

$1.35 Bumble Bee Tuna Pouch x 5
- .55 (1.65) SS 9/13 x 5
= FREE x 5

Total Value Before Coupons: $33.97 (includes sale prices)
Total Spent: $3.24 + .42 tax = $3.66

*...He gave her (3) of the .75/2 Ortega coupons, and only the first one scanned, the next one(s) said Must Match Previous Sale. The cashier just shoved the coupons in her envelope and hit the total button.
The Manager gave a refund for the full amount value/tripled of the coupons, $4.50.
Final Total $0.84 Profit.

Total Value All Items: $103.92
Total Spent: $3.82

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rite Aid Complaint

The District Manager of the Rite Aid in my area called me today re: my complaint on that Store Manager yesterday. He apologized, and said that he had talked to him and I shouldn't have any troubles using my coupons there anymore.

He knew exactly what I was talking about, he told me that he's had to deal with several managers about this same thing. He said he told them Rite gets their money for the coupons, he doesn't know why they keep hasseling people, and the Managers complain that people are getting things for free with all the coupons. He said he tells them to not worry about that because Rite Aid gets their money for the coupons.

He assured me I wouldn't have anymore trouble using my coupons there, and is sending me a Rite Aid gift card for my trouble. Don't know for how much...I just said that I appreciated that, but mainly I just wanted to be able to do my shopping there without being made feel like a thief.

So there you go, if you have problems with a store, file a complaint. It doesn't help every time, but it really doesn't help if you just let it go and let the store employees continue treating you and other shoppers like that.

The Publix Store Manager also called me this morning, but it was just a waste of both of our time. He said they put the limit on the Food Lion coupons because they realized it said Limit One per Customer. I said yes, but it wasn't posted on the door or registers or anything...last week I could use a few of the coupons, this week I get to the register and Surprise! He said they didn't post it...something about was going to put it in the ad but didn't get into the ad...and they had only just realized they'd been doing it wrong. It really didn't make any sense, and it was a bunch of BS anyway. Publix Managers make their own policy regarding Competitor coupon acceptance, he didn't have to limit the Flips to One, he just wanted to, and use it an excuse.

That's okay, it's his store to run how he wants to. To run out of business if he wants to. If he can prosper, in his not-so-great rural location, with a Food Lion, Ingles, a Kroger that takes Publix coupons, and another Publix that takes more competitor coupons within 5 minutes driving distance...more power to him.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rite Aid

Stopped in my local Rite Aid this morning to do Scenario #1 of the Diaper deal this week.

*Tag deal; On the B1G1 Coupon where it says to write in the amount of the item, I did, so when I got to the register and it asked the price, the cashier put in $4.99.

$11.00 Huggies Pure & Natural diapers
- 3.00 IP q
- 2.00 RA q
= 6.00

$2.50 Huggies Wipes
-2.00 IP q (This one beeped no matching item but the manager pushed it through because I was arguing with him about the Rite Aid coupons. So I'll probably have more trouble with it next time.)
= .50

$4.00 Tresseme Conditioner (got attached shampoo free)
-1.00 RA q

$4.50 Clean & Clear
-2.00 IP q
-3.00 RA q
= .50 overage

$4.99 Tag
$2.49 Tag 50% Rite Aid Sale
-4.99 B1G1 q
-2.00 Mfr. q
= .49/2 or about .25 each

$0.88 Reese's Candy
$0.00 Reese's B1G1 Rite Aid Sale
-0.88 B1G1 q
= Free

-$5/$25 RA q

Value Before Coupons: $30.36 (after sale prices)
Total spent: $4.49 + 2.09 tax = $6.58

None of my Rite Aid Video Perks coupons would wasn't that they scanned and beeped or anything, the register just wouldn't read them period...the cashier was going to put them in manually, but then the Store Manager came up and she told him that they weren't scanning. So he took all my coupons, even the ones that had scanned with no problem and was looking through them, and then, in that supercilious tone we all know and hate, says "Well, the problem, ma'am, is that we're only able to accept one coupon per item".

I told him that Rite Aid's coupon policy is that I am able to use a Rite Aid coupon with a mfr. coupon. He argued that the Rite Aid coupons say they are mfr. coupons. I said I realize they say that, but they are Rite Aid coupons, and I can use them together, I know because I've already been on the phone with Corporate this week.
He said "Well, they didn't tell me that". I said he needed to call 1-800-Rite-Aid, right now, I could wait.

He didn't call, and went ahead and entered the coupons, but he embarrassed me in front of other shoppers, and made me feel bad like I was doing something wrong and like I can't shop there anymore and get good deals.

So I came home and emailed Rite Aid Corporate saying that they needed to get in touch with this Store Manager and inform of his own store coupon policy, and that I thought it was pretty ridiculous that the Policy is posted all over the internet for anyone to find, but a Store Manager doesn't know his own store's policies.

I don't care if it makes them - Store Managers/Employees - mad, or if it causes them to scrutinize my coupons, I'm not doing anything wrong, they are.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Shopping

I got out today to go get my papers and do a couple of shops. The weather was terrible, raining all day, and although I didn't really have trouble using my coupons, it just wasn't a great day for deals.

I stopped in at four Rite Aids, three of which I did the Covergirl deal in order to be able to use the $5/$20 Rite Aid to get free/cheap things like water, Cokes, and Halloween candy. But I was regretting that I hadn't did it more during the week. I still have Covergirl BOGO coupons left that will likely just go to waste, when I could have put them to good use.

Didn't have any - much? - trouble at Target, but they didn't have much to buy, no dogfood or Glade.
As I was checking out the cashier boy said that my All Small & Mighty coupons would put them amount under...I didn't understand what he meant, then he looked in the bag and said, oh you got two of them. I just nodded, and he was muttering/mumbing something...I'm not sure if it was directed at himself, or at me? I asked "What is it?" as in, what was his problem, but he took it as me asking what my total and told me oh, it's .36 cents.

I stopped in at the Publix that gave me trouble last Wendesday. I wasn't going to, but I was driving right past it. So I stopped in and bought (1) bag of the Tyson chicken patties, a Yakisoba meal, a box of the Knox gelatine, 2 cans of pinto beans and 2 packages of Publix chili mix.
With the Knox and Yakisoba overage, my oop was .25 cents.
I had some gift cards from the Kraft rebate, but had forgot to bring one in with me, so I didn't use any of my gift cards yet.

Stopped in at Walgreens and shopped about an hour a half and got to the register to check out and the power went out. Shut everything down. When the register came back up, the RR Catalina machine no longer worked. So they gave me a refund for everything.

I did buy 6 of the All detergents on clearance for $1.79, with my $1.00 mfr. coupons. I had 8 coupons, but gave the cashier 2 of them for her use. She is always so nice and helpful to me.
But they wouldn't take my Mitchum mfr. coupon catalinas that say Redeemable at Kroger on them.

I left there and went across town to the other Walgreens to try to get the stuff, but they didn't most of it in stock.

I've decided the certain cashier guy that's been there the past several times I've shopped at that Walgreens is bad luck to me. I've done up to 15 transactions with no problems and many, many other single or double transactions. But everytime I've shopped and this guy was the cashier, I've had problems. Not his fault problems, but but I just feel like he causes me to have bad luck.

AND he tore my Neosporin coupon out of my sheet of coupons from the Activity book. I told him don't do that, and that no one else has taken them, and even pointed out that he was standing there the other day when Mr. Rick - the Store Manager - was scanning the coupon, still attached to the page, and didn't take it.
But he insisted he had to. So now I like him even less than I did when he was my bad luck charm.

By this time it was late and getting dark and I had a headache and was so tired, no way I could go to Walmart, even though I was right there. I didn't even stop to get gas even though it was less than a quarter of a tank and I usually never leave it that low because we are about 30 minutes from the hospital.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Through the Looking Glass, Alice!

In case the tone was lost in translation, the title is a combination of Alice in Wonderland and Ralph Kramden....a mix of WTH? and Pow!

Today, the stores I usually always have trouble at - I didn't. And the stores I usually don't have trouble at - I did!

First I went to one of my favorite Rite Aids and tried to do the Covergirl deal, so that I could use the $5/$20 Rite Aid q to get some corn chips and a Duracell flashlight.
That cashier told me I couldn't use the Get a Free Face Product coupon, because one of the items was already free, so I had to buy 4 items, and I'd get three of them free, but I actually had to pay for one.
Mathematically ignorant as I am, I can't figure out her math equation on that, and anyway, it doesn't matter, because Rite Aid's Official Policy is that you CAN use coupons on a BOGO deal.

After I took my MIL to the doctor and dropped her out, I headed to Target. I called 1-800-Rite-Aid on the way, just for the heck of it. The CSR guy told me in no uncertain terms the cashier was wrong, I can use Manufacturer on a Buy One Get Deal, and for that matter, if I have a coupon for a free item, then they will give me both for free.

So after I left Target I went back to the Rite Aid and told her I had spoke to Rite Aid Customer Service, and was told I can in fact use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale. So she went and got her manager, who had already been told what I came and there and tried that morning, so she was already against me and not willing to listen. She told me she would call Rite Aid Customer Service and tell them how she saw it, (her exact words) and I could leave my name and number and she would call me after she'd spoken to them.

I was so aggrivated with them, I forgot to stop in Walmart and shop.
~ Target ~
I had an envelope full of coupons and deals for Target I've put off and put off going for, but today I decided I was going to try.
I almost decided to not go again after my good Rite Aid turned out bad this morning, but oh well, I was right there.

I found the Chef Micheals dog food first. They had 6 bags of dry and several cans of wet, but I didn't want to try too many so I got 3 dry and 8 cans.
I had Mq and Tqs for the Tide Stain Release and Bounce Dryer Bars, which weren't free, but were pretty cheap after coupons....74 cents for the Bounce and 1.25 for the Tide...or vice versa.
I had (1) $1.50 off Glade coupon so I went to see if they had any of those. They had 6 Candle tins, and they all still had their $1.50 of coupon inside. They were on sale for $1.66, so after coupon they were .16 each, and I had Get Refills Free coupons so I got 6 of those, too.

I thought they didn't have the Kashi cereal, but then I found a bunch of it on an endcap. I got 5 boxes of the Honey Sunshine I had Mqs from Vocalpoint for.

I had brought my Walgreens paper to price match the cereal, and I had read that you needed to go to Customer Service and get the difference back after you checked out. So I tried going to Customer Service first, asking if that was where I was supposed to go for the price matching, and if I could check out the rest of my stuff there.
I didn't have anything to weigh so she let me check out there, and I didn't have to mess with a cashier. The Customer Service Associate was very nice, and didn't argue with my coupons, and asked where we were geting them all, and was impressed at the end when I paid practically nothing but tax for everything I had gotten.
I gave her the link addresses to Southern Savers and Hip2Save websites, where I find most of my best deals.

I also got (2) travel size All Small & Mighty at $1.02 each; used $1.00 Mqs.
(2) Market Pantry Single Serve Cheese Sticks at .40 each. My Tq was for 1.00/2, but the register automatically adjusted the value down to .80, so no fussing and carrying on about not being able to take a coupon for more than the amount of the item.
And I got (6) packages of Bic pens at 1.00 per package. I had (3) $1/2 Mqs and (3) $1/2 TQs.

She scanned a couple of the Bic Tqs, and one of the Mqs, not sure why she did in that order, just whatever she picked up first, but it would only take 3 of the coupons and none of the rest.
Turned out reason why was, my balance was down to .43 before tax. Huh??

I don't know what happened. According to my figuring I should have had to pay something like $8.31 before tax oop.

Target receipts are so hard to figure out, I'm still not entirely clear, but it appears the wrong Chef Micheals dog food coupon attached to the wrong item.
I had BOGO for the canned dogfood, but I see that it appears only the Target q attached to the canned dog food, and the dry dog food was free plus the $1.50 Target coupon, plus she still took off the $3.00 Mq at the end.

I think?

Total of Items Before Coupons: $73.71
Total Spent: $0.43 + 3.54 tax = $3.97 (used GC from prior deal to pay)
Got $5.00 GC for Kashi = $1.03 profit

~ Rite Aid ~
After Target I went over to my other favorite Rite Aid and tried the Covergirl deal again. This time I didn't have any trouble with using the BOGO on the BOGO deal, but the regiter wouldn't accept the $1.00 off CG coupon. The cashier said that even though the coupon says ANY Covergirl, it's really only for the products shown in the picture. Of course we know that's not true, but I went along with her and tookthe coupon back. It wasn't worth arguing over.

The Covergirl Makeup was $11.82, got it free with coupon.
The Covergirl Foundation was $9.39, got it free with Rite Aid BOGO sale.
Duracell Flashlight was $7.99; used $5.00 of Rite Aid in-ad q and $2.00 MQ = .99
Fritos chips were $2.89
Halloween candy was $4.99
Used -$5/$20 Rite Aid video coupon

Total of Items Before Coupons: $37.08
Total Spent: $3.97 + 1.05 tax = $4.92 (used SCR check to pay)
Gift of Savings Certificate: $37.08 or $27.69?

~ Publix ~
There is no Publix picture, because I didn't come home with anything from Publix.

I went to the Publix that usually accepts Food Lion coupons with no problem. There was no problem last week. However, apparently this week with no notice they've put a limit of ONE Food Lion coupon.
The cashier said well it's just because they are on sale (the Planters trail mix), but then the girl doing the bagging said, well the coupons DO say limit one per customer per day.
While that's true, they've never limited it before, and if they are going to limit it to one, then what's to entice me to do my shopping at Publix as opposed to the Food Lion that just opened up a few miles down the street, especially when I can do multiple transactions at Food Lion?

On top of that, turned out my Food Lion Planters coupon and my Food Lion $1.00 Catalina had expired yesterday, so she wouldn't take them.
She made the extremely helpful comment, "They only expired yesterday". What was that, like a rub-it-in? Supposed to make me feel better that I only missed using them by one day? What?

I said you know what, just cancel the whole order. I took my coupons back and went home.
All they had to do was tell me when I came in the door they didn't want my business, and saved us both alot of time.

~ Rite Aid ~
On my way to pick up my kid from running practice I stopped in at our local Rite Aid. I had planned to get my J&J stuff here because this store is one that usually gives me alot of trouble with coupons, especially on BOGO deals and such. I can't recall now why I decided to try to Covergirl deal again here?

I wanted to get the Covergirl makeup and be able to use the $5/$20 coupon to get more corn chips and another Duracell flashlight, but this Rite Aid didn't carry the $7.99 flashlights, so I got the Air-Wick Ultra thing that was $6.99 half off and I had a $6.00 off coupon. I still needed to spend another dollar-something and they had these Lucky Charms cups clearanced for .49 each, so I got three of those.

She didn't say a word about me using the Free Covergirl Makeup coupon with the BOGO sale. The register didn't like it, though, and kept beeping that no matching item was found. She tried entering it manually and it still kicked it out. She couldn't figure out what was happening. I couldn't either. I had a pounding headache and was kind of out of it, so I just stood there waiting while she messed with it, until she told me no, and then I'd leave.

But she somehow got it entered and didn't give me any trouble about it.

The Covergirl Blusher makeup was $12.99, got it free with coupon.
The Covergirl Foundation was $9.39, got it free with Rite Aid BOGO sale.
Air Wick Ultra was on sale 50% off for $6.99, used 6.00 Mq = .99
Fritos chips were $2.89
(3) Lucky Charms cup at .49 each
Used -$5/$20 Rite Aid video coupon

Total of Items Before Coupons: $33.73
Total Spent: $0.35 + 1.53 tax = $1.88 (used SCR check to pay)
Gift of Savings Certificate: $33.73 or $24.34?

*When I got home I saw on the caller ID I had missed a call from the first Rite Aid I had gone to this morning, so I called back and asked for the Manager.
She said I should bring my coupons back in and she'd give me my four pieces.
I said, four pieces? No, I was only trying to buy two.
So she said well bring your coupons back in and I'll give them to you.
I said well I can't come all the way back down there tonight, and she said that's okay, everyone knows.

It was kindly a strange conversation, she was clearly trying to hurry me off the phone and avoid having to say I WAS RIGHT AND SHE WAS WRONG!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Schwanns guy finally showed up this afternoon. What'd I place that order, a month ago?

My husband talked to him. He said the guy didn't recommend the minute steaks I had ordered, so he gave J a catalog and said we could pick anything out of that cost less than $10.00.

J brought it in, but I didn't know what I wanted. I told him to go back out and tell the guy to show him what he had and let him pick from that. But he had J look through the catalog and J picked a couple of different things and the guy would check it on his little computer thing and say "Nope, don't have any of those".

So we ended up with a box of stupid hot dogs.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wags, CVS, Walmart

Today's trip was strictly about rolling over expired RRs and ECBs. I neither needed nor really wanted any of the stuff I went after, but the gas I used to go was less expensive than losing all the RRs and ECBs I had. I thought I only didn't go shopping last week, but I had ECBs expired 8/31. Time gets away from me so fast!
~ Wags ~
I don't know what was wrong with me this morning, but I made a complete mess out of my first two Wags shops. When I was recording my spenditures so I'd know how many RRs I needed, I stupidly forgot to deduct the $4 for the Triaminic Wags coupon. At the register I gave my mfr. q's, RRs, and then Wags q's. But because I had misfigured, I had overpaid with a $4 RR, and it wouldn't take the Wags Q now. So I wasted that $4 RR.

I made it back because the rumor about the Triaminic Nighttime Cough & Cold UPC 3 0043634404 5 generating (2) $5.00 RRs was true. So I got them for free, rather than a $4 profit.

I was upset and unable to figure out how I had messed up my first transaction, then I went and messed up the second one, too! I forgot to get him to scan my Neosporin Wags coupon, so there was another $4 mistake!

The manager fixed the second transaction and gave me $4 back, although I told him if it was too much trouble to just not worry about it because it was totally my fault. But he said it wasn't my fault, it was just so all confusing with the RRs and all (I know he was just being was totally my fault).
During his fixing it, the machine spit out another $3 RR for the Neosporin and he gave it to me for my trouble (even though it was alot more trouble for him than it was for me). What a very nice man.

At the next Wags, the girl wanted to give me trouble about my RRs being expired. She said she had to take them off because they were expired. I said they've never not let me use them before (which is true). So she called the manager and asked and he obviously said it was okay, so she told him again that they had expired like three days ago. She said ok and hung up the phone. She said they weren't suposed to take them but he said if it took them (ie. the register scanned them without beeping) then it was okay. She didn't like it, though.

I went back in to do my second transaction and asked a girl in the Cosmetics dept. if they would take the Mfr. Catalina Q's from Kroger on the Mitchum Deodorant. She said she didn't know why not, but she would have to see how they scanned, what the register said when I brought them back up there.

When I brought them back up there, another girl was in Cosmetics, and she said "These is Kroger coupons". I told her they were Mfr. coupons, and that the other girl had told me she thought they would work but she would have to scan them and see if the register accepted them.
She wouldn't even try to scan them, and called the manager to come out there. He also said they were Kroger coupons, so I said well, they're not, but okay, just take the deodorants off then. So then the Manager asks the girl what happened when she scanned them, and she said she hadn't, so he told her to, and lo'n'behold, they scanned just fine.

She also wanted my Neosporin q from the Activity book but I wouldn't give it over. The Store Manager at the other store used it and hadn't taken it, so it's obviously ok for me to keep it.

This was one of my two favoritest Wags...they never used to give me trouble. I don't know what was up with them today.

Total Value Items: $104.57
RRs Spent: $38.00
RRs Received: $48.00

~ CVS ~
$4.99 Dyna-Pep Energy Shot
$4.99 ECBs
= Free

$2.99 Colgate Total Advanced
-1.00 SS 9/13
$2.00 ECB
= Free

$3.99 Reach Toothbrush 2pk. x 3
-3.99 BOGO q RP 4/26
-1.00 SS 6/14
-1.00 SS 6/14
$6.00 ECB
= Free

Brach's Candy 2/$1.00 in-ad coupon (Needed to bring total up to amount of ECBs I had to spend.)
~ Walmart ~
I had Mighty Dog coupons expiring today, and I needed printer ink so I had to go to Walmart. I think every coupon I had beeped, but it didn't seem to phase the cashier-boy.

$ .57 Mighty Dog x 5
-1.00 SS 7/26 x 5
= +2.15 overage

$2.98 Glade Candle tin
-3.00 Glade Kroger insert 8/30
= +.02 overage

$2.98 Glade candle refills
-2.98 Glade Kroger insert 8/30
= Free

$1.64 Pullups Flushable Wipes x 4
-3.00/2 SS 7/19 x 2
= .56

$1.98 Clean n Crunch Cat Treats x 2
-2.00 SS 8/30
= +.04 overage

$21.97 Printer Ink

Total Value of Items: $41.30
Total Spent: $20.32 + 2.89 tax = $23.21

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Went for my papers and to do a couple of Kroger shops.

I had looked last week for those Minute Maid frozen lemonades; I had been looking for a small, single cup item, rather a 4-pack. Got 10 boxes free. Awesome!

Also, I had a mfr. coupon and an e-coupon for a loaf of Wonderbread, but apparently none of the local Krogers sell Wonderbread so I couldn't get any.

Trans #1:
$1.00 Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade x 5

- .50 (doubled) 7/26 RP x 5
= Free x 5

$2.00 Cinnabon x 2
- .75 8/16 RP x 2
= 1.25 x 2

$1.75 Keebler Cookies x 4
-2.00/2 Peelie on Cookies x 1*
= .75 x 4

$1.99 Milk x 2
-1.99 Kroger Promotion x 2
-2.00 "Fuel for School" x 2*
= Free + 2.01 overage

Total before Coupons: $19.98
Total Spent: $3.51 + .41 tax = $3.91

Trans #2:
$1.00 Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade x 5

- .50 (doubled) 7/26 RP x 5
= Free x 5

$2.00 Cinnabon x 2- .75 8/16 RP x 2
= 1.25 x 2

$1.75 Keebler Cookies x 4
-2.00/2 Peelie on Cookies x 2
= .75 x 4

$1.99 Milk x 2
-1.99 Kroger Promotion x 2
-2.00 "Fuel for School" x 2*
= Free + 4.02 overage

$ .49 Kroger Bread Mgr's Special x 2

Total before Coupons: $20.96
Total Spent: $2.48 + .43 tax = $2.91

Grand Total Spent: $5.99 + .84 tax = $6.83

*I went to Kroger today having decided that I'd try to use my "Fuel for School" coupons on the milk, but if they didn't let me, oh well, it was still a pretty good deal paying like $2.75 for milk, 2 packs of cookies, and a box of cinnabons.

I had thought maybe my F4S coupons might "beep" because of the cookie coupons, so I gave the milk ones first, and they beeped anyway. Possibly because the milk was $1.99, I'm not sure. Anyway, she put them on through.
Then she got to my cookie coupons and asked had I got six packs of cookies. I said no, I got four, two for each coupon. She said something about the other coupons and I pointed out that the other coupons were for milk, and these coupons were paying for the cookies. So she scanned one and it went through, then she scanned the other one and it didn't.
She said, Uh-huh, it won't take it, you done reached your coupon limit. (What?)

So I took the coupon back, paid, and went to the CS desk. Before I could get there, the cashier called the desk and told on me. A Manager was standing there and the CS Assoc gave the phone to him. He spoke to the cashier, apparently deciding that she was telling him I was trying to use two coupons for the same item, and that the register "caught me" (I heard the Manager say, oh yeah, the register'll catch it).

I showed him the milk coupon in question, and explained that it was for milk, not cookies, and he starts talking something about the Federal Government doesn't allow them to accept two coupons for the same item, something about taxes. (What??)

We discussed back and forth about the coupons not being for the same item. He said I had to buy 6 packages of cookies to be able to use the coupons.
I didn't say, I think you mean 8, because I didn't want to point out the fact that I had been able to use one of the cookie coupons and him ending up trying to take the coupon off and make me pay instead.

But it was obvious something else was going on with the coupons, and neither of them had a clue, and were just making up stuff...and then he pushed my hot button.
I said, When I shop at Publix, I use this coupon for milk, and this coupon for cookies, and there is no problem...and he says "Well, they're not supposed to".

AAArrrrgggghhh! That one single statement gives me Road Rage.

"Oh sure - You're right and everyone else is wrong." Puh-leeze.

So I left there and proceeded to the next Kroger on the way back home. Not expecting any different, and determined I wasn't going to argue with anyone. If I could use the milk coupons, fine, if I could one cookie coupon, or none, fine, same difference.

I gave the F4S milk coupons first - scanned with no problem or beeps. Scanned cookie coupons with no problem, no beeps.

And no Federal Government Agents swarmed out to get us for cheating on the taxes either, Yay! (WTH??)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


*Two purchases combined:
(Not Pictured: Four bags of Charcoal)

Transaction #1:
$7.99 Matchlite Charcoal x 4
-3.00 tearpad or Grill booklet q x 4
-3.00 FLip x 4
= 1.99 x 4

$1.69 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce x 4
-1.69 Tearpad q x 4
= FREE x 4

$2.85 Boston Butt Roast
$2.79 Boston Butt Roast
$2.31 Boston Butt Roast
$2.63 Boston Butt Roast

-6.00 Gather 'Round the Grill IP q x 4
= +$13.42 overage

$2.85 Lawry's Marinade BOGO x 4
- .50 (doubled) 7/26 RP x 8
= .43 x 8

$2.18 Ground Chuck
$2.15 Ground Chuck
$2.36 Ground Chuck
$2.22 Ground Chuck

-2.00 wyb (2) Lawry's Marinades FLip x 4
= .91

$4.69 Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder
No Coupon

$1.49 Ragu Pizza Sauce
No Coupon

-5.00/50.00 Publix "Family Reunion" booklet q

Total Before Coupons: $75.79
Total Spent: $.03 + 2.68 tax = $2.71

Transaction #2:
$3.99 Popsicles BOGO x 4
-1.00 "Raise Your Hand for Savings" booklet q x 8
- .75 Target IP x 8
= .25 x 8

$1.65 Duncan Hines Cake Mix BOGO x 5
-1.00/2 "Toss the Cash" Publix booklet q's
= .33 x 10

$1.09 Lipton Tea Bags x 6
-1.00 "Raise Your Hand for Savings" booklet q's x 6
= .09 x 6

$2.00 Heluva Good Dip BOGO x 3
- .50 (doubled) IP q's x 6
= FREE x 6

$1.00 Cheerios/Lucky Charms Cereal Cups x 4
-1.00/2 General Mills Cereal/Cheerios x 2
-1.00 Target IP q's x 4
= +2.00 overage

$.79 Manchuan Yakisoba Noodle Things x 6 (Thanks Brandy!)
-.50 (doubled) 8/23 SS
= +.21 overage x 6

$2.25 Mrs. Paul's Fish Filets
-1.50 IP q
-1.00 "Toss the Cash" Publix booklet
= +.25 overage

$1.39 Knox Gelatine
-4.00 IP q
= +2.61 overage

$1.67 Crest Toothpaste x 3
-1.00 "Live Well Feel Beautiful" Publix booklet q
- .50 (doubled) 8/30 PG
= +.33 overage

$2.39 Revlon Clippers
$2.49 Revlon Tweezers

-2.00 Publix Green Advenatge Flyer x 2
-1.00 8/16 SS x 2
= +.61 & +.51 overage

$3.99 Lay's Potato Chips BOGO
(No coupons)

Total Before Coupons: $63.00
Total Spent: $1.50 + 1.12 tax = $2.62

At the end of Trans #2 my balance was down to $1.50. I still had a $5.00/50.00 coupon, but couldn't think of anything else I needed, so decided to save it for later.
Halfway home it dawns on me - loafa bread! I didn't put it on my list because, who could forget bread, right? Dangnabit.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


After 4 gallons of cheap milk from Food Lion triples last week, the last thing I needed was more milk. So I was planning to skip the Kroger Free Milk deal this week altogether. But turns out my family guzzled down the free Food Lion chocolatey milk, and I'm running real low on Nesquik powder, I decided it'd work out good for me to go to Kroger and get a couple gallons of Free Chocolatey milk. Only to get there and discover they were out of chocolatey milk. Arrrgggghhhh!

I went ahead and got the jugs of white milk, figuring I'll give it to my Mom or somebody, and try the Kroger deal again at another Kroger tomorrow.
But my $2.00 off Milk wyb Two Keebler Cookies beeps. It always beeps, even without a free milk sale. But of course the boy said it was because the milk was free, so I couldn't use a coupon on free milk. I told him I was still supposed to be able to use paper manufacturer coupons with sales and ecoupons. So he got the Customer Service guy to come over, and he didn't have a clue. I told him I was supposed to still be able to use the coupons even with a sale, and that they were manufacturer coupons and they would still get reimbursed for them. He looked at the other boy and shrugged and said he guessed he'd do it this time. So he put them through, and I told the cashier boy that it was really okay, they would get reimbursed for the coupons. He said well his manager told him not to do it, was all he was saying.
I'm pretty sure his Manager didn't tell him that.

At any rate, this is the easy Kroger I shop at. If I have trouble at this one, the others will be pert near impossible to use the coupons at. I don't whether to even try.

$2.00 Cinnabon x 2
-1.00 IP q x 2
$1.75 Keebler Fudge Shop Cookies x 4
-2.00/2 Peelies found on cookie packages x 2
$1.99 Milk x 2
-2.00 Milk wyb Two Keebler "Fuel for School" booklet x 2
-1.99 Free Milk wyb (3) Kellogg's/Keebler/Sunshine items Kroger deal x 2
= $1.00

$1.00 Marchuan Yakisoba Noodles things x 4
- .50 (doubled) SS 8/23

$1.00 Cattleman's BBQ Sauce
- .50 (doubled) IP q

$ .78 Kroger loafa bread
(no coupons)
(I had coupon/ecoupon to get free Wonderbread, but this Kroger didn't carry Wonderbread.)

Value Before Coupons: $20.76
Total Spent $1.78 + .43 tax = $2.21

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Food Lion Finals

Transaction 1: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $45.01
Total Spent: $2.84 + .46 tax = $3.30

Transaction 2: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $46.00
Total Spent: $1.02 + .46 tax = $1.48

Transaction 1: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $42.42
Total Spent: $7.16 + .56 tax = $7.72

Transaction 2: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $42.57
Total Spent: $6.56 + .55 tax = $7.11

Transaction 3: (Grand Opening Sale)
Value Before Coupons: $4.36
Total Spent: $1.86 + .05 tax = $1.84

Transaction 4: (Grand Opening Sale)
Value Before Coupons: $30.81
Total Spent: $8.79 + .39 tax = $9.18

Transaction 1: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $44.73
Total Spent: $3.48 + .59 tax = $4.07

Transaction 2: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $45.65
Total Spent: $3.38 + .58 tax = $3.96

Transaction 3: (Grand Opening Sale)
Value Before Coupons: $4.36
Total Spent: $.75 + .04 tax = $.79

Transaction 4: (Grand Opening Sale)
Value Before Coupons: $4.07
Total Spent: $.50 + .02 tax = $.52

Transaction 1: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $49.87
Total Spent: $12.20 + .98 tax = $13.18

Transaction 2: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $48.23
Total Spent: $9.26 + .95 tax = $10.21

Transaction 1: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $3.82
Total Spent: $1.57 + .05 tax = $1.62

Transaction 2: (Triples)
Value Before Coupons: $12.80
Total Spent: $3.55 + .42 tax = $3.97

Transaction 1: (Triples)
Total Before Coupons $45.26
Total Spent $0.73 + .44 tax = $1.17

Transaction 2: (Triples)
Total Before Coupons $47.17
Total Spent $5.10 + .71 tax = $5.81 (*$4.81)
*Got $1.00 OYNO Catalina for purchasing Velveeta Shells and Cheese cups

Transaction 3: (Triples)
Total Before Coupons $42.34
Total Spent -$.55 + .55 tax = $0.00

Total Value of Items: $559.47
Total Spent: $75.93

Food Lion Triples Last Day

I had planned to do two shops yesterday - me and my hubby - but then got there and they were out of everything I was looking for. He had to work today, leaving me alone to make up yesterdays shops, and one more today, so I called my oldest son and him and his girlfriend came and went with me.

It was pretty funny, they knew I've been doing the coupon shopping, and I talk about how much I got and how little I spent, but today was really the first time they saw it in action. They were suitably amazed.

Actually I was pretty amazed myself when my son's order total came up to $ .00. I wasn't expecting that! He must have gotten some overage on something(s).

My OrderTotal Before Coupons $45.26
Total Spent $0.73 + .44 tax = $1.17

T's OrderTotal Before Coupons $47.17
Total Spent $5.10 + .71 tax = $5.81 (*$4.81)

*Got $1.00 OYNO Catalina for purchasing Velveeta Shells and Cheese cups
(Not pictured, 6 Velveeta Shells'n'Cheese cups I gave to them)

D's OrderTotal Before Coupons $42.34
Total Spent -$.55 + .55 tax = $0.00