Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food Lion, Last Day

The store didn't restock but I was able to find 20 last things to buy. Rumor has it they'll be doing triples again in 3 weeks...which is the amount of time since the last triples was, so that sounds right, if indeed they are planning to do triples monthly as has been reported.

I'm still learning things about triples, hopefully learning from past mistakes. Number one thing being to buy the items first with coupons that will be expiring before the next triples event.
For instance, I still have a handfull of Reynolds Foil coupons that will expire on the 11th. I could have gotten 10 rolls of 30 ft. foil for .04 each. But I was rationing them out, buying a few at a time, not thinking about them running out and the store not restocking before the sale ended.

I apparently got some bonus overage on this order...my final tally was $2.++ plus tax...but my actual oop was $0.70 cents. Nice surprise!

Value of Items Before Coupons: $37.83
Total Spent: $0.06 + .64 tax = $0.70 oop

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