Friday, December 31, 2010

Rite Aid

Ugh, it was one of those days.
I almost started to not even go out today, but knew I'd regret it later if I didn't. Even so, I cut my route really short, like in half.

The first store I visited I have consistantly had trouble shopping at, and nine times out of ten I will drive 15+ miles PAST this store just to not shop in there. The SM is a total a-hole, and her employees are the same way. I don't care what it is, I could be doing one perfectly straight up shop and they'd still find something to give me a hard time about.
Sure enough, first thing, he's got to get on the intercom and call the SS to the front to ask if they are still accepting the $5/$25. I asked, Why would you not?  He said, because they like, stopped them.

I didn't argue that with him because it's really not the store's fault that Rite Aid Corp is quick to send out emails saying they aren't taking them anymore, but then nothing about, oh yeah, we will take them afterall.
So the SS comes up and says, if it scans, but it says Limit One per Customer, so we can only take one. (I expected that at this store, so I didn't get anything that cost anything; only frees or small mms.)

But when he told me he could only take (1) +UP, I lost my temper and yelled at him. He decided he'd take more than (1) after that, "even though I'm really not supposed to". 
I told him his manager must love getting low scores on those phone in surveys, because they're definately getting them today.  Then he gives me the tired old line "I'm just doing what my company tells me." Funny the company only told that one store that, and not any other of the ten-hundred Rite Aid's I shop.

After there I went to one of my good stores that is (mostly) a pleasure to shop at, and sure enough, not a single problem doing (3) transactions, using the $5/$25 each time, or multiple coffee q's, or as many +UPs as it would take.

Until the last transaction. The receipt was printing out and man, I was two seconds from being outta there! The cashier got in a hurry and tried to grab the receipt before it finished printing, it got hung up, and my +UPs printed all on top of each other in a big mess.
So he has to take it to the Manager to ask what to do. The Ass-man at this store is a total idiot. Or maybe not an idiot, but just can't be bothered to learn about anything. Every.single.time I have an issue there, he has to call The Help Desk. Which puts him on hold forever, then they end up telling him to do what I told him to do to start with. After so many times, it's just really, seriously flying all at me that he thinks I'm either a liar or an idiot.
I happened to know from a few days ago when the register ate my receipt at another store that what they are supposed to do is return and rering the order. Some choose not to put the customer thru the hassle and will just give a gift card or something, but for those who don't have a clue, the official word apparently is to return and rebuy.
Half an hour later, this is what they did. Sort of. I don't know what the heck this Bozo did. He returned all my items, then for some reason, returned another $24.00.  I think he was givng credit for my coupons and +UPs, but I'm pretty sure that was unneccessary, since he was returning the items at the price BEFORE coupons.  So of course the register BONK BONK BONKS, too much refund.  He just pushed some buttons and continued on, rerang everything, the register ended up saying they owed me like $21.00.
Anyway I got my +UPs and everything was fixed on my end (don't know about his, though).
Then I had to ask him, is that it? Because he didn't apologize for me having to wait soooooo long or have to go through all that hassle, or even so much as a Thanks, come again.
I'm sorry he was all put out, but that was totally not my fault! And I do apologize when I do something that causes them a PITA. 
He kept my original receipt showing how much I paid, and I can't remember, so my oop totals are not correct.

$101.00 +UPs Spent
-2.09 + 7.10 tax = $5.01 oop
$119.00 +UPs earned 
Final $12.99 profit (really a little less)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rite Aid

$291.00 +UPs Spent
-15.17 + 27.28 tax = $11.71 oop
$292.00 +UPs earned
$20.00 +UPs wyb $100
Final Total $9.29 profit
(I could have done a little better, there was at least (3) transactions I could have split to use another $5/$25, but didn't want to push it.)

This deal is really only good one more day on account of the $5/$25 expiring tomorrow, but some of these items regular cost $9.99, and are $7.99 if you have 20% disc. and they give a $5.00 +UPs. So $2.99 after +UPs, but I grouped with free stuff and used the $5/$25 to make them free.
The mouse, 4-usb hub, USB cord, USB cord extension are 9.99.
The 2.0 GB flash drives were 14.99, or 11.99 after 20% disc, so after the $5/$25 and $5 +UPs, they cost $1.99 (I bought some rulers/pencils/folders for the overage to cover that).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rite Aid

$2.00 Nivea Lip; Get $10 +UP wyb $20
Buy 10
-2.00 BOGO x 5
= FREE after +UP

$0.79 (w/ 20% disc) Ruler/Pink Eraser/Folder w/ prongs/ Pentech Pencils
Get $2 +UP wyb 2
= $0.42 profit after +UP

$1.83 (w/ 20% disc) Pilot Easy Touch Pen
Get $4 +UP wyb 2
= $0.34 profit after +UP

$1.83/$2.39 (w/ 20% disc) Darice Art crafts
Get $5.00 wyb 2
= varies; some stores may have cheaper items than I could find today.

$1.99 Rite Aid Coffee 11 oz.
-2.00 Rite Aid Printable (x 12/31)

$1.50 Progresso Soup; Get $1.00 +UP
-1.00/4 MQ 12/5 GM
= .25 each after +UP (Got free w/ $5/$25)

$2.50 Pebbles Cereal; Get $2.00 +UP wyb 2
- .75 MQ 12/5 ? x 2
= $0.75 each after +UP (Got free w/ $5/$25)

$3.49 BOGO Sundown Vitamin D; get $2.00 +UP wyb 2
-1.00 Peelie x 2
= +.51 profit after +UP

$6.97 BOGO Ester-C
-2.00 Flu Booklet (x 12/31) x 2
-2.00 MQ 12/5 SS?? x 2
= $1.03 overage

$7.99 BOGO Benevia; get $1.00 +UP
-5.00 x 2 MQ (Expired Today)
= +2.01 overage

$0.99 Tugaboos 2-pack (Expires 12/31)
There's a $1.00 coupon inside the package, so after you buy (1), keep rolling the coupon for free packs.
(Mine rang up .79 w/ 20% disc so I got a little overage w/ the coupon YMMV)

$2.49 Some Revlon Colorstay Gloss, Lipsticks at 75% clearance
Get $3.00 +UP
= +.51 profit after +UP

 My totals:
$176.00 +UPs Spent
$1.86 + 10.43 tax = $12.29 oop
$176.00 +UPs Earned
$  20.00 +UP Resolution Reward wyb $100
$ 50.00 in Gift Cards (Lowe's)

We have a bathroom project to do; with some balance from previous gift cards and today's gift cards, this $74.xx worth of stuff was FREE!!


Went to Publix while we were out to spend the rest of the coupons expiring 12/31. This store takes the Rite Aid $5/$25.

$0.79 Morton Sea Salt
-1.00 MQ
= overage

$0.79 Yakisoba
-0.50 (doubled) MQ
= overage

$0.89 Mahatma rice
-1.00 MQ (good thru 1/11, just needed a little more overage)

$1.00 Idahoan Potatoes
-0.40 (doubled) IP (, I think)
= .20 each

$1.87 Coast Soap BOGO
-1.00 x 2 IP (?)
= overage

$4.79 Nesquick
$2.11 ground Pork
$1.71 ground Pork

Total: $0.00 + -.19 reg. tax + .36 food tax = $0.17 from gift card
Savings $31.74

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Packing Up to Move

I guess I will be moving to another Blog here pretty soon.  Reason being, I've filled up my photo space quota at Picasa.

The pisser is, I had over 800 pictures posted in my shopping blog folder, and I went in and deleted about 400 of them. A year's worth.  And yet, it still tells me I'm at 98%?  BS!

Had I known it was going to pull that crap, I'd have left the pictures and made the move to start with.
I had preferred to delete the pictures to free up space so I could stay here (because I've had this account so long I actually remember the username and password without having to look it up everytime).

I had actually went and started another account and was uploading pictures there, to paste in posts here, but since I couldn't be signed on to both accounts at the same time and be able to just switch between tabs, all the logging in and out got to be a major pain.

When I get my rear-end off my shoulders and get the new blog ready I'll post a link to direct you to the new one. My followers will have to re-follow. Sorry.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Rite Aid

Ran into a couple of Rite Aids on the way to my Aunt's for Christmas Dinner. *Sigh*
Because I was in a hurry, I had my shops planned out, with little room for deviation if they were out of something. Or...had more of something than I was expecting. Both the stores had like (6) of the clearanced Clearasils and several bottles of Motrin. I said oh well, I'll go again when we come back this evening. John had to be at the fire station at 5:00, so I woulda had time to shop again before they closed.
Welll, I didn't figure on getting car sick on the way down and not feeling very good the rest of the day. My eyes were bothering me and I was tired. My son was driving and offered to take me, but I just like ugh, blah, take me home.

My first two Rite Aid shops went well, I got a Hairdryer/Straightener, Clearasil, Coffee, Toothbrush, Motrin, Hot Wheels/Fish Card game.  Final Total $3.01 Profit.

The next Rite Aid, not so good. This is the store that the Manager keeps insisting they can't accept the $5/$25 coupons, and told me I couldn't buy the bundle Sunday newspapers.
So today the cashier says she can't accept the $5/$25, and shows me an email dated October 26th! I said that is really out of date, so she said well she'd try it, but yesterday they were ringing up .01 cent. I said they posted on Facebook that they were going to fix that. So she tried it, and it rang up 1-freaking-cent. She refused to override it.
I went ahead and paid because I had to go but that was freaking aggrivating. Final total $7.21 cost.

$43.00 +UPs Spent
-2.61 + 5.81 tax = $3.20 oop
$42.00 +UPs Earned
= $4.20 cost

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rite Aid

My totals are a bit skewed because the register ate one of my receipts and I can't remember how much I spent in that transaction. The trans right after it was the same, but rather than returning/reringing the first trans to get my +UPs to print, she just took the amount off of the item in the next trans. She took $5.00 off the Conair hairdryer, $2.00 off the Clearasil, and $1.00 off the candy bars. Saved my $6.00 +UPs I was going to spend, but then it wouldn't accept my $2.00 off the coffee coupon, so I really didn't do as good, but I'm not about to pizz off my coupon-friendly cashier.

My totals:
$138.00 +UPs Spent
$0.34 + 5.64 tax = $5.98 oop
$ 48.00 +UPs Earned
$ 95.00 in Gift Cards

So everything pictured above cost me $0.98 cents.
But I maybe earned another $20.00 GoS, so maybe not.

$14.99 Conair Mini hair dryer
-  5.00 RA Flu booklet q
-  5.00 Get +UPs
= $4.99 (coupled with free deals like Clearasil, candy bars, Motrin; used $5/$25, made this free)

$5.49 Clearasil Overnight Serum (50% clearance price)
-5.00 In-Ad q
-2.00 Get +UPs
= +1.51 overage after +UPs

$1.99 Rite Aid Coffee 11oz.
-2.00 RA IP

$0.99 RA Extreme Clean TB
-1.00 RA IP

$1.99 Poppycock x 8
-1.00 MQ from Orville Popcorn boxes x 8
- 5.00 Get +UPs wyb ??
= $2.92, or .36 each (grouped with BIC pens deal to use $5/$25 to cover this)

$1.59 BIC Pens (w/ 20% disc) x 6
- 3.00 +UPs wyb 2 x 3
= $0.54 (Grouped with Poppycock deal to use $5/$25 to cover this)

$1.00 Tic Tacs
- .75 MQ insert
= .25 (bought differing amounts and grouped with other items to use $5/$25)

$2.00/4 Candy bars
- .99/.52 BOGO MQ (one guy gave me full value of the coupon, the girl gave me selling price and a couple cents for tax)
- 1.00 +UPs wyb 4
= Free or overage

$5.03 or 4.79 (w/ 20% disc) Motrin
- 2.00 RA In-Ad q
- 2.00 MQ insert
- 3.00 Get +UPs
= +1.97 or +2.21 overage

$2.39 DOG playing cards
Copying notes this morning, I had read that some playing cards priced $2.99 were included in the items giving +UPs back. Since the paper hanging up said it gave the +UPs on item 4.99 and above, I wasn't sure if the +UPs others were getting had been a mistake, or if it had been fixed. So I thought I'd buy one thing to try it out.  The wiki listed Harley Davidson, OCC, and I swore I had read DOG cards. I even looked at my notes again and still saw DOG. But then when I didn't get the +UP, I read my notes again, and nope, no DOG. Only thing I can figure is my brain processed OCC funky. Just weird that I didn't even know there was such a thing as DOG cards, I thought I read it, and then go to the store and see DOG cards.

Even after spending $121.00 +UPs, I still had $30.00 +UPs left to spend (expiring 12/25).
Before I left the parking lot, I remembered I was supposed to get milk, so I went back inside. They had (3) jugs, so I got them all. Remembered I needed eggs, too, so I got the (3) dozen they had. Fritos were on sale for $1.88, a good price, so I grabbed a couple bags of those.
By then I was up over $15.00, and hated to not go ahead and try to reach $25 so I could use a $5/$25. I started to get more Tics Tacs, but then saw the Motrin coupons in my coupon-keeper and remembered about those, so I went to look for them. They had (5) boxes, so I got them all.
By my original figurings, I should have spent $14.66 + tax, and got back $15.00 +UPs, making my milk, eggs, and Fritos pretty much free!
But the eggs rang up more than they were priced, so I ended up spending $17.00 +UPs, $1.18 oop, and got $15.00 +UPs back, so my milk, eggs, and Fritos cost $3.18.
Can't complain about that!

I still have $12.00 +UPs to spend by Saturday, so I guess I'm not done yet.


My CVS shop was mostly about spending/rolling ECBs.

Trans #1:
$13.00/4 Coke
$6.99 Azo
$3.99 Lay's Chips
$0.00 Lay's Chips BOGO
$2.79 Thermacare
-2.00 Azo
-19.99 ECBs
= $4.78 + 1.19 = $5.97

Rec'd $5.00 Azo, $3.00 Cokes, $2.79 Thermacare, $1.00 BGT
= $14.17 oop

Trans #2:$6.99 x 3 Azo
$5.49 Reach TB
$4.49 Reach TB
$2.79 Thermacare
$0.75 Will Turner Pez (filler)
-2.00 Azo IP x 3
-2.00 Reach TP x 2
-23.99 ECBs
= $.50 + 1.83 tax = $2.33

Rec'd $5.00 Azo x 3, $3.00 Reach x 2, $2.79 Thermacare, $1.00 GBT
= $1.53 oop

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rite Aid Next Week

Because I'm not nearly as organized as I should be, this is generally what my notes for a shop will look like any given week.
I go through the wiki and find the deals I'm interested in looking for, then read through the posts, copy & paste, then go gather my coupons. I stick them all in my coupon envelope and head out to shop. I just look for whatever I can find, and put together $25.00 shops.

Through the week I mark off the deals as I run out of coupons or reach my SCR limit. I also (try to) keep reading the posts and look for any other/missed/new deals.

These are just the things I saw right off hand that I am interested in for next week. 
There are many, many more items that you may have coupons for that I don't, or maybe you don't mind spending .25 or .74 on something that you want/need, whereas I wouldn't.

Rite Aid 12/19 - 12/25
All Trial Size Products - BOGO 50% off
John Frieda Products have $5 SCR wyb 3 - so free + MM!
Schick Disposable packs SS 12/5 or SS 11/21 here
Tide single packs are $1.29 - use $1/1 any Tide Detergent MQs from P&G 11/28/10 or P&G Everyday Savings Book

Frank's Hot Sauce (12 oz.) - 2/$3, get $1 +UP
$1/1 Frank's Hot Sauce (SS 10/3/10)

Beano (15-30 ct.) - 2/$8, get $2 +UP wyb 2
2 free Beano after +UP, two VVQs (YMMV), and two $1/1 printables!
$2/1 Beano Product (VV Dec)
$1/1 Beano print []

Clearasil Facial Care (cheapest item is $5.29) - get $2 +UP (any card discount applies)
$2 off with in-ad Q (RA49)
$2/1 Clearasil print []

Halls (25-30 ct., excludes Defense) - $0.99
2 free with two VV Qs and $1/2 MQ!
$0.50/1 Halls Product 30 ct. (VV Dec or Nov)
$1/2 Halls Drops, exp. 1-1-11 (SS 11/07/10 or ALL YOU Nov '10)

RA Xtreme Manual Toothbrush (1 ct.) - $0.99
$1/1 Xtreme Toothbrush, Medium print
Hershey's, Reese's, or M&M Mars Single Serve Candy Bars (regular retail 88 cents) - 4/$2, get $1 +UP wyb 4
$0.50/2 Skittles or Starbursts print []
$0.50/2 Milky Way Brand Bars print []
$0.50 Reese's/Hershey BOGO 12/12 SS

Motrin PM Caplets (20-80 ct.) - get $3 +UP (any card discount applies)
$2 off with in-ad Q (RA49)
$2/1 Motrin PM, exp. 12-31-10 (SS 11/21/10 or ALL YOU Nov '10)

All Natrol Supplements - BOGO free, get $2 +UP wyb 2
6 free Natrol +$3 MM with this scenario*
$3 off Natrol []
$2/1 Natrol Product, exp. 4-30-11 (RP 10/10/10)
*Buy 6 Natrol Melatonin @ $8.49 (these are the cheapest; Fish Oil is $8.99)
Subtotal: $25.47
(6) $3/1 Natrol
Pay $2.47 OOP, get back (3) $2 +UPs = Free + $3.53 MM!

Tic Tac Big Pack (1 oz.) - $1
$1/1 or $0.75/1 Tic Tac Product, exp. 12-31-10 (RP 10/03/10)

Poppycock (8-8.5 oz.) - $1.99
Get $5 +UP wyb $15
-1.00 from Orville Popcorn box
Buy (8) - 8.00, get 5.00 = $2.92/8, or .36 each

Nabisco Crackers (6-16 oz.) - $1.99
Get $5 +UP wyb $15
$0.50/1 Nabisco Cookies (VV Nov)
$1/1 Nabisco Crackers, exp. 1-2-11 (SS 11/14/10)
Buy (8) - 8.50, get 5.00 = $2.42/8, or .30 each

Buy (16) = $31.84
-8.00 Poppycock
-8.50 Nabsico
Get 10.00
= $0.84/16, or .05 each

For the New York bagel chips that are $1.99, there is a $1.25/1 coupon from either 8/25 SS or 8/29 SS... only $0.74 after coupon and $3 UP WYB $15.
If you buy 8 (to get to $15), use 8 $1.25/1 MQs and after the $3 +UP, it'll be $2.92 for 8 bags... so $0.36 a bag.

More free RA coffee. The 11 oz is $1.99 on page 22 in the pdf ad & there is a $2 ra q in the ra master printables list. Thanks to the person who posted about the ra coffee deal in the 12/5 thread or I never would have noticed the free deal this week too.

Bought a can of (Fundex- Family Game Classics ) Pick Up Stix ret 2.59 25% off so 1.94 and it gave me a $2 Up

Conair Mini Dryer, Straightener, Crimper, or You Style - $14.99, get $5 +UP
$5/1 Conair AC Dryer, Fuscia Dryer, You Curl or You Style Flu Booklet
*Combine with Freebie(s) to use $5/$25 and get FREE

Not totally sure on this but heard that Clearasil overnight is $9.99 for one of them. With 20% discount it is $8. There is a $5 q in the flyer and there is another $1 q from the newspaper (I have to find out what date)

(4) Clearasil @ $8 = $32 - $5/25 - (4) $5 q's from flyer - (4) $1 off coupons from newspaper= $3 oops, Get back $4 in UP rewards. Hope I got that right lol.

3 - clearasil overnight serum .5oz (clearanced to 50% off $5.24)
minus $5 riteaid in ad Q (x3)
rcvd $2 up (x3)

My area (Buffalo, NY), received a $1/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes several weeks back.

Buy 2 Betty Crocker Potatoes = $3.98
-$1/2VV (6pp available)
Pay $1.98
Receive 2x $1UP


Some boxes at my store have $1/2 peelies on them too. They're bright green, so keep a lookout for them

No Inserts This Week

In case you missed it, there's not going to be any coupon inserts in the newspaper this weekend, so don't bother buying papers. Unless, of course, you actually like to read the news.

Heard there's supposed to be (3) inserts in 12/26 paper. 
I see there will be at least a P&G 12/26 if not any others.

Free Money for Sam's Club Members

If you're a Sam's Club Member (or know someone who is and will go with you to do the deal), now thru Dec. 26th, Sam's Club has a deal where if you buy a $100 Gift of Membership card, you will get a $25 Complimentary gift card free.

The $100 Gift of Membership is marketed towards you purchasing a Sam's Club Membership for someone else for Christmas, but, in the fine print on the back of the card it does say "This card may be used for purchase of merchandise at Sam's Club or any retail format of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in the U.S. and Puerto Rico."
So it is really a traditional gift card and can be use to buy stuff.

So say you were planning to buy a ps3 or a TV or even a hundred or so bucks worth of toys at Walmart. Take that money and go to Sam's and buy, in separate transactions, $100 Gift of Membership cards, and get $25 free each time.

If you were planning on spending $400.00 at Walmart (Or even Sam's), you buy (4) $100 GoM cards, which you can still spend on whatever you were originally planning to buy, and get $100 FREE in gift cards!

Read about it, and others' experiences with this deal Here.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cellfire Santa Savings

As seen at I Heart

Log in to Cellfire today between 1pm and 5pm EST for a special Santa Savings coupon. Did Santa bring you a .50, $1.00, $2.00, or $5.00 coupon?

{Between 12pm and 4pm Central}
{Between 11am and 3pm Mountain}
{Between 10am and 2pm PST}

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ice Event

I really hate to complain about our weather here, because I know it's colder/snowier/icier worse elsewhere, but I'm not elsewhere, I'm here, and we're just not used to temps below freezing three days in a row, or when rain freezes on the roads.

It's supposed to warm up overnight tonight and be back up near 60* tomorrow, but with rain moving in. People 'round here don't drive so good in rain, either.

But Friday looks good, sunny and in the 50*s. I just have to find something to buy.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rite Aid

I didn't make it out again today, and honestly, unless some other deals come up later in the week, I'm not really seeing anything at Rite Aid this week that I'm that interested in going to shop for.

Kelly at West Coast Savings posted her Rite Aid shop, with some great suggestions for organizing yourself for shopping (I am one that looks like a ping-pong ball, bouncing back and forth all over the store looking for stuff, lol!), so check her out.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tooo Cold, Brrr!

This morning the temp here was at 19*, with a negative wind chill, and a high today of 25*.  For some of you, that's balmy weather, but for me, that's stay my butt home and keep warm weather!

Holiday Vignettes

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Personal Blog

I had a personal blog last year that I let fall by the wayside, but I'd been thinking I've needed to start one back up, because sometimes I have stuff to say that isn't coupon-shopping-deal related.

I thought about just posting the stuff here - this is also my personal blog, after all - but then I decided nah, it's not really keeping in with the theme of this blog.  Probably alot of my visitor's to this blog could care less about my famly/homelife/doings/opinions/etc.

But I do feel like I have some friends here that might be interested in Moi, and chatting about life and stuff outside of coupon-shopping (what little is left of life outside coupon-shopping).

So, if I have something not coupon/shopping/deal related to yak about, I'll post it in my new blog and put a link here and if anyone wants to read it they can, and if not, that's okay, too :-)

Christmas Tree Day

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kroger y Rite Aid

Today done me in. I am dead.

Don't look for me to go shopping until at least Tuesday, if even then.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Stuff I needed:
Nestle Tollhouse morsels
$2.95 BOGO x 4 (total 8 bags)
- $1/2 IP q x 4
- .50 RA Vv x 8
= $3.80/8 bags (.47 each)

$1.25 Glory Pinto Beans x 4
- .90 IP x 4
= $1.40

$2.19 Lactaid milk x 8
-2.00 blinkie (my last ones, boohoohooo!)
= $1.52

$1.59 Soft Taco Shells

$0.99 Schick disp. razor 2-pack x 6
-2.00 12/05 SS (I think?)  x 6
= +1.01 x 6 overage

$0.79 Morton Sea Salt x 2
-1.00 MQ x 2
= +.21 overage x 2

$0.60 Yakisoba x 10
-1.00 MQ x 10
= +.40 overage x 10

$.69 Mahatma Rice x 10
-1.00 MQ x 10
= +.31 overage x 10

$1.89 Benefuls bowls x 9
-2.00 MQ (insert?) x 9
= +.11 overage x 9

Used Rite Aid $5/$25

Because I had more overage than groceries, I bought another $25.00 gift card to "bank" the extra overage on so I'll have it to spend later.
$13.74 + 1.97 tax = $15.71 (paid with previous gift card)
Since I came out with a $25.00 gift card, that means I "banked" or ended up with $9.29 more than I started out with.

Savings $101.62

Rite Aid

All picture frames and photo albums are 50% off this week. And, any picture frames regular priced $4.99 and above gives a $2.00 +UP.
There are several different kinds of frames for $4.99 and $5.00, also Laminating Pouches, and a couple of small 4x6 photo albums for $4.99.

If you buy (10) $5.00 frames, the total is exactly $25.00 after 50% discount. Use a $5/$25, pay $20.00 (in +UPs, if you have them), and get (10) $2.00 ($20.00) +UPs back. Ten frames for only tax!
(If you buy $4.99 frames/albums, your store may require you to buy a small filler for the last few cents it comes up under $25.00.)

Transaction #1:
$2.50 Picture frames 50% sale (reg $5.00) x 10
$4.79 Nail polish
$2.38 Nail Polish BOGO50% sale
$25.00 Bass Pro Shop gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 RA Revlon nail care IP x 2
-46.00 +UPs

= $.18 + 1.90 tax = $2.08 oop
Rec'd $2.00 Frames x 10 ($20.00), $4.00 Revlon
Final total $0.92 profit on the frames and nail polish/Turned $25 +UPs into gift card

Transaction #2:
$8.99 Sharpie
$4.49 Sharpie BOGO50% sale
$3.99 Chloroseptic
$4.79 Nail polish
$2.38 Nail Polish BOGO50% sale
$1.19 Travel Size John Frieda shampoo (w/ 20% disc) x 3
$25.00 Bass Pro Shop gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 RA Revlon nail care IP x 2
-1.00 Chloroseptic MQ 12/5
-41.00 +UPs

= $.22 +1.63 tax = $1.85 oop
Rec'd $4.00 Sharpie x 2 ($8.00), $4.00 Revlon, $1.00 Chloroseptic
SCR $5.00 John Frieda
Final Total $0.15 profit on Sharpies, etc/Turned $25 +UPs into gift card

Transaction #3: (Different store)
$1.74 Revlon Lip Gloss 75% clearance x 4
$2.24 Revlon Mascara 75% clearance
$1.99 Revlon Lipstick 75% clearance
$1.99 Revlon eyeshadow 75% clearance
$1.19 Revlon nail polish 75% clearance x 7
$25.00 gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 Revlon nail care x 7
-19.00 +UPs

= $1.51 + 1.16 = $2.67 oop (some more of my mis-figurings)
Rec'd $4.00 Revlon x 7 ($28.00)
Final Total $6.33 profit, and a free $25 gift card??

Transaction #4:
$2.49 Picture Frames 50% sale x 10
$1.19 Revlon Nail Polish 75% clearance
$1.19 Revlon nail polish 75% clearance
$1.19 Revlon nail polish 75% clearance
$1.19 Revlon nail polish 75% clearance
$25.00 gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 RA Revlon nail care x 4
-37.00 +Ups

= $.66 + 1.73 tax =$2.39 oop
Rec'd $2.00 Frames x 10 ($20.00), $4.00 Revlon x 2 (8.00)
Final Total $13.61 profit on frames nail poish/Turned $25 +UPs into gift card

Transaction #5:
$8.99 Sharpie
$4.49 Sharpie BOGO50% sale
$1.99 Scotch Double-sided tape x 2
$4.79 Nail polish
$2.38 Nail Polish BOGO50% sale
$25.00 gift card
- $5/$25
-3.00 RA Revlon nail care x 2
- .50 Scotch double-sided tape IP x 2
-37.00 +UPs

= $.64 + 1.37 tax = $2.01 oop
Rec'd $4.00 Sharpie x 2 ($8.00), $4.00 Revlon, $1.00 Scotch tape
Final Total $1.01 cost/Turned $25 +UPs into gift card

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rite Aids

By the time the furnace repairman came and went it was too late to venture out very far from home (my eyesight is about as good as my memory these days, so I can't hardly see after dark), so I just went to my local Rite Aid stores, although one of those is still about 25 miles away.
Neither store had Revlon on clearance :-(

Transaction #1: Did a Thermacare deal
$5.99 (w/ 20% disc) Thermacare x 4
$4.79 Revlon nail polish
$2.39 Revlon Nail Polish
-3.00 Thermacare IP x 4
-3.00 Rite Aid Revlon Nail Care IP x 2
-8.00 +UPs
= $.14 + 1.83 tax = $1.97 oop

Rec'd $5.00 Thermacare, $5.00 Thermacare, $4.00 Revlon

Final: $4.03 profit

Transaction #2:

$8.99 Sharpie Markers
$4.49 Sharpie Markers BOGO50% sale
$3.99 Cloroseptic
$3.99 Candle bulbs
$1.99 Candle bulbs BOGO50% sale
$4.79 Revlon nail polish
$2.39 Revlon Nail Polish
-1.00 Chloroseptic MQ
-2.00/2 Dec. Vv
-3.00 Rite Aid Revlon Nail care IP x 2
-16.00 +UPs
= $.63 + 1.79 tax = $2.42 OOP

Rec'd $1.00 Chlorseptic, $3.00 GE Bulbs, $4.00 Revlon
SCR $2.00 Cloroseptic, $1.00 GE

*I should have also received (2) $4.00 +UPs for the Sharpie markers, but didn't. So the cashier did a return, refunding $14.42 (8.99 + 4.49 + .94 tax). He said he was going to rering it, taking $4.00 off each, because they couldn't print the +UPs.
I have no idea what he did, but they rang up $3.19, with a $5.80 disc each. So the total was $6.38 + .45 tax = $6.83.
Leaving me with $7.59, not $8.00.
In addition, instead of $13.48 worth of Sharpies towards my GOS account, I only get $6.38.
So this deal pretty much sucked. Except I got alot of free Sharpies. Who doesn't love Sharpies?!

Final $.17 profit

I Wish I Was...

...out shopping instead of sitting here waiting for the furnace repairman to maybe or maybe not show up sometime today....

Monday, December 6, 2010


Finally got around to getting to Publix this week. Still need to go one more time before Thursday.

The number one thing on my list was those Nestle Tollhouse morsels:
(I melt them and dip the Oreos I got at RA last week in it. The kids LOVE white-chocolate-covered-Oreos!)
$2.95 BOGO x 4 (total 8 bags)
- $1/2 IP q x 4
- .50 RA Vv  x 8
= $3.80/8 bags (.47 each)

And I had a Stovetop stuffing deal:
$0.99 x 5 boxes
- .99 Buy 4 Get 1 Free Tearpad q
- 1.00/2 x 2 IP
- .50 TQ x  4 (I didn't even try to use 5 for overage on the free one)
= +.04

Then I looked for MMs to pay for the remaining amount on the Morsels and I had a couple other things on my shopping list I needed:
$0.99 Schick disp. razor 2-pack x 2
-2.00 12/05 SS (I think?)
= +1.01 x 2 overage
(Mostly I got these to test out and see what would happen with the new "No Cash Back" wording on the MQ. I don't want cash back, but I don't know if some cashiers are going to give trouble about adjusting it so it don't give overage on other groceries. The cashier today didn't even read the coupon so they went through at $2.00.)

$0.79 Morton Sea Salt x 6
-1.00 MQ x 6
= +1.26 overage

$0.60 Yakisoba x 10
-1.00 MQ x 10
= +4.00 overage

$.69 Mahatma Rice x 10
-1.00 MQ x 10
= +3.10 overage

Stuff I needed:
$4.69 Nesquik powder
$5.00/4 Old El Paso Refried beans

Got (2) pkgs of OEP Taco Seasoning Mix free using a peelie for Free Seasoning Mix wyb (2) OEP Products that were there on the Taco shell boxes.

Got me!
In the Green Flyer it says Pyrex bowls are 30% off. I didn't know that *Sale Price Reflects 30% Discount* meant that they put the 30% off price on the shelf tag. I still thought it was 30% off the shelf tag.
Oh well, I got (3) nice Pyrex glass bowls for a couple of dollars.

Used $5/$25 Rite Aid q
Final Total $2.95 + 1.06 tax = $4.01 from Gift Card
Savings $77.96

*Also on my shopping list was Pinto Beans, but when I got to the aisle I see that Glory Pinto Beans are on sale for 4/$5, or $1.25 each. So I wanted to come home and print the $0.90 Glory coupon and get them for .35 each.

In addition to Pinto beans, also on sale are: Glory:
Black beans
Black Eyed Peas
Tomatoes, Corn, Okra
Tomatoes, Okra
Collard Greens
String beans
Turnip Greens

Let me know if you need the Glory coupon, I can email it.

Rite Aid

John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo - Strength RestoringJohn Frieda Luxurious Volume Full Splendor Shampoo 8.45 fl oz (250 ml)

In case you missed it in my post below, the Travel size John Frieda shampoo/conditioner is reported to be clearing for the SCR: Buy (1) Get ??, Buy (2) Get ??, Buy (3) Get $5.00.

There are no coupons that don't exclude trial size (I don't think?), but these are $1.49 reg. price (cheaper with discount).
So, at $1.49 x 3 = $4.47, Get $5.00 = +.53 mm
w/ 10% $1.34 x 3 = $4.02, Get $5.00 = +.98 mm
w/ 20% $1.19 x 3 = $3.57, Get $5.00 = +1.43 mm

Not a big fortune, but the main thing it's good for helping to get totals up to use a $/$$ coupon. Use +UPs to pay for them and then get cash back via check.

Rite Aid

The 1st Rite Aid store I visited this morning didn't have the Revlon on clearance, so I just did a deal...This has been a previously unfriendly store so I don't do much here anyway.

Transaction #1:
$6.21 Olay Facial Cleansing Cloths 25% sale
$6.21 Olay Cleanser 25% sale
$4.79 Revlon NP
$2.39 Revlon NP 50% sale
$3.99 Cloroseptic
$1.19 (w/ 20% disc) Trial size John Frieda x 3

-$2.00 Olay Rite Aid Flu Booklet x 2
-$2.00 Olay MQ x 2
-$3.00 Rite Aid Revlon IP x 2
-$1.00 Chloroseptic MQ
-$7.00 +UPs

= $0.16 + 1.55 tax = $1.71 oop

Rec'd $1.00 Cholorseptic, $3.00 Olay, $4.00 Revlon +UPs
SCR $2.00 Chloroseptic, $5.00 John Frieda
Olay Rebate = $12.42/$50.00

Final Total $6.29 profit

The next store I visited didn't have anything marked, but I got a couple of items I knew I had bought yesterday and got them price checked and they were clearanced priced. Since nothing was marked I looked for exactly the same stuff I bought yesterday.
Transaction #2:
$2.24 3D Mascara x 3
$1.99 Eye shadow
$1.74 Lip gloss x 6
$1.19 Nail Polish x 7
= $27.48

-$3.00 Rite Aid Revlon Nail IP x 7
-$1.00 +UP

=$0.48 + 1.57 tax = $2.05 oop

Rec'd $4.00 x 8 = $32.00 +UPs
(Crap! Apparently I miscounted, or something didn't get rung up...I only got 8.5 deals!)

Final Total: $28.95 profit

Transactions #3: (Same store)
$5.99 Olay Cloths 25% sale
$5.99 Olay Cloths 25% sale
$5.99 Olay Cleanser 25% sale
$5.99 Olay Cleanser 25% sale
$1.19 (w/ 20% disc) Trial size John Frieda x 3
$1.19 Revlon Nail Polish x 2
$1.88 Fritos chips
= $31.79

-$2.00 Olay Rite Aid Flu Booklet x 4
-$2.00 Olay MQ x 4
-$3.00 Rite Aid Revlon IP x 2
-$5.00 +UPs

(When *I* tally up this deal, I get a subtotal of $7.79 before tax. I tried to use $7.00 +UPs, but it wouldn't take the last $2.00 one, and the reciept shows my subtotal is -.21 after using $5 +UPs. So, I dunno!)
= -.21 + 1.80 tax = $1.59 oop

Rec'd $3.00 Olay, $3.00 Olay, $4.00 Revlon +UPs
SCR: $5.00 John Frieda
Olay Rebate $36.38/$50.00

Final Total $3.41 profit

Next store I shopped is one that insists Rite Aid Corp told them there are NO more $5/$25, they pulled them all because they were all copied and frauded (or some such crap). But she decided she would take mine today, but she couldn't take them anymore, from now on I have to have the ones with Serialized numbers (video values, in other words). I explained that these weren't video values, they come when you sign up for an account at My Rite She still insisted RA told them there were not any valid $5/$25 coupons anymore.

Anyway, I did a deal using the $/$25, and since she gave me such a hard time about wanting to accept it, there was no way I was breaking out several Nail polish coupons, so I ended up not using any at all, though I think I could have gotten away with at least one.
I figured the makeup deal was good enough to get even without using any coupons at all, so I got all the nail polish and lip gloss I could see with stickers. Even so two rang up full price and had to be modified.

Because I'm so accustomed to doing separate orders to be able to use the $5/$25 coupons, I still had my orders today broke up even though I wasn't using another $5/$25. It didn't dawn on me until I was checking out that I really didn't need to do separate orders, duh!
But because I had broke them up, and figured each one out, and how many +UPs I would need, I ended up getting a box of Moon Pies I didn't need that I had thought I needed as a filler.
Transaction #4:
$14.99 KY Kissable
$5.99 Olay Cloths 25% sale
$5.99 Olay Cleanser 25% sale
$1.74 Lip gloss x 4
$1.19 Nail Polish x 10
$0.80 Moon Pies (20% disc)(Thought they were supposed to be on 25% off sale)
= $46.63

-$2.00 Olay Rite Aid Flu Booklet x 2
-$2.00 Olay MQ x 2
-$4.00 KY Tearpad MQ
-$5.00 KY Vv q
-$23.00 +UPs

= $1.63 + $2.35 tax =$3.98 oop

Rec'd $4.00 x 7 = $28.00 Revlon, $3.00 Olay, $2.00 KY
Olay Rebate $48.36/$50.00 (ARE YOU FREEKIN KIDDING ME?!?!)(Should have added as I went along so I would have known to buy a little more expensive item. Sigh!)

Final Total $6.02 profit
(This totally didn't add up to what I had figured :-( Oh well, can't complain...profit is profit, right.)

Grand Total $44.67 profit, and an ALMOST $20.00 Olay Rebate

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What I Got

Here's what I got if this helps anyone:

(Reg 8.99)
3D Extreme Mascara 602 UPC 3 09976 74902 0
3D Extreme Mascara 603 UPC 3 09976 74903 7

(Reg 7.99)
Lipstick 131 Ginger Rose UPC 3 0997 9632 18 3
Lipstick 330 Sandstorm UPC 3 0997 6954 86 8
Lipstick 523 Spiced Brandy UPC 3 0997 9632 49 7

(Reg 7.99)
Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eyeshadow 510 Peach UPC  3 0997 1113 06 2

(Reg 6.99)
Super Lustrous Lip gloss 050 Coffee Gleam UPC 3 0997 4578 06 6
Super Lustrous Lip gloss 070 Glossy Rose UPC 3 0997 4578 16 5
Super Lustrous Lip gloss 060 Shine that Pink UPC 3 09974 57814 1
Super Lustrous Lip gloss 080 Cherries in the Glow UPC 3 0997 4578 20 2

(Reg 4.79)
Nail Polish
099 Effervescent Opal
190 Strawberry Electric
900 Gold Get 'Em
906 Bewitching Bordeaux
908 Red Hot Tamale
914 Tropical Temptation

*I just noticed on my receipt from the first store where NOTHING was tagged that one of the nail polishes was a clearance one. So yeah, if your stuff isn't tagged, make them price check stuff.

There was alot more stuff also 75% off, but was more expensive, $9.00+.  I don't wear it, so I was sticking with the cheapest stuff I could find.

Food Lion

Stopped back by Food Lion to see if I could get the rest of the Coffee Mates I needed to spend out my q's before they expire tomorrow.

Found two more .55 blinkie q's for the Temptations in my coupon stack, so those were free. Used the $2/2 MQ from the 11/14 RP on the other treats.
Even though the coupon says Any Purina Friskies treats, it's coded for the Whisker Lickins and beeps No Match Found on any others. So it required a Key Turn from the CSM.

The Morton salt coupon beeped for Item More Than Cost (or some such). She didn't know how, or they don't do it, or I don't know, but instead of entering for .99, she had the CSM do a Key Turn and entered $1.00 coupon anyway.  Don't know what will happen next time.

I've been trying to look at any .55 and .60 coupons I get in my inserts that won't double at Kroger or Publix, and figure out if I can get any decent deals with them at Food Lion.
So in the 11/14 RP I saw there was a .55 off Any Tennessee Pride product. I don't know what all products they have, so I just cut out the q's and went to take a looksee.

Turns out they have this box of Sausage gravy stuff (in the refrigerated case with sausage and bacon).
Uh, I have just forgotten the regular price, but anyway, turns out they are on sale right now for 4/$5, or $1.25 a box.  The tag is dated 12/28, so I guess that means they will be on sale until then.
When doubled, the .55 coupon makes these $.15 a box. 

They had my hubby's brand of Dip on close-out for $1.49, so I bought him 4 of those. They are old-ish and kind of dried out at this point, but he adds a little whiskey to the container and juices them back up. (He only dips these at home, not at work or out anywhere, lol)

Transaction #1: $0.17 + .89 tax = $1.06 oop
Trans #2: $6.26 + .53 tax = $6.79 oop*
*My stuff was only $.30 not including his Dip and tax.


Stopped in the *Yuk* Kroger to pick up some more Popcorn w/ Redbox. Found some Tunas, so I could make a Mega deal.

The soda is $2.17 this week. Not $1.99, but not as bad as $2.50, either. With both q's, only $.17 a 12-pack.

$1.49 Orville Popcorn x 3
- .40 (doubled) MQ x 3
$2.17 12-pack Soda
-1.50 *Free* Soda coupon from inside Orville box
$ .49 Tuna x 7
- .55 Blinkie q x 7
= $10.07

$2.32 + .42 tax = $2.74 oop
Savings $16.08

*Here's the thing - this is how knuckle-headed I am - I was explaining the deal to my son's girlfriend, and it occured to me to wonder why am I even buying the soda at this store?? I can buy the popcorns here, and buy the soda at another store that will take both the MQ and Kroger store q.

*I only had (2) Orville coupons left...there's a blinkie up at Kroger for .55 off, which doesn't double at my store. But after here I went over to Food Lion and they have .50 blinkies, which will double to $1.00 at Kroger. YaY! 

*Also, I just now noticed today that the bags of Tidy Cat litter are included in the Mega sale at $1.49. There's a $1.00 MQ in the 9/12 RP, making these .49 a bag. Not a bad price, I don't think.
I don't remember what size they were but I usually pay $6+ for the 14lb jug of it.


I actually started out with a plan this morning, to get my newspapers at CVS being able to use the $/$$ coupons to get them cheap or free.

CVS #1, they had everything I was looking for in stock. Only thing was, the Schick Intuition razors were $1.00 more each than I was planning on.
CVS #2, didn't have any bundle newspapers, and it was too early in the am to try to figure out what to do, so I just left and figured I'd just buy them from the Dollar-sellers.
Trans #1:
$10.99 Schick Intuition x 2
- 4.00 Schick Intuition (facebook q) x 2
(I have 6 mpp .pdf I can email if you need)
$ 6.99 AZO
- 2.00 AZO IP
$ 3.00 Newspaper bundle pack
= $31.97 (before coupons)
- $5/$30 CVS IP
= $16.97 (I still had $14.97 writ down)

Spent $15.00 ECBs and $1.97 + 1.54 tax = $3.51 oop
Rec'd $5.00 ECB AZO, $10.00 ECB Schick
Final Total $3.51 oop (Basically I paid for my papers since I gave the razors to my son's fiancy and threw the AZo in the donate box.)

Trans #2:
$8.99 Cold Buster
$6.99 Azo
-2.00 IP
$3.00 Newspaper
= $18.98 (before coupons)
- $3/$15 CVS IP
= $13.98 (after coupons)

Used $13.00 ECB and $.98 + 1.12 = $2.10 oop
Rec'd $5.00 ECB Azo, $8.99 ECB Cold Buster
Final Total: $1.11 oop (tax)


and possible BIG moneymaker!
One of the RA stores I shopped this morning had alot of Revlon cosmetics on clearance for 75% off. I tested it with (2) fingernail polish, for which I had a $3.00 coupon, and it gave me the $4.00 +UPs!!

Reg $8.99 = $2.24 (Mascara)
Reg $7.99 = $1.99 (Lipstick)
Reg $6.99 = $1.74 (Lip gloss)
Reg $4.79 = $1.19 (nail polish)

Because I knew I could use multiple RAq's at this store, I bought (7) nail polishes and a bunch of other stuff to take my total up to/over $25.00, and I used $5/$25 and (7) $3.00 RA nail care wellness q's.
(I actually got more than I needed to because - wouldn't be me if I didn't - I misfigured my numbers. Blah)

$29.97 total for all makeup
-$5/$25 RAq
- 3.00 Revlon nail polish RAq x 7
Used $3.00 +UPs

Total $0.97 + 1.75 tax = $2.72 oop
Rec'd $4.00 Revlon x 9 = $36.00

Final Total $30.28 profit!

Even if your store won't let you use the $3.00 nail q's, you still should be able to get at least FREE makeup and some profit:
$1.19 nail polish x 2 = $2.38
Get $4.00 +UP = $1.62 profit!

If you can use (1) $3.00 RAq, get a nail polish and something like mascara:
$1.19 + $2.24 - $3.00 = $0.43 oop
Get $4.00 +UPs = $3.57 profit

Rite Aid

The first store I shopped at is a sometimes/not coupon friendly store, but when I walked in and saw the SM cashiering, I knew today was a not day.
I don't know what the chick has against me, I've only ever seen her once before, a few weeks ago, when she tried to say that she was told they weren't supposed to take any $5/$25 anymore, and her own cashier showed her the email that said about the certain ones that had been made fraudulent or whatever it was. But that was it, nothing else was said, no disputes, no nothing.

Because I knew she didn't want to even use the $5/$25 before, I didn't try doing more than one deal using the $5/$25 today.

For no specific reason, I decided to do the Thermacare deal.
The deal is, buy 2, get $5 +UPs.
They are regular price, so my 20% disc applied, making them $5.59 each.
I got (4) and used (4) $3.00 IPs, and (1) $1.00 Video Values coupon.

Because the deal was Buy 2, to buy six would have made my total $33.54 before coupons, and $9.54 after coupons. I would have received $15.00 +UPs, making a profit of $5.46.

Instead, I got (4) Thermacare, and (2) Revlon nail polish.
The Revlon this week is BOGO50%, so they were $4.79 and $2.39 = $7.18, and I used (2) $3.00 off Revlon nail care RA IPs.
So then my figures were:
$22.36 (4) Thermacare
$ 7.18 (2) Revlon nail polish
-12.00 Thermacare IP
-1.00 Thermacare Vv
-6.00 Revlon nail care
= $5.54 oop, and got $14.00 +UPs back = $8.46 profit

With my $8.00 profit, I was going to buy (4) Sunday newspapers at $2.00 each, but then when I got over to the stack, I saw there were some of the Bundle wrappers stuck in with the papers. I figured it was so you could either buy a single paper, or if you wanted to buy two you could get the bundle price of $3.00 and save $1.00.  So I got four papers, and two of the bundle wrappers and proceeded to the checkout.

Where the STORE MANAGER informed me that *He* (the paper guy) only leaves two of those bundle wrappers especially for HER each week, and she'd already bought them, so sorry, you can't get them for the bundle price.
Since there were still a couple of more bundle wrappers stuck in the stack of papers, CLEARLY she was lying and doing nothing but being hateful, making me have to pay more for my papers/coupons.

Since I was using profit I was making off them anyway, I didn't argue with her, but WTF??

When she was ringing me up she started complaining about how hard Sunday mornings were because it was only her there and she had to do al the checking out and couldn't get the prices changed, blah blah blah. I tried being sympathetic, and said you almost had to have everything done before you leave Saturday night, and she told me, no, they can't pull the prices before Saturday night.
Really? Because the store I was in yesterday were already pulling and re-tagging. They'll be ready to go this morning, rather than bitching and moaning about it.
I don't know what got her started, I didn't say anything, tags don't much matter to me. I get my deal ideas from the internet and pick up a sale paper on the way in the door. All I can figure is she was mad she was having to sell me stuff when she wanted to be working on the tagging?

Then, yes, she wanted to argue about my $5/$25. She was told there was only $4/$20 now. I said, that's only for Video Values, this is something totally different, and besides, now there's a $3/$20.  She ain't got a clue.

She didn't say a word about me using (2) of the Revlon nail polish q's, then wanted to tell me that Limit One Per Purchase on the Thermacare meant One Per Customer.

I like the cashiers at that store and don't have any trouble with them, so as much as I'm pizzed about those papers, I guess I'll let it go and not pizz her off anymore than I've already somehow managed to.

Total: $4.78 + 1.73 tax = $6.51 oop
(She upset me lying about the bundle thing, so I forgot to use more +UPs to pay for the papers, instead of cash, blah)
Rec'd $14.00 +UPs
Final Total $2.49 Profit (4 Free newspapers/coupons!)

The next Rite Aid store I shopped at, one of my fav guy cashiers was on duty, and this is where I found all the 75% clearanced priced Revlon makeup.

Transaction #1: (I did the Thermacare deal again, testing to see if the clearanced Revlon nail polish would still give the $4.00 +UP)
$5.99 Thermacare x 4 (Reg. price is $7.49 at this store)
$1.19 Revlon nail polish x 2
-3.00 Thermacare IP x 4
-1.00 Thermacare Vv
-3.00 Revlon nail care RAq x 2
-2.00 +UPs
= $0.34 + 1.49 tax = $1.83 oop

Rec'd $14.00 +UPs
Final Total $10.17 profit

Transaction #2:
$14.99 Kissable KY
$  3.99 Chloroseptic
$ 1.19 Revlon nail polish x 2
$ 1.99 Revlon lipstick x 2
- $5/$25
-4.00 KY Tearpad q (I have alot of these if anyone needs any. Or they were still hanging in the store by the lubes)
-5.00 KY Vv q
-1.00 Chloroseptic IP (also supposed to be one in this weeks 12/05 SS paper)
-3.00 Revlon nail care RAq x 2
-4.00 +UPs
= $0.34 + 1.42 tax = $1.76 oop

Rec'd $11.00 +UPs ($4.00 Revlon, $4.00 Revlon, $2.00 KY, $1.00 Chloroseptic)
SCR $2.00 Chloroseptic
Final Total $7.24 profit

Transaction #3: See post above this one.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rite Aid

Transaction #1:
Used $13.00 +UPs
$0.00 + .75 tax = $0.75 from Gift Card
Rec'd $10.00 UPs
Total cost $3.75

Transaction #2:
Used $5.00 +UPs
$1.50 + .85 tax = $2.35 from Gift Card
Rec'd 8.00 UPs
Total $0.65 profit

Transaction #3:
Used $11.00 +UPs
$0.00 + .75 tax = $0.75 from Gift Card
Rec'd $10.00 UPs
Total cost $1.75

Transaction #4:
Used $29.00 +UPs
$0.54 + .60 tax = $1.14 from Gift Card
Rec'd $4.00 UPs
Total cost $26.14 (Spent $15.00 on Starbucks Gift Card, and bought 3-12-packs Pepsi)

$58.00 +UPs spent
$32.00 +UPs earned
$ 4.99 spent from Gift Card
$30.99 Total Cost (or loss would be more accurate, because I didn't spend any cash)


Shopped at another different Kroger today - still no Orville Redbox boxes :-(  I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck having to shop at that one terrible horrible crappy yucky Kroger and just have to pay .50 more. If I shop just to use my soda q's to save .50, I lose out on (6) free Redbox rentals.

The tag on the Suave at this store were dated 12/18. I went ahead and spent on out the rest of my q's while I was there. They were due to expire 12/12 and my luck they'll all get sold out again before I could get back to get them.
The first two q's scanned the .50, then .38, up to the .88 price making them free. But then the others started doing something and the cashier had to override them. When she did that, they doubled on up to $1.00, giving me a little overage.
I've had that happen a couple of times lately; I'm wondering if it has anything to do with what I'm hearing about some Kroger stores are trying to limit to 2 Like Coupons per order? 
They say it's either 1) to stop so many fraudulent IP coupons, or 2) to stop couponers from shelf clearing. Perfectly okay for cash spenders to shelf clear, I guess.

Found lots of Tuna. I got 30 pkgs. Believe it or not, there was still plenty left. Thirty packages gave me $1.80 overage.

When I first went in, I felt like I was shopping in a Salvage Grocery, lol. They had a bag of flour marked .69 and a box of soda crackers marked .49.  They were both in date, the only thing was the packages had been torn and taped back together. 
The crackers were still sealed in their plastic sleeves and looked fine.
The flour may or may not be okay, but for .69 I figured it was worth the gamble (especially since Tuna overage was paying for it anyway).
Then I found a package of bacon marked .79. The outer packaging was torn, but the bacon was still sealed up in the plastic and looked fine.
They also had a package of bacon for .99, the packaging was fine, but the bacon looked, icky. Discolored. I didn't get it.

Total Spent: $0.45 + .95 tax = $1.40 oop
Savings $51.54

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rite Aid

There's a stationary deal going on thru 12/25 or 1/08 (my store tags said 12/25)....all kinds, but specifically the Bic/Pilot deal, Buy (2) get $3.00 +UP.
The Bic Crystal pen packs are reg. price $1.99 (1.59 w/ 20% disc)
There is a $1.00/2 coupon here: $1.00/2 Bic
$1.99 x 2 - $1/2 = $2.98, get $3.00 +UP
$1.79 x 2 -$1/2 = $2.59, get $3.00 +UP
$1.59 x 2- $1/2 = $2.18, get $3.00 +UP

I only found (2) pkgs. of the Crystal pens between (2) stores, and nothing else was $1.99, so I had to step up to the $2.29 Pilot ball point pens.
$1.83 (with 20% disc) x 2 = $3.66, get $3.00 +UP
So they would cost me $.66, but I combined them with Lysol which I got some overage on, and a $5/$25, so they ended up free in the end.

The little file folders were also reg. priced $1.99 ($1.59 w/ 20% disc), but I didn't pay close enough attention to see the deal on those were $2.00 +UP wyb 2.
$1.59 x 2 = $3.18, get $2.00 +UP

Transaction #1:
$0.69 Morton Sea Salt
-1.00 11/14 RP (YMMV, some may adjust)
$1.59 File folders x 2
$1.83 Pilot pens x 4
$1.59 Bic Crystal pens x 2
(I forgot to use my $1/2 coupon)
$7.00/2 Lysol Spray
-1.00/1 11/07 SS x 2
-2.00/1 Lysol Spray Rite Aid Flu booklet x 2
$3.49 Lysol Wipes BOGO sale
-1.00/2 11/07 SS
-1.50 RA Flu booklet x 3
$1.19 Coke Classic (w/20% disc)
$  .50 Reese's PBC
-1.00/2 RA tearpad
-$5/$25 RAq
-9.00 +UPs
= $0.55 + 1.41 tax = $1.96 from Gift Card

$1.00 Lysol
$3.00 Bic
$2.00 File Folders
$3.00 Pilot
$3.00 Pilot

Total $1.04 profit

Transaction #2:
$0.69 Morton Sea Salt x 2
-1.00 11/14 RP (YMMV, some may adjust)x 2
$1.83 Pilot pens x 8
$7.00/2 Lysol Spray
-1.00/1 11/07 SS x 2
-2.00/1 Lysol Spray Rite Aid Flu booklet x 2
$3.49 Lysol Wipes BOGO sale
-1.00/2 11/07 SS
-1.50 RA Flu booklet x 3
$1.19 Coke Classic (w/20% disc)
$  .50 Reese's PBC
-1.00/2 RA tearpad
-$5/$25 RAq
-$10.00 +UPs
= $.20 + 1.27 tax = $1.47 from Gift Card

$3.00 Pilot
$3.00 Pilot
$3.00 Pilot
$3.00 Pilot
$1.00 Lysol

Total $1.53 profit


*Unadvertised Deal* (this week only?) Limit 1
EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balm
$2.99; get $2.99 ECB

*These weren't located in either the Cosmetics nor the lip balm section at the two stores I visited. They were on the side of an end cap; at the first store the end-cap was at the end of the baby diaper aisle, and at the other it was over by the shampoo and stuff. So you maybe have to look everywhere. Or ask for help, which is what I had to do at the first store. I had no idea what I was looking for. They are round, like balls.

Monthly deal on Complete Limit 1
$9.99 get $9.99 ECB

*Sign says this deal is good thru 1/01. I went ahead and did bought the Complete to be able to get my totals up for a $/$$ coupon, but if you wanted to you could probably wait and see if a Complete coupon comes out sometime between now and then.

$/$$ Q's Some valid thru Sunday, some thru Wednesday

Transaction #1:
$2.99 EOS Lip Balm
$1.00/2 Butterfingers x 10
-1.00/2 Tearpad coupon found at Kroger long time ago
$9.99 Complete
$7.99 Blink Gel Tears (Raincheck Price)
-4.00 Peelie found at Rite Aid long time ago
-$4/$20 CVS IP
-$12.99 ECBs
= -.02 + 1.27 tax = $1.25 oop

$2.99 EOS Lip Balm
$3.00 ECB wyb $10.00 Nestle products
$9.99 Complete
$4.00 Blink - This week's ad
$7.99 Blink - Raincheck deal
= $27.97

Total $13.73 Profit

Transaction #2:
$9.99 Complete
$  .99 Robitussin-2-Go x 6
-$1.00 Robitussin IP  (print one per email address)
(last one adjusted to .94)
$  .50 Candy x 2 (because I misfigured and needed another .61 to spend the ECBs I had)
-$3/$15 CVS IP
-7.00 ECBs
= $0.39 + .91 tax = $1.30 oop

Rec'd $9.99 Complete

Total $1.69 profit

Food Lion

I stopped by Food Lion because I had (2) $3.00 OYNO coupons I needed to spend, and also I was toting some .55 off any Coffee Mate Powder creamer coupons that are about to expire like on Monday 12/06.

The boxes of single-pack Coffee-mate powders are .99 (the French Vanilla used to be also, but have gone up tp $1.49 at this particular store, not sure about other stores), so the .55 doubled up .99, making them FREE. 
They only had six, so I have to try to get by the other store and see if they have another four before Monday.

They had some of the tuna pouches in stock. I have alot of blinkies, and not much luck finding them in stock at Kroger, so I went ahead and got these here. My .55 blinkies only doubled to .99, making them FREE, instead of giving me .12 overage like at Kroger, but I ain't complaining :-)

They had those Tempations treats on Close-Out for .99, and I had a couple of .55 blinkies in my envelope...don't know where they came from or why I don't have anymore. Anyway, they doubled to FREE.

The bacon, One Pound of Oscar Meyer, was on sale for $3.99. Used my $3.00 OYNOs.

Total Spent $1.76 + .60 tax = $2.36 oop

*Some other stuff I saw:
Morton Sea Salt is regular priced $0.99
use $1.00 from 11/14 RP

Friskies Natural Sensations cat treats on Close-out .99
Friskies Indoor Crunch on Close-out .89
Whisker Lickins Tender Moments on Close out .79
$1.00 9/12 RP
$2.00/2 11/14 RP
$1/2 10/03 RP

Meow Mix Ocean Explosion on Close-out .49

(*For stores that double)
Domino Confectioners/Brown Sugar boxes are on sale $1.00 each
-  .50/2 11/14 RP (doubles to $1.00)
= .50 each

Scotties Tissues .99 thru 01/04/11
$.50/3 11/14 RP (double to $1.00)
= $1.97/3, or about .66 each
You can usually get better deals on Kleenex, but if you happen to need some when there's no other sale, this one's not too awful bad.

$1.58 Mt. Olive Squeeze Sweet Relish
-  .50 10/31 SS (double to $1.00)
= .58

*Just found some .55 blinkies in my pocket that I found at Kroger today exp. 12/12
Makes the Sweet Relish $0.48


Store #1
$1.31 + .96 tax = $2.27 oop
Savings $57.95

*According to these idiotic Cashiers, you cannot stack a MQ and a store coupon, and you never have been able to, and if every other Kroger in the metro Atl area is doing that, they are ALL wrong! Freekin' idiots.
*Turned out this was the only store in the area with the *Redbox* marked Orville popcorns. After scanning it, I ripped a box open and cut out the Free Soda coupon - which is only good up to $1.50 - and tried to use a .50 off Big K 12-pack Kroger coupon from an insert a couple weeks ago. 

Orville deal:
$1.49 Mega price Orville popcorn x 3 Look for specially marked Redbox boxes
$1.99 12 pack Big K soda
-  .40 (doubled) 11/14 SS x 3
-  .50 Kroger soda  11/14 insert
-1.50 free soda coupon inside specially marked box of Orville popcorn
= $2.06 for (3) popcorns, 12-pack soda, and (7) free Redbox rental codes*
(*There's 2 free Redbox rental codes in each box, plus you get a Catalina for another free Redbox rental code wyb (2) Orvilles)

*The Orville deal should be good another week, except the Big K sodas may back up to $2.50, from the $1.99 they are this week, but $2.57 for all that still isn't a bad deal at all.

Store #2
$0.60 oop
Rec'd $3.00 OYNO

*One of my own idiot mistakes, at store #1 I only bought (4) Duracell batteries, instead of the (5) that I needed to get the OYNO. So at the next store I did a return, and rebought (5), cost me another .60, and I got the $3.00 OYNO.

Durcell deal: (I think this one ends Sat 12/04)
$1.98 Batteries x 5
-1.50 11/14 RP x 5
= $2.40 oop; Get $3.00 OYNO
Free batteries + .60 profit

Store #2; #2:
$1.93 + .34 tax = $2.27
Savings $24.00

*.29 loafa bread! YaY!
The reason I did this and the next order separate was because I forgot I didn't want to scan my K card first. Others say it doesn't matter, but I didn't want to risk the batteries counting the sale price rather than the shelf price, so I just don't scan my card until I get ready to press pay now, just as a precaution.

Store #2; #3:
$4.15 + .86 tax = $5.01; Got $3.00 OYNO
Savings $29.00

*.19 brown & serve rolls! YaY! I would have bought more but knew I was already going to be hurting on freezer space. For .19 rolls, it's almost worth buying another freezer!! lol

Store #3:
$4.04 + .79 tax= $4.83; Got $1.41 Refund; Got $3.00 OYNO
Savings $48.52

*Found Suave deodorant still at .88. Only had 2 coupons with me, need to cut out rest and take them tomorrow. Not sure how much longer these will be on sale. Probably tomorrow is last day.
*Had a catalina I got some weeks or months ago, can't remember, for free Kroger tampons, needed to get it spent before it went bad on me.
*The Glory vegs don't seem to be on sale anywhere anymore. Store #1 still had both peas tagged, but they won't take my Glory IPs so I didn't even try. This store had the BEPs tagged; the tag was dated 11/20, but I got them anyway knowing I could make them give me the sale price if it didn't up right. They didn't, and I did.

Store #4:
-0.92 + 1.61 tax = $0.68
Savings $76.21

*YMMV, this store lets me use the .55 blinkies on the Bumblebee tuna salad w/ crackers pkgs.  It's not like they won't get reimbursed; people were buying up the pouches like crazy even without coupons. At the store before this one, a guy got there before me and grabbed an entire box of the pouches. Didn't even offer to share. Didn't even count them. Dummy probably ended up paying .99 for some of them, thinking he was paying .49.  You know Kroger's making a killing on people that don't have a clue about how the Mega sale actually works, and don't bother to check their receipt.

*This store didn't have the Redbox marked boxes of Orville but I bought (3) anyway to try the free soda deal and didn't have a bit of problem using both the MQ and KQ.

Other deals included in above:
$.99 Mega sale price Krusteaz Cookie mix
-1.00 10/10 RP
= +.01 overage each

$.99 Mega Sale priceTemptations Cat treats
- .50 (doubled) Blinkies found at Food Lion (weren't there today)
= +.01 overage each

$2.16 Lactaid quart
-2.00 blinkies (no longer available)
= .16 each

Total Spent $14.25
OYNO Rec'd $9.00
Total Cost $5.25
Total Savings $238.39

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

I missed Black in, I wasn't home, not that I *missed* it... so I got to shop Cyber Monday from the comfort of my warm, dry house. (It's a chilly, rainy, grey, nasty kind of day around here.)

So I figured I'd buy the boys a PS3 this year, for lack of any better ideas. I know exactly nothing about these things, so had to research.
Long story short, I still don't know much about them, but hopefully I got a fair deal on what I got.

Checked Slickdeals Hot Deals first, and saw a Black Friday deal at Amazon was still in effect, it was a 160GB console with (2) games and (1) Blu-Ray movie PLUS a $25.00 video game credit, for $299.
Since I had already been checking Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc, this was the best deal I had seen so far.

But then I wondered if 160GB was enough space, and I knew they wouldn't really care for either of the games or the movie included.
So I saw this 320GB console Move starter bundle for $399.00.  The Move for the PS3, if I understand correctly, makes it interactive like a Wii.  It comes with a Sports Championships game which includes games like Gladiator Duel, Archery, ping pong, volleyball, disc golf, and Bocce.

PlayStation 3 320GB System with PlayStation Move BundleMOVE Champions Pack

The Sports Champions Bundle by itself cost $99.99, so I figured if I paid $299 for a 160GB console, and another $100 for the Move bundle, that's $400, so if I'm going to spend that anyway, might as well go ahead and get the 320GB one. 
Yeah I didn't get the (2) games, the Blu-Ray movie, or the $25 video game credit, but only the $25 credit would have been any good, the games and movies would just have pretty much been a waste.

The MOVE Champions Pack was on sale for $19.99....Dang, now that I'm thinking about it, I think I should have gotten (2) sets, so they can duel and ping pong each other?

Also pre-ordered a Battle Rifle for shooting games, which would be for Ryan. He wants to be a Sniper (or assassin, which ever he can get into, lol).
Just need to find a game to go with it.

PS3 Move Battle Rifle

Also had to order an extra game Controller and a Blu-Ray remote (that's how they sell these bundles cheaper, they don't include anything, then charge out the nose for the accessories you have to have or your system won't work!).
Tired to order an extra MOVE motion controller, but they appear to be out of stock everywhere. Maybe like when he had to wait to get Wii accessories after Christmas, whatever year that was those came out.
PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless ControllerSony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Remote

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Baaack!

I'm home. Not happy to be back  :-( 
Had a great time! It's still like June in Key West and Mexico. I loved it!
(Did NOT love the constant harrassment from the locales wanting us to come into their shops to buy stuff. It was like Used-Car-Saleman-Hell!)

We thought toothpaste was expensive in America?? It was $35.00 in Mexico!!

LOL, just kidding. That's in pesos; it's the equivalent of about $2.80 in the Estados Unidos.

Got unpacked and have been doing laundry all day, scanning photos and trying to work a little on my travel blog. 
Looked a little bit at some of the sales for this week, but didn't see anything really exciting. Or maybe I just can't concentrate on it yet.
Got to get my rear in gear or Christmas will sneak up on me fast!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

And with that, I bid you adieu.

Er, I mean, adios.

I will see you in about a week, IF....
1) I don't die of food poisoning/salmonella/e-coli
2) don't fall overboard
3) we don't get hi-jacked by pirates
4) we don't get kidnapped by Mexican drug lord
5) ship don't burn up/break down/sink/hit an iceberg
6) anything else that *people who've never even been on a cruise* can dream up will happen to us.

Hope you all have a great week, a great Thanksgiving, and great shopping!

Rite Aid

The plan was to visit several different Rite Aid stores (like 6 or 7) and do a couple shops at each and be able to roll all those +UPs I had expiring today.

I didn't even get out of town good before John calls me up, "When you gonna be home? I was gonna change your oil today."

I bought what I could find between two stores; lipsticks, Thermacare, Right Guard, Herbal Essence, Nyquil, Summer's Eve products.

Otherwise I just had to spend them. The Christmas wrapping paper and the cards were both buy 1 get 2 free; the paper was $1.99 and the cards $4.99, so I grabbed a few of those.
Got some black dress socks for the boys to wear on the cruise (wish I'd thought about during the free No Nonsense sale a couple months ago).
I think the Pringles were .80 each after my 20% discount.
The Charmin was $4.99, with a $1.00 +UP back. I had another $4 to spend, so I put one Pringles back and got TP.
Got son #2 a car-lighter-plug-to-USB kit thing for charging his gizmos.
And one $25.00 Lowe's gift card.

No idea what I spent/earned, but that's okay, I still have some to start me again week after next, that's all that matters.

I picked up the brochure about the Gift of Savings going on Now thru Dec. (20th?)(26th?): Spend $100 and get a $25 ($20?) gift card. 
I did this six times last year (counting the one my MIL threw away because *she didn't know what it was*).
It's a great moneymaker!


Just mostly blowing ECBs to get something instead of throwing them in the trash.

$0.09 Halloween Candy clearance
$0.19 Halloween Pumkin/Cauldron clearance
$0.99 Rasinettes
$0.99 Gummy Bears (Manager Upsell, bought to make cashier happy)
$12/3 Pepsi
$4.99 Turbi-Twist Towel; Buy 2 Get 1 Free
$4.99 Godiva Truffles; Used $1.00 off CRT from Big Red Machine
$4/2 Kelloggs, Get $1.00 ECB
$23.00 OralB Precision Clean things; Used $10.00 coupon, got $13.00 ECB
$2.99 Aussie Hair stuff; used .50 coupon, got $2.00 ECB

Lost way more ECBs than I earned back, but that's okay, I still have some to start me off again later.

Y'all have fun shopping the Thanksgiving Sale, I heard it was going to be a Biggie, something like 60 faecb (free-after-ecb) items.  W-o-W, I'm almost glad I'm going to be gone for that. (If it's true.)

Friday, November 19, 2010

.50 Cent Clothing Sale

Today was the .50 clothing sale at the Thrift Store, so I went to find me some new(to me) duds.  Mostly I needed some jeans, and was lucky to find four pair.
Found my oldest son a shirt and a pair of jeans, and my youngest son a Cozumel t-shirt just in time for him to wear next week.
Total w/ books + Tax: $12.48

The Thrift Store and Kroger were the only places I made it to, before I got called back home again :-(