Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Packing Up to Move

I guess I will be moving to another Blog here pretty soon.  Reason being, I've filled up my photo space quota at Picasa.

The pisser is, I had over 800 pictures posted in my shopping blog folder, and I went in and deleted about 400 of them. A year's worth.  And yet, it still tells me I'm at 98%?  BS!

Had I known it was going to pull that crap, I'd have left the pictures and made the move to start with.
I had preferred to delete the pictures to free up space so I could stay here (because I've had this account so long I actually remember the username and password without having to look it up everytime).

I had actually went and started another account and was uploading pictures there, to paste in posts here, but since I couldn't be signed on to both accounts at the same time and be able to just switch between tabs, all the logging in and out got to be a major pain.

When I get my rear-end off my shoulders and get the new blog ready I'll post a link to direct you to the new one. My followers will have to re-follow. Sorry.


3GAKids1521 said...

No problems following you to your new blog. I enjoy looking at your posts and check your blog everyday. Keep us posted.

Cheap&Sweet said...

I wish you could find away to stay here, but you know I will follow np!