Friday, December 31, 2010

Rite Aid

Ugh, it was one of those days.
I almost started to not even go out today, but knew I'd regret it later if I didn't. Even so, I cut my route really short, like in half.

The first store I visited I have consistantly had trouble shopping at, and nine times out of ten I will drive 15+ miles PAST this store just to not shop in there. The SM is a total a-hole, and her employees are the same way. I don't care what it is, I could be doing one perfectly straight up shop and they'd still find something to give me a hard time about.
Sure enough, first thing, he's got to get on the intercom and call the SS to the front to ask if they are still accepting the $5/$25. I asked, Why would you not?  He said, because they like, stopped them.

I didn't argue that with him because it's really not the store's fault that Rite Aid Corp is quick to send out emails saying they aren't taking them anymore, but then nothing about, oh yeah, we will take them afterall.
So the SS comes up and says, if it scans, but it says Limit One per Customer, so we can only take one. (I expected that at this store, so I didn't get anything that cost anything; only frees or small mms.)

But when he told me he could only take (1) +UP, I lost my temper and yelled at him. He decided he'd take more than (1) after that, "even though I'm really not supposed to". 
I told him his manager must love getting low scores on those phone in surveys, because they're definately getting them today.  Then he gives me the tired old line "I'm just doing what my company tells me." Funny the company only told that one store that, and not any other of the ten-hundred Rite Aid's I shop.

After there I went to one of my good stores that is (mostly) a pleasure to shop at, and sure enough, not a single problem doing (3) transactions, using the $5/$25 each time, or multiple coffee q's, or as many +UPs as it would take.

Until the last transaction. The receipt was printing out and man, I was two seconds from being outta there! The cashier got in a hurry and tried to grab the receipt before it finished printing, it got hung up, and my +UPs printed all on top of each other in a big mess.
So he has to take it to the Manager to ask what to do. The Ass-man at this store is a total idiot. Or maybe not an idiot, but just can't be bothered to learn about anything. Every.single.time I have an issue there, he has to call The Help Desk. Which puts him on hold forever, then they end up telling him to do what I told him to do to start with. After so many times, it's just really, seriously flying all at me that he thinks I'm either a liar or an idiot.
I happened to know from a few days ago when the register ate my receipt at another store that what they are supposed to do is return and rering the order. Some choose not to put the customer thru the hassle and will just give a gift card or something, but for those who don't have a clue, the official word apparently is to return and rebuy.
Half an hour later, this is what they did. Sort of. I don't know what the heck this Bozo did. He returned all my items, then for some reason, returned another $24.00.  I think he was givng credit for my coupons and +UPs, but I'm pretty sure that was unneccessary, since he was returning the items at the price BEFORE coupons.  So of course the register BONK BONK BONKS, too much refund.  He just pushed some buttons and continued on, rerang everything, the register ended up saying they owed me like $21.00.
Anyway I got my +UPs and everything was fixed on my end (don't know about his, though).
Then I had to ask him, is that it? Because he didn't apologize for me having to wait soooooo long or have to go through all that hassle, or even so much as a Thanks, come again.
I'm sorry he was all put out, but that was totally not my fault! And I do apologize when I do something that causes them a PITA. 
He kept my original receipt showing how much I paid, and I can't remember, so my oop totals are not correct.

$101.00 +UPs Spent
-2.09 + 7.10 tax = $5.01 oop
$119.00 +UPs earned 
Final $12.99 profit (really a little less)

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