Friday, December 3, 2010


Store #1
$1.31 + .96 tax = $2.27 oop
Savings $57.95

*According to these idiotic Cashiers, you cannot stack a MQ and a store coupon, and you never have been able to, and if every other Kroger in the metro Atl area is doing that, they are ALL wrong! Freekin' idiots.
*Turned out this was the only store in the area with the *Redbox* marked Orville popcorns. After scanning it, I ripped a box open and cut out the Free Soda coupon - which is only good up to $1.50 - and tried to use a .50 off Big K 12-pack Kroger coupon from an insert a couple weeks ago. 

Orville deal:
$1.49 Mega price Orville popcorn x 3 Look for specially marked Redbox boxes
$1.99 12 pack Big K soda
-  .40 (doubled) 11/14 SS x 3
-  .50 Kroger soda  11/14 insert
-1.50 free soda coupon inside specially marked box of Orville popcorn
= $2.06 for (3) popcorns, 12-pack soda, and (7) free Redbox rental codes*
(*There's 2 free Redbox rental codes in each box, plus you get a Catalina for another free Redbox rental code wyb (2) Orvilles)

*The Orville deal should be good another week, except the Big K sodas may back up to $2.50, from the $1.99 they are this week, but $2.57 for all that still isn't a bad deal at all.

Store #2
$0.60 oop
Rec'd $3.00 OYNO

*One of my own idiot mistakes, at store #1 I only bought (4) Duracell batteries, instead of the (5) that I needed to get the OYNO. So at the next store I did a return, and rebought (5), cost me another .60, and I got the $3.00 OYNO.

Durcell deal: (I think this one ends Sat 12/04)
$1.98 Batteries x 5
-1.50 11/14 RP x 5
= $2.40 oop; Get $3.00 OYNO
Free batteries + .60 profit

Store #2; #2:
$1.93 + .34 tax = $2.27
Savings $24.00

*.29 loafa bread! YaY!
The reason I did this and the next order separate was because I forgot I didn't want to scan my K card first. Others say it doesn't matter, but I didn't want to risk the batteries counting the sale price rather than the shelf price, so I just don't scan my card until I get ready to press pay now, just as a precaution.

Store #2; #3:
$4.15 + .86 tax = $5.01; Got $3.00 OYNO
Savings $29.00

*.19 brown & serve rolls! YaY! I would have bought more but knew I was already going to be hurting on freezer space. For .19 rolls, it's almost worth buying another freezer!! lol

Store #3:
$4.04 + .79 tax= $4.83; Got $1.41 Refund; Got $3.00 OYNO
Savings $48.52

*Found Suave deodorant still at .88. Only had 2 coupons with me, need to cut out rest and take them tomorrow. Not sure how much longer these will be on sale. Probably tomorrow is last day.
*Had a catalina I got some weeks or months ago, can't remember, for free Kroger tampons, needed to get it spent before it went bad on me.
*The Glory vegs don't seem to be on sale anywhere anymore. Store #1 still had both peas tagged, but they won't take my Glory IPs so I didn't even try. This store had the BEPs tagged; the tag was dated 11/20, but I got them anyway knowing I could make them give me the sale price if it didn't up right. They didn't, and I did.

Store #4:
-0.92 + 1.61 tax = $0.68
Savings $76.21

*YMMV, this store lets me use the .55 blinkies on the Bumblebee tuna salad w/ crackers pkgs.  It's not like they won't get reimbursed; people were buying up the pouches like crazy even without coupons. At the store before this one, a guy got there before me and grabbed an entire box of the pouches. Didn't even offer to share. Didn't even count them. Dummy probably ended up paying .99 for some of them, thinking he was paying .49.  You know Kroger's making a killing on people that don't have a clue about how the Mega sale actually works, and don't bother to check their receipt.

*This store didn't have the Redbox marked boxes of Orville but I bought (3) anyway to try the free soda deal and didn't have a bit of problem using both the MQ and KQ.

Other deals included in above:
$.99 Mega sale price Krusteaz Cookie mix
-1.00 10/10 RP
= +.01 overage each

$.99 Mega Sale priceTemptations Cat treats
- .50 (doubled) Blinkies found at Food Lion (weren't there today)
= +.01 overage each

$2.16 Lactaid quart
-2.00 blinkies (no longer available)
= .16 each

Total Spent $14.25
OYNO Rec'd $9.00
Total Cost $5.25
Total Savings $238.39

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