Friday, December 24, 2010

Rite Aid

Ran into a couple of Rite Aids on the way to my Aunt's for Christmas Dinner. *Sigh*
Because I was in a hurry, I had my shops planned out, with little room for deviation if they were out of something. Or...had more of something than I was expecting. Both the stores had like (6) of the clearanced Clearasils and several bottles of Motrin. I said oh well, I'll go again when we come back this evening. John had to be at the fire station at 5:00, so I woulda had time to shop again before they closed.
Welll, I didn't figure on getting car sick on the way down and not feeling very good the rest of the day. My eyes were bothering me and I was tired. My son was driving and offered to take me, but I just like ugh, blah, take me home.

My first two Rite Aid shops went well, I got a Hairdryer/Straightener, Clearasil, Coffee, Toothbrush, Motrin, Hot Wheels/Fish Card game.  Final Total $3.01 Profit.

The next Rite Aid, not so good. This is the store that the Manager keeps insisting they can't accept the $5/$25 coupons, and told me I couldn't buy the bundle Sunday newspapers.
So today the cashier says she can't accept the $5/$25, and shows me an email dated October 26th! I said that is really out of date, so she said well she'd try it, but yesterday they were ringing up .01 cent. I said they posted on Facebook that they were going to fix that. So she tried it, and it rang up 1-freaking-cent. She refused to override it.
I went ahead and paid because I had to go but that was freaking aggrivating. Final total $7.21 cost.

$43.00 +UPs Spent
-2.61 + 5.81 tax = $3.20 oop
$42.00 +UPs Earned
= $4.20 cost

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