Monday, December 6, 2010


Finally got around to getting to Publix this week. Still need to go one more time before Thursday.

The number one thing on my list was those Nestle Tollhouse morsels:
(I melt them and dip the Oreos I got at RA last week in it. The kids LOVE white-chocolate-covered-Oreos!)
$2.95 BOGO x 4 (total 8 bags)
- $1/2 IP q x 4
- .50 RA Vv  x 8
= $3.80/8 bags (.47 each)

And I had a Stovetop stuffing deal:
$0.99 x 5 boxes
- .99 Buy 4 Get 1 Free Tearpad q
- 1.00/2 x 2 IP
- .50 TQ x  4 (I didn't even try to use 5 for overage on the free one)
= +.04

Then I looked for MMs to pay for the remaining amount on the Morsels and I had a couple other things on my shopping list I needed:
$0.99 Schick disp. razor 2-pack x 2
-2.00 12/05 SS (I think?)
= +1.01 x 2 overage
(Mostly I got these to test out and see what would happen with the new "No Cash Back" wording on the MQ. I don't want cash back, but I don't know if some cashiers are going to give trouble about adjusting it so it don't give overage on other groceries. The cashier today didn't even read the coupon so they went through at $2.00.)

$0.79 Morton Sea Salt x 6
-1.00 MQ x 6
= +1.26 overage

$0.60 Yakisoba x 10
-1.00 MQ x 10
= +4.00 overage

$.69 Mahatma Rice x 10
-1.00 MQ x 10
= +3.10 overage

Stuff I needed:
$4.69 Nesquik powder
$5.00/4 Old El Paso Refried beans

Got (2) pkgs of OEP Taco Seasoning Mix free using a peelie for Free Seasoning Mix wyb (2) OEP Products that were there on the Taco shell boxes.

Got me!
In the Green Flyer it says Pyrex bowls are 30% off. I didn't know that *Sale Price Reflects 30% Discount* meant that they put the 30% off price on the shelf tag. I still thought it was 30% off the shelf tag.
Oh well, I got (3) nice Pyrex glass bowls for a couple of dollars.

Used $5/$25 Rite Aid q
Final Total $2.95 + 1.06 tax = $4.01 from Gift Card
Savings $77.96

*Also on my shopping list was Pinto Beans, but when I got to the aisle I see that Glory Pinto Beans are on sale for 4/$5, or $1.25 each. So I wanted to come home and print the $0.90 Glory coupon and get them for .35 each.

In addition to Pinto beans, also on sale are: Glory:
Black beans
Black Eyed Peas
Tomatoes, Corn, Okra
Tomatoes, Okra
Collard Greens
String beans
Turnip Greens

Let me know if you need the Glory coupon, I can email it.

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