Sunday, February 28, 2010

Food Lion

Transaction #1:
$2.54 Shrimp (Was $5.09 Prior to MVP sale)
-1.00/5.00 Meat Dept. Purchase FLip
= $1.54

$7.20 (12) Mighty Dog @ .60 each
-4.50 BOGO MQs 1/10 RP, 2/21 RP (Took off .75 regular price)
-2.00/5.00 Pet Aisle FLip
= $0.70

$1.29 CoffeeMate Sticks
$1.29 CoffeeMate Sticks
-0.50 MQ 2/07 RP
-1.00 FLip
-1.29 BOGO Catalina
= +.21 overage
-1.29 charged twice for one box
= 1.08

-$2.00 OYNO previous purchase

Total $1.32 + .50 tax = $1.82 oop
Rec'd $2.00 OYNO Mighty Dog = $0.18 profit
(Shoulda been $1.47)

Transaction #2:
$2.69 Shrimp (Was $5.39 Prior to MVP sale)
-1.00/5.00 Meat Dept. Purchase FLip
= $1.69

$7.20 (12) Mighty Dog @ .60 each
-4.50 BOGO MQs 1/10 RP, 2/21 RP (Took off .75 regular price)
-2.00/5.00 Pet Aisle FLip
= $0.70

$1.29 CoffeeMate Sticks
-0.50 MQ 2/07 RP
-1.00 FLip
= +.21 overage

-$2.00 OYNO previous purchase

Total $0.18 + .42 tax = $0.60 oop
Rec'd $2.00 OYNO Mighty Dog = $1.40 profit

Rite Aid

Got several things going on at Rite Aid this week. First of all I still had a $20.00 Gift of Savings certificate that was expiring today. I had been going to spend it last week, but thank goodness they decided to offer a bunch of SCR deals just in the nick of time.

Also, Nature's Bounty and Flex-a-Min are on BOGO sale again this week, and counts towards the Healthy Heart SCR: Get $25.00 RA Gift Card wyb $50.00 Worth of Participating Products. Also just in the nick of time, a new $6.00 Flex-a-Min coupon came out in past week's paper, and my Nature Bounty printables reset.

If I can just keep my ducks in a row, it should make for a very good week!

Transaction #1:
$14.99 Flex-A-Min
$ 0.00 Flex-A-Min BOGO
$ 5.99 Efferdent
= $35.97

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv
-1.00 RA Vv q Flex-a-min
-1.00 RA Vv q Flex-a-min
-6.00 Flex-A-Min MQ 2/21 RP
-6.00 Flex-A-Min MQ 2/21 RP
- .55 Efferdent 1/31 SS

Total $1.43 + 1.12 tax = $2.55 oop
SCR: $5.00 Efferdent = +$2.45 profit

$14.99 towards Healthy Heart $25 Gift Card ($0.58 to go)

Transaction #2:
$14.99 Flex-A-Min
$ 0.00 Flex-A-Min BOGO
$3.99 Monkey Butt powder
$1.99 Suave Hairspray
$ .99 Carefree Ultra
= $36.95

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv q
-1.00 RA Vv q Flex-a-min
-1.00 RA Vv q Flex-a-min
-6.00 Flex-A-Min MQ 2/21 RP
-6.00 Flex-A-Min MQ 2/21 RP
-2.00 RA Vv q Carefree
-1.00 Carefree peelie

Total -$0.04 + 1.02 tax = .98 oop
SCR: $1.00 Suave, $3.00 Monkey Butt = +$3.02 profit

$14.99 towards Healthy Heart $25 Gift Card ($0.58 to go)
$0.99 towards J&J SCR ($49.01 to go)

Transaction #3:
$6.99 Acnomel Cream
$5.99 Efferdent
$3.99 Monkey Butt
$3.99 Listerine Pocket Packs
$2.99 Always Clean Wipes
$1.99 Gillette Shave Gel
$1.99 Suave Hairspray
$0.99 Carefree Ultra x 6
$1.99 Fritos x 4
$0.88 Reese's Easter Egg
$0.00 Reese's Easter Egg BOGO
= $43.59

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv q
-2.00 RA Vv q Carefree x 5
-1.00 Carefree peelie x 6
-0.55 Efferdent 1/31 SS
-0.50 Listerine 6/14 SS
-20.00 Gift of Savings Certificate

Total: $0.66 + .71 tax = $1.37 oop
SCR: $6.00 Acnomel, $1.00 Gillette Shave, $1.00 Suave, $3.00 Monkey Butt, $3.00 Listerine, $5.00 Efferdent, $1.00 Always = $1.37 cost

$5.94 towards J&J SCR ($44.06 to go)


Walgreens didn't look that great to me again this week, but I figured I'd better try to salvage at least some RRs, rather than blowing them again like I did last week (and BTW, the can opener sucked! First time I tried using it, new out of the box, it wouldn't open the can). 
Anyway, turned out it was a better week than it first looked.

$5.99 Purex
$0.00 Purex BOGO Sale
-5.99 BOGO MQ 2/21 RP
*Note, Purex is BOGO all month, but the BOGO MQ expires this Saturday, March 6th, so you might want to get your detergents this week if you want them free.

$3.99 Nivea Lip
$3.99 Nivea Lip
-3.99 BOGO MQ 2/07 RP
-6.00 Wags in-ad Q
= +2.01 overage

$1.59 Reach Prevent
$1.59 Reach Prevent
-1.00 any Reach T/B 6/14 SS
-1.59 Reach T/B BOGO 1/03 RP
-1.20 Wags Q
= +$0.61 overage

$2.99 Colgate Advanced
-1.50 MQ Tearpad
= $1.49
Get $2.00 RR = +$0.51 profit after RR

$5.00 Nyquil/Dayquil x 4
$2.39 Puffs x 2
-1.50 Nyquil/Dayquil x 4 2/07 PG
-2.39 Puffs wyb Vicks x 2 2/07 PG
= $14.00
Get $10.00 RR = $4.00 after RR

$1.99 Kleenex x 3
$0.00 Kleenex BOGO Sale x 3
-0.55/3 Blinkie Q x 2
= $4.87
Get $3.00 RR = $1.87/6 after RR

$4.99 Children's Tylenol
$4.99 Children's Tylenol
-3.00/2 MQ 2/28 RP
Get $5.00 RR = $1.98/2 after RR
*Should have been free but my Children's Booklet Q wouldn't work.

$1.99 Starbucks
-1.00 IP Q
-0.74 Wags in-ad Q

$0.99 Nabisco Cookies
-0.99 ($1.00 MQ 1/24 SS adjusted down)
= Free

$0.50 Shoelaces (Filler)

$5.00 4 newspapers

Value of Items: $271.47
RRs Spent: $27.00
Cash Spent $6.12 + 10.97 tax = $17.09
RRs Rec'd: $34.00
Final Total: $10.09 cost (Should have been $4.59. Mistakes are costly)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rite Aid

One last quick Rite Aid run.

$7.99 Cetaphil x 2
$4.29 J&J Powder
$0.01 J&J Powder
$4.29 J&J Shampoo
$0.01 J&J Shampoo
$3.00 Oreos
$2.19 Fig Newtons
= $38.33

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv Q
-2.00 Cetaphil in-ad q x 2
-5.00 Cetaphil IP q x 2
-1.00 J&J RA Vv q x 4
-1.00 J&J MQ x 4

= $2.77 + 1.25 tax = $4.02 oop
SCR Nabisco $2.00 = $2.02 oop


I had some coupons expiring tomorrow, and I wanted to look for coupons in the stores, so we went on a Publix Adventure, visiting three stores I don't usually shop at.

I pretty much bought the same things at each store, 3-4 items at a time.

Unfortunately I didn't find the coupons I was looking for: "Multiply Your Meals" or the Hungry Jack tearpads. Just the same as usual Blinkies, and a "Save $1.00 on Premium Saltines wyb Any One Canned Soup or Chili" tearpad. (Premium Saltines are nearly $3.00 a box at Publix BTW)

The first store had Revlon Beauty tools (2 for .99 - 1.00 MQ 2/21 SS) and Rolaids (2 for 1.49 - 4.00/2 MQ 12/13 RP?) on clearance. I also bought a box of Knox ($1.39 - 4.00 MQ 2/14 RP), and some Sundown vitamins. I didn't know if this store still allowed overage, so I was pretty nervous checking out, but luckily had no problems. Ended up with $9.57 overage on a gift card.

The other stores didn't have any good clearance items, so the only overage I got was the Knox and Vitamins, and wasn't positive they were going to allow the Knox or the overage.

The Ziploc Steam Bags were $2.69 each.
I used the $1.50 Publix Q from the Yellow Flyer and
a .40 (doubled to .80) MQ from (what insert?)
= .39 each

The Ruffies were $2.19 each
Used $1.00 Publix Q from Yellow Flyer and
$1.00 MQ from 12/13 RP
= .19 each

The Egg Beaters are on sale this week 3/$5.00
Used $1.00 Publix Q from card found at Aprons booth
and .35 (doubled to .70) MQ from 1/10 SS
= +.03 - +.04 overage

$2.99 - $4.99 Sundown Vitamins
-6.00/2 new Green Flyer
-1.00 MQs 2/28 Rp, 2/21 RP, 1/24 RP

$1.59 ChiliMaster chili
-1.00 Blinkie Q
= .59 each

$1.79 Zataran's Fish Fry

(See previous post for Uncle Ben's, Buddig Sandwich Meat, and Uncrustables)

Total Spent: -$13.49 overage + 5.86 tax = -$7.63 Profit
Total Saved: $186.23

Food Lion

Took my hubby shopping with me today. We went to Food Lion first to do another meat deal and some pet aisle deals. 
They have bananas for .39lb and that was too cheap to not buy some, so I got a bunch, then he said well he'll get some too. He found some "more" ripe ones for .19lb.
He'll take his to the firehouse and they'll make Smoothies with them.  I made a banana pudding tonight, using (Free) Golden Double-Stuff Oreos instead of Nilla Wafers. 
I didn't know how that would taste, but it's really good. Tastes mostly the same as regular Nanner Puddin', but a little sweeter with the Oreo Cream.

Ok, for the deals...

His deal:
$2.00 Tidy Cat Little
$3.00 Dentastix
-1.00 Tidy Cat MQ
-2.00 Dentastix MQ
-2.00/5.00 Pet Aisle FLip
= Free

$1.29 CoffeeMate Creamer Sticks
-0.50 CoffeeMate MQ
-1.00 CoffeeMate FLip
= +.21 overage

$0.54 Bananas

$0.24 tax
=$0.57 oop

My deal:
$5.09 Ground Beef
-1.00/5.00 Meat Dept. FLip
=$4.09 ($1.01 lb)

$7.20 Mighty Dog (on sale for .60 a can)
-3.75 BOGO MQ (took off .75)(Should have been -$4.50 but a coupon got missed)
-2.00/5.00 Pet Aisle FLip
= $1.45

$1.29 CoffeeMate Creamer Sticks
$1.29 CoffeeMate Creamer Sticks
-0.50 CoffeMate MQ
-1.00 CoffeeMate FLip
-1.29 BOGO Catalina
= +.21 overage

$0.90 Bananas

-4.00 OYNO Cereal Catalina coupon from the other day
$0.56 tax
= $2.79
Rec'd $2.00 OYNO Mighty Dog = .79 oop

Thursday, February 25, 2010


More free bread, free Wisp, free Reach with $1.00 coupon and a BOGO coupon.

Did the Milk deal, using $1/2 blinkie q's on the cereal.
Didn't get my $3.00 OYNO cat AGAIN :-(

The All is on sale for $3.49. Used a $2.00 MQ from the paper and a $1.00 e-coupon loaded at the site, so final cost $0.49 cents.

The Scotch Fur Fighter was $5.99...used a $4.00 IP q and a $4.00 cellfire e-q for $2.01 overage.
Vitamin C was $5.49 BOGO...used (2) $5.00 IP q's for $4.51 overage. Magnesium Vitamins were $3.75 BOGO...used $3.00 and $2.00 IP q's for $1.25 overage.

Value of items $58.47
Spent $1.70 + 2.18 tax = $3.88 oop

*Should have received $3.00 OYNO to make this cost only $0.88 oop.

Food Lion

*Gasp* I spent Real Money at Food Lion today. Quite a bit of Real Money, compared to what I'm used to anymore.
But I think what I got was worth what I spent.

I was just sooooo aggrivated with myself when I got in my car and realized I should have did my cereal and meat in separate transactions so I could have used the $4.00 OYNO on the meat :-(

The ground beef was $1.27 a pound for the Value Pack. The first time I got 4.22lb, and the second time I got 4.07lb. I used the $1/$5 Meat Flip, which made it around $1.03 a pound.

The other deal I was particularly going for was the $10.00 off 10 Breakfast items.
We had been out of syrup and I had been looking for a sale, until finally I had to break down last week and just buy a small Publix brand bottle to get us through. So was glad to see this sale.
In the first transaction I bought (5) bottles of syrup and (5) boxes of mix and after the Instant Savings and coupons, the total was $8.90. Less than $1.00 each!

Next time I got (6) boxes of cereal and (4) more boxes of pancake mix. Got a $4.00 OYNO back from the cereal, so that after sale/coupon total was only $5.95, or about .60 each!

The Dentastix was 2/$ after (2) $2.00 MQs and $2/$5.00 Pet Aisle FLip.

The CoffeeMate Creamer Sticks box is $1.29...I used $1.00 Coffee Mate FLip and .50 MQ for .21 overage. After buying the first box I got a Catalina coupon for a BOGO Coffee Mate Sticks, so in the 2nd transaction I got (1) box with .21 overage and (1) box Free. Also got another BOGO Coupon.

Value of items: $90.01
Spent: $26.26 + 1.69 tax = $27.95
Rec'd $4.00 OYNO
Final Total $23.95

Rite Aid

Transaction #1:
$8.19 Cetaphil Cleanser (Supposed to have been $7.99, but I didn't notice it rang up wrong 'til just now)
$7.99 Lamasil AT Gel
$4.69 J&J Baby Lotion
$4.69 J&J Baby Wash
= $25.56

-4.68 J&J Sale
-5.00 Cetaphil IP Q
-2.00 Cetaphil in-ad q
-3.00 Lamsil MQ
-1.00 RA Vv q
-1.00 J&J RA Vv x 2
-1.00 J&J MQ x 2

= $0.88 + .83 tax = $1.71 oop
SCR: $6.00 Lamasil = $4.29 Profit

Transaction #2:
They didn't have anymore Lamisil or Cetaphil, but they did have Benevia, and I had a BOGO Raincheck...
$8.99 Benevia
$8.99 Benevia
$0.50 Bread x 4 (Got there just in time to catch this marked down bread sale. It's still 2 days before it's X date)
$3.00 Fig Newtons x 2
$1.88 Robin Eggs
$0.79 Jelly Beans
= $28.65

-8.99 BOGO RC Benevia
-2.00 Benevia RA Vv x 2
-5.00 Benevia IP q x 2

=$0.66 + .53 tax = $1.19 oop
(No SCR, but if I spend $4.00 more on Nabisco I can get $2.00)

Value of items: $54.21
Spent $1.54 + 1.36 tax = $2.90
SCR $6.00 Lamasil
Final Total $3.10 Profit


So I had like $43.00 RR's to get rid of, and lack of inclination to try rolling them on more RR deals. I probably could have salvaged about half of them doing some of the monthly deals, but I didn't really have any interest in bothering with it.
I did roll some on another razor, because with all the guys around here we always need those.
And I did consider rolling the rest on Joint Juice, but of course they didn't have any to make it easy on me.

Transaction 1:
My husband mentioned the other night he'd like to have a different kind of deep fryer than the Fry Baby we have. They had the one above for $19.99, and I was wanting a new electric can opener, so I got one. I hope it's beter than the last one I had.
Had to get 7 packets of seeds to be able to spend 9 RRs on this transaction.

$19.99 Deep Fryer
$ 9.99 Can Opener
$ 1.40 Seed w/ in-ad q
= $31.38
- 30.50 RRs
= $0.88 + 2.20 tax = $3.08 oop

Transaction 2:
$8.99 Razor
$2.59 Crest
$2.59 Crest
$2.59 Crest
$ .20 Seeds w/ in-ad q
= $16.96
- 4.00 Razor 2/07 P&G (?)
- .75 Crest 2/07 P&G (?)
- .75 Crest 2/07 P&G (?)
- .75 Crest 2/07 P&G (?)
- 4.50 Crest IVC eb. booklet
- 6.00 RR
= $0.21 + 1.19 tax = $1.40 oop

Rec'd $4.00 RR = $2.60 profit

Transaction 3: (I wanted candy)
$0.49 Lemonheads/Chewy x 6
$0.99 Trident Layers Gum
$1.99 Brach's Easter Eggs
$1.99 Robin Eggs
= $7.91
- .75 Trident Layers
- 7.00 RRs
= $0.16 + .24 tax = $0.40 oop

Value of items: $56.25
RRs Spent: $43.50
Cash Spent: $1.25 + 3.63 tax = $4.88
RRs Earned: $4.00
Final Total: $44.38 cost

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


New Week Sale:
Total: -$18.34 + 2.92 tax = -$15.42 overage
Saved: $169.62

The Green Giant Whole Kernel Sweet Corn (among others) is on BOGO for $1.29.  If you look on the $1.00/2 coupon in the Viva Italia coupon booklet, this can of corn is pictured.
If your Publix lets you, you can get 20 cans, use 10 of the $1/2 Italia booklet coupons, plus a $5/20 items Italia booklet coupon, and you end up with $2.10 overage.

I didn't figure that out until the next store; the deal I did this time was:
$1.29 BOGO Corn x 5
$2.39 BOGO Steamers x 5
= $18.90
-1.00/2 PQ x 5
-.40/1 (doubled to .80) MQ x 10
-5.00/20 items PQ
= $0.90

The Kraft Natural Chunk Cheese is on sale for 3/$5.00. If your Publix accepts Target Competitor Q's:
-1.00/2 MQ 1/24 SS
-1.00 Target Q x 2
= $.0.33/2

Uncle Ben's Rice is 3/$4.00
-1.00 1/03 RP
= $0.33 each

If you have the Healthy Meals. Healthy Kids. booklet:
Frusion Smoothies are on sale for 2/$5.00
-2.50 BOGO PQ
-1.00 2/21 SS
-1.00 2/21 SS
= $.25 each

Weight Watchers 6oz Yogurt is 10/$5.00
-  .50 BOGO PQ
-  .50 BOGO 1/17 SS
= FREE/2

The 12 oz Buddig Deli Cuts sandwich meat is on sale 2/$5.00
-1.00 PQ
-1.00 MQ  1/17 SS or 2/07 SS
= $0.50 each

Uncrustables are on sale for either 2/$4 or 3/$6
-  .55 PQ
-1.00 IP q
= $.45


Last Week Sale:
(2 shops combined)
Total Shop 1: -$3.41 + 1.80 tax = -$1.61 overage
Saved: $141.47
Total Shop 2: -$1.99 + 3.97 tax = $1.98 oop
Saved: $171.78

Shop #1 would have been even better but the cashier would only 'allow' one Knox coupon. She accepted multiple Publix and Competitor coupons, but only one Knox. Go figure.
Shop #2, the store didn't have any Knox to be bought.


Grand Total -$23.74 overage + 8.69 tax = -$15.05 Overage
Saved $482.87


Because I was going to be right there anyway, I stopped in Target to see if I could find any deals. No Baby Alive's, of course. I didn't really expect there would be.

I did find some Glade Candle Holders on clearance for $1.48, and happened to be carrying $1.50 off Any Glade Candle Holder from the Tins awhile back.
Those were entered as $1.48, so just paid tax.

Then I did another Special K Fruit Crisps deal. My coupons weren't as good this time; last time I had all $1.00 IP q's, but this time I only had (3) 1.00 q's, and then (2) .75 off coupons.

$2.50 x 5
-1.00 x 3
- .75 x 2
-1.00/2 x 2 Target Q's
= 6.00

Got $5.00 Gift Card = $1.00 + .40 tax = $1.40 oop

Monday, February 22, 2010


For my Frugal Friends who might not know about it, Freecycle is a great group where you can give away stuff you might not want anymore, and be able to get things people are giving away, for Free!

I first joined Freecycle as part of my "Cleaning Out" project.
I have a long history of pack-ratting (not quite hoarding, but near enough). I am bad to take anything anyone gives me, keep things I think I might need or want later, keeping things with any kind of sentimental value, or hanging onto things I think might be sellable - residual effects from the hey-days of ebaying.
But when more rooms of my house became storage space than living space (and after watching marathon episodes of Clean House), I knew I had to make a change.

I was going to try yard sale-ing, that didn't go so well, but I sold some items at a Church Children's Consignment Sale and also listed some things for sale at Craigslist.
But some stuff just didn't sell for whatever reason, and then, too, some stuff just really wasn't saleable, like some older, worn books not good for trade-credit, but still readable, or out-dated home decor knick-knacks, stuff like that.
So I listed the stuff on Freecycle and it got a new home. YaY.

But we've also gotten some 'treasures' from Freecycle.
We got some free wooden pallets that we built our compost bins out of, and one person was giving away an old chicken fence/coop. I haven't got my chickens I want yet, but we were able to use the chicken wire to enclose our tomato bed last year to keep the varmits from getting to the tomatoes before they could get ripe.

My Aunt gave my son and his girlfriend a bedroom suit, but not her mattresses, so we were able to get a free set of mattresses for them. They were nice mattresses, from the person's guest bedroom, hardly used.
We also got my youngest son an almost new top mattress for his bed. His old mattress was lumpy and bumpy. So when a lady listed she was giving away a twin size mattress, I jumped on it. I didn't know it's age or condition, but didn't figure it could be any worse than the one he had. Turned out, it was practically new. The lady had bought it and ended up having back problems. I'm not sure why she didn't return it to the store, it was that new, but good for us!

Then there's the refrigerator(s) story.
Awhile back, our kitchen refrigerator went out, quit working. We just threw it out, went and bought a new one, just that like, no second thought.
Then one day I noticed our spare fridge wasn't fridging well. The freezer worked fine, but the refrigerator part wasn't getting cold. Well I didn't want to throw it out. I remembered back when we were first married and dirt-floor poor and my husband had no choice but to fix stuff when it tore up. So I got on the internet and put in the symptoms and found a solution and turned out it was a $28.00 fix.

So when I saw a fridge posted on Freecycle, we went and got it. J fixed it, and I was going to list it on Craigslist for $50.00. Right about that time, though, he'd talked to his cousin and the cousin's fridge had died, so we gave him that one. It was nice to be able to help them like that.
We picked up another one last week, with the same symptoms. Hopefully we can fix it and sell it. If we can't, though, we'll take the new part out and keep it, and can junk the fridge at the scrapyard for $10 or so.

Yesterday my hubby went and picked up some extra posts and chain link fencing someone had leftover from getting a new fence. We - well, our backyard neighbors - have really, really old wooden fencing between our yards, and it's rotting away and has big holes in it, which dogs come through into the yard. So J figures he can install small sections of this chain-link fencing in front of the parts of the wooden fencing to block off the holes.
It may sound ugly, but I have plans. Some years ago I gave my Aunt a cutting of some TeaRoses from J's Grandma's yard, and she rooted it and planted it in the front corner of her backyard. This rosebush grew up and over her chainlink fence, and a profusion (or explosion) of little pink roses "waterfalls" over the front of the fence in the Spring. It's a beautiful effect.
In the meantime, until the roses grow up, I plan to try to grow some pumpkins using the fencing.

I want to grow my own pumpkins, and have tried a couple of times. I do not have a green thumb, so gardening is an adventure for us. The first year I tried was a total disaster. First of all, we were in a terrible drought. Then, I sprouted several seeds in trays inside, but then when they sprouted, and we planted them, I didn't know what was what. At one point I thought I was growing a watermelon, and it turned into a cantaloupe!
I never did get any watermelons or pumpkins that year.

Last year I seeded some pumpkins by themselves, and planted them by themselves behind the tomato cage, so there would be no mistake. They grew well, vines went everywhere. I didn't like the vines growing along the ground. J couldn't mow the grass without cutting up the vines, so the grass grew all up in with the vines. I wouldn't go messing around in them because I was afraid of finding a snake.
Well, one of the vines had actually grown upwards, all entwined in the tomato cage. I had read about growing pumpkins "up" before, for people without alot of growing space, they can actually grow vine fruits/veggies up the side of a building. Anyway, a little pumpkin started growing, so I went out and tied a rag under it, making it a little hammock to sit and grow in, so it wouldn't pull off it's vine as it got heavier.
Then one day J went out weed-eating around the area, and accidently whacked the vine.

So the plan for this year is to cut the bottom out of a plastic plant pot and plant the pumpkin plant it in, at the bottom of the section of fence. It will grow up the fence, and the foot of the vine will be protected from Wild-Weed-Whacker-Man.

I planted 9 pumpkin seeds in peat-pots in trays yesterday. Should have sprouts in a little while, and be ready to put them out in a few more weeks.

That's what we get out of Freecycle, but people list pretty much everything on there: kids/womens/mens clothes, toys, appliances, home decor, furniture, and on and on and on. Whatever you're looking for, someone is probably going to end up giving it away. It won't be new, and in some instances you may need to clean or paint or fix something, but for free, you can't really complain. If you end up not liking it, you can always list it on Freecycle and give it away to someone else, right.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I didn't know I was going to Kroger today until my car took me there. I wasn't even sure I had brought my Kroger coupon envelope along, or that I had the coupons I needed in it. But I did. Wild.

I had a $1/1 coupon from one of the boxes with the coupons inside it from a sale a few months ago, and then I had a coupon for $1/3 from one of the papers. But when I got there I found (1) $1/1 peelie on one box of cereal, and then there was a $1/2 Blinkie machine right there.

So it was:
$10.00 ($2.50 x 4)
- 1.00 MQ from in a box of cereal
- 1.00 MQ peelie
- 1.00/2 blinkie q
= 7.00

$2.28 milk
$2.28 milk
Both Free wyb (4) pariticpating Kellogg's/Keebler Products
= 0.00

$5.99 Scotch Fur Fighter
-4.00 Cellfire
-4.00 IP MQ
= +2.01 overage

$5.49 Nature Bounty Vitamin C (They had cheaper vitamins but I remembered what Brandy said about the coupons beeping, so I got the cheapest vitamins over $5.00 and they either didn't beep, or the cashier put them through anyway. I figure the was Kroger afterall.)
$0.00 Nature Bounty Vitamin C BOGO Sale
-5.00 IP Q
-5.00 IP Q
= +4.51 overage

Value of Items $31.53
Spent $0.47 + 1.10 tax = $1.57 oop

On my scratchy notes I had written about something that is a $3.00 OYNO Catalina deal, but didn't write what it was, and couldn't for the life of me remember. I didn't get one so apparently it wasn't the cereal....

Here it is:
For Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Cocoa Krispies, and Honey Smacks (all 10oz+)...
Buy 3, get $1 OYNO
Buy 4, get $3 OYNO
Buy 5, get $4 OYNO

It may be for the Mid-Atlantic area only...Is there no where we can find "official" info about Catalina deals?...Guess when I call about my Purex cat tomorrow I'll ask about the cereal.

Rite Aids

Two identical transactions:
$7.99 Lamasil
-3.00 MQ
-1.00 RA Vv Q
$4.49 J&J Baby Care
-1.00 MQ
-1.00 RA Vv Q
$0.01 J&J Baby Care (Buy-One-Get-One for .01 cent)
-1.00 MQ
-1.00 RA Vv Q
$4.40 (5) Hershey Bars
-4.40 (5) BOGO MQs (expired today)
$0.05 (5) Hershey Bars (Buy-One-Get-One for .01 cent)
$1.59 Glade A/Fs x 4
-1.50 Glade MQs x 4
-5.00/20.00 RA Vv Q

Value of Items $32.13
Spent $-.10 +.92 tax = $0.82 oop
SCRs $6.00 Lamasil
Final Total $5.18 profit x 2 = $10.36 profit


(Not pictured (2) more bundles of newspapers)

Spent $11.85 + .49 tax = $12.34 from Gift Card*
Saved $78.47

*Total should have been more like $1.90, but they pulled a fast one on me. Last week they said I could only use (4) of the Knox coupons, so this week I used (4) of the Knox coupons, expecting to get $10.44 overage, and this week they tell me I can't use them because the coupons are for the Nail Liquid only. Suuuuuuuuucks!


I really need to learn how to Spend RRs on...something. I end up with $40-something worth of them expiring all at the same time and it kills me to waste them when I can't roll them into more RR deals.

I spent some on two bundles of newspapers, all they had...I still refuse to pay $2.00 (or maybe $2.50 now) for a single paper when I can get 2 for $3.00...except the papers rang up $2.50 today, not $3.00, and threw my total off $1.00. Always something!!

I don't know if anything I got this week was a new sale; I think maybe they were mostly monthly sale stuff:

$8.99 Gillette Fusion or Embrace
-4.00 Q
= $4.99 - $4.00 RR = .99

$9.99 Olay Body Wash
-9.99 Free wby Venus Embrace

$2.50 Candy Pieces x 4
-1.00 MQ x 4
= $6.00 - $5.00 RR = $1.00

$0.39 Hunts Tomato Sauce w/ in-ad Q
-1.00/4 Blinkie Q
= .56/4

$.20 Seeds w/ in-ad Q

$2.50 Theraflu x 2
-2.00 IP q x 2
= $6.00 - $5.00 RR = $1.00

$0.49 Swedish Fish on sale this week (my kid loves these so they made a good filler)

Total Value of Items $96.48
RRs Spent $46.50
Cash Spent $2.33 + 5.29 tax = $7.62
RRs Earned $30.00
Final Total $24.12 cost

Finished qualifying for $15.00 Olay Rebate. Big deal :-(

I still have $43.50 RRs expiring this week, and another $10.00 expiring Sunday (which I can spend at Publix), plus the $30.00 I got today.
What am I going to spend the $43.50 on? I don't need hair stuff, teeth stuff, paper stuff, food stuff, medicene stuff, smelly stuff, cleaning stuff...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rite Aid

I was going to be done with Rite Aid for the week and use my last three Venus/Free Olay coupons at Walgreens next week, but then I came across this Venus/Olay/Cetaphil deal late in the game, so by the time I went looking for them today, there were hardly any razors left. One RA had razors, but not the Cetaphil. Oh well.

Transactions #1 & 2:
$7.99 Cetaphil
$5.99 Venus Spa Breeze
$8.99 Olay Body Wash
= $22.97

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv Q
-2.00 Cetaphil RA in-ad q
-5.00 Cetaphil IP Q
-2.00 Any Venus Spa Breeze
-8.99 Free Olay BW wyb Venus

Total -.02 + $1.12 tax = $1.10 oop

Total Value $45.94
Total Spent -.04 + 2.24 tax = $2.20
SCRs: None, but qualifies for 2/3 of $15.00 Olay Rebate


The first CVS I stopped into didn't have anything I was looking for to complete my shopping missions this week. I resigned myself to having to spend my Saturday chasing all over the country going to CVS's.

Good thing was, I remembered to ask for a Raincheck for (2) Crest Rinse.

The next CVS I stopped into - which was on my way and I didn't have to go on a cross-country trip to visit - had everything I needed to finish up. Couldn't believe it!

Card #1: Needed to roll $12.00 ECBs expiring today
$2.49 Thermacare Heat Wraps x 5
$6.00 Glade
$6.00 Glade
$1.59 Sobe x 4
= $30.81

-1.59 CVS Sobe BOGO Sale x 2
-1.59 Sobe BOGO IP Q x 2
-1.00 Thermacare IP Q x 5
-3.00 Glade
-3.00 Glade

-12.00 ECB

Total $1.45 + 1.81 tax = $3.26 oop
ECBs: $15.00 Thermacare, $4.00 Glade = $3.74 Profit

Card #2: Needed to roll $12.00 expiring ECBs
$2.49 Thermacare Heat Wraps x 5
$3.50 Crest Rinse x 2
$1.59 Sobe x 4
$1.99 Loafa Bread
= $27.80

-1.59 CVS Sobe BOGO Sale x 2
-1.59 Sobe BOGO IP Q x 2
-1.00 Thermacare IP Q x 5
-2.00 Crest Rinse x 2

-12.00 ECB

Total $.44 + 1.52 tax = $1.96 oop
ECBs: $15.00 Thermacare, $7.00 Crest Rinse, $1.00 Green Bag Tag = $9.04 Profit

Card #3: Needed to roll $1.00 ECB and get 1 more Glade to qualify for ECBs
$3.50 Crest Rinse x 2
$1.59 Sobe x 2
$6.00 Glade
= $16.18

-1.59 CVS Sobe BOGO Sale
-1.59 Sobe BOGO IP Q
-2.00 Crest Rinse x 2
-4.00 Glade

-1.00 ECB
-4.00 ECB

Total $0.00 + .90 tax = $.90 oop
ECBs: $4.00 Glade, $7.00 Crest = $5.10 profit

Total Value of Items: $74.79
Total ECBs Spent: $29.00
Total Cash Spent: $1.89 + 4.23 tax = $6.12
ECBs Earned: $53.00
Final Total: $17.88 PROFIT

Stopped in at one more CVS this afternoon when taking my boy to his basketball game, and lucky for me they were out of the Crest rinse, so I got a raincheck for (2) more! YaY. That should take care of the rest of my coupons, and make me another $4.00 profit.


I already knew going in that there was rumors that the Purex Catalinas had been discontinued. I hoped the Kroger peeps didn't know that, and would give me $4.00 or a gift card like the other store did a few days ago. Otherwise I wasn't too worried because I'm supposed to be able to call the Cat company and they'll send it to me.
Turned out the Kroger peeps didn't even know about the Purex Catalina at all. The cashier said those coupons just came out "randomly". The Front End Assistant Manager said "Well, ma'am, until we can verify this, we can't just give you money".

I don't understand why no one tells Kroger when there's going to be a Catalina deal. How can they possibly provide good customer service, if they don't have a clue what's going on in their store?
Oh, that's right, they could care less about customer service. What was I thinkin'?

She called another store, and eventually they came up with, "You only get one of the can't get both $4.00 for Pillsbury AND $4.00 for Purex". I just had to laugh at that one. Boy they can come up with some doozies!
I told her I'd done these same deals several times over the past two weeks...I asked her if she was even aware they had been having a Mega sale for the past two weeks? lol...anyway I told her I had gotten the coupons before, so I know they were wrong. (Ok, I lied, but I read at message boards that others had gotten both coupons in the same deal, so I knew they were wrong.)

Whatever. I'll call Catalina for my coupon, but it still just really flies all at me that the Whole Entire Kroger Corporation is Too Stupid to make sure their store employees are aware of sales and such going on in their stores.

One of my Cellfire coupons for the Grands also didn't come off. I'm about as fed up with their gimmicky no-working coupon trick.

Value of Items: $30.46
Total Spent: $0.92 + .52 tax = $1.44 oop

Rec'd $4.00 OYNO Pillsbury

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Card #2:
$2.99 Aussie Hairspray
$2.99 Colgate Max
$5.79 Gillette Disposable Razors
$6.00 Glade Candle
$6.00 Glade Candle
= $23.77

-1.00 Aussie 2/14 RP
-1.50 Colgate Tearpad
-3.00 Gillette 1/10 RP
-3.00 Glade 2/07 SS
-3.00 Glade 2/07 SS

-6.00 ECB

Spent $1.27 + 1.31 tax = $2.58 oop
ECBs: $2.00 Aussie, $2.00 Colgate, $2.00 Gillette, $4.00 Glade
Final Total: $1.42 Profit

Card #3:

$2.99 Aussie Hairspray
$2.99 Colgate Max
$5.79 Gillette Disposable Razors
$6.00 Glade Candle
$6.00 Glade Candle
$6.00 Glade Reed Diffuser
= $29.77

-1.00 Aussie 2/14 RP
-1.50 Colgate Tearpad
-3.00 Gillette 1/10 RP
-3.00 Glade 2/07 SS
-3.00 Glade 2/07 SS
-3.00 Glade 2/07 SS

-10.00 ECB

Spent $0.27 + 1.03 tax = $1.30 oop
ECBs: $2.00 Aussie, $2.00 Colgate, $2.00 Gillette, $4.00 Glade
Final Total: $1.30 cost
(but will make it a profit when I buy one more Glade)

Card #1:
$6.00 Glade Sense&Spray
$6.00 Glade Sense&Spray
$3.50 Crest Rinse
$3.50 Crest Rinse
$1.59 Sobe
$0.00 Sobe BOGO sale
= $22.18

-4.00 Glade 1/24 SS
-4.00 Glade 1/24 SS
-2.00 Crest 2/07 P&G
-2.00 Crest 2/07 P&G
-1.59 Sobe BOGO IP q

-2.00 ECB

Spent $0.00 + 1.03 tax = $1.03 oop
ECBs: $4.00 Glade, $7.00 Crest
Final Total: $7.94 profit

Final Totals:
Value of Items $75.72
ECBs Spent $18.00
Cash Spent $1.54 + 3.37 tax = $4.91 oop
ECBs Earned $31.00
Final Total $8.09 profit

Rite Aid

My Rite Aid shopping today makes me think I ought to put a warning sign on my blog for anyone here learning about coupon shopping that they are learning from a dummy. (Hm, kind of like at my kids' schools.)

When I first started figuring out how to do the Olay deal, I was working with the theory of buying the 3/$18 body washes. But that had me paying alot out of pocket, which made the Target deal with the $5 gift cards back look like the better deal.

But then I wondered, hm, if those Olays ring up at $6.00 each, then I can break them up into separate transactions and be able to use more $5/$20 coupons.
They did ring up at $6.00 each, so for the first two transactions I combined it with a pack of diapers (and a bottle of Bayer aspirin, for no particular reason).
My out of pocket after coupons was $4.37 plus tax, and I get a $3.00 SCR on the diapers, and then the Olay was 1/3 of the $15.00 Olay MIR.

That store didn't have anymore razors so I had to go to a different store after that, and it was while I was shopping for the third bottle of Olay Body Wash, it dawned on me...Why do I care what the Olay Body Wash costs? There's no spending limit for the MIR, and I was getting it free with the Buy Venus Get Olay Free coupon anyway. Duhhhhh.

The last deal I did was buying Zyrtec. I got an email from Rite Aid letting me know I still needed to spend $9.05 more to qualify for a $10.00 Gift Card and that the deal was ending 2/27. This week there was a $2.00 Rite Aid coupon in the paper, plus I had a $2.00 MQ, so I got the $14.99 package of Zyrtec and qualify for a $10.00 Gift Card.

By the way...the first Rite Aid I went to, the cashier is very friendly and has gotten to know me and doesn't give me a hard time like many of them will, for no reason except to be hateful apparently.
Anyway, I forgot to give her a Video Values coupon for the Huggies, and I asked her if there was anything we could do, or was I just out of luck this time? She said, Oh sure, and did a Post Coupon Sale, rang up the coupon, and gave me $1.00 back.
So all those that tell you they "Can't" are more just saying they "Won't".

Transaction #1 & 2:
$2.49 Bayer Aspirin
$8.99 Huggies Diapers
$6.00 Olay Body Wash
$5.99 Venus Embrace Disposable razors
= $23.47

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv q
-2.00 Bayer RA Vv q
-1.00 Bayer MQ 1/31 SS
-1.00 Huggies RA Vv q
-3.00 Huggies MQ Home Mailer
-6.00 Olay wyb Venus Embrace 2/07 P&G
-2.00 Venus Embrace 2/07 P&G

Spent $3.47 + 1.29 tax = $4.76 oop
SCR $3.00 Huggies

Transaction #3:
$8.99 Huggies Diapers
$8.99 Olay Body Wash
$5.99 Venus Embrace Disposable razors
= $23.97

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv q
-1.00 Huggies RA Vv q
-2.00 Huggies IPq (No longer available?)
-8.99 Olay wyb Venus Embrace 2/07 P&G
-2.00 Venus Embrace 2/07 P&G

Spent $4.98 + 1.14 tax = $6.12 oop
SCR $3.00 Huggies
MIR $15.00 Olay

Transaction #4:
$14.99 Zyrtec
$2.49 Bayer Aspirin
$2.49 Bayer Aspirin
$1.59 Glade Plugins
$1.59 Glade Plugins
$2.00 GE Lightbulbs
$2.00 GE Lightbulbs
= $27.15

-2.00 Zyrtec in-ad q
-2.00 Zyrtec MQ Brochure found in drug store some time ago
-2.00 Bayer RA Vv q
-2.00 Bayer RA Vv q
-1.00 Bayer MQ 1/31 SS
-1.00 Bayer MQ 1/31 SS
-1.50 Glade MQ 1/24 SS
-1.50 Glade MQ 1/24 SS
-3.00 Lightbulbs in-ad q

Spent $6.15 + 1.33 tax = $7.48 oop
SCR: $10.00 Gift Card Zyrtec

Value of all: $98.06
Spent: $18.07 + 5.05 tax = $23.12 oop
SCRs: $9.00 Huggies, $10.00 Gift Card Zyrtec
MIR: $15.00 Olay
Final Total $10.88 Profit, and I will sell the diapers for $5.00 a bag on Craigslist for another $15.00 Profit.


With the $5 gift card deals for razors and Olay body wash this week, the Embrace/Olay deal seemed like a better deal at Target.

They had three Venus razors, but they weren't scanning for 6.99 or for the gift card on the store scanner. Since I was holding a sign in my hand that said it should work, the Associate went to a Manager and they decided to honor the deal.

Value of items: $42.46
Spent: $15.96 + 1.92 tax = $17.88 oop
Got $15.00 Gift Cards = $2.88 total cost
Remit for $15.00 Olay MIR = $12.12 Profit


Shopped at another Kroger hoping to find .99 cent after Daytona sale Grand's, but still no luck...still $1.39 after sale. Blah.

I got 3 things of Purex because I ended up with one extra coupon. Got a $5.00 OYNO Catalina coupon.

They had plenty of the .99 Healthy Life bread. I got 5 loaves; put 4 in the freezer.

Value of items: $19.42
Total Spent: $0.48 oop
Rec'd $5.00 OYNO


Being Wednesday, the plan was to shop the new week sale at one store, then go down the road and finish up last weeks' sale at one or two of the other stores which are on different sale days.
But for some reason I can't recall at the moment I wimped out on shopping the new sale and just went on the other stores and finished up last weeks' sale.
Store #1:
Spent $.54 + .42 tax = $0.96 from Gift Card
Saved: $39.03

I got overage from the Nyquil 2ct. (1.29 - 2.00 MQ 1/17 P&G), Bandaids (.79 - 1.00 MQ 1/03 RP), Bayer ($2.37 - $2.00 Rite Aid Q - 1.00 MQ 1/31 SS), Birdseye (.89 - .50 (doubled) MQ 2/07 SS), Mahatama Rice (.89 - .50 (doubled) MQ 2/07 RP), and this store accepts $5/$20 Rite Aid Q.
I spent my overage on milk and fish fry.
Store #2:
Spent: $2.03 + 1.15 tax = $3.18 from Gift Card
Saved: $57.23

*This was my last shop of the day and I was sooooo tired. I had figured my total was supposed to be .87 overage which I planned to dip into paying the taxes, so I knew the $2.03 was too much, but I guess I was too brain dead to realize how much too much. Then I was cold when I got in the car, and all I could think about was making it home.
Later I found out I was charged twice for the one box of Little Debbie Cupcakes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Blah, what a day. Shoulda just stayed home. Toooo co-o-o-ld, brrrr!!!
Didn't have any trouble today, but just didn't get to do all the deals I would have liked to.

$2.50 x 5 Special K Fruit Crisps = $12.50
-1.00/1 x 5 IP MQ
-1.00/2 x 2 Target Q 1/10 RP
= $5.50 + .17 tax = $5.67
Paid w/ $4.18 Target Gift Card and $1.49 oop

Rec'd $5.00 Gift Card (=$0.67 for 5 boxes)
$12.99 Scrubbing Bubbles Auto Shower Cleaner
- 7.00 IP MQ

= $5.99 + .65 = $6.55
Paid w/ $5.00 Target Gift Card from Spec K deal and $1.55 oop

Rec'd $5.00 Gift Card w/ FREE $5 Target gift card with the purchase of the shower kit from 11/15 SS (=$1.55 cost)
$12.99 Scrubbing Bubbles Auto Shower Cleaner
- 7.00 IP MQ

= $5.99 + .65 = $6.55
Paid w/ $5.00 Target Gift Card from Scrub Bubs deal and $1.55 oop

Rec'd $5.00 Gift Card w/ FREE $5 Target gift card with the purchase of the shower kit from 11/15 SS (=$1.55 cost)

Value of Items $38.48
Spent $4.18 GC + 1.49 + 1.55 + 1.55 = $8.77
Rec'd $5.00 Gift Card
Total Cost $3.77


This week Staples has Free After Rebate Printing Calculators for $14.99, limit 2.

I don't need Printing Calculators, but I had a $40.90 Rewards Certificate so I thought it'd be good to roll it into, and get a Rebate Check back.

First the fellow told me he didn't have anymore, then he was able to find one up in the overhead storage area. I asked about them ordering me another one; the first guy said I had to buy it in-store to get the reward, I said I would buy it in-store if he'd order it. Then Manager told me he couldn't order it because it was a President's Day thing and they wouldn't be getting anymore.

He said he could look and see if any other stores had it in stock so I said to check Rome since I plan to go up there soon anyway. I asked if I could buy both the calulators at his store and be able to go pick up the other calculator and he said Sure we can!
The Rome store showed having 5 in stock, so he called up there and told them he was going to sell one of their calculators in his store and I'd come pick it up. Not a problem.
The lady in line behind me asked "You can do that?"

And even after that whole big dicussion about it, he only charged me for one calculator.
I didn't realize it until I was on up the road and my mind caught up with me and it dawned on me that I shouldn't have gotten such a large Reward Credit ticket back.
Problem being, when I spend it I have to spend the whole amount, when I had wanted to only spend for the two calculators, and have the remainder left to spend in case another deal came up.


$2.99 Aussie Hairspray
$2.99 Colgate Advanced
$5.79 Gillette Disposable
$6.00 Glade Reed Diffuser
$6.00 Glade Reed Diffuser
= $23.77

-1.00 Aussie Product 2/14 RP
-1.50 Colgate Advanced Tearpad
-3.00 Gillette Disp. 1/10 RP
-3.00 Glade 2/07 SS
-3.00 Glade 2/07 SS

-1.00 ECB
-6.00 ECB

Total .27 + 1.24 tax = $1.51 oop
ECBs: $4.00 Glade, $2.00 Aussie, $2.00 Colgate, $2.00 Gillette
Final Total: $1.49 profit

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I had an $8.00 RR expiring today...I was going to buy another Razor and something at Walgreens, but I thought, if I buy my newspapers, that only leaves me $3.00 to spend on the razor, which means I'm spending cash oop, and you know I don't like to do that, lol.

Anyhow, the Publix there accepts RRs as Competitor coupons, so I thought it'd be better to buy my papers and spend the rest on grocery type stuff.
Dern bundle papers went up from $2.50 to $3.00 :-(
I only bought four papers this week, and have a feeling I bought them for just one coupon.

Pretty funny, my kid was asking me the other day why I didn't buy Taquitoes anymore, and I said, I never have, that I know of. He says I did, and wanted some more. This morning when I was putting together my shopping list, it was funny to see the Taquitoes on BOGO this week. That'd never happen in a million years.

Not pictured is four Knox Gelatines I left with my Mom.

$4.49 BOGO Goodlife Catfood
-2.00 MQ 1/24 RP x 2
= .25 each

$4.99 BOGO Taquitoes
-1.00 1/17 SS x 2
= 1.49 each

.99 Hallmark Expressions Cards
-.99 Hallmark Expressions Tearpad
= Free

$3.00/2 Bumble Bee Whte Canned Chicken
-1.00/2 Blinkie
= 1.00 each

1.39 Knox Gelatine
-4.00 MQ ??
= +2.61 overage

$1.49 Medicated Chapstick x 2
- .50/2 (doubled) 12/13 RP
-1.00/1 Publix Green Advantage Flyer x 2
= +.01 overage

$1.75 Crystal Light Drink Mix (Natural, no Aspartame)
-1.00 Kroger Mailer MQ
= .75

$3.00 AJC

$2.29 Publix Flour

Order Total $1.56 + 3.01 tax = $4.57 from Gift Card
Saved $101.38


Went to three different Walgreens trying to roll these RRs over, but could only find one box of Joint Juice at two of them, and none at the other. Oh well, my good Wags will take the last one later in the week.

Joint Juice $10.00
Used $10.00 RR
Spent .70 tax = .70 oop
Recd' $10.00 RR

Joint Juice $10.00
Refreshing Cola .79
Used $8.00 RR and $2.00 RR
Spent .79 + .62 tax = $1.41 oop

$2.11 cost


Wasn't really planning to do a Kroger shop today but J wanted to stop and get some gas so I got him to drop me at the door and intended to run in and do a quic shop while he filled up.

Well, our Grand's biscuts were $1.39 after Daytona Sale - not .99 as advertised by Michelle at iheartsavingmoney, who is in the same area I'm in, so I don't know what happened there.
At any rate, I had to try to find some other stuff to buy instead.

Value before coupons $22.83
Total Spent $.84 + .80 tax = $1.64 oop
Rec'd $4.00 Kroger Gift Card
(Catalina didn't print)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Next Week

The snow is melting fast, things should be back to normal soon. Since I've been at home a couple of days, I started making some preliminary shopping plans for next week. Here's my notes:
(The store names are linked to the iheart... sites for more information and coupon sources)

So far I don't see a single good deal at Walgreens next week. But as it goes, of course I have $38.00 worth of RRs expiring tomorrow, the 14th.

The only thing I can really do is roll $30.00 of them on the $10.00, get $10.00 RR Joint Juice Monthly deal.

The other $8.00 I figure I'll get another Gillette Fusion Razor ($4.99 after $4.00 MQ 2/07 P&G), and then I don't know about the rest of it.

CVS has several good deals next week, probably more than I decided on at the moment because I didn't think was worth doing without a $X/$XX coupon. But with the Crest Rinse having $2.00 profit (after ECBs), it could be applied towards another item to make it free.

Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield Toothpaste (4 - 4.2 oz) or Rinse (14.8 oz) $3.50; Get $3.50 ECB = FAECB (Limit 2)
$0.75 coupon 2/7 P&G = $0.75 profit
$2.00 ANY Crest rinse 440ml or larger 2/7 P&G = $2.00 profit

Aussie Sham/Cond/Stylers $2.99; Get $2.00 ECB = .99 (Limit 1)
$1 coupon 2/14 RP = FREE/$0.01 profit

Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste 4oz $2.99 Get $2 ECB Limit 1
$1.00 Jan All You (2-28-10) Colgate Total Toothpaste (4-oz.+)
$1.00 RIB (3-15-10) Any Colgate Total Advanced 4oz or larger
= FREE/$0.01 profit

Sobe Life Water (20 oz) BOGO sale, use BOGO coupon = two for FREE

Spend $12 Get $4 ECB wyb Glade products Limit 3
Glade Plugins freshener refills 3pk, scented oil refill 1 pk, Sense and Spray refill, Essential Oil Candles 4oz, scented oil candle refills 3ct or holder 2/$6
Glade Sense and Spray, Plug-ins Lasting Impressions, Fragrance Collection scented reed diffuser 1.62oz or soy candle 4.9-10oz $6
$3 Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder 1/24 SS
$2/2 Glade Sense & Spray Refills 1/24 SS
$3 Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit 1/24 SS
Glade Plugins Scented Oil Warmer Free up to $3.99 wyb Scented Oil Refill
$3/2 on The Fragrance Collection by Glade at or
Glade Candles and Sense & Spray IP : Thanks tawaik!
$3.00 Glade, The Fragrance Collection, 10oz Candle or Reed Diffuser 2/7 SS

(I will NOT be doing this one, lol)
Cover Girl makeup - buy two, get back $5 EB (Limit 1). Includes Lashblast Length Mascara, Smoky Shadowblast or Shineblast Lipgloss - $7 each, Clean Liquid Foundation or Pressed Powder - $6 each or Simply Ageless Concealer or Corrector - $10 each. Buy two for $6 each, use the BOGO coupon from the 2/7 P&G = $1 for both

(February Deal)
PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts $1.50, use $1 coupon (1/3 SS) and get back $1.50 EB (Limit 1) = $1 profit or FREE without coupon

Rite Aid:
Motrin PM 20 ct $2.99 get $2 SCR #16 1/24-2/27
Motrin PM (20ct) $2.99 – $2 SCR = 99¢
$1 off any Motrin (except trial) exp RP 1/3 insert coupon
Make sure you get the MOTRIN PM 20 ct. not the regular Motrin. At the 2 stores I was in this morning, they were with the sleeping aids, not with the other Motrin products.

The in-ad Q says "Visine 0.5oz Eye Care
so it is $4.99 - $3 manu IP - $2 RA in ad and then it is free + filler to add to get to $20

GE Soft White Bulbs 2/$4 – $3/2 in-ad coupon = 2/$1

Venus Disposable 2 or 3 ct. $5.99
-2.00 Venus Embrace

Olay skin & bath care 3/$18
Any Olay facial cleanser, complete or active hydrating moisturizer 2-4 oz, ribbons body wash 18 oz or bar soap 6 pack
-$15 mir wyb 3 Olay Facial Moisturizers, Facial Treatments, Facial Cleansers, Hand & Body Lotions, Body Washes, or 6+ Bar Soap Packs (coming soon to
-$1 Olay Body Wash, Bar, or in-Shower Lotion P & G 1/17/10
-$1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser or any Olay Body Wash, in-shower Body Lotion, Bar Soap or Hand & Body Lotion no 30ml size rp 021410

Huggies $8.99 – $3 SCR = $5.99
$2 off any Huggies Diapers (Jumbo Packs)
$1 off any Huggies Goodnites or Pull-Ups (any Variety Jumbo Packs) JAN VV

Ultra or Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Kitss 50% off

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rite Aid

Ok, if I never see another Covergirl BOGO coupon, it will be too soon!
So I was planning to wait until tomorrow or Saturday to finish up my Rite Aid shopping to see about the new Olay MIRs rumored to be starting tomorrow or Saturday, and then my husband starts talking about Snow. I thought he was talking about Up North again and didn't really pay attention at first. Eventually it dawned on me, they were talking about HERE.
Snow isn't a big deal here, usually lasts a couple hours or a day at best. The problem is after the snow melts, because it rarely stays below freezing here during the daytime, but then the melted snow freezes into ice when the temps drop down to freezing again in the night. So even if the snow only lasts one day, it's entirely possible there could be icing the next day. Which means, I don't drive.
Since I could possibly be trapped at home the next couple of days, and the sale/P&G Rebate ends Saturday, I had to run out tonight to finish up my plans for this week.

I had five orders, which I didn't want to do all at one store, so I went to a city where there are three RAs relatively close in location.

It was already 7:00pm by the time we got there, so I had two hours to work. And, turned out, I had left my plans paper on my desk at home.
As if things weren't already challenging enough, Rite Aid throws in a 25% off Cosmetics 4-day Sale wrench.
The sign said it was 25% off Regularly priced cosmetics, so I figured the prices with 25% off the regular priced item, and 50% off the second item. I had to get higher priced items because it lowered my cost taking off the 25%, and the point was to reach the $100.00 threshold for the P&G rebate.

Checked out and my total was $8.xx. Whaaaat? Turned out the 25% off is overriding the BOGO50% sale. Both items rang up 25% off.
The cashier at this store was very good, and she price modified the 2nd item to the 50% off the regular price. And she didn't give me any trouble about accepting the BOGO Covergirl coupon with the regular price of the makeup, even though Rite Aid gave me 25% off of it.

I really, really should have done both Covergirl shops at that store. But I wasn't sure how it would go, and I didn't want to push it.

Went to Rite Aid number I hate. In fact, as we pulled into the parking lot I told my husband "I really don't like this Rite Aid." But usually I shop there during the daytime, and I was really hoping the night crew wouldn't be as ignert.

I explained the cosmetics issue, and the cashier didn't have any trouble modifying the prices like they should be. But then she didn't want to take my BOGO coupon for the regular price of the makeup. She called the Shift Supervisor up, and I was trying to explain to her that the Rite Aid sale is irrelevant to manufacturer coupon redemption, and that the manufacturer would reimburse the regular price. She told me, No they won't. She said they will only reimburse what I got it for.
So I said ok, fine, put in it for the sale price...and then she tells the cashier to take the lowest priced one off. I said Oh no you don't! I asked where it was written in the Rite Aid Coupon Policy that they have to take off the lowest priced item? She said, that's just they way they always do it. I said well you just always do it wrong then!
So she says I can come back in the morning and talk to the Store Manager. I said Oh no, I'll be calling your Corporate. Then she tried to say well, they couldn't "give" me what I didn't pay. I said Oh, I bet you can. Wait and see.

I took my coupons back and left my stuff sitting there and left.
I mean, it's one thing for these people to not understand how coupons work. But to have that "I know it all" attitude, and to argue when they can't show or explain why they supposedly have this stupid rule, and say "That's just the way we always do it", just really flies all at me.

So then we went to the third Rite Aid, which I usually love and have no problem, but then again that's during the daytime and the day cashiers know me.

I did my two easier transactions first. The Carefree Ultra $1/2 Manufacturer coupon beeped again...usually this would have been one of the stores they would see that I had gotten the items and put it in anyway. This little gal decided it wouldn't work because I'd reached my limit of coupons by using the Rite Aid coupons on them. I just said okay and tok the coupon back. I didn't point out that the Bayer coupons didn't beep, even as they were giving overage.

Another coupon I had was the Get Free Olay Body Wash wyb Venus Razor, and I had wrote $8.99, the price of the Olay in the box. The register "beeped" and she looked at it and the coupon like she didn't know what to do. I told her it wanted her to put in the price of the body wash, which was $8.99...I had already wrote it in, to make it easier on us both.
And she went and pushed a button to cancel the coupon, and run up the register tape to check the price for herself.

I made a sort of jokingly comment about her not trusting me, and told her I usually shopped there during the day, but had to come tonight because I heard it was supposed to snow tomorrow. Anyway, I told her I was related to (the Store Manager) and I wasn't coming in there spending bad coupons in his store or trying to rip him off. She just looked at me like I was stupid. Okaay.

So then we were to the Covergirl deal. I explained to her about the 25% off sale overriding the 50% off sale, and that the 2nd item would need to be modified. She picked up the phone and called for her Manager to come up there.
I explained it to her and she told the cashier to do the modification. Because of my sadly lacking math skills, when the little screen showed how much it took off, I couldn't add up how much it actually charged. Later I found out she had taken 50% off the 25% off price, rather than the regular price.
Usually I'd say, too bad, her mistake, but since I really am somewhat related (by marriage) to the Store Manager, I need to take them back and see if he wants to fix it. Because she took off the sale price, I wasn't able to use my $2.50/2 coupon, because my total was too low. But they aren't getting reimbursed for the "sale" she gave me, and I'd rather have bought it with the coupon, which they can redeem.

Then she argued with me about taking off the regular price of the makeup with the BOGO coupon. She said they were told they have to take off the lowest sale amount. Which makes no sense. There's no reason for it.
She called the Manager back up there, who tried to tell me the same thing, and I said, you know how when Rite Aid has Buy-One-Get-Free sales, and we're still allowed to use a coupon on the free item, because even though we didn't pay anything, Rite Aid still gets reimbursed for the's like that same thing, even though Rite Aid is selling it at these sale prices, the manufacturer will still reimburse the regular price of the item.
I guess she saw my point, or just didn't want to argue with me, and nodded for the cashier to accept it like I wanted.

I'm just glad it's over.

Value Before Coupons $159.47
Spent: $2.10 + 5.57 tax = $7.67 oop
SCRs: $2.00 GE Bulbs, $1.00 Gillette Shave Gel, $1.00 Nyquil

$35.00 P&G Visa Gift Card and $5.00 Nivea Rite Aid Gift Card

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kroger Daytona Sale

I was going to pass on the Kroger Daytona didn't look that great to me at first. Still didn't improve tremendously, but for two things: the Purex Catalina deal, and the Scotch Fur Fighter.

The Purex deal is, the Purex 50oz. is on Daytona Mega sale for $2.19 wyb ten participating items (8 more in addition to the Purex), and there is a .35 coupon that doubles to .70 at my Krogers, making it $1.49 each.
Buy two, and when you check out, you get a $4.00 On Your Next Order (ONYO) Catalina coupon. Which makes your Purex free, plus a $1.02 profit on what you spent on the Purex.
(You get a $5.00 OYNO if you buy three, but that means you get $1.66 back per bottle, as opposed to $2.00 when you buy two, so buying two is the better deal.)

The Scotch Fur Fighter starter pack costs $5.99, regular price, not part of Daytona sale. There is a $4.00 Cellfire e-coupon you add to your Kroger card, and then you can use a $4.00 off IP q available HERE, for a total of $8.00 off, or $2.01 overage to apply to the remainder of your order.
(Unless, of course, you run into a Coupon-Nazi cashier.)
Value Before Coupons: $19.96
Spent: $4.66 + .75 tax = $5.41
Rec'd $4.00 OYNO = $1.41 cost

The loaf breads in the picture below are Healthy Life Whole Grain Half-Loaves, on sale for .99 through the 27th (if I remember rightly). There is a .50 coupon in the (what insert?), which doubles to .99 in this case, so no overage, but free bread.
Value Before Coupons: $22.92
Spent: $0.26 + .76 tax = $0.98
Rec'd $4.00 OYNO = $3.02 profit

Final Total:
Value: $42.88
Final: $1.61 profit


Also visited Wags this am...the one I like best.

I did (6) transactions, spending $10.00 and $8.00 RRs.

The deals were:
$5.99 Dove Men's Care Body Wash
-1.50 IPq
= 4.49
Get $6.00 RR = $1.51 profit

$8.99 Gillette Fusion MVP Razor
-4.00 MQ 2/07 P&G
= 4.99
Get $4.00 RR = $.99 cost

$2.00 Super Poligrip
-1.50 IPq
= .50
Get $2.00 RR = $1.50 profit

$6.00/2 Kotex Tampons
-1.50/2 MQ ??
= 4.50
Get $3.00 RR = $1.50/2 boxes cost

$0.67 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp (all 3 Musketeers qualify for RR, but the Truffles sales give some sort of contest credit to your cashier and makes them happy)
-0.18 Wags in-ad Q
= .49
Get $1.50 RR wyb (4) = $0.46/4 cost

$0.99 Oreo Cookies x 11 boxes
-1.00 Nabsico Crackers (we call them crackers in the South) x 10
= .89 cost
(Qualifies for $20.00 Back-to-School Rebate)

$2.19 Aquafresh Toothpaste
-1.20 Wags in-ad Q
- .75 MQ ??
= .24 cost

$1.99 Hall's x 4
-4.00 Wags in-ad Q
-3.98 BOGO Q Tearpad found at Kroger several months back x 2
-1.00/2 MQ ??
= 1.02 overage/4

$0.99 (Price modified to $1.00) Clearance Bonnie Bell lip balm
-1.00 IPq
= Free
(The price of item can be changed up, or the coupon entered for less, I don't reckon it really matters?)

$1.79 Bread
$1.59 Milk
-1.00 on Milk wyb Bread
= $3.38 cost
(Not really, I got Hall's overage in the same transaction)

Value Before Coupons: $156.10

RRs Spent $46.00
Cash Spent $5.34 + 6.33 tax = $11.67
RRs Earned $55.50

Final Total $2.17 cost

Rite Aid

Got four more Rite Aid shops done this morning, in which I finished out a P&G deal and a completed a Nivea deal. 
I spent more on the Nivea than maybe neccessary, buying six $2.99 items, but I never could find the .99 Nivea lotion tins until, of course, I had already bought the body wash and lip balm. And it wasn't .99, but $1.19 at that RA. And I wasn't totally sure if it would clear for the SCR. I would be mighty mad to get done and it not count and I end up .05 short of getting the rebate.

The first shop I did I bought Covergirl makeup. I guess my brain was still frozen and I wasn't thinking and bought more expensive makeup than I was planning, so spent a couple of dollars more than I should have. For some dumb reason I didn't total the makeup I bought, and went with the total I had in my written plans, even knowing the makeup cost I still thought I was going .52 into the negative and bought a $1.00 bag of croutons to make up the difference.
I blame it on the weather. I know we're not as cold as some places, but if I was meant to be this cold, I'd have been born up north.

Anyway, shop #2 worked out pretty nicely. The only thing is my $1/2 Carefree Ultra coupons keep beeping and I can't figure out why. This Rite Aid cashier said she couldn't make it take if it beeped, so I said don't worry about it. (I had planned in advance for it to beep and they not accept it.)
$7.99 Venus Razor
$8.99 Olay Body Wash
$1.99 Carefree Ultra liners
$1.99 Carefree Ultra liners
= $20.96

-5.00/20.00 Vv
-2.00 Venus 2/07 P&G
-8.99 Olay Body Wash wyb Venus 2/07 P&G
-2.00 Carefree Ultra Vv
-2.00 Carefree Ultra Vv
= -19.99

Total $0.97 + 1.12 tax = $2.09 oop

This finished my P&G Rebate so I qualify for the $35.00 Visa gift card.

The next two transactions were almost identical. This was one of my good Rite Aids, and even though the Carefree coupon beeped, the cashier said "Well I can see you bought the required items" and she entered it manually. Except in the 2nd order instead of taking $1.00 off, she accidently added $1.00.  I knew it didn't seem right, but I wasn't sure because I wasn't entirely positive the first order had rung up right, and anyway I didn't want to fluster her (or me) trying to go back and figure out what went wrong and trying to do it all over again, so I let it go.

My first order was -.06 before tax, which wasn't what was written on my plan. It's right, but I'm not sure how.  The second order was only $1.93 plus tax, so it wasn't a huge deal.
For about $3.00, I got 4 bags of Hershey Kisses and 2 dozen the Nivea Body Wash/Lip Balm and Carefree and Trident gum....and I'm getting back a $5.00 Rite Aid Gift Card, so I still made a Profit.
Can't argue with that.

Trident Gum deal:
Trident Gum is on sale BOGO this week.
There is a .75 off Trident Layers coupon in the 2/07 SS
Trident Layers single pack at Rite Aid is $1.49.
So buy (2) Tridents:
$1.49 Trident
$0.00 Trident BOGO
- .75 MQ
- .75 MQ
= Free gum

My son had basketball practice this evening, so while he was doing that, I popped over to the Rite Aid to try to do another shop. This was the Rite Aid I had trouble at a couple Saturdays ago, when they were only going to take one coupone per customer, including manufacturer coupons. I complained to Corporate, and had a conversation with the Store Manager, who was very apologetic, and apparently took care of the problem because the little girl had a whole different attitude tonight.
I don't care what she said about me after I was gone...but she treated me right while I was there. So I will call her Store Manager tomorrow and give Compliments.

Anyway this deal worked out like it was supposed to, I spent $1.84 oop, and have $23.96 towards another P&G Visa card.
$76.xx something more to go to reach the $100.00 mark.  I heard rumors of a new Olay Rebate coming out on Friday, so now I'm holding on to see what it's about before I do anymore.

Today's Totals:
Value Before Coupons $119.47

Spent $6.05 + 5.46 tax = $11.51 oop

SCRs: $35.00 P&G Visa Gift Card and $5.00 Nivea Gift Card

I don't know how to figure exactly how much I spent altogether to earn the gift cards, since I also got alot of other stuff for my money, so I just figure it up by the overall totals and rebates and I know I'm making a profit so I guess I'm doing good.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I had a BUNCH of transactions to do at Walgreens today, but only got two done and I had to go.
Checking out the first transaction, the young Punk 20-something boy cashier thinks he knows more about using coupons than I, a 40-something year old Mom, do. He really touched a nerve, and I let him know in no uncertain terms I didn't appreciate it, him, or that store at all.
I went and shopped for my next transaction, ready to dare him to give me trouble again. But when I got back up there he was leaving for lunch and there was an older lady cashier (groaaaan). She didn't give me any trouble with my coupons, and didn't say anything rude, but her attitude was just crap. She didn't greet me, and didn't say anything until she told me my total, and when I handed her my coupons she was jerking them off the stack and flinging them in front of the scanner. She grabbed two of them together and when I tried to tell her there were two coupons stuck together she was like "What?". You would have thought I'd cussed at her.

After that I said scah-rew-ew-ew-ew this! I can go to my Good Walgreens later.

Transaction #1:
$5.99 Dove Men's Body Wash
$3.00 Kotex Tampons
$3.00 Kotex Tampons
$2.00 Super Poligrip
$1.99 Hall's x 4
$0.67 3 Musketeers x 4
= $24.62

-0.71 3 Musketeers Wags in-ad Q
-4.00 Hall's Wags in-ad Q
-1.50 Dove Men's IP
-1.50 Super Poligrip IP
-1.00/2 Hall's
-0.99 Hall's Bogo (the smartass little knowitall punk wouldn't
-0.99 Hall's Bogo put in $1.99 for the price)

-10.00 RR

Total $2.43 = 1.32 tax = $3.75 oop
RRs Earned: $1.50 3 Musketeeers wyb 4; $6.00 Dove; $2.00 Super Poligrip; $3.00 Kotex
Final: $1.25 cost

Transaction #2:
$5.99 Dove Men's Body Wash
$8.99 Gillette Fusion Razor
$2.00 Super Poligrip
$5.99 Book "Acheron" by Sherrilyn Kenyon
$10.89 (11) Nabisco Cookies
= $33.86

-1.50 Dove Men's IP
-1.50 Super Poligrip IP
-4.00 Gillette Razor
-10.00 Nabsico $1/1 MQs

-10.00 RR
- 5.00 RR

Total $1.86 = 1.94 tax = $3.80 oop
RRs Earned: $6.00 Dove; $2.00 Super Poligrip; $4.00 Gillette
Final: $6.80 cost

Final Total:
Value of items: $58.48
RRs Spent: $25.00
Cash Spent: $4.29 + 3.26 = $7.55
RRs Earned: $24.50
Final: $8.05 cost

Rite Aid

I managed to do (3) deals at Rite Aid today...only 497 more to go...j/k, but it seems like it, I have alot going on at Rite Aid this week.

I needed $69.xx to complete another P&G deal, and the Covergirl is the quickest route to it, so I started with it. Or, I should say, tried to start with it.
I was under the assumption that the highest priced items would ring up full price, and the least items would ring up half price. But that's not the way it worked. I had two makeups at $9.99, and one rang up half-price, then I had two concealers at $4.69 and one of those rang up half price.
So I said oh, wait, nevermind, let me go get four different items. So I went and got makeup at $9.99, something else for $8.49, concealer for $4.69, and blush for $4.39. It still didn't work.
I even had her do it where she rang up the $9.99 then the 4.69, then the $8.49, then the $4.39. For some reason it gave me half off the $8.49, charged full for $4.69, and half the $4.39.

So I said, ok, nevermind, I have to go home and ask my experts what I did wrong. So I did the Nivea deal instead.
$2.99 x 5 Nivea Body Wash and Lip Balm
$1.99 x 2 Carefree Ultra
$2.49 Bayer
$2.50 x 2 Hershey kisses
$0.50 Reese's Heart
$0.50 Sweethearts
= $27.42

-5.00/20.00 Vv
-2.00 Nivea Body Wash x 3
-2.99 Nivea Lip BOGO
-1.00 Any Nivea
-2.00 Carefree Ultra Vv x 2(I also had a $1.00/2 MQ but it beeped "No matching item" and the cashier said it was for 28ct. and above, which it is not, but I didn't want to call too much attention to the fact I had already gotten the liners free with the video coupons and was trying to get $1.00 overage.)
-2.00 Bayer Vv
-1.00 Bayer MQ
-1.00 x 2 Kisses Vv
-2.00/2 MQ
= $25.99

Total $1.43 + $1.33 tax = $2.76 oop
SCR: None, but
I'm $0.05 away from a $5.00 Gift Card for the Nivea, I just have to buy one more in another transaction, using some coupon overage to pay for it.

So then I went across town to the other Rite Aid, and somewhere along the way, I guess a lightbulb clicked on....well, not really, because I still don't know why the more expensive items weren't full price, and the least expensive half price, no matter what the items were..but anyway I went over my notes again and decided I needed four more expensive items, then two of those would go half price. Or something.
Sure enough, that's exactly how it worked.
$8.49 Covergirl
$4.24 Covergirl 50% off
$7.49 Covergirl
$3.74 Covergirl 50% off
= $23.96

-5.00/20.00 Vv
-8.49 Covergirl BOGO Mq
-8.49 Covergirl BOGO Mq
-2.50/2 Covergirl Mq
= $24.48

Final Total -.52 + 1.33 tax = $.81 oop
SCR: None, but $23.96 applied to P&G Rebate.

On the way back home stopped in the local Rite Aid I try to not shop at if I don't have to, but really hated to waste an opportunity today. I'm not sure why I did the deal I did there, rather than another Covergirl deal. Oh yeah, because they are hateful and unhelpful and if the deal didn't work out right they would have gotten their butt on their shoulders if I said nevermind, just void it.
$3.99 Nyquil
$3.99 Dayquil
$2.49 Puffs (they have some on sale for $.99 but I had a coupon for free Puffs wyb two Vicks products, so they were free no matter what the price was...the higher priced ones helped me get to $20.00 total, and it's more towards the P&G Rebate)
$2.50 GE Reveal Bulbs
$2.50 GE Reveal Bulbs
$4.00 Dove Men's wash
$1.99 Carefree Ultra (free filler to reach 20.00 total)
= $21.46

-2.00 Carefree Ultra Vv
-1.00 Any Dove Body Wash 1/03(?) RP
-1.00 GE Reveal Mq x 2
- .40 GE Reveal Vv x 2
-2.49 Free Puffs wyb (2) Vicks 2/07 PG
-2.00 Nyquil 1/17(?) PG
-2.00 Nyquil 1/17(?) PG
= $17.29

Final Total $4.17 + 1.15 tax = $5.32 oop
SCR: $4.00 Dove Mens, $2.00 GE Reveal, $1.00 Nyquil = $1.68 profit
and $10.47 towards P&G Rebate

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Spent $0.73 + 2.35 tax = $3.08 oop
and $15.00 OYNO Catalinas from buying the Kraft cheese last weekend.
Saved $132.86

Rite Aid

I didn't get to go shopping a couple of days last week because of bad weather, and then Saturday snuck up on me quick and I had to try to play catch up again.

Value of items: $170.12
Spent: $4.68 + 5.89 tax = $10.57 oop
SCR: $7.99 Complete x 2, $2.00 Colgate x 4
Final Total: $13.41 Profit

Also qualified for (2) $25.00 Rite Aid Gift Cards for the Healthy Heart Rebate

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rite Aid

Today would have been my regular Publix shopping day, but I already bought what few things I could find to buy last week, and there wasn't really anything at all I wanted this week. So free Dip or something, but nothing worth making a trip for.

All I really needed anyway is milk and bread, and I knew how I could get that for free.

I read the posts and deals and sat down and put together 4-6 plans, although turned out the Chock Full O'Nuts coffee that someone posted was on sale 2/$5.00 at their Rite Aid, was not at mine. So that threw a couple of my plans off, and I could only do two, an come home to re-plan.

Transaction #1:
The only Vitamins they had for $4.99 were ones no one takes, so I bought some slightly more expensive Garlic tablets my Aunt eats (I think she's afraid of Vampires?? LOL). Anyway they were still free w/ overage, and put more towards my #552 Healthy Heart SCR.
$6.49 Nature Bounty Garlic Tablets
$0.00 Nature Bounty Garlic Tablets
$4.99 Bayer Heart Advantage
$4.99 Bayer Crystals
$7.99 Complete Contact Solution (BOGO package)
$1.99 Loafa bread
= $26.45

-5.00/20.00 RA VV
-1.00 Nature Bounty RA VV
-1.00 Nature Bounty RA VV
-5.00 Nature Bounty IP
-5.00 Nature Bounty IP
-2.00 Bayer RA VV
-2.00 Bayer RA VV
-3.00/2 Bayer Heart Advantage and Any Bayer 24ct + SS 1/31
(I just realized I believe I used this coupon wrongly because the Bayer Crystals were only 20ct. It didn't beep, but next time I'll get the bottles of 40-50 count Low-Dose Aspirins that my Parents take that are also on sale for $4.99.)
-2.00 Complete RP 1/31 (or SS?)
= 26.00

Total $0.45 + 1.21 tax = $1.66 oop
Earned: $7.99 SCR for Complete;
$16.47 towards SCR #552 Healthy Heart

Transaction #2:
$4.99 Nature Bounty Cod Liver Oil
$0.00 Nature Bounty Cod Liver Oil
$4.99 Bayer Heart Advantage
$4.99 Bayer Crystals
$7.99 Complete Contact Solution
$2.99 Milk
$0.50 Goldfish Crackers
= $26.45

-5.00/20.00 RA VV
-1.00 Nature Bounty RA VV
-1.00 Nature Bounty RA VV
-5.00 Nature Bounty IP
-5.00 Nature Bounty IP
-2.00 Bayer RA VV
-2.00 Bayer RA VV
-3.00/2 Bayer Heart Advantage and Any Bayer 24ct + SS 1/31
-2.00 Complete RP 1/31 (or SS?)
= 26.00

Total $0.45 + 1.36 tax = $1.81 oop
Earned: $7.99 SCR for Complete;
$14.97 towards SCR #552 Healthy Heart

Value of Items: $52.90
Total Spent: $0.90 + 2.57 tax = $3.47 oop
SCRs: $15.98
Final Total: $12.51 Profit

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ye Olde Publix

I found the neatest Blog tonight, called "Pleasant Family Shopping, A nostalgic look back at supermarkets, discount stores and more from the past".

I was born in 1967, so I remember (some) things from as far back as the early 70's; tv, ads, products, stores, etc.
I am terribly nostalgic (noun - a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time), and have had the best time tonight reading and looking at all the neat pictures of alot of the old stores I remember.

The link to the Blog above leads to all the Posts and Pictures on the blog relating to Publix. There is some interesting reading, but alot of fantastic pictures that I really enjoyed looking at, such as this Publix Ice Cream Shoppe:
Check out some of the other stores, too...I didn't know Walgreens was open since back in the 1960's.