Monday, February 8, 2010

Rite Aid

I managed to do (3) deals at Rite Aid today...only 497 more to go...j/k, but it seems like it, I have alot going on at Rite Aid this week.

I needed $69.xx to complete another P&G deal, and the Covergirl is the quickest route to it, so I started with it. Or, I should say, tried to start with it.
I was under the assumption that the highest priced items would ring up full price, and the least items would ring up half price. But that's not the way it worked. I had two makeups at $9.99, and one rang up half-price, then I had two concealers at $4.69 and one of those rang up half price.
So I said oh, wait, nevermind, let me go get four different items. So I went and got makeup at $9.99, something else for $8.49, concealer for $4.69, and blush for $4.39. It still didn't work.
I even had her do it where she rang up the $9.99 then the 4.69, then the $8.49, then the $4.39. For some reason it gave me half off the $8.49, charged full for $4.69, and half the $4.39.

So I said, ok, nevermind, I have to go home and ask my experts what I did wrong. So I did the Nivea deal instead.
$2.99 x 5 Nivea Body Wash and Lip Balm
$1.99 x 2 Carefree Ultra
$2.49 Bayer
$2.50 x 2 Hershey kisses
$0.50 Reese's Heart
$0.50 Sweethearts
= $27.42

-5.00/20.00 Vv
-2.00 Nivea Body Wash x 3
-2.99 Nivea Lip BOGO
-1.00 Any Nivea
-2.00 Carefree Ultra Vv x 2(I also had a $1.00/2 MQ but it beeped "No matching item" and the cashier said it was for 28ct. and above, which it is not, but I didn't want to call too much attention to the fact I had already gotten the liners free with the video coupons and was trying to get $1.00 overage.)
-2.00 Bayer Vv
-1.00 Bayer MQ
-1.00 x 2 Kisses Vv
-2.00/2 MQ
= $25.99

Total $1.43 + $1.33 tax = $2.76 oop
SCR: None, but
I'm $0.05 away from a $5.00 Gift Card for the Nivea, I just have to buy one more in another transaction, using some coupon overage to pay for it.

So then I went across town to the other Rite Aid, and somewhere along the way, I guess a lightbulb clicked on....well, not really, because I still don't know why the more expensive items weren't full price, and the least expensive half price, no matter what the items were..but anyway I went over my notes again and decided I needed four more expensive items, then two of those would go half price. Or something.
Sure enough, that's exactly how it worked.
$8.49 Covergirl
$4.24 Covergirl 50% off
$7.49 Covergirl
$3.74 Covergirl 50% off
= $23.96

-5.00/20.00 Vv
-8.49 Covergirl BOGO Mq
-8.49 Covergirl BOGO Mq
-2.50/2 Covergirl Mq
= $24.48

Final Total -.52 + 1.33 tax = $.81 oop
SCR: None, but $23.96 applied to P&G Rebate.

On the way back home stopped in the local Rite Aid I try to not shop at if I don't have to, but really hated to waste an opportunity today. I'm not sure why I did the deal I did there, rather than another Covergirl deal. Oh yeah, because they are hateful and unhelpful and if the deal didn't work out right they would have gotten their butt on their shoulders if I said nevermind, just void it.
$3.99 Nyquil
$3.99 Dayquil
$2.49 Puffs (they have some on sale for $.99 but I had a coupon for free Puffs wyb two Vicks products, so they were free no matter what the price was...the higher priced ones helped me get to $20.00 total, and it's more towards the P&G Rebate)
$2.50 GE Reveal Bulbs
$2.50 GE Reveal Bulbs
$4.00 Dove Men's wash
$1.99 Carefree Ultra (free filler to reach 20.00 total)
= $21.46

-2.00 Carefree Ultra Vv
-1.00 Any Dove Body Wash 1/03(?) RP
-1.00 GE Reveal Mq x 2
- .40 GE Reveal Vv x 2
-2.49 Free Puffs wyb (2) Vicks 2/07 PG
-2.00 Nyquil 1/17(?) PG
-2.00 Nyquil 1/17(?) PG
= $17.29

Final Total $4.17 + 1.15 tax = $5.32 oop
SCR: $4.00 Dove Mens, $2.00 GE Reveal, $1.00 Nyquil = $1.68 profit
and $10.47 towards P&G Rebate

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