Thursday, February 25, 2010

Food Lion

*Gasp* I spent Real Money at Food Lion today. Quite a bit of Real Money, compared to what I'm used to anymore.
But I think what I got was worth what I spent.

I was just sooooo aggrivated with myself when I got in my car and realized I should have did my cereal and meat in separate transactions so I could have used the $4.00 OYNO on the meat :-(

The ground beef was $1.27 a pound for the Value Pack. The first time I got 4.22lb, and the second time I got 4.07lb. I used the $1/$5 Meat Flip, which made it around $1.03 a pound.

The other deal I was particularly going for was the $10.00 off 10 Breakfast items.
We had been out of syrup and I had been looking for a sale, until finally I had to break down last week and just buy a small Publix brand bottle to get us through. So was glad to see this sale.
In the first transaction I bought (5) bottles of syrup and (5) boxes of mix and after the Instant Savings and coupons, the total was $8.90. Less than $1.00 each!

Next time I got (6) boxes of cereal and (4) more boxes of pancake mix. Got a $4.00 OYNO back from the cereal, so that after sale/coupon total was only $5.95, or about .60 each!

The Dentastix was 2/$ after (2) $2.00 MQs and $2/$5.00 Pet Aisle FLip.

The CoffeeMate Creamer Sticks box is $1.29...I used $1.00 Coffee Mate FLip and .50 MQ for .21 overage. After buying the first box I got a Catalina coupon for a BOGO Coffee Mate Sticks, so in the 2nd transaction I got (1) box with .21 overage and (1) box Free. Also got another BOGO Coupon.

Value of items: $90.01
Spent: $26.26 + 1.69 tax = $27.95
Rec'd $4.00 OYNO
Final Total $23.95


Cheap&Sweet said...

I found $1 off 2 coupon for the hungry jack at Publix Im going to go and get some so I can go by Foodlion and get this deal. By the way the Ruffies coupon is in the yellow advantage flyer.

Melissa said...

Did you get the $1/2 Hungry Jack in this past weekends RP?

Thanks. I haven't paid much attention to the Yellow Flyer.

Earthy Mama said...

there's also a coffeemate bogo coupon for the sticks at

Earthy Mama said...

oh and a $.75/1 q for powder or liquid

Earthy Mama said...

I need some hungry jack coupons for the mix! We didn't get that coupon. Big surprise. I thought I still had some tearpads for bogo mix/syrup, but I can't find it. boo.

Cheap&Sweet said...

no I found the coupons on the bottles of syrup! hth

Melissa said...

Aw wow, that stinks. I thought HJ was one of those q's everybody got. It's not really any good unless a store happens to have a sale like this, which is rare.

Wish I could help, but tearpads are far and few between around here.

Good info on the BOGO at Free is as next good to overage.

I also got Catalina coupons for .75 off the Powder Coffeemate, but it says 15oz. or larger, so not helpful on the stick packs.