Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Being Wednesday, the plan was to shop the new week sale at one store, then go down the road and finish up last weeks' sale at one or two of the other stores which are on different sale days.
But for some reason I can't recall at the moment I wimped out on shopping the new sale and just went on the other stores and finished up last weeks' sale.
Store #1:
Spent $.54 + .42 tax = $0.96 from Gift Card
Saved: $39.03

I got overage from the Nyquil 2ct. (1.29 - 2.00 MQ 1/17 P&G), Bandaids (.79 - 1.00 MQ 1/03 RP), Bayer ($2.37 - $2.00 Rite Aid Q - 1.00 MQ 1/31 SS), Birdseye (.89 - .50 (doubled) MQ 2/07 SS), Mahatama Rice (.89 - .50 (doubled) MQ 2/07 RP), and this store accepts $5/$20 Rite Aid Q.
I spent my overage on milk and fish fry.
Store #2:
Spent: $2.03 + 1.15 tax = $3.18 from Gift Card
Saved: $57.23

*This was my last shop of the day and I was sooooo tired. I had figured my total was supposed to be .87 overage which I planned to dip into paying the taxes, so I knew the $2.03 was too much, but I guess I was too brain dead to realize how much too much. Then I was cold when I got in the car, and all I could think about was making it home.
Later I found out I was charged twice for the one box of Little Debbie Cupcakes.

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