Saturday, February 27, 2010


I had some coupons expiring tomorrow, and I wanted to look for coupons in the stores, so we went on a Publix Adventure, visiting three stores I don't usually shop at.

I pretty much bought the same things at each store, 3-4 items at a time.

Unfortunately I didn't find the coupons I was looking for: "Multiply Your Meals" or the Hungry Jack tearpads. Just the same as usual Blinkies, and a "Save $1.00 on Premium Saltines wyb Any One Canned Soup or Chili" tearpad. (Premium Saltines are nearly $3.00 a box at Publix BTW)

The first store had Revlon Beauty tools (2 for .99 - 1.00 MQ 2/21 SS) and Rolaids (2 for 1.49 - 4.00/2 MQ 12/13 RP?) on clearance. I also bought a box of Knox ($1.39 - 4.00 MQ 2/14 RP), and some Sundown vitamins. I didn't know if this store still allowed overage, so I was pretty nervous checking out, but luckily had no problems. Ended up with $9.57 overage on a gift card.

The other stores didn't have any good clearance items, so the only overage I got was the Knox and Vitamins, and wasn't positive they were going to allow the Knox or the overage.

The Ziploc Steam Bags were $2.69 each.
I used the $1.50 Publix Q from the Yellow Flyer and
a .40 (doubled to .80) MQ from (what insert?)
= .39 each

The Ruffies were $2.19 each
Used $1.00 Publix Q from Yellow Flyer and
$1.00 MQ from 12/13 RP
= .19 each

The Egg Beaters are on sale this week 3/$5.00
Used $1.00 Publix Q from card found at Aprons booth
and .35 (doubled to .70) MQ from 1/10 SS
= +.03 - +.04 overage

$2.99 - $4.99 Sundown Vitamins
-6.00/2 new Green Flyer
-1.00 MQs 2/28 Rp, 2/21 RP, 1/24 RP

$1.59 ChiliMaster chili
-1.00 Blinkie Q
= .59 each

$1.79 Zataran's Fish Fry

(See previous post for Uncle Ben's, Buddig Sandwich Meat, and Uncrustables)

Total Spent: -$13.49 overage + 5.86 tax = -$7.63 Profit
Total Saved: $186.23

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