Saturday, February 20, 2010


I already knew going in that there was rumors that the Purex Catalinas had been discontinued. I hoped the Kroger peeps didn't know that, and would give me $4.00 or a gift card like the other store did a few days ago. Otherwise I wasn't too worried because I'm supposed to be able to call the Cat company and they'll send it to me.
Turned out the Kroger peeps didn't even know about the Purex Catalina at all. The cashier said those coupons just came out "randomly". The Front End Assistant Manager said "Well, ma'am, until we can verify this, we can't just give you money".

I don't understand why no one tells Kroger when there's going to be a Catalina deal. How can they possibly provide good customer service, if they don't have a clue what's going on in their store?
Oh, that's right, they could care less about customer service. What was I thinkin'?

She called another store, and eventually they came up with, "You only get one of the can't get both $4.00 for Pillsbury AND $4.00 for Purex". I just had to laugh at that one. Boy they can come up with some doozies!
I told her I'd done these same deals several times over the past two weeks...I asked her if she was even aware they had been having a Mega sale for the past two weeks? lol...anyway I told her I had gotten the coupons before, so I know they were wrong. (Ok, I lied, but I read at message boards that others had gotten both coupons in the same deal, so I knew they were wrong.)

Whatever. I'll call Catalina for my coupon, but it still just really flies all at me that the Whole Entire Kroger Corporation is Too Stupid to make sure their store employees are aware of sales and such going on in their stores.

One of my Cellfire coupons for the Grands also didn't come off. I'm about as fed up with their gimmicky no-working coupon trick.

Value of Items: $30.46
Total Spent: $0.92 + .52 tax = $1.44 oop

Rec'd $4.00 OYNO Pillsbury

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