Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rite Aid

Got four more Rite Aid shops done this morning, in which I finished out a P&G deal and a completed a Nivea deal. 
I spent more on the Nivea than maybe neccessary, buying six $2.99 items, but I never could find the .99 Nivea lotion tins until, of course, I had already bought the body wash and lip balm. And it wasn't .99, but $1.19 at that RA. And I wasn't totally sure if it would clear for the SCR. I would be mighty mad to get done and it not count and I end up .05 short of getting the rebate.

The first shop I did I bought Covergirl makeup. I guess my brain was still frozen and I wasn't thinking and bought more expensive makeup than I was planning, so spent a couple of dollars more than I should have. For some dumb reason I didn't total the makeup I bought, and went with the total I had in my written plans, even knowing the makeup cost I still thought I was going .52 into the negative and bought a $1.00 bag of croutons to make up the difference.
I blame it on the weather. I know we're not as cold as some places, but if I was meant to be this cold, I'd have been born up north.

Anyway, shop #2 worked out pretty nicely. The only thing is my $1/2 Carefree Ultra coupons keep beeping and I can't figure out why. This Rite Aid cashier said she couldn't make it take if it beeped, so I said don't worry about it. (I had planned in advance for it to beep and they not accept it.)
$7.99 Venus Razor
$8.99 Olay Body Wash
$1.99 Carefree Ultra liners
$1.99 Carefree Ultra liners
= $20.96

-5.00/20.00 Vv
-2.00 Venus 2/07 P&G
-8.99 Olay Body Wash wyb Venus 2/07 P&G
-2.00 Carefree Ultra Vv
-2.00 Carefree Ultra Vv
= -19.99

Total $0.97 + 1.12 tax = $2.09 oop

This finished my P&G Rebate so I qualify for the $35.00 Visa gift card.

The next two transactions were almost identical. This was one of my good Rite Aids, and even though the Carefree coupon beeped, the cashier said "Well I can see you bought the required items" and she entered it manually. Except in the 2nd order instead of taking $1.00 off, she accidently added $1.00.  I knew it didn't seem right, but I wasn't sure because I wasn't entirely positive the first order had rung up right, and anyway I didn't want to fluster her (or me) trying to go back and figure out what went wrong and trying to do it all over again, so I let it go.

My first order was -.06 before tax, which wasn't what was written on my plan. It's right, but I'm not sure how.  The second order was only $1.93 plus tax, so it wasn't a huge deal.
For about $3.00, I got 4 bags of Hershey Kisses and 2 dozen the Nivea Body Wash/Lip Balm and Carefree and Trident gum....and I'm getting back a $5.00 Rite Aid Gift Card, so I still made a Profit.
Can't argue with that.

Trident Gum deal:
Trident Gum is on sale BOGO this week.
There is a .75 off Trident Layers coupon in the 2/07 SS
Trident Layers single pack at Rite Aid is $1.49.
So buy (2) Tridents:
$1.49 Trident
$0.00 Trident BOGO
- .75 MQ
- .75 MQ
= Free gum

My son had basketball practice this evening, so while he was doing that, I popped over to the Rite Aid to try to do another shop. This was the Rite Aid I had trouble at a couple Saturdays ago, when they were only going to take one coupone per customer, including manufacturer coupons. I complained to Corporate, and had a conversation with the Store Manager, who was very apologetic, and apparently took care of the problem because the little girl had a whole different attitude tonight.
I don't care what she said about me after I was gone...but she treated me right while I was there. So I will call her Store Manager tomorrow and give Compliments.

Anyway this deal worked out like it was supposed to, I spent $1.84 oop, and have $23.96 towards another P&G Visa card.
$76.xx something more to go to reach the $100.00 mark.  I heard rumors of a new Olay Rebate coming out on Friday, so now I'm holding on to see what it's about before I do anymore.

Today's Totals:
Value Before Coupons $119.47

Spent $6.05 + 5.46 tax = $11.51 oop

SCRs: $35.00 P&G Visa Gift Card and $5.00 Nivea Gift Card

I don't know how to figure exactly how much I spent altogether to earn the gift cards, since I also got alot of other stuff for my money, so I just figure it up by the overall totals and rebates and I know I'm making a profit so I guess I'm doing good.

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