Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food Lion

Took my hubby shopping with me today. We went to Food Lion first to do another meat deal and some pet aisle deals. 
They have bananas for .39lb and that was too cheap to not buy some, so I got a bunch, then he said well he'll get some too. He found some "more" ripe ones for .19lb.
He'll take his to the firehouse and they'll make Smoothies with them.  I made a banana pudding tonight, using (Free) Golden Double-Stuff Oreos instead of Nilla Wafers. 
I didn't know how that would taste, but it's really good. Tastes mostly the same as regular Nanner Puddin', but a little sweeter with the Oreo Cream.

Ok, for the deals...

His deal:
$2.00 Tidy Cat Little
$3.00 Dentastix
-1.00 Tidy Cat MQ
-2.00 Dentastix MQ
-2.00/5.00 Pet Aisle FLip
= Free

$1.29 CoffeeMate Creamer Sticks
-0.50 CoffeeMate MQ
-1.00 CoffeeMate FLip
= +.21 overage

$0.54 Bananas

$0.24 tax
=$0.57 oop

My deal:
$5.09 Ground Beef
-1.00/5.00 Meat Dept. FLip
=$4.09 ($1.01 lb)

$7.20 Mighty Dog (on sale for .60 a can)
-3.75 BOGO MQ (took off .75)(Should have been -$4.50 but a coupon got missed)
-2.00/5.00 Pet Aisle FLip
= $1.45

$1.29 CoffeeMate Creamer Sticks
$1.29 CoffeeMate Creamer Sticks
-0.50 CoffeMate MQ
-1.00 CoffeeMate FLip
-1.29 BOGO Catalina
= +.21 overage

$0.90 Bananas

-4.00 OYNO Cereal Catalina coupon from the other day
$0.56 tax
= $2.79
Rec'd $2.00 OYNO Mighty Dog = .79 oop

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