Sunday, February 21, 2010


I really need to learn how to Spend RRs on...something. I end up with $40-something worth of them expiring all at the same time and it kills me to waste them when I can't roll them into more RR deals.

I spent some on two bundles of newspapers, all they had...I still refuse to pay $2.00 (or maybe $2.50 now) for a single paper when I can get 2 for $3.00...except the papers rang up $2.50 today, not $3.00, and threw my total off $1.00. Always something!!

I don't know if anything I got this week was a new sale; I think maybe they were mostly monthly sale stuff:

$8.99 Gillette Fusion or Embrace
-4.00 Q
= $4.99 - $4.00 RR = .99

$9.99 Olay Body Wash
-9.99 Free wby Venus Embrace

$2.50 Candy Pieces x 4
-1.00 MQ x 4
= $6.00 - $5.00 RR = $1.00

$0.39 Hunts Tomato Sauce w/ in-ad Q
-1.00/4 Blinkie Q
= .56/4

$.20 Seeds w/ in-ad Q

$2.50 Theraflu x 2
-2.00 IP q x 2
= $6.00 - $5.00 RR = $1.00

$0.49 Swedish Fish on sale this week (my kid loves these so they made a good filler)

Total Value of Items $96.48
RRs Spent $46.50
Cash Spent $2.33 + 5.29 tax = $7.62
RRs Earned $30.00
Final Total $24.12 cost

Finished qualifying for $15.00 Olay Rebate. Big deal :-(

I still have $43.50 RRs expiring this week, and another $10.00 expiring Sunday (which I can spend at Publix), plus the $30.00 I got today.
What am I going to spend the $43.50 on? I don't need hair stuff, teeth stuff, paper stuff, food stuff, medicene stuff, smelly stuff, cleaning stuff...


Earthy Mama said...

Walgreens always seems to do this to us...several AWESOME weeks in a row...then...nothing. I wish we could spend rr's on gift cards. Maybe you can do that at your Publix that takes them- buy a bunch of stuff and throw in a gift card and use the rr's ...

Doreen said...

Sned them to me!!!! LOL!

Melissa said...

They only take (1) RR, though. It's supposed to be a limit of $12.00 competitor coupons per day, but for some reason the cashiers insist they can only take (1) RR, no matter it's value.

I was just noticing on my receipt that the Store Manager isn't the same guy as it was, which I think might explain the changes at the register I've run into last week and this week. I'm not positive but I think this new Manager may have been the Manager of the store I've driven past and not shopped in for at least the past 6 months or better.
If so, I might as well forget shopping this Publix, because it'll be a new rule every.single.time I go, until there's no reason left to go.

Melissa said...

LOL @ Doreen

Cheap&Sweet said...

Sale them on craigs list? lol or buy stuff to sale their. Idk I always use it on tp. I like their charmen nock off brand.

Melissa said...

Yeah I looked at diapers earlier, thinking those are always to resell. But then I saw how much they cost not on sale.

My problem is I can't not think of RR's as real money. If I spend $10.00 RR on diapers, and sell them for $5.00, then I feel like I've lost $5.00 of real money.

Strangely, it seems like I'd rather waste them buying something, than lose any on rolling them or buying re-sale stuff.

I need a mental adjustment.

Julie said...

I know you don't like to spend money OOP but if you have a dollar tree near you that sells the paper, you can get it for $1. I was so excited when I learned this. I always make sure to check for the coupons when I go, but my newspaper total each week is only $4. I also am not yet able to rock the stores the way you do, I am not afraid to admit my jealousy over your saving ability.

Melissa said...

Hi Julie. Thanks for the Dollar Tree suggestion. We actually have teens that sell the paper in the shopping center parking lot on Saturdays and Sundays for $1.00.
I used to buy from them because I like getting the paper on Saturday.

But then, I have all these RRs...which to me is the same as real money, except real money don't expire.
I still can't decide if I'm coming out better spending $1.00 real money, or $1.50 RRs.
But if I don't spend the RRs on papers, then I'll have to spend them on something else I don't really need, so spending real money on papers, even with the saving, is still wasting it.
I think?

I'm not one to be jealous of. There's others that are way better at it than me.

Julie said...

So, I took forever to remember I commented on your site and then had to look for it. Anyway, could you get teacher gifts with your RR? They aren't going to roll, but still wouldn't be "money" you were spending.

Melissa said...

That would be an idea...or birthday gifts...or Holiday stuff...