Friday, October 28, 2011


Nothing like last year's great candy deals, but I was going to buy candy anyway so I consider it lucky to have gotten this deal.

This week Wags has snack/fun sized Hershey's, Mars, and Nestle candy on sale for $1.99 with in-ad coupon (regularly priced $2.99).

Yesterday I went in a Walgreens where my son was participating in a Cross Country meet, and they were practically cleaned out of candy. I got a bag of Health and Reese's PB cups. So today I went to the new store where I have been having pretty good luck, apparently not too many coupon/deal shoppers shop there (yet).

They had this Theramax Cold Nasal Spray stuff for $7.99, free after RR, which I got since I was planning to spend at least $8.00 anyway on the candy.
Paid $8.55, and got back $8.00 RR (Sort of a waste of .55, since we probably won't use this, but oh well.)

$2.99 Candy x 9
-9.00 in-ad coupon
-6.00 $1/1 Hershey's IP 
-1.50/3 (insert? q) (A nice lady shopping at the same time, not knowing I had $1/1 coupons in my pocket, offered me this coupon and I didn't want to reject her niceness, so I accepted the coupon gratefully and bought three more bags of candy. Can't have too much candy, I always say!)
= $10.41 + tax

Averaged out to about $1.15 a bag, which I was happy with.

I see now there was a better deal at CVS. Why didn't I know that? There were (5) CVS stores where I was at yesterday. Not to mention I still have ECBs to spend/roll.  Argh.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Wal's


Previously when I bought those littler bags of Brach's candies, I didn't know there was a monthly deal on these larger bags for $1.00 each after RR.
I bought a couple of bags a couple of weeks ago, then a couple more a week or so ago (I don't think I posted that shop because it was a Fail). Tomorrow is the last day they are on sale for that price so I went ahead today and stocked up on a few more bags.

Since I was going to buy the candy anyway, they have a sale this week on Wags Ultra Thin Pads 18ct. only, Free after $2.00 RR.
So I bought the Pads, paid $2.14, got $2.00 RR

The candy was 2/$3.00, used $2.00 RR and paid $1.09 cash, got $1.00 RR

Spent $1.00 RR on 2/$1.00 Arizona Teas, paid .03 tax

Total $3.26 for package of Pads, 2 bags candy, and 2 Arizona Tea

I did the pad/candy/tea deal three times (wanted to do 5, but they only had 3 pads in stock), then I bought 10 Arizona teas in addition because my family likes them.


Found a Walmart with the Crest Complete trial size toothpastes for .97, so I used the $2.00 q's from (insert?) for overage to purchase some items I needed: spray adhesive and paint roller things.

I bought the spray adhesive and (4) toothpastes (as limited by the coupon) and paid .40 oop. My son bought the paint roller things and (4) toothpastes and got .10 back.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Food Lion

This week Food Lion has a Pepsico deal, buy $15.00, get $3.00 off instantly.
Pepsi products are on sale for $1.50, and I still had some of the .55 off Pepsi Max blinkies, which Double at my Atlanta area store.
$1.50 x 10 = $15.00
-1.10 x 10
-3.00 instant savings
= $1.00 for 10, or .10 each!

$2.99 Kraft Sliced Cheese BOGO
- .55 (doubled to $1.10) blinkies (found at Kroger/Publix last month)
= .39 each

$1.00 Betty Crocker Boxed Taters
-$1.00/2 or .50/2 (doubled to $1.00) IPs, 9/11 GM, and Peelies
= .50 each

$.80 Vlasic Sweet Relish (BOGO, half price)
-1.10 (.55 doubled 9/11 SS)
= +.30 overage

$4.29 Lay's Chips BOGO sale
No coupons, but $2.14 each is a buy price for these

Marked down meats: ground beef, ground round, bonless pork chops

Not pictured: Approx. 13 cans of Longhorn snuff, on sale BOGO $1.89. Stocked up for huntin' season.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

True Value Sale/Rebate

True Value Hardware is having a sale on some rebate items that make the items Free After Rebate.
On Sale $4.00
On Sale $3.00

On Sale $4.00
In addition, there's a $5/$25 code FALL5N, so if you buy the Birdfeeder or Lopper, you end up getting the Lopper for free, or the Birdfeeder for .99 after Rebate.
On Sale $14.99           On Sale $15.99

I bought one each of the mouse trap, thermometer, pumpkin carving kit, and then the bird feeder for a total of $26.99 - 5.00 promo code + $1.89 tax = $23.88
Free Shipping by having it sent to my local store here in town,
Final Cost $2.88 after Rebate.

It was so easy-peasy to order online, sitting here in my PJs!