Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rite Aid Ads

Apparently there are (3) versions of Rite Aid ads: Long, Medium, and Short.  I usually have to be careful and pay attention because where I live/shop is right within all three of those ads. The County East of us has the Long ad, we generally have the Medium ad, and the the County North of us will have the Short ad.

Last week and this week - and hopefully from now on would be nice - this half of our County has the Long ad. The other half of the County, and the County to the North of us has the Medium ad, but it seems to have pretty much the same deals as I'm looking for in the Long ad: Pantene, Nivea, Gain Dishwash, Colgate, etc.
(None of which does me any good if they've put limits on the stuff I want this week.)

How to know what Ad your region has:
Go Here: and type in your Zip Code.
If the Ad that shows for your area has 18 pages, it's the Long ad. If it's has 12, it's the Medium or Short ad. (I don't know if there's any in-between, or less than 12 pages this week.)

Rite Aid

Rite Aid has lotsa good deals again this week. I was too lazy to watch video values last night, but I figured I had enough without those deals to do a couple $25.00 orders anyway.
I read on a message board that some people were getting multiple +UPs on some of the items, some weren't, so apparently it's another one of those weeks.

$3.00 Nivea Men's Body Wash
$3.00 Nivea Men's Body Wash
-3.00/2 IPq
Rec'd $2.00 +UP (was hoping for $4.00)
= $1.00/2

$4.00 Pantene Restorative Beautiful Lengths (only one in stock)
-2.00 8/29 PG
-1.00 RA IP
Got $2.00 +UP
= +$1.00 mm
(Apply towards Olay $10 wyb $30 select products)

$0.89 Gain Dishwash liquid
-1.00 8/29 PG
= +.11 overage
(Many stores will adjust this to .89, which I don't agree with)

$3.00/2 Colgate Max White
-0.75 8/29 PG x 2
Got $1.00 +UP
($3.00 towards Oral Care SCR)

$6.99 Bufferin 130 ct.
-3.00  7/11 SS
SCR #2 $6.00
= + $2.01 mm

$3.59 Art Skills Poster Lights
SCR #85 $3.59
= Free

$0.20 Airhead

-$5/$25 RA ip
-8.00 +UP rewards

Total $0.06 + 1.22 tax = $1.28 oop
Rec'd $1.00 Colgate, $2.00 Nivea, $2.00 Pantene
SCR: $3.59 Poster Lights, $6.00 Bufferin
Final Total $5.31 Profit

After they had only (1) Pantene in stock, and I didn't get but (1) +UP reward for Nivea, I didn't do another shop. Have to re-strategize. (And watch those video value commercials!)


Walgreens has several Free after RR deals this week, and even one money-maker.
For some reason I only got the 4/11 SS, and no RP, so I didn't have any Breathe Right coupons to make it a mm for me.
But, I had (2) $4.00 and (2) $2.00 RR's to roll, so I got the $4.00 Breathe Rights, and $2.00 Carmex.
Otherwise I didn't bother with the rest of the stuff because I didn't need any of it, didn't want to spend cash oop, and didn't want to pay tax on it.

Although it's now dawning on me that buying a FARR item was probably better than spending even a little bit on cheap filler items. I had thought about buying the 5/$1 (.20 each) Folders, but then decided to spend a little more and get the single-serve cereal bowls at .59 w/ in-ad coupon, because we will eat those, whereas I would only have given the folders away.

As it turned out, I only looked at the picture of the coupon and thought it was all the single-serve cereals, so I got Fruity Pebbles (Post), but the coupon was only for Kellogg's and General Mills *sigh*.
I didn't remember to get her to scan the in-ad coupon on the first order and paid too much. I realized it while she was ringing the second order, and gave it to her last (she'd already scanned my coupons and RRs), so when it *beeped* and she said oh, wrong cereal, I told her to just take them off, and then at that point I didn't need fillers anymore.
Then I went and got a refund for the cereals I had paid too much for.

Also got a couple of the bags of Purina One dog/cat food, priced $1.99, used $2.00 mq, one of them marked down. The first coupon scanned, the 2nd one beeped. I said she might have to enter it as $1.99; she said they couldn't enter the amount of a coupon for anything other than the amount it was, and they couldn't take it all if it didn't scan at the register.
When her manager told her she could enter the coupon as $1.99, she gave me the whole "They just recently changed the policy" spiel. Ugh, that kills me!

$4.00 Breathe Right
$2.00 Carmex
$1.99 Dog food
$1.99 cat food
(0.59 cereal filler x 2)(removed)
-2.00 Purina One mq
-1.99 Purina One mq (adjusted)
-4.00 RR
-2.00 RR
= -.01 + .70 tax = .69 oop

Other deals I didn't get:
4 RR WYB Breathe Right Strips 10 pk $4 ea
-$1.50 off Breathe Right Product, 10-12ct, RP 4/11
(makes it FREE plus overage)

$1.99 RR WYB Walgreens Perfection Tampons 8 pk $1.99 ea
(makes it FREE)

$10 RR WYB Irwin Naturals Healthy Skin & Hair plus Nails Supplements 60 ct $10(makes it FREE )

$2 RR WYB Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm .07 or .075 oz $2 ea
(makes it FREE)

$1 RR WYB Listerine Total Care, Advanced or Zero Mouthwash 500 ml $2.99 ea
-$2 off Listerine Zero, 500 mL + printable
(makes it FREE)

$2 RR WYB Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength Toothpaste 4 oz or MaxFresh or MaxWhite Toothbrush $2.99 ea
-.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste SS 8/29, September All You Magazine and printable
-.40/1 Colgate Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush, SS 8/29
-.75/1 Colgate Adult or Children’s Toothbrush July All You Magazine (exp 8/31)
-.75/1 Colgate Max White printable
(Makes toothpaste .24)

Tylenol Precise Pain Cream 2.5 oz or HePatches 3-4 pk $5 off w/in-ad coupon
-$2 off Tylenol Precise printable
(Makes it .99)

Zegerid Capsules 14 count $10 = $10 Mail-in rebate which prints at the register
Use the $4/1 coupon from the All You Magazine August issue
(there is also a $3/1 coupon from the 8/15 SS)
Final Cost FREE + $4 moneymaker!


I didn't get my $1.00 papers yesterday because we had to run some errands in a town where there aren't any Dollar Paper Sellers, and by the time I got back down to my regular shopping place yesterday evening, they were already gone.
No problem, though, because they are out on Sundays, too. I know they don't usually get out too early on Sundays, so after J left for work this morning I slept in, until nearly 11:00. (That was nice!)

I really only planned to get my papers and do a Rite Aid shop because the other stores sales weren't that great (for me) and also my house is in bad shape needing attention so I wanted to go on and get back and get some stuff done around here.

First place I go to where the DPS usually is...wasn't there.
So I drove on across town to where I had seen another one last week, or sometime. Wasn't there, either. It was still a little before Noon at this point, so I decided I was just too early, so I walked around a few minutes in the Family Dollar, checking out some prices. Yikes, I don't know how Walmart hasn't run them out of business.

After there I decided to go on down the street to Kroger and just buy a bundle paper for $3.00; cost me $1.00 more, but I hadda go.
After I bought the papers and was headed across the street to the Rite Aid it occured to me, I should buy papers at Rite Aid using all that Profit I earned last week!
But, turned out, Rite Aid didn't have bundle packs, only single papers, and I can't pay $2.00 per paper, Profit or not.

I finish my Rite Aid shop and head on out to the end of the road where I know there is always a DPS, and is also on the way home. It was about 1:15 at this point, so surely he should be there.
He wasn't there!!

It was either, go on to the next town, or come on home. I haven't bought papers here in awhile, I probably should just to check, but usually our area doesn't get the good coupons that the "Metro" area does, so to be sure I got the good coupons, I had to drive on to the next town.

Finally found the double bundles at CVS, so got (4) bundles (not pictured).

While I was there anyway, I went ahead and grabbed the Phillips in-ear headphones.
They are $6.99, get $6.99 ECB, so Free after ECB. Available Sun, Mon, & Tues only.

I usually don't buy FAECB items unless I have a $/$$, because with having to pay tax, stuff isn't really free at all.
But we use alot of headphones, so these were worth the cost of tax.

I was also looking for the BOGO Shick razors, but they are only the Quattro Titanium ones, not the Hydro, so no deal with my $5.00 q's.

There was also an Oral-B sale, buy (4) Indicator toothbrushes, use (2) BOGO q and .75/2 q, get some ECBs...anyway it worked out to like .23/4 toothbrushes. But I have so many toothbrushes at this point I don't even want to pay tax, much less .23 on anymore.

I see now on my shopping list there was a Crest Rinse deal; $3.97 get $2.50 ECB; use $2.00 8/01 P&G = Free + .53 mm.
Not sure why I overlooked that one in the store. 'Cuz I ain't got no sense I guess.

$3.00 Newspaper Bundles x 2
$6.99 Headphones
= $12.99
-12.99 ECBs
= $0.00 + $0.91 tax = $0.91 oop

Rec'd $6.99 ECBs
Final Total $6.91 cost x 2

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rite Aid

Did (8) transactions @ (4) stores. Since the sale is over I won't do details, just totals.

Trans #1:
Used $12.00 +UP
-.01 + 1.64 tax = $1.63
Rec'd $3.00 x 6 Garnier, $5.00 Garnier Bonus
Total $9.37 Profit

Trans #2:
Used $15.00 +UP
$0.00 + 1.61 tax = $1.61
Rec'd $3.00 x 4 Kotex
SCR #148 $5.00 gift card wyb $25.00
Total $0.39 Profit

Trans #3:
Used $15.00 +UP
$0.00 + 1.61 tax = $1.61
Rec'd $3.00 x 4 Kotex
SCR #148 $5.00 gift card wyb $25.00
Total $0.39 Profit

Trans #4:
Used $11.00 +UP
-.01 + 1.61 tax = $1.60
Rec'd $3.00 x 6 Garnier, $5.00 Garnier Bonus
Total $10.40 Profit

Trans #5:
Used $9.00 +UP (Meant to use $12.00)
2.99 + 1.64 tax = $4.63
Rec'd $3.00 x 6 Garnier
Total $4.37 Profit

Trans #6:
Used $15.00 +UP
$0.00 + 1.61 tax = $1.61
Rec'd $3.00 x 4 Kotex
SCR #148 $5.00 gift card wyb $25.00
Total $0.39 Profit

Trans #7:
$3.47 + 1.11 tax = $4.58 (Wouldn't accept the $3.00 Bengay IP)
Rec'd $1.00 Nabisco, $1.00 Bengay
SCR $5.00 John Frieda
Total $2.42 Profit

Trans #8:
$0.98 + .76 tax = $1.74 oop
Rec'd $1.00 +UP Orville Popcorn
SCR $5.00 John Frieda
Total $4.26 Profit

Grand Total $31.99 Profit


Last day for the produce, bakery, and Chef Boy deals :-(   I'm gonna really miss those.

I only had (1) Colgate coupon left in my envvie; I remember it was because I found those clearanced toothpastes yesterday and forgot to print any more. No big deal, those coupons are good another couple of weeks. Like I need more toothbrushes, lol.

Lucked up and found the crab-flavored seafood stuff today. They were out yesterday, so it was lucky they'd restocked for today. The seafood coupon also expired today.

I did (4) transactions; each one total was $0.00.

Final Total $0.00 Truly Freee!!


Stopped into some Krogers to try to finish off spending my Rockin' Refuel coupons before the sale ended today. There weren't many to be had, but thanks to Lacy's raincheck reminder, I remembered to ask for rainchecks, YaY!


I'd been thinking for awhile about maybe getting a tattoo, but never could decide what to get, or where.
So now I've finally decided: I'm gonna get one running down my forearm that reads RAINCHECKS!!

Like that would do any good, considering how many times I've wrote MILK across the back of my hand in pen and still come home without any.

But really, it's pretty ridiculous, the time and miles I waste chasing out-of-stock stuff because I don't have sense enough to remember to get rainchecks.

So today that was my aim; being Saturday the stores should have pretty much been out of the Blink and water, but the first store I went in had them so I went ahead and did one deal.

$7.99 Blink
$10.00/10 Smartwaters
-4.00 Blink Peelie
-1.00/3 Smartwater x 3
= $10.99
-10.00 ECB
= $0.99 + .86 tax = $1.85 oop

Rec'd $7.99 Blink, $5.00 Smartwater
Final Total $1.14 Profit

The next store was oos, so I got two more Smartwater and two Blink rainchecks.
I was going into another store this evening, but forgot.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rite Aid

I did manage to do well at Rite Aid today. (2) stores, (4) trans:

The first store I shopped had enough Garnier stuff for two deals. I didn't want to risk the other store that I know is regularly coupon-shopped not having any, so I went ahead and did both Garnier deals here. Usually I would have done a Garnier deal, and then another different deal of stuff.
But I asked first and the Cashier said they didn't tell her there were any limits, so she guessed I could do it again.

The Garnier deal is not good in Short-ad land, Sorry!

$6.29 Garnier x 3
$3.14 Garnier BOG50% x 3
= $28.29
-2.00 8/08 RP x 6
-2.00 Vv x 1
-9.00 +UP rewards
= $0.29 + 1.40 tax = $1.69 from Gift Card

Rec'd (6) $3.00 +UP Garnier Skin, and (1) $5.00 +UP Garnier
(I have no idea why I received the $5.00 +UP from Garnier??)

Final Total $12.31 Profit

$6.29 Garnier x 2
$3.14 Garnier BOG50% x 2
$6.99 Garnier (they ran out of $6.29 stuff)
$3.14 Garnier BOG50%
= $28.99
-2.00 8/08 Rp x 6
-2.00 Vv x 1
-9.00 +UP rewards
= $0.99 + 1.44 tax = $2.63 from Gift Card

Rec'd (6) $3.00 +UP rewards Garnier Skin
(No $5.00 +UP, even though I used a different card)

Final Total $6.37 Profit

I wanted to do the Kimberly-Clark SCR #148 this week buying only the Kotex "U", but wasn't sure if they'd give (4) +UP rewards, but today I figured I made enough of a profit on the Garnier that it's make up for anything I lost on the Kotex, so I went for it.
Luckily, surprisingly, all the rewards printed!

$3.50 x 8 (2/$7.00 sale price)
= $28.00
-1.00 8/08 SS x 8
-15.00 +UP rewards
= $0.00 + 1.38 tax = $1.38 from gift card

Rec'd (4) $3.00 +UP rewards Kotex
SCR $5.00 rebate wyb $25 Kimberly-Clark

Final Total $0.62 Profit

$0.99 Carefree x 4
$6.49 Ben Gay
$6.99 Stop Pain Spray
$8.99 Benevia
$0.00 Benevia BOGO
= $26.43
-1.00 Carefree Peelies x 4
-3.00 BenGay IP
-3.00 BenGay in-ad q
-1.00 BenGay Vv q
-5.00 Benevia IP x 2
= $0.43 + .93 tax = $1.36 from Gift Card

Rec'd $1.00 +UP BenGay
SCR $6.99 Stop Pain

Final Total $6.63 Profit

Grand Total for the day: $25.93 Profit

Food Lion

I hate to even post this one. I'm such an idiot (this is why I'm not a Trainer). I should be drummed out of the Couponers Guild for this one.

Because I had it stuck in my simple, single, one-track mind that I could only get (1) set of Cokes and free Peanuts per transaction, for some reason I idiotically thought I could only get one set of noodles to use the overage from.

My Food Lion doubles, so buying the $1.12 BOGO spagetti or elbows, with the .50 blinkie coupon, I get .44 overage per box.
But I only bought (2) boxes per transaction, getting .88 overage, making me have to pay $1.10 + .07 tax oop each time.
When I *could* have bought (4) boxes and only had to pay $0.22 plus tax each time!


I had a $10.00 OYNO cat from the Kraft Buy 10 Get $10 a couple weeks ago that was expiring tomorrow so I used it to buy some meat.


(4) Transactions, pretty much the same deals as the past couple of weeks.

Found the Colgate toothpaste clearanced for .88 cents, free after coupon.

I did find the Cesar treats at $2.99 at my store, so I got them free - not A PENNY more!!! - after coupons.

Paid $1.98 for the shoes; got shot down on socks being footwear today.

The first (2) trans I did, I was waiting in line and a woman tells me she'll take me in line (whatever it was)  so I go over to the register. She's not a regular cashier, but a Trainer, according to her nametag. I had to look three or four times to make sure it didn't say TrainEE instead.

FIRST coupons on top of the stack are the Cesar Treats $2/1 MQ, and $1/1 TQ. She hollers, "RUFUS! Come'ear!"  So Rufus, who I assume is LOD, comes over and she tells him the treats rings up $2.99, but I got a coupon for $2.00 and $1.00. What does she do?
(Me looking to see if I misread her tag as Trainer instead of Trainee. Nope.)
So she scans the MQ and the TQ, and apparently the TQ took off $1.00 instead of $0.99, Lawd fo-bid I get a penny out of Target!!!

It was just, while they were both standing there looking at it with blank expressions, I said, it's a Target coupon, it should self adjust. After she scanned it they were standing there looking at the register with blank expressions. I asked, did it ring up .99 or $1.00? And they ignored me completely. Not even a grunt.
I'm sorry, but that is rude and ticks me off. Don't treat me like I'm not standing there asking a question.

After that she goes back and checks the price of everything I bought, and manually enters the price even on the IP TQs, which we all know self-adjusts, or has been this past week.

So then she got to the Merona shoes and hollers "Rufus!"
So Rufus comes back and she asks him if it's okay to use the coupon on those shoes, or only ones in the picture?
At this point I'm like, Oh are you serious??
(Me, again, looking to see if I misread her nametag as Trainer instead of Trainee. Nope, it still says TrainER.)

So we get on through that order and before she starts order number two she asks if I have coupons for this stuff. I did, and she wanted them so she could do the item/coupon matchup thing to make sure I got what I was supposed to have.
Then she gets to my Merona socks. "RUFUS!"
Rufus comes and she says "This cain't be used on socks can it?" Rufus says "No," in a tone like, 'What's this stupid lady trying to pull?'
I asked Rufus "Where do you wear your socks? On your feet? Yea, it's footwear."
Rufus again COMPLETELY ignores me and walks off.

So I just told her I didn't want those, finished, paid, she walked off, no "Thank you" - "Eff you" - Nothing.

Well, there you go. Now you know why many of your Cashiers don't have a clue - because they have rude IDIOTS training them!

I took that stuff out to the car and came back to do my other (2) shops. Only got Colgate, Donuts, Chef-Boy, and potato in those shops and the total came out to $0.00 both times.

Total Spent $2.88 oop

There was alot of new C9 stuff on clearance in the ladies dept. Still not cheap enough, but maybe will get cheaper before the coupon expires.

There was a really hot guy working in the ladies underwear and bra section. Wished the camera on my phone worked.


My Kroger shops today were mainly to try to use up all the Shamrock Refuel milk because according to the tag the 10/$10 price ends tomorrow (8/28).

I had (6) coupons for the Purina One dog food so I got one or two at each store, and also a box of Minute Maid frozen stuff, so I wasn't only getting the Refuel. I don't know why I care.

Spent: a couple bucks for tax

Cesar Canine Treats

Possible deal on Cesar dog treats at Target and/or Publix; ends Monday (unless another coupon comes out this week):

Cesar Softies Dog Treats and Cesar Chewies Prime Rib Flavor Dog Treats are priced approx. $2.99 (prices vary by region)

In the 8/08 RP were coupons for $2.00 off Softies and Chewies.
Stack with the Target $1.00 off Cesar Treats from the 5/23 RP (regional) for free/cheap dog treats.

Target coupon expires 8/30

Cesar Prime Rib Softies Dog Treats 6.7 oz.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


My CVS plan for this morning was Blink, Crest floss or paste, Listerine, and Proglide. They didn't have any Proglide, which threw my deal off by around $10.00 (to use a $5/$25 q).

So I was looking in the sale ad, and saw the Smartwater/Vitamin Water/etc. deal - Buy 10 at $10, get $5.00 ECB.
Hanging on the cooler door there were Smartwater coupons reading something to the effect of "Buy any beauty product (or any other product) and get get $1.00 off 3 Smartwater".
I swear it does say (or any other product), LOL!

The deal:
$10.00/10 1-ltr Smartwater
- 3.00 tearpad q's
Get 5.00 ECBs
= $2.00/10 Smartwaters

$7.99 Blink Gel tears
-4.00 Peelie found at Rite Aid/Walgreens
Get $7.99 ECB
= $4.00 profit

$3.99 Listerine
-1.00 insert q
Get 2.00 ECB
= $0.99

I also got a Crest, but didn't realize it was the wrong one until after I checked out, so I got a refund on it.

-$11.00 ECBS

Total $2.72 + .91 tax = $3.63 oop
Refunded $5.50
ECBs $5.00, $2.00, $7.99
Final Total $5.86 profit

Rite Aid

Lots of freebies/deals at Rite Aid this week, almost too much if you don't like high oops, which I don't. 
When I copied and pasted the deals for the week, I started with the ones that make me money, like the Kerasal Foot Oinment @ $6.99
SCR $6.00
-2.00 SS 6/06
= $1.01 profit

I bought (2) of those - separate shops, different accounts - and will send in for a free pair of socks from

The Huggies were $8.99
-2.00 VideoValues q
-2.50 or 3.00 q from home mailer
Got $2.00 +UP
= $2.49 or $1.99 oop and I will sell these on Craiglist for $5.00 each.

The total of those items were $15.98, so then I looked for freebies with low oop. I wanted to grab the Royal jello and Tone body wash pretty quick because I didn't figure they'd be there long:

$0.25 Royal Jello x 4
Get $1.00 +UP wyb 4

$2.99 Tone Body Wash
-1.00 IP q
SCR $2.00
= FREE (+.01)

At that point I was at $19.97 so only needed an approx. $5.03 more to reach the $25.00 threshhold.
I wanted to get the Stoppain Analgesic Spray or Rollon at $6.99, free after $6.99 SCR, and there's a $2.00 MIR at, but I couldn't get it in the same deal as the Kerasal so I would have separate receipts for the rebates.

So I grabbed the Salonpas pain patches @ $5.49 - $5.49 SCR = FREE

Used $5/$25
-$12.00 +UP rewards

#1 total $0.46 + 1.39 tax = $1.85 oop
Rec'd $2.00 Huggies, $1.00 Jello
SCR $6.00 Kerasal, $2.00 Tone, $5.49 Salonpas
Final total $2.64 profit

#2 Total $.96 + 1.49 tax = $2.15 oop
Rec'd $2.00 Huggies, $1.00 Jello

SCR $6.00 Kerasal, $2.00 Tone, $5.49 Salonpas
Final total $2.34 profit

Grand Total  $4.98 profit; and $10.00 when I sell the diapers.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rite Aid

Man, I shoulda done alot better at Rite Aid this week, with the good Clearasil and C.Booth coupons. I dunno what happened.

I was looking to do another Mead 5-Star deal but the first Rite Aid we stopped at was cleaned out of the $4.99 ones. I did find a couple of the 2" binders on Clearance for $3.99. I asked the SS if they would still ring up BOGO, she said she didn't think so, but if not, she'd modify them to get them out of there. Not enough for the +UP reward or SCR, but they were free after coupons, so what the heck, I got them.

The cashier didn't like that I had coupons for them. I got the whole "you already got one free, we can't GIVE you money" spiel. Then the SS came up there and the girl told on me, and the SS said "Just scan them".

I also got a couple of Clearasil to qualify for another Glam Camp thing.

Total $0.61 + .88 tax = $1.49 oop
SCR Glam Camp thing

Then we stopped in the Rite Aid here at home; I figured people around here wouldn't be buying up the binders, lol.

I needed to spend $20.00 worth to get the $2.00 +UP, and a total of $25.00 for the $4.00 Mead SCR.
So I got (8) of the $4.99 5-Star 1-1/2" binders, and (2) 5-Star folders @ $1.99. Total $21.95

With the $3.99 clearance binders from the other store, total $25.94.

- $2.00 Mead 5-Star Binders ?insert? x 8
- $5/$25 RA IP

Total $0.95 (forgot to use my $1/$10 CRT!!) + 1.19 tax = $2.14 oop
Rec'd $2.00 +UP
SCR $4.00 Mead

Grand Total for the day $2.37 profit


Last Kroger shop for this week. I'm kinda glad. But then again, really gonna miss the Crayon deal.
The Sobes all rang up at .99 this time, and all the coupons took off .99, so everything worked out as planned.

(4) Transactions @ $0.54 each

Total spent $2.16 oop

This Kroger was loaded for bear with Crayons. I couldn't believe it, because I know there are several Coupon-shoppers in Cartersville. If my son wasn't waiting in the car, I might have spent the rest of my day there buying crayons.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Food Lion

(2) Transactions:
$0.56 Ronzoni elbows x 6 (BOGO $1.12) (The paper says Limit 2 Free, but the register obviously doesn't enforce that. All 6 of mine rang up .56 each)
$1.67/$1.66 Peter Pan Pnut Butter x 6 (3/$5 sale)
$0.99 2-ltr Coke product
$?.?? Planters Pnuts (free wyb 2 Coke products)

-0.50 (doubled) Ronzoni Blinkie x 6
-0.60 (doubled) Peter Pan ?insert? x 6

(The .50-doubled-to-1.00 Ronzoni q gave me .44 overage each. The .60-doubled-to-1.20 Peter Pan q made the pnut butter cost .47/.46 each. So in the end I only paid a few cents for the pnut butter.)

-2.00 OYNO

Total $0.14 + .27 tax = $0.41 oop each time

*The reason I went for (6) instead the (4) the paper listed as the limit is because I found a SmartSource dispenser thing hanging there with little booklets that say something about Enter for some prize or some such. When I opened it up there's a send in thing, Buy 6 and get $3.00 back.
So that turned today's shop into about a $5.00 profit.

I picked up several extras of these if anyone needs one or some, Holla.

Rite Aid

Nothing like getting to the store and discovering you only have (1) $5/$25 left.

I used it at the first store, a new-to-me one I never visited before. The cashier seemed pretty nice. I bought (2) Clearasil in the same order and she looked at the Clearasil coupons overlong. I figured she was going to bust me on the "One per Person" thing but all she did was ask if I had bought Clearasil and looked in the bag.
She said "they" were really coming down on them about coupons, people trying to use too many manufacturer coupons...I'm sure I looked like, Huh?...then she added, on one item. Ah.

$4.99 Mead 5-Star Binder
$0.00 Mead 5-Star Binder BOGO sale
$7.99 Complete
$5.59 Booth Triple Action etc. (w/ 20% disc)
$4.23 Clearasil (w/ 20% disc)
$4.39 Clearsail (w/ 20% disc)
= $27.19

-$5/$25 RA IP
-1.00 Complete Peelie
-2.00 Mead ?insert?
-2.00 Mead ?insert?
-6.00 Booth in-ad q
-3.00 Clearasil in-ad q x 2
-1.00 Clearsil ?insert? x 2

-3.00 +UP

Total $0.19 + 1.33 tax = $1.52
SCR $4.00 Mead, $7.99 Complete; Free Glam Camp (Don't know if I qualify for any C.Booth SCR)
Final Total $7.47 profit

At the next store I just got "free" stuff, having no $5/$25 to pay the difference in Clearasil or more Mead.
$5.03 C. Booth Shea Butter cream (w/ 20% disc)
$1.59 Poligrip (w/ 20% disc)
$0.50 candybars x 2
= $7.62

-6.00 C. Booth in ad q
-1.59 Poligrip ?insert?

Total $0.03 + .42 tax = $0.45
(Don't know if I qualify for any C.Booth SCR)
$1.59 towards Oral SCR
Final Total = Cheap Candy


(Forgot a couple bags when I took the first picture!)

(2) Stores; (7) Transactions:
Trans #1: $0.23
Trans #2: $0.44 (Sobe water, juice, and teas all rang up 0.99)
Trans #3: $0.50
Trans #4: $0.15 (Sobe water, life rang up .99; lifewtr 1.19. She took off $1.19 for each BOGO q)
Trans #5: $1.15 (Sobe water rang up .99; lifewtr 1.19. She only took off $0.99 for each BOGO q)
Trans #6: $1.54 (All rang up .99, took off .99; I was planning on $1.19)
Trans #7: $0.76 (All rang up .99, I was planning on .99)

Final Total: $4.77 oop


This is what I ended up with out of my Target shop. I was supposed to be taking someone else shopping today to show them how to do it, but she couldn't make it. Turned out my Mom was in town so I called her and we met up and I took her to Target and let her get some free lettuce and carrots and bread and Ravioli and some Bic Easy Grip pens with my coupons. She didn't care for the Crystal pens or teethbrush.

The toothbrush is a new I just learned about. They are .97, and there's a $1.00 off Colgate toothbrush or toothpaste Target printable, making them free.

The order I did included lettuce, demi loaf bread, ravioli, Colgate toothbrush, (2) Bic Easy Grip pens, and Bic Crystal pens. 

Total $0.07 oop

Thrift Store

Today was the 50-cent sale at the Thrift Store! I love the 50-cent sale!

I get bored with the clothes I have, but at .50 I can afford to buy new ones and donate the old stuff for a tax donation write-off.

I got (11) new shirts: the pink one you will probably never see me wear. I like pink, and want to wear pink, but I feel like it clashes so terribly with my hair that I just feel like yuck when I wear the color.  The peach ones are a close second.

The black one in the front with the sequined design is a Coke-a-Cola shirt. I see me wearing it alot this winter. And the one under it, the purple with black stripes hooded shirt.

I also got a nearly new pair of Levi's jeans and a comfortably-worn pair of Gap jeans.

Also a pair of black dress pants, four pair of shorts, and two flannel pajama gowns to wear around the house this winter.

Found the hubby a nice black microfiber long-sleeve shirt for winter; a pair of shorts for my oldest son; and a pair of "break-away" warm-up pants for my youngest son.

The break-away pants were Youth size, so they only cost 25-cents.

I also got the 4 childrens books at 25-cents each; I got them to list on PaperBackSwap so I can earn credits to "buy" books I want.  One of them, the Percy Jackson, was on several hundred wish lists so was snapped up automatically when I listed it. Woohoo!

Total Spent $12.00

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rite Aid

Today was supposed to be an "at home" day; no shopping! I needed to rest and get some desk work done, sending in rebates and such. I did manage to get my SCRs entered, but still have some MIRs to get addressed. Blah.

Not sure what exactly happened, but somehow I got from entering SCRs, to looking at deals, and then I couldn't stand it, I had to go.

Transaction #1:
$1.83 Darice Foam Mosaic Ball (w/ 20% disc)
$1.83 Darice Foam Mosaic Ball
Get $4.00 wyb (2) SCR
= +0.34 profit

$1.59 Super PoliGrip (w/ 20% disc)
$1.59 Super PoliGrip
-1.59 Free mq
-1.59 Free mq
$3.18 towards Oral Care SCR

$2.99 Oral-B Crossaction Manual TB x 4
-2.99 BOGO mq x 2
= $5.98
Got (4) $1.50 +UP rewards (limit of 5 per card)
= +.02 profit
$11.96 towards Oral Care SCR

$7.99 AMO Complete
-1.00 MQ
= $6.99
Get $7.99 SCR
= $1.00 profit

-$5/$25 RA q

Total $0.63 + 1.53 tax = $2.16 oop
Rec'd $6.00 +UP
SCR: $7.99 Complete, $4.00 Darice
Final Total $15.83 profit

Transaction #2:

$4.99 x 10 Mead Five-Star Binders
-4.99 x 5 BOGO sale
-2.00 x 10 Mead Five-Star Binders
-1.00/10.00 School Supplies CRT

$0.50 Heath Candy Bars x 2

-$5/$25 RA q

Total -.05 +1.29 tax = $1.24 oop
Rec'd $2.00 +UP for buying $20 Five-Star
SCR $2.00 Mead wyb $15.00 {$4.00 wyb $25.00; I'm at $24.95!}
Final Total $2.76 profit


I don't know why, but some of my Sobe rang up $1.49 instead of .99. Kinda made a disaster of my shops.

Trans #1: $0.38 oop
Trans #2: $1.11 oop
Trans #3: $2.60 oop
Trans #4: $2.66 oop

Final Total $6.75 oop


Another shining example of my non-brilliance! When you print out your shopping list, and do a deal with one card, and write the name of that card beside the deal so you know you already it with that card means DON'T USE THE SAME CARD to do the deal again! Ugh. Is my brain in backwards?

$3.49 Glide Floss x 2
- .75 8/01 P&G x 2
= $5.48
*Should have gotten $5.00 ECB back, but since I already did the deal with this card, of course that didn't happen.

$1.59 Sobe x 6
-1.59 Sobe x 3 CVS BOGO Sale
-1.59 Sobe x 3 BOGO IP
= FREE/6

$4.49 Right Guard x 6
-4.49 Right Guard x 3 CVS BOGO Sale
-1.00 Right Guard Blinkie x 3
-4.49 Right Guard BOGO mq
= +3.00

$1.25 4-pk Mtn. dew
$1.25 4-pk Pepsi

-$5/$25 CVS IP
Total -.02 + 1.35 tax = $1.33
Rec'd $1.00 ECB Green Bag Tag = $0.33 oop

*If I can take the Glide Floss back for a refund and rebuy it with the other card the total will turn into $2.67 profit.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have a Laugh

This is the funniest post I've read in a long time; From Target message board:

Quote from ***** :
DD was told socks aren't footwear.

So maybe, if they aren't apparel when using the c9 q and they aren't footwear when using the merona q, maybe SOCKS are cosmetics...

Quote from ****** :
*** maybe socks are cosmetics.....I need to start writing all this down so I remember to use my q's correctly

Quote from ****** :
...Hard to believe that people can't get it through their head that nail polish is a cosmetic. I remember having a problem with a Revlon cpn and their nail polish. Revlon is a cosmetic company - they mostly make cosmetics - and cashiers tried to tell me that nail polish isn't a cosmetic.

not their fault - nail polish is footwear.
unless it's a color you'd only wear on your fingers. then it becomes an accessory. like gloves.
socks... are really bags. but not handbags. footbags.


More Target dealios (4 transactions)

$0.50 5-star portfolio folders
-1.00/2 8/8 RP
= Free/2
(Target's stupid registers attaches this to only one of the items, so it only takes off .50 and the other .50 has to be entered manually)

$1.50 Campbell's Select Harvest Soup
-1.00 IP
- .50 TQ

$1.00 or less Produce item (I got bananas, baking potatoes, and an onion)
-1.00 or whatever price produce TQ

$0.99 Demi french loaf bread from bakery
-1.00 adjusted to .99 bakery item TQ

$0.69 single donut from bakery
-1.00 adjusted to .69 bakery item TQ

$.89 Chef Boy R Dee
-1.00 adjusted to .89 Chef Boy TQ

$0.99 Easy Fries
-2.00/2 Target Catalina q
= FREE (received another catalina for $2/2)

$0.99 Bic Pens
-1.00/2 MQ (attaches to one and only takes off .99. I don't argue the penny)
-1.00/2 Bic TQ
= FREE/2

$0.99 Bic Pens
-1.00 adjusted to .99 Bic product TQ

$5.58 C9 shirt
-5.00 C9 TQ
= .58

$6.98 C9 sneakers
-5.00 C9 TQ (beeped, but he K1'd it)
= 1.98

$3.24 Merona sandals/flip flops
-3.00 Merona footwear TQ
= .24

$3.50 Merona 3-pr. women's trouser socks
-3.00 Merona footwear TQ (no beep)
= .50

$2.24 Bagel Bites
-1.00 6/13 SS
-1.00 TQ
= .24

$2.00 Splitz yogurt
-1.00 MQ from coupon flyer Sample lady at Kroger gave out last Sat.
- .50 TQ
= .50
Total spent $7.61


18 transactions! *gasp*

Total Spent $6.86

*In case you're wondering, the Minute Maid sign said it would be on sale 10/$10 thru 9/11

Food Lion

(3) Transactions (that's all the Int'l Delight creamer they had)
The deals:

$1.99 Int'l Delight x 2
$2.50 Pillsbury Sweet Moments
-1.99 Int'l Dlight blinkie found at Publix
- .55 (doubled) IP
-1.00 Sweet Moments 8/08 GM
= +0.11 for doubles/$0.45 no doubles

$1.39 Ronzoni BOGO
- .50 (doubled) Blinkie x 2
= +0.61 for doubles/$0.39/2 no doubles

$1.67/$1.66 (3/$5) Peter Pan Pnut Butter
- .60 (doubled) 8/01
= $0.47/0.46 for doubles/$1.07/$1.06 no doubles

I ended up having .72 overage, and .47 cost and needed some "filler" item(s). I got cornbread mix and potted sandwich meat because it idiotically didn't occur to me to get more Pnut butter, duh!

Transaction 1: $0.42 + .19 tax = $0.61 oop
Transaction 2: $0.09 + .16 tax = $0.25 oop
Transaction 3: -0.04 + .16 tax = $0.12 oop
Final Total $0.98 oop

*Trans 2 and 3 were supposed to be identical purchases but I see that the spagetti I got I thought was priced $1.39, was only $1.12, and it BOGO'd, even though the paper says regular price $1.39.

ETA: My kid just won me a dollar on the scratch off cards, so my groceries today turned out to be FREE!! YaY!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


(8) Transactions
(4) Crayons/Little Debbie/Goldfish @ .47 each
(2) Crayons/Powerade Mega deal/Little Debbie or Goldfish @ $1.13 each
(2) Crayons/Mayfield 3-day sale/Refried beans/Little Debbie or Goldfish @ .67/.51

In the last four orders I also got:
Shamrock Farms Rockin' Refuel Chocolate Milk @ 10/$10
- .50 (doubled) 8/15 SS

(I had no idea this stuff was chocolate milk; I thought it was some sort of vitamin water and never could find any in the past. Happened to see it last week during the 10/$10 Kroger chocolate milk deal)

Minute Maid soft Frozen Lemonade @ 10/$10
- .50 (doubled) 8/15 RP

Total spent $5.32 cash and $8.00 OYNO

Monday, August 16, 2010


(8) Transactions @ .47 each = $3.76 oop


Had (2) $1.00 RRs I had to spend so I did a H&S deal and (2) BOGO Right Guard deals so I would have (6) items and (6) coupons and not have to buy a worthless filler.
$2.12 oop

The next two transactions I had $4.00 RR's; the H&D deal cost $3.00 so I bought packages of Ramen to take up the remainder.
$1.00 oop

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I had (still have) really no idea what's on sale this week at Kroger. But earning $1.75 profit everytime I do the crayon deal, it's crazy to not go and buy something as often as possible. Good time to stock up on canned goods or flour or such.

But then I walked into the first Kroger this morning and saw the sale paper on the display sign and LITTLE DEBBIE and GOLDFISH jumped right out at me.
Same deal as the 10/$10 Choc milk last week:
$2.25 (9) Crayons
$2.00 (2) Little Debbie and /or Goldfish
= $4.25 - $4.00 cat = $0.25 + tax = $0.43/0.47 (Cobb tax cheaper than Paulding)

I think I did about 12-13 transactions between 4 stores; they are running out of crayons, the last transaction I had to get pens, which cost .34/.33 each x 9 = $4.00, so I could only get (1) Little Debbie or Goldfish with that order.

I also spent one of my $4.00 cats on mark-down bread, it was all $0.49 each. Got 4 things of rolls, 2 loafa bread, and 2 buns.  Just paid tax, think it was $0.22, if I recollect rightly.

Food Lion

Last day of the BOGO cheese sale, and probably the $5.00 catalina deal, too.
I did (4) transactions of the cheese, they were almost out of everything. I had to get White American cheese slices because they were out of the other kind.
Trans #1 = $0.58 oop
Trans #2 = $0.44 oop
Trans #3 = $0.58 oop
Trans #4 = $0.16 oop

My last transaction I got the Banquet Salibury steaks, burritoes, and 4 packs of corn bread mixes = $10.15.
Used $10.00 RR from Wags = $0.15 + .34 tax = $0.49 oop

Total Spent $2.25 oop


Another Target shop; I was thinking the whole time I ought to only do 1 transaction today and go back tomorrow/later when it's not so busy. But then again, I drive a good ways down there, so hate to pass up an opportunity, while I'm there, to get what I can.
The cashier was very nice, and said she could do all four transactions at one time, she had no problem with me having four of each of the TQs.

When you use TQs, it just takes off the cost of the item, bringing it to $0.00, and that's all you see displayed on the register, not the amount it took off. The total goes down, but my mental math ain't that quick.

I thought everything was going as expected until I saw that it only took .50 off for the $1.00/2 Five-Star mq's I was using. The cashier saw it, and took off the additional amount, and then just manually entered the coupons after that.
Then I noticed she was adjusting some other coupons, like the Bakery TQ. I asked her what it had taken off, she said .99. I said that's okay, that's the price of the bread. She nodded, but then adjusted a few other coupons, like the Chef-Boy-R-Dee.
Now, I'm thinking, that would be nice, except my total should only end up like $0.50 plus tax; if she's giving me overage, I'm gonna go in the neg and there'll be trouble.

My total came out to $2.92 + 1.54 tax = $4.46 oop
and I have no idea why; Can't make headsnortails out of this coupon. Oh well. That's part of the game; win some, lose some.

I got a catalina for $2/2 Ore Ida fries, so I went back and grabbed two boxes of Easy Fries on sale at .99 each. The coupon took off $1.98, and there was no tax. So FREEEEEEEE!
And I got another $2/2 catalina!!


Transaction #1:
$9.99 Zegerid
$3.49 Glide Floss
$3.49 Glide Floss
$4.49 Right Guard x 3
$0.00 Right Guard x 3
$1.49 Kotex U Liners
= $31.93

-5/$30 CVS IP
-4.49 BOGO Right Guard x 3
-1.00 Right Guard Blinkie x 3 (Didn't work, but she pushed it thru)
-3.00 Zegerid
- .75 Glide Floss x 2
-1.00 Kotex CVS IP
-1.00 Kotex 8/0?
= $27.97

-4.00 ECB
= -0.04 + 1.89 tax = $1.93 oop
Rec'd $5.00 Glide, $7.00 Zegerid
Final Total $6.07 profit

Transaction 2:
$9.99 Gillette Proglide
$7.99 Blink drops
$4.49 Right Guard
$0.00 Right Guard
$2.99 Emerald Pecans x 2
$0.00 Emerald Pecans BOGO sale x 2
1.00 P'nut Butter Crackers
.55 Ramen Noodles x 2
= $30.55 (Yep, over $30.00, and I didn't have another $5/$30 with me, boo)

-4/$20 CVS IP
-4.00 Gillette 8/01 P&G I think
-4.00 Blink Peelie
-4.49 Right Guard BOGO 7/25
-1.00 Emerald Nuts 8/15 RP (regional)x 4
= $20.49

Used $9.99 ECBs (I didn't have smaller ECBs so had to buy the crackers and ramen to be able to spend the ECBs I had)
= .07 + 1.33 tax = $1.40 oop
Rec'd $5.00 Gillette, $7.99 Blink
Final Total $1.60 profit


Augh, Wags is killin' me! I had (2) $10.00 RRs and (2) $1.00 RRs expiring today, and there wasn't anything to roll that big boy on.  I ended up getting (3) bundles of Sunday papers and a Head & Shoulders deal.
Also did the H&S deal two more times with a couple of $3.00 RRs I had. The H&S cost me .50 each, but there's rarely, if ever that I can recall, good sales on real dandruff shampoo.

I had planned on doing two paper/H&S deals and spending both $10 RRs, but they didn't have enough paper bundles.  Ended up being able to spend the RR at Food Lion and at least got stuff we'll eat.

The Right Guard was BOGO, and I used the BOGO from the 7/25 insert, so they were free.

$8.00/2 Head & Shoulders
-4.00 BOGO 8/0?
-1.00 8/15 RP
Got $2.00 RR
= $1.00, or .50 each

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Transaction #1:
$9.99 Zegerid 14ct.
-3.00 8/15 SS
Got $7.00 ECB
= Free after ECB

$7.99 Blink
-4.00 Peelie
Got $7.99 ECB
= $4.00 profit after ECB

$4.29 Dry Idea
$0.00 Dry Idea BOGO sale
-4.29 BOGO 7/25
= Free

Used $4/$20 CVS IP
-$6.00 ECB

Total $.98 + 1.03 tax = $2.01
Rec'd $7.00, $7.99 ECB
Final Total = $6.98 Profit

Transaction 2:
$9.99 Gillette
-4.00 8/01 P&G
Got $5.00 ECB
= $0.99

$0.89 Dove Candybar
$0.89 Dove Candybar
$0.00 Dove Candybar B2GO sale
- .50/2 CRT
= $1.28

$4.19 Dry Idea
$0.00 Dry Idea BOGO sale
-4.19 BOGO 7/25
= Free after coupon

Used $3/$15 CVS IP
-$4.00 ECB

Total $0.27 + .72 tax = $0.99
Rec'd $5.00 ECB
Final Total $0.01 profit


8 transactions (4 stores):
(8) Trix
(8) Golden Grahams
(4) Total
(10) Sobe
(1) Powerade
(1) Gardetto's
(1) Chex Mix
(7) Bugles
(15) Armor Lunchables
(72) Crayons
Total Spent $3.19


(4) Transactions:
(4) bakery breads
(2) onions, (2) potatoes, bag of carrots
(4) Chef-boy-r-dee
(10) Bic Pens
(2) Armor All glass cleaner
(3) C9 women's socks
(1) C9 men's boxer-briefs
(3) coupon organizers from Dollah-Spot
Total spent from gift cards $5.98

Rite Aid

Went looking for the $4.00 Blink peelies, so grabbed another Visine whilst I was there, and a package of waters, to spend another $2.00 +UP from a previous week. It wasn't due to expire until next week, but I have a rather large stack of Visine +UPs I'm going to have to start using before they get away from me.

$4.23 Visine (w/20% disc)
$1.00 Aquapods
-1.00 in-ad q Visine
-2.00 Visine insert mq
-2.00 +UP
= $0.23 + .21 tax = $0.44 from gift card
Rec'd $3.00 +UP = $0.56 profit

Food Lion

5 Transactions:
(6) Frosted Flakes
(10) Fruit Loops
(10) Cocoa Krispies
(2) Zesta Saltines
(2) Fruit Snacks
(10) Rice Krispy Treats
(14) Shredded Cheese
(10) Slices Cheese
(5) Ground beef
Total spent $6.04 oop

Friday, August 13, 2010


Hmm, my chocolate milk looked more impressive.
Did (5) transactions:

$0.25 Crayons x 9
$0.88 Armor Snackables x 2
= $4.01
-4.00 OYNO
= .01 + .21 tax = $0.22 oop
Rec'd $4.00 OYNO
Final cost $0.22

Rite Aid

Had (3) $3.00 +UPs expiring tomorrow; I used them tonight at a Rite Aid where the Visine is cheaper. It's $4.99 at this store, as opposed to $5.29 at the other one I like to shop.
Did (3) transactions:

$3.99 Visine (w/ 20% disc)
$ .80 Pretzels (w/ 20%)
$ .80 trash bags (w/ 20%)
$ .50 candybar (on sale, no disc)
-1.00 in-ad Visine
-2.00 Visine ?8/08 RP?
-3.00 +UP
= $.09 + .31 tax = $0.40 from gift card
Rec'd $3.00 +UP
Final cost $0.40

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok, all you peeps that made me go back to Target...I went. Got some good deals; others I could have skipped; several things I didn't find. Did (4) transactions, barely any problems. When one of the Merona shirt q's beeped, he said it wouldn't accept it, but when I showed him I had bought the item, he hit the button and didn't argue anymore.

Best deal: Green Giant head of Lettuce .99
-1.00 Produce Item Target IP = FREE (coupon self-adjusted to .99)

Not so great deal: learned not to buy produce by the piece or pound; coupon adjusts to only one piece or pound.

Chef Boy R Dee bowls .80
-1.00 Target IP = FREE (self-adjusted to .80)

Market Pantry (or Archer Farms?) crusty french bread loaf $1.29
-1.00 MP or AF Bakery purchase TQ = .29

I was having to buy my son some of the black socks for running anyway, so I was glad to find the C9's 3-pack for $6.99; I paid $1.99 after $5.00 TQ!

C9 Men's shirt clearanced at $5.58; I paid .58 after $5.00 TQ.

Merona tshirt clearanced $5.58, I paid $2.58 after coupon - could have skipped this deal, hubby didn't need another brown tshirt.
Merona sandals clearanced at $6.24, I paid $3.24 after coupon - another probably could have skipped, but maybe my oldest son will like/wear them.

Merona hooded shirts clearanced at $4.00, I paid $1.00 each after TQ.

$2.49 Bagel Bites - $1.00 MQ - $1.00 TQ = $0.49

$2.89 Digorno Pizza for One Deep Dish - $2.00 facebook q = $0.89

$2.29 Wonka bar - $1.00 IP - $1.00 TQ = $0.29

Scrubbing Bubbles deal:
$6.99 Sprayer
$3.49 refill
-5.00 Sprayer 6/13
-1.00 Refill 6/13
= $4.48
$5.00 gift card wyb both TQ 8/01 SS (regional)
= $0.52 profit


Milk day at Kroger!

Roll, roll, roll your Cat, quickly down the aisle; buying, buying, buying buying, lots of milk for cheeeeep.

Kroger #1: (2 transactions)
$1.00 x 2 Chocolate milks
$0.25 x 9 Crayons
-4.00 OYNO
= $0.47 OOP

Kroger #2 didn't have any Chocolate Milks in stock, so got a couple jugs of white milk: (2 transactions)
$1.98 milk
$0.25 x 9 Crayons
-4.00 OYNO
= $.45 OOP

Kroger #3: Same as Kroger #1, (4) transactions
$1.00 x 2 Chocolate milks
$0.25 x 9 Crayons
-4.00 OYNO
= $0.47 OOP

I think I probably have enough Chocolate milk for now; can't freeze it (no freezer room) so they're going to have to drink it all before it ruins. I don't think that'll be a problem, but maybe I if buy more. I think next I'll try to stock up on the  .88 Armor lunchables things. (9) crayons and (2) Armor lunchables = $4.01; roll $4.00 OYNO cat as far as it'll goooo!

Rite Aid

My little Rite Aid shop today:
$4.23 Visine w/ 20% disc
$1.59 Poligrip w/ 20% disc
$0.80 Trashbags w/ 20% disc.
-1.00 in-ad q Visine
-2.00 Visine ?8/01 SS?
-1.59 Poligrip Free mq ?insert?
-2.00 +UP (Trying to start spending these before they start expiring on me again!)
= $0.03 + .34 tax = $0.37 from gift card

Rec'd $3.00 +UP = $0.63 Profit

Food Lion

Trans #1:
$2.00 x 10 fruit snacks
$2.49 x 2 SB toilet gels
$3.99 x 2 SB toilet gels
-2.00 x 5 mq's
-3.99 BOGO mq's x 2
-1.00/2 mq
-10.00 OYNO
= $3.98

Rec'd $10.00 OYNO and (4) $1.00 OYNO = +.02 profit

Trans #2:

$2.00 x 10 Rice Krispie treats
-2.00 x 5 mq's
-10.00 OYNO
= .60 oop

Trans #3:

$2.00 x 6 Cheez-its
$3.99 x 4 Frosted Flakes
-3.99 x 2 BOGO Sale Frosted Flakes
-2.00 x 3 mq's Cheez-its
-10.00 OYNO
= .59 oop

*I won $1.00 playing the scratch off tickets*
Final Total $0.17 cost

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kroger shop #2

My boys love, love, loooooooove chocolate milk; my youngest will put away at least a half gallon a day, so this 10/$10 4-day sale, coupled with the Crayon Cat deal, is like the best sale evah!

I did four trans at the Kroger store we stopped at earlier, and it was kindly busy, I didn't want to make a spectacle of myself, so I went later to the smaller, less busy Kroger up here in our county.
I started out doing (5) transactions, thinking, I'll do it again tomorrow, but then I thought, they'll be out of chocolate milk tomorrow, so I did (5) more. Teen boys were manning the self-checks, and they aren't going to say anything.

(10) Transactions:
$2.00 (2) Choc milks
$2.25 (9) Crayons
-4.00 OYNO
Total $.025 + .27 tax = $0.47 oop
Rec'd $4.00 OYNO
Final Total $0.47 x 10 = $4.70 oop