Friday, August 27, 2010


(4) Transactions, pretty much the same deals as the past couple of weeks.

Found the Colgate toothpaste clearanced for .88 cents, free after coupon.

I did find the Cesar treats at $2.99 at my store, so I got them free - not A PENNY more!!! - after coupons.

Paid $1.98 for the shoes; got shot down on socks being footwear today.

The first (2) trans I did, I was waiting in line and a woman tells me she'll take me in line (whatever it was)  so I go over to the register. She's not a regular cashier, but a Trainer, according to her nametag. I had to look three or four times to make sure it didn't say TrainEE instead.

FIRST coupons on top of the stack are the Cesar Treats $2/1 MQ, and $1/1 TQ. She hollers, "RUFUS! Come'ear!"  So Rufus, who I assume is LOD, comes over and she tells him the treats rings up $2.99, but I got a coupon for $2.00 and $1.00. What does she do?
(Me looking to see if I misread her tag as Trainer instead of Trainee. Nope.)
So she scans the MQ and the TQ, and apparently the TQ took off $1.00 instead of $0.99, Lawd fo-bid I get a penny out of Target!!!

It was just, while they were both standing there looking at it with blank expressions, I said, it's a Target coupon, it should self adjust. After she scanned it they were standing there looking at the register with blank expressions. I asked, did it ring up .99 or $1.00? And they ignored me completely. Not even a grunt.
I'm sorry, but that is rude and ticks me off. Don't treat me like I'm not standing there asking a question.

After that she goes back and checks the price of everything I bought, and manually enters the price even on the IP TQs, which we all know self-adjusts, or has been this past week.

So then she got to the Merona shoes and hollers "Rufus!"
So Rufus comes back and she asks him if it's okay to use the coupon on those shoes, or only ones in the picture?
At this point I'm like, Oh are you serious??
(Me, again, looking to see if I misread her nametag as Trainer instead of Trainee. Nope, it still says TrainER.)

So we get on through that order and before she starts order number two she asks if I have coupons for this stuff. I did, and she wanted them so she could do the item/coupon matchup thing to make sure I got what I was supposed to have.
Then she gets to my Merona socks. "RUFUS!"
Rufus comes and she says "This cain't be used on socks can it?" Rufus says "No," in a tone like, 'What's this stupid lady trying to pull?'
I asked Rufus "Where do you wear your socks? On your feet? Yea, it's footwear."
Rufus again COMPLETELY ignores me and walks off.

So I just told her I didn't want those, finished, paid, she walked off, no "Thank you" - "Eff you" - Nothing.

Well, there you go. Now you know why many of your Cashiers don't have a clue - because they have rude IDIOTS training them!

I took that stuff out to the car and came back to do my other (2) shops. Only got Colgate, Donuts, Chef-Boy, and potato in those shops and the total came out to $0.00 both times.

Total Spent $2.88 oop

There was alot of new C9 stuff on clearance in the ladies dept. Still not cheap enough, but maybe will get cheaper before the coupon expires.

There was a really hot guy working in the ladies underwear and bra section. Wished the camera on my phone worked.


Earthy Mama said...

totally lol'ed at this post... cuz. really. :D Also. DANGIT! you need a camera on your phone! I coulda used a hot guy pic. ;)

Melissa said...

Sometimes you just gotta LOL at this stuff :-)

I've been seeing quite a few hot guys lately. I think I'm realizing a phenomenon going on.

Crazy about the phone-camera. When I had a working one, I hardly ever took any pictures. Now that I don't have one, I'm all the time finding things to take pics of.