Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have a Laugh

This is the funniest post I've read in a long time; From Target message board:

Quote from ***** :
DD was told socks aren't footwear.

So maybe, if they aren't apparel when using the c9 q and they aren't footwear when using the merona q, maybe SOCKS are cosmetics...

Quote from ****** :
*** maybe socks are cosmetics.....I need to start writing all this down so I remember to use my q's correctly

Quote from ****** :
...Hard to believe that people can't get it through their head that nail polish is a cosmetic. I remember having a problem with a Revlon cpn and their nail polish. Revlon is a cosmetic company - they mostly make cosmetics - and cashiers tried to tell me that nail polish isn't a cosmetic.

not their fault - nail polish is footwear.
unless it's a color you'd only wear on your fingers. then it becomes an accessory. like gloves.
socks... are really bags. but not handbags. footbags.


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Footbags. That still cracks me up.