Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rite Aid

Went looking for the $4.00 Blink peelies, so grabbed another Visine whilst I was there, and a package of waters, to spend another $2.00 +UP from a previous week. It wasn't due to expire until next week, but I have a rather large stack of Visine +UPs I'm going to have to start using before they get away from me.

$4.23 Visine (w/20% disc)
$1.00 Aquapods
-1.00 in-ad q Visine
-2.00 Visine insert mq
-2.00 +UP
= $0.23 + .21 tax = $0.44 from gift card
Rec'd $3.00 +UP = $0.56 profit

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