Friday, August 20, 2010

Thrift Store

Today was the 50-cent sale at the Thrift Store! I love the 50-cent sale!

I get bored with the clothes I have, but at .50 I can afford to buy new ones and donate the old stuff for a tax donation write-off.

I got (11) new shirts: the pink one you will probably never see me wear. I like pink, and want to wear pink, but I feel like it clashes so terribly with my hair that I just feel like yuck when I wear the color.  The peach ones are a close second.

The black one in the front with the sequined design is a Coke-a-Cola shirt. I see me wearing it alot this winter. And the one under it, the purple with black stripes hooded shirt.

I also got a nearly new pair of Levi's jeans and a comfortably-worn pair of Gap jeans.

Also a pair of black dress pants, four pair of shorts, and two flannel pajama gowns to wear around the house this winter.

Found the hubby a nice black microfiber long-sleeve shirt for winter; a pair of shorts for my oldest son; and a pair of "break-away" warm-up pants for my youngest son.

The break-away pants were Youth size, so they only cost 25-cents.

I also got the 4 childrens books at 25-cents each; I got them to list on PaperBackSwap so I can earn credits to "buy" books I want.  One of them, the Percy Jackson, was on several hundred wish lists so was snapped up automatically when I listed it. Woohoo!

Total Spent $12.00


Cheap&Sweet said...

My son was reading the Shiloh book last week and I rememberer it from when I was a kid so I just reread that one, cute lil story.

Melissa said...