Sunday, August 22, 2010


My CVS plan for this morning was Blink, Crest floss or paste, Listerine, and Proglide. They didn't have any Proglide, which threw my deal off by around $10.00 (to use a $5/$25 q).

So I was looking in the sale ad, and saw the Smartwater/Vitamin Water/etc. deal - Buy 10 at $10, get $5.00 ECB.
Hanging on the cooler door there were Smartwater coupons reading something to the effect of "Buy any beauty product (or any other product) and get get $1.00 off 3 Smartwater".
I swear it does say (or any other product), LOL!

The deal:
$10.00/10 1-ltr Smartwater
- 3.00 tearpad q's
Get 5.00 ECBs
= $2.00/10 Smartwaters

$7.99 Blink Gel tears
-4.00 Peelie found at Rite Aid/Walgreens
Get $7.99 ECB
= $4.00 profit

$3.99 Listerine
-1.00 insert q
Get 2.00 ECB
= $0.99

I also got a Crest, but didn't realize it was the wrong one until after I checked out, so I got a refund on it.

-$11.00 ECBS

Total $2.72 + .91 tax = $3.63 oop
Refunded $5.50
ECBs $5.00, $2.00, $7.99
Final Total $5.86 profit


Navy_Frugalista said...

So I am sure you know this already but just in case...the limit on the Vitamin Water, SMart Water deal is 2. Just an FYI....I went in for round 2 today and was so pumped to only pay tax and earn $5 ECB's!!

Melissa said...

I don't think I did know the limit was 2, that's good to know, I need to go back and finish my CVS shopping for the week. I was hoping they'd release another $/$$ coupon.

How'd you pay only tax, rather than $2.00?

Navy_Frugalista said...

I had a GC and ECB's. My total was $10.70 and I had $5 on GC and $5 ECB. Come home to find out that there are $1/2 VItamin Water tearpads floating I should have just got raincheck and traded or bought the coupons on ebay. I know I wont find those awesome tearpads around here. Meh, oh well...u win some u lose some. I seriously love your blog...its soo neat to see all the deals you if I was only as good as you at Rite Aid. I am just getting the hang of it and I am never sure if I get the long ad or the short ad....yes..I am that dense. LOL Keep all the awesome shops coming!!

Melissa said...

Ah, I see.

I didn't know there was any Vit water tearpads. I've been looking for Fuze .75 tearpads people said they found in the CVS in the back around the pharmacy/waiting room. But none at mine.

Thanks for the reminder, I got a couple of rainchecks today. I never remember to get rainchecks.

PS, I didn't know you had a shopper blog, too. I'm adding your button, ok.