Friday, August 27, 2010

Food Lion

I hate to even post this one. I'm such an idiot (this is why I'm not a Trainer). I should be drummed out of the Couponers Guild for this one.

Because I had it stuck in my simple, single, one-track mind that I could only get (1) set of Cokes and free Peanuts per transaction, for some reason I idiotically thought I could only get one set of noodles to use the overage from.

My Food Lion doubles, so buying the $1.12 BOGO spagetti or elbows, with the .50 blinkie coupon, I get .44 overage per box.
But I only bought (2) boxes per transaction, getting .88 overage, making me have to pay $1.10 + .07 tax oop each time.
When I *could* have bought (4) boxes and only had to pay $0.22 plus tax each time!


I had a $10.00 OYNO cat from the Kraft Buy 10 Get $10 a couple weeks ago that was expiring tomorrow so I used it to buy some meat.

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