Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rite Aid Ads

Apparently there are (3) versions of Rite Aid ads: Long, Medium, and Short.  I usually have to be careful and pay attention because where I live/shop is right within all three of those ads. The County East of us has the Long ad, we generally have the Medium ad, and the the County North of us will have the Short ad.

Last week and this week - and hopefully from now on would be nice - this half of our County has the Long ad. The other half of the County, and the County to the North of us has the Medium ad, but it seems to have pretty much the same deals as I'm looking for in the Long ad: Pantene, Nivea, Gain Dishwash, Colgate, etc.
(None of which does me any good if they've put limits on the stuff I want this week.)

How to know what Ad your region has:
Go Here: and type in your Zip Code.
If the Ad that shows for your area has 18 pages, it's the Long ad. If it's has 12, it's the Medium or Short ad. (I don't know if there's any in-between, or less than 12 pages this week.)

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