Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Made it to Publix today to get my youngun his Starbucks ice cream. Figured I'd end up getting a raincheck instead, but they were well stocked.
They were $3.79 BOGO - (2) $1.50 MQs = .40/.39 each

I also had .50 Yakisoba mqs from 8/29 SS (or RP?). Yakisoba is currently priced at 5/$3, or .60 each, so with the coupon doubled, I got .40 overage each.
I got (8) Yakisoba, so the .40 overage cancelled out the .40 cost of the ice creams.

At that point I was at free, or really about .04 overage still.

Then I had a $3.00/2 EAS PQ from the Family Style magazine, along with a Up to $3.89 EAS IPq.
This one is always hard to figure because you never know if the cashier is going to enter $3.89 or $1.99, the cost of one of the bars. I figured if she put in $1.99, I'd just give her a 2nd coupon for the other bar and get them both free, and have the $3.00 overage from the PQ to pay towards my other purchases.

I used my EAS overage to buy milk. It was $2.49, so either way the EAS overage came out, I was still about .42-.51 in the negative.
Usually I wouldn't worry about it and let it eat into tax, but today there is a blinkie machine on the milk fridge with coupons for $2.00 for any Lactaid milk. The Quart size Lactaid is only $2.19, so that was .19 for a quart of milk after coupon, so I got a couple paid for by some of the overage I still had.

And then I still had my $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon, with which I bought my kid his frozen burritos ($3.69) and a couple pot pies for me (.58 each).

Total -0.23 + .68 tax = $0.45 oop
Saved $52.53

Check this out:

Because I have to drive out of town to shop most of the time, I usually plan it where I go to several stores and do several shops while I'm out.
But today I hadn't gotten a plan together, and didn't care to mess with it, but I did want to go to Publix and get the Starbucks ice cream, or raincheck if nothing else.

So I decided to see how far I was driving to make one special trip to Publix to maybe or maybe not get ice cream.

From the parking spot I was sitting in at the store, to my parking spot in my driveway at home, is exactly 20.0 miles.
So, 40 mile round trip. Oh well, I have my mp3 player with my favorite music and it's a nice, relaxing ride.


Cheap&Sweet said...

Great job, my hubby would go nuts for some Icecream may have to look on ebay for coupon cant remember the last time I bought a paper. For real need to get more .19¢ milk, cant believe we like that milk.

Melissa said...

We haven't tasted the Lactaid yet, but liked the Smart Balance, so hopefully we'll like the Lactaid, too. For .19 it can't be that bad, lol.