Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Did a Kroger run; one more day of the Energizer OYNO deal and I still have two more to go, blah.

Glory Greens and Peas are still $1.00, so .10 after IP coupon (leave your email if you need me to send it to you).

The Bestlife Buttery Spread is on sale 10/$10, or $1.00 each, and there were $1.00 coupons in some insert(s) - (see database). They only had (5), so I got them all.

The Butterfingers and Snackers are 2/$1.00 and I found $1.00/2 tearpad coupons, so those are free after coupon. I got 10 of the snackers.

And lastly, found a waterbottle my son was wanting. I thought it was supposed to be 75% off, but was only like, half off, but whatever.

Total Spent $6.05 (The waterbottle was $5.99, so that's pretty good)


Courtney said...

I would love to have the link for the glory

Earthy Mama said...

Hey Mel, I have been looking for those energizer flashlights- do you happen to have a pic of the hangtag at the top? All I found were Everready flashlights that said (made by Energizer in teensy print). Is it those?

Melissa said...

Sent the coupon, Courtney.

Yes, Brandy, those are the ones.
I overlooked them at first, too, until I saw the price tag said Energizer. I compared the bar code numbers on the coupon to the UPC on the flashlight, and it is an Energizer flashlight.