Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My Auntie passed away Monday, so with all the funeral doings, once again I didn't do any shopping planning since Sunday. But with today being the last day of the sale I wanted to make a run to Publix for one last Mtn. Dew grab.

I walked in the door and saw the front display they had this week completely empty and was like ooooohhhhh nooooo, I drove all the way down here for nothing!! But they had like 9 boxes back on the Soft Drink aisle.

Then I got around to the Yakisoba and found they had stocked some more since the other day, but then found out I only had (2) coupons with me. Gah. I was too lazy to cut some more out. Thought I had several still.

Got the free Yoplait yogurt using Publix BOGO q and (2) .30 (doubled) mq's. Both from newspaper inserts; see datebase.

Forgot my (5) Breakstone's Sour Cream. Hopefully another Kraft item will go on sale for $1.00 before my $5/5 IP expires. (Or does the Breakstone sale go on after this week?)

I had it planned the Yakisoba, a Thermacare, and a Rite Aid $5/$25 would take care of the Mtn. Dew costs. Until I got ready to go check out and found I didn't have any $5/$25!!! Argh!
I got (2) more Thermacare and the EAS bars to cover it, but I hate when I have to do that. The $5/$25 are unlimited, and the Thermacare and EAS are not. So it feels to me like wasting $5.00.

Final Total -0.75 + 2.06 tax = $1.31 from gift card


Doreen said...

How do you get Unlimited Rite aid $5 off coupons?

Melissa said...

Doreen, when I signed up at, and log in, somewhere on there they give you several pages of Rite Aid coupons to print. I saved them as a .pdf file. One of them is a $5/$25 that's good until 9/30.

You can also check this Thread for multiple-page-prints (mpps), along with other useful Rite Aid coupons like Wellness and any Video Value with Short codes: (Copy & Paste)

Navy_Frugalista said...

You won an award on my blog!! Check it out here!!