Friday, September 17, 2010


So I get to CVS planning to get nothing but Rainchecks. But then looked in my envelope and what do I find? $14.99 expired ECBs. On each card!!

They were only a couple days expired, so I asked and the cashier (possibly Shift Manager) said they could still take them, a long as they were within a couple of days, because they only send the envelope of coupons in once a week.
I knew that, but other a-hole cashiers like to say no, they can't take them, just to be hateful, so I asked before I knew whether to try to spend that much or not.

They had the Nivea Men's Bodywash in stock. Couldn't hardly believe that!
Also a couple of the AirWick Aquamist.
The deal on those is/was they are/were 4/$10, get $5.00 ECB.
If you buy 4 and use 2 BOGO q's from one of the inserts, they are free after ECB.
I could only get 2, but I got a raincheck for 2 more, and the ECBs code, so if I miss it this week I can still get it later (except I have to check the date on my coupon because I think they might be expiring pretty quickly.)

Otherwise to spend the rest of the expired ECBs I got Cokes, 4/$13, get $3.00 ECB, and a pack of toilet paper for $8.99.

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