Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Walgreens didn't have the Hylands Kids cough stuff I was hoping to find for the profit, but instead of just leaving, I had these Vicks coupons, and apparently thought I needed to use them.

The Vicks Sinus spray deal is they are on sale for $6.00, get $2.00 RR. The coupon from this past weeks' P&G was for $4.00, so makes them free after coupon and RR.

The Fullbar things were $1.99, get $1.99 ($2.00) RR, so free after RR.

They also had the free after RR Emergen-C stuff in stock, but I didn't have any $3.50 RRs, so I skipped those.

I had a couple of $4.00 RRs, so I started with getting the Vicks, Fullbar, and a Necco candy on clearance for .22 cents.

Then I started rolling the $2.00 RRs back and forth; used the Fullbar RR to buy the Vicks and a candy, then the Vicks to buy a Fullbar and a candy.

The Sports Drinks were clearanced for .99, so I couldn't pass those up, and just bought them with cash.

Started with $8.00 RRs
Spent $2.92 + 3.34 tax = $6.26oop
Ended with $10.00 RRs
Final Total $4.26 cost

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