Thursday, September 23, 2010

Food Lion

Was able to find some Aquapods at another Food Lion tonight, YaY!
It was a lucky find; the shelf was empty and I nearly just left, but for some reason decided to walk over to produce and see if maybe there was a display or something. Didn't see one, so turned to leave, and there was a stack of packages of them beside an endcap no where near the other water, or snacks, or anything else you'd think water would be near.

I got (9) packages and did (3) transactions. The cashier was fantastic. No problem at all doing three transactions. She was so tickled when my final totals came out to be .09 cents.

$1.00 each x 3
= $3.00 + .09 tax = $3.09
Paid with $3.00 OYNO cat and .09 cash
Rec'd $3.00 OYNO cat

Total $.27 oop


Cheap&Sweet said...

I did this deal 4 X's today! It was .25 per transaction. Can't thank you enough my family goes threw water like crazy even though we reuse the bottles.

Melissa said...

Yay! Glad you were able to find some. They've been scarce around here.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Ya I cleared my own store out I think! Maybe I was the only one who knew about it?! lol I did two more this morning, I just couldn't pass it up. Have to go to my dads house across town may stop by his fl and get a couple more if they have any in stock.

Melissa said...

Yea, this is the 2nd week of this deal. I barely shopped last week, and didn't find any waters the one time went. I didn't think to post the deal, figured everyone else already knew about it.
I need to find out the end dates...for some reason I'm thinking Oct.9th, but I maybe dreamed that up.