Friday, September 24, 2010


Once again, I looked at the Publix ad for this week and thought, "Nothing."
By "nothing" I mean, nothing I need/want that I want to pay for. I don't mind paying some for something I need or want, but otherwise I want it free or better yet, money-maker.

But that was getting boring, so I figured I'd change it up this week and spend some money. I looked at Michelle's (iheartpublix) best deals list and picked out a few things .50 or less and made my list.

Since my regular Publix stopped taking my $5/$25 RAq this week, they lost my loyalty so since I was visiting another town to go to different Rite Aids, I visited different Publii, too.
Turned out, one of the ones I had thought stopped accepting the $5/$25 a long time ago, didn't. They still do, plus Target, Rite Aid and Walgreens. Think I have a new (old) Publix!

I don't know what, if any, Compettitor q's the other Publix accepted. I didn't have any to use, so didn't ask.

Some of my deals:
$2.50 Fiber One Yogurt BOGO
-  .50 (doubled) x 2
= $.50, or .25 each

$2.79 Cinnabon Pancakes BOGO
-1.00/1 8/15 Parade x 2
= $.80, or .40 each

$2.27 Krusteaz pancake or waffle mix BOGO
-  .50 (doubled) x 2
= $.27, or .14 each

$2.99 Crunchmaster Crackers BOGO
-1.00 SS 8/29 x 2
= $.99, or .50 each

$2.65 Wishbone dressing BOGO
-  .50 (doubled) IP x 2
-  .75 Target Q x 2
= +.85 overage

$2.89 Nestle Tollhouse Cookies BOGO
-$1.00 IP x 2
= $.89, or .45 each

$2.39 Green Giant Steamers BOGO
-  .50 (doubled) IP x 2
= $0.39, or .20 each

$2.19 Lactaid Milk Quart
-2.00 blinkie
= $0.19

$1.29 Dayquil Travel size
-1.50 8/29 PG
= +.21 overage

$6.99 Thermacare
-$3.00 IP
-5.00 PQ
= +1.01 overage

With some of my overage I bought
$2.03 Beef Cube Steak
$2.09 Top Round Steak

Transaction #1: $0.58 + .54 tax = $1.12 from gift card
Saved $67.95
Transaction #2: $0.17 + 3.10 tax = $3.27 from gift card
Saved $74.90
Grand total $4.22


Cheap&Sweet said...

all I can say is Cinnabon Pancakes yummm! I wnat to try them but no coupons but I got 2o for the Krusteaz pancake! So I guess Ill stick with what I got.

Cheap&Sweet said...

let me know if you want some of my coupons I dont think ill use them all. In fact I should let you know what I order off eBay so I can send you what I dont use.