Friday, September 3, 2010


At the first Publix I did the Mtn. Dew deal, and got another couple of quarts of Lactaid milk.

The cake mixes were $1.65 BOGO. The boxes had a .35 peelie for frosting on them, so I got (2) and used (2) $1/2 Duncan Hines PQs from GA Toss 4 Cash booklet and (2) .35 peelies. Except I was expecting the .35 to double to .70, and didn't pay attention that the barcode started with "9", so no doubling dang it.

Got the Vitamins @ $3.99, no overage but to bring my total before coupons up to $25 so I could use the $5/$25 coupon. I think I didn't need to once I bought all the potpies, but I forget.

There was no Thermacare or $2.99 Vitamins.

I had (thought I had) $2.91 overage; the pot pie deal was buy (5) pot pies @ .58 each, and get (3)  fruit pies free, which came out to a cost $2.90, so I should have been $0.01 in the negative at checkout.

But then the frosting coupon didn't double, so I ended up paying .70 more, and apparently misfigured something else I can't find at the moment, anyway;
Total $0.79 + .86 tax = $1.65 from gift card

I forgot to add the bag of Tostitos in the picture; there was a tearpad by the Pepsi's for Buy (3) Pepsi and get Free Tostitos. It expired 8/27, but I asked at the desk since it was still out would they still take it and she said they would.

Publix number 2, I went venturing to another store looking for the Downey Balls and Tide peelies and Wisk hangtags - none.

But they had Thermacare and Vitamins. Being the last day the Green Flyer Coupon is any good, I wanted to use all the ones I had.
I had no idea if they would let me use only one or more, so I wish-washed around a bit and then said, oh what the heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I got the Rice and Thai soup mostly just to have something else in the order besides the Thermacare and vitamins, although the Rice gave me a bit of overage, too: $0.89 - .50 MQ (doubled) = +.11 overage x 10 bags.

The Thai ginger noodle soup stuff was $0.99 and I used a .50 (doubled) coupon I got, either or maybe, so it was basically free, or +.02 overage.

I ended up with $10.xx overage, but after $3.60 worth of tax ate a chunk out of it, I still had $7.13 overage left.
I bought a $25 gift card, paid $17.87 from a previous gift card, so I still have $7.13 on the previous card, plus a new $25 card.
This is how to bank money for later, when you need something and there's no overage items.

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