Friday, September 17, 2010


Publix shop was okay. Found alot of the Old Fashioned oatmeal I prefer over the 1-minute stuff. I had 22 coupons, but only got 10. I'll go back later in the week, although I'll probably have to get rainchecks at that point. The q's are good for awhile.

Got some Ronzoni Angel Hair pasta my son likes. It was $1.39 BOGO and I used (2) .50/1 Blinkie q's that doubles to $1.00, for .61 overage/2.

Still have the Lactaid $2.00 off blinkie's on the fridge door, making the quart size $0.19 each. I got (5), or $0.95 worth.

I hadn't visited Kroger yet at this point to know the Glory vegs were 1.00 each there, so I got a couple cans here; they were $1.29 - .90 coupon = $0.39 each

Covergirl Nail Polish is $3.29, on sale this week 30% off = $2.31 - $1.50 green flyer q - 1.00 mq 8/29 P&G, gave me about .20 overage each. 
I got some black and orange for Halloweeny, and some pink which I'll probably give to one of my neices because I can't wear pink w/ my orange hair.

The Nyquil/Dayquil travel size are $1.29, used $1.50 from 8/29 P&G for .21 overage each.

With the $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon, I still had about $1.63 overage, which isn't enough to put on a gift card, so they had marked down candy, I got some Gummy Bugs for .75 each.

Final total was -.14 + alot of tax. I can't remember how much, but my total cost was still over $3.00, even with my subtotal going in the negative.

I also did the Ore-Ida Steam & Mash and Heinz Gravy deal, which *should* have been an awesome deal, had I not forgotten to bring half of my coupons.
(3) Ore-Ida Steam & Mash $2.00 each
(3) Heinz Gravy $1.27 each
= $9.81
-(2) $2.00 Steam & Mash AND Heinz Gravy PQ from FL Toss4Cash booklet
-(1) $2.00 free Ore-Ida wyb (2) Ore-Ida PQ from FL T4C booklet
-(1) $1.00/3 Heiz Gravy IPq
= $2.81

There was also supposed to be (3) $1/1 Ore-Ida Stean & Mash MQs from somewhere that I seemed to have overlooked.  I will find those and take them for a post-coupon refund next time.

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