Friday, September 24, 2010

Rite Aid

Weird. I checked the online ads for the Rite Aid stores in my surrounding area because I live in the middle of like three different ads, and saw all the deals I was looking for in all of them. But then I get to a Rite Aid with the super-short ad and there's no sale sticker on the Listerine, nor is it even in their sale paper! WTH? I know I'm loopy, but, I'da swore I saw it.

I was going to just shrug it off, but the cashier girl insisted on price checking it anyway. It came up on sale for $2.99. Hm. But there was no way to know if would give the +UP or not.
Because of Rite Aid's RIDICULOUS policy that if you use a coupon, they'll still only give you the difference in price back (RIP OFFS!) no way I was going to try it and lose my coupon if it didn't give the +UP and I needed to get a refund.
So she went and got the Store Manager and made him come out there and use his card to "buy" the Listerine to see if it printed the +UP, and it did.
I thought that was very nice of her to perservere to help me like that. Most would say, if it ain't in the sale paper....

Unfortunately, despite it being a hidden sale there, there was still only one bottle on the shelf.

Also unfortunately, by the time I finished my shopping, the fantastic cashier was gone to lunch or somewhere, and the Store Manager was cashiering. Nice guy, but dumb as a box of rocks. My Huggies Video Value coupon wouldn't scan and he was having to call other stores to ask how to enter it; he kept saying that if they didn't scan it, and entered it as a vendor coupon or whatever, they wouldn't get credit for it.
Personally I'm sure that's more ignert Rite Aid BS, like them keeping your coupon and still only giving you the difference in price after coupon on a refund. I don't understand why more people aren't arguing this.

Anyway. He decided to enter it anyway, and added the coupon amount to my total, but finally after a good while figured out how to take it back off again.  I was so afraid he was going to hit the Void button to start over before I could stop him. If he did that, my already scanned +UPs would have been useless.
Rite Aid has alot of good deals, but their programs and policies are awful!

Transaction #1:
$1.99 Quaker Oats x 2
$5.99 Nutrisse Hair Color x 3
$2.99 Dial Hand soap
$0.00 Dial Hand soap (BOGO sale)
-5.00/25 myRiteAid IP
-1.00 Quaker Oats 8/29 or 9/12 RP x 2
-1.00/10.00 Hair Care Wellness IP
-2.00 Nutrisse RA Coupon Savings book x 3
-3.00 Nutrisse RP 9/12 x 3
-1.00 Dial Hand Soap RA Coupon Savings booklet x 2
- .35 Dial Soap (?insert?) x 2
= -.76 + 1.17 tax = $0.41 from gift card

Rec'd $5.00 Garnier, $1.00 Quaker x 2, $1.00 Dial wyb 2
Final Total = $6.59 profit

Transaction #2:
$8.99 Huggies
$5.00 John Frieda
$5.00 John Frieda
$2.99 Listerine Zero
$3.00 Oreos x 2
-5.00/25.00 myRiteAid IP
-2.00 Huggies Aug. Video Values
-3.00 Huggies IP zip 10011
-3.00 John Frieda Root Awakening SS 8/22 x 2
-1.00/10.00 Hair Care Wellness IP
-2.00 Listerine Zero RP 9/19
Used $9.00 +UPs
= -.02 + 1.16 tax = $1.14 from gift card

Rec'd $2.00 Huggies, $3.00 John Frieda, $1.00 Listerine, $1.00 Oreos
Final Total $3.14 cost (Will sell diapers for $5.00)

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