Thursday, November 28, 2013

CVS 11/27

So I went into CVS not for most of this. After letting nearly $10.00 ECBs expire back in the Spring, I decided I was going to stop turning Cash into ECBs.

Yet I was suckered in by all the FREE FREE FREE I was seeing. (Also, I wasn't actually expecting to find anything left in stock at this point, so I got excited about seeing all the stuff there, too.)(They did have more of the Free after ECB items in stock, but these were the items we'll really use. The other stuff, not so much.)

Most (maybe all) of the sales on these things ended today so I won't write out all the prices; except for the Hershey Kisses, they were all Free after ECB, and the only coupon I had was for $1.00 on the Advil.

The Kisses were $3.99 BOGO and I used $1.00/1 MQ IP, and $2.50/2 CVS IP, for a final cost of 49¢ for both bags.

So I guess, before taxes, I made a 51¢ profit on these items.

I also did the Paypal deal, except instead of Paypal today they were substituting the "My Vanilla" Visa pre-paid card.
Same deal, add $150 to the card, they charge a $3.95 activation fee, then I got $50.00 ECB.
That would be a $46.05 profit! (I did the deal 3 times, altogether.)

Final Total $139.68 profit (before tax)

*I still have a wad of ECBs I have to roll/turn over/spend within the next month, so I hope I'm not as slacking as I have been lately. Yeep.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Walgreens 11/27 + Free 8x10 Photo

Wags is having some awesome Free Photo deals lately. A couple of weeks ago it was a free 8x10 Collage, a couple days ago is was 50 Free 4x6 Prints. Currently they are offering Free 8x10 with code TURKEY8X10.

 Code is valid through 11/30, so I'll get order my free 8x10 after we take our annual family Christmas card photo at Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

I was going today to pick up my 50 Free Prints from the other day, so I thought I'd check the ad and see if they had anything I wanted/needed while I was going anyway.

Eggs at 99¢ !
We eat eggs like they are going out of style. 99¢ is about as cheap as they ever get around here. I try to stock up when they're on sale, I wish I could stock up months worth, but I fear them going bad. I probably need to look into freezing them, but I've had a lot of things I've read could be frozen, and didn't come out too good later. I'd rather not waste them.

The Scope Mouthwash was (may still be this week) $3.00, and I had a $1.50 coupon from the November P&G insert, so I paid $1.50, and got a $2.00 RR, making a 50¢ profit.

The Tums were (are still this week) $4.50, and I had a $1.00 off MQ from (an) insert. I paid $3.50 and got a $4.50 RR, so I made $1.00 profit on each.

The Glad wrap was $2/4 with in-ad coupon, and I had IP coupons for $1.00 off each, so I paid $1.00 each for 200sq. ft.

The Royal Danke cookie tin was on sale for $1.99, regularly over $4.00.
I don't usually buy these or have any sentimental leanings towards them or think it's an especially great deal for me...I fell sucker to others in the Coupon sites going on so much about these. Obviously I'm out of deal-shopping practice, spending money on things I don't really want or need just because others do.

I bought the Glad wrap and Royal Danke cookies in the same order and wanted to pay with a Tums ($4.50) RR. Those items total was only $3.99 after Glad coupons, so I needed a 51¢ filler item.
My son wanted a package of Chewy Chip Ahoys and they were on sale for 99¢ so I got him a package of them.

Total Profit on Tums/Scope = $7.50
Total Cost of eggs/Glad/Cookies = $10.92
Final Total $3.42
(Not including tax)

I used the RR from the Scope and a couple of the Tums to buy the eggs, cookies, and Glad wrap, but I still have (5) $4.50 RR's left.

Tomorrow's Black Friday sale has several FARR offerings (some even with profit with coupons)(my printer is broke so I'm not able to print coupons right now), but I think I'm just going to roll mine into some Free (after RR) Shampoo, which is something we can always use, a couple of items I have insert coupons for (= profit), and some Theater candy for stocking stuffing.

Publix 11/27/13

Well, humbug.
I missed out on a much better Publix shop last week because I p-diddled around and couldn't get my act in gear. By the time I got around to getting ready to go (last day of the sale) several of the coupons had expired, including the excellent and rare anymore $10 off $50 purchase, and my printer kicked the bucket.

So, this is what I ended up being able to get.

Total Spent $3.12
Total Saved $53.51

$2.79 BOGO Duncan Hines Decadent Cake/Brownie mix ($1.40 each)
-$1.00 PQ All the Trimmings booklet or Printable (each)
= .79/2 or 40¢ each

$2.45 BOGO International Delight Coffee Creamer ($1.23 each)
- .65 MQ (each) from All the Trimmings booklet or Printable
- .75 TQ (each) (Target competitor)
= +35¢ overage/2

$1.27 BOGO Carnation Evaporated Milk (64¢ each)
-.50/2 (doubled) MQ IP
= .27/2 or 14¢ each

$3.99 BOGO Sabra Hummus ($1.99 each)
-$1.00 MQ IP x 2
-$1.00 PQ All the Trimmings
= Free/2

$2.65 BOGO Wishbone Salad Dressing ($1.33 each)
-.50 (doubled) MQ IP x 2
-1.00 PQ The Best Meals Happen at Home, emailed IPs
= +$1.35 overage

$2.19 Helluva Good Dip
-.50 (doubled) MQ IP
-1.00 PQ Happy Thanksgiving Advantage Flyer in store
= 19¢ each

$2.99 French's French Fried Onions
- .50 (doubled) MQ (newspaper insert)
= $1.99
(I needed these to make a green bean casserole for tomorrow's big dinner. This price was cheaper than the store brand, other wise I wouldn't have used the coupon and would have bought the store brand.)

I meant to buy Publix Sweet Cream Butter on sale for $2.99 BOGO ($1.49 each) but somehow overlooked it on my messy, handwritten shopping list.
Am I the only one that can't seem to hand-write anymore, after so long of typing/copying/pasting/printing?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Publix 11/15 and Kroger Price Match at Walmart

Today I got all this - including a turkey - for less than $20.00.

Publix Cost $17.90
Saved $113.51

Visit I Heart Publix for Ad and Coupon Matchups.

Kroger is having a Buy 10 get $5.00 off Mega sale this week...These mega sales used to be awesome, until they stopped doubling coupons. Blech.

But they have Kraft jet-puffed marshmallows for 69¢, which even without a coupon is a great price. Knowing I'm going to be making a few Rice Krispy Treats for the Holidays, it would not be smart of me to wait until next month and have to pay full price ($1.00 +) for marshmellers when I could get them for 69¢ now.

I visited a Kroger earlier in the week, with no luck finding the 10oz bags of regular marshmallows. Not even an empty spot.
I came home and checked the internet again, to make sure I was looking for the right item. I was.
Another day, checked another store. Nope. Another day, another store. Still nope.
Checked another store today and nope, so I went to the Customer Service desk to try to get them to check a computer or call a central office or something, anything, to find out where I get some freeking marshmallows.
Manager took my name and is going to have "his person" check on it and call me.

Meantime, I went to Walmart and got them to price match it for me.
Walmart is generally really difficult to deal with around here and I would have preferred to have not tried price matching since I didn't have a printed ad to prove the sale price, but the mega sale ends tomorrow so I was desperate and had to try.
Luckily I didn't have any trouble. This time.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bargain Shopping

I'm house/cat sitting (not really sitting, I go check on the house and feed the cats once a day) again this week, so while I'm on the road anyway, I've been doing some coupon/deal shopping.

JCPenney had sent out flyers in the mail with a $10 off $10 purchase coupon - which means you can get something that costs $10.00 for Free (excluding tax).
There was also a $10 off $25 purchase coupon, but it had expired before I got down there, and anyway I usually don't use those kind of coupons too much, I usually just use the *Free* coupon, but I think I'm going to have to start paying more attention to the other coupons, too. I could have used it on this order, and still have gotten another $10 worth free.

I don't really know why but whenever I get a coupon that makes items free at JCPenney or Kohls, I generally always look at the Men's Department Clearance racks. Not women's, or housewares, or shoes, or.... Just men's. And this time was no different.

My son had just mentioned the other day wanting to go to the Mall to look for some jeans (at which I freaked out because he has more jeans than the rest of us combined, and they are in good condition and was cheap at Goodwill, and if he wanted more jeans, why not shop at Goodwill, where he could get like 5 or 6 pair of jeans for the price of 1 at the Mall?).  Anyway, he said all the jeans he has are light (blue) and he wants dark ones.

So I ran across these dark blue Arizona jeans in his size, marked down from $35.00 to $14.00. Even though my coupon was only $10.00 off, I was willing to pay the $4.00 for them.
I don't know why, but instead of going and checking out right then, for some reason I started wandering around like I was lost. Because I wasn't looking for anything else, so I don't know....
At any rate, I happened to walk by a Check the Price machine, and for no particular reason I checked the price. I didn't have reason to believe it wasn't the correct price, but turned out the scanned at $7.97 instead of $14.00.

So then I needed to find something for a couple dollars more in order to bring the total up to $10 (or more) to be able to use my coupon.
Same son has been saying he needed a new wallet, and they had this Levi's one marked down from $28 to $15, but when I price checked it it rang up $7.97 also.
In case it didn't ring up as cheaply as I wanted, I was also carrying the underwear in my husband's size to see if they rang up cheaper than $15 (marked down from $26).  Well they also rang up $7.97, which was just toooo good of a price to pass up on these drawers.

My total, including tax, was $24.something, so after the $10 off coupon, I got all this for less than $15.00.
I'll be wrapping them up for Christmas prezzies.

I also visited the Goodwill, still looking for Christmas sweaters and...whatever else I was looking for.

Same son (again) along the same time he mentioned wanting new (dark) jeans, had mentioned wanting to look for...I can't remember exactly how he said it, but it wasn't "zip up hooded jacket".  Last year (or maybe the year before) I had gotten some $10 off $10 Kohl's coupons and he went with me shopping one day and we ended up getting him a couple of zip-up hooded jackets for free or cheap. He loaned his Grannie one in the nursing home and it got gone, and I don't know what happened to the other one. No telling, he probably gave it to someone else.

Anyway I found this practically brand new zip-up hooded jacket at Goodwill for $5.95. These go for around $20 I think, so good price.

Still not having a lot of luck finding Christmas Sweaters. There were long-sleeve turtleneck shirts, and sweatshirts, but not Sweaters.  I managed to find a Sweater-vest I think my son's fiance' can wear with a red shirt underneath.

I found a red men's sweater - half price - that I thought I could just decorate up for Christmas myself.

I have a long-sleeve t-shirt my nephew gave me last year that I love wearing, and wanted to be able to find some more. Other than it, and my collection of hoodies, I only have 2 other long-sleeve shirts. They are allright, but just not as comfortable as the t-shirt shirt.

I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but I found the blue sweater.... What first caught my attention was how soft it was. And then I saw it had a Red tag.  The half-price color of the day was Red. Sweet.
I don't know if it's my size but for half price, it's soft enough I can use it for some projects I saw on Pinterest like making mittens or  toboggans out of sweaters, or the one I really like, making a blanket from sweaters.

After that, I quit looking at every shirt on the rack, and started looking for Red tags. I found me another sweater, three shirts, and two skirts, all half price, or about $2.47 each.

Spent $43.51 including tax.
Saved $139.86