Thursday, November 28, 2013

CVS 11/27

So I went into CVS not for most of this. After letting nearly $10.00 ECBs expire back in the Spring, I decided I was going to stop turning Cash into ECBs.

Yet I was suckered in by all the FREE FREE FREE I was seeing. (Also, I wasn't actually expecting to find anything left in stock at this point, so I got excited about seeing all the stuff there, too.)(They did have more of the Free after ECB items in stock, but these were the items we'll really use. The other stuff, not so much.)

Most (maybe all) of the sales on these things ended today so I won't write out all the prices; except for the Hershey Kisses, they were all Free after ECB, and the only coupon I had was for $1.00 on the Advil.

The Kisses were $3.99 BOGO and I used $1.00/1 MQ IP, and $2.50/2 CVS IP, for a final cost of 49¢ for both bags.

So I guess, before taxes, I made a 51¢ profit on these items.

I also did the Paypal deal, except instead of Paypal today they were substituting the "My Vanilla" Visa pre-paid card.
Same deal, add $150 to the card, they charge a $3.95 activation fee, then I got $50.00 ECB.
That would be a $46.05 profit! (I did the deal 3 times, altogether.)

Final Total $139.68 profit (before tax)

*I still have a wad of ECBs I have to roll/turn over/spend within the next month, so I hope I'm not as slacking as I have been lately. Yeep.

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