Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rite Aid

I got my highness out of bed at 8:00 this morning to do coffee deals because I knew if I waited even a day they'd be cleaned out like the Spam was last week.

*Before you think bad things about me, I didn't S&G (smash&grab)...I shopped at (4) different stores and bought an assortment of kinds like French Roast, Columbian and Brazillion besides Regular, and what they had the most of.  One store had a ton of Maxwell House so I got those and left the Folgers. One store had a bunch of Folgers so I got those.  Although I bought (10) at each store, there was a good bit left. I still have alot of coupons left, and it kilt me to not buy every coffee I saw, lol.

The way I was doing my deals was, the coffee is $2.99, minus $1.00 coupon, get $1.00 +UP, so $0.99 after coupons and +UP. I bought (5) at a time so my $5/$25 coupon would pay for that leftover .99 per can, making all the coffee I bought free.

I had to buy *freebies* to get my totals up to $25.00 to be able to use the $5/$25.  I did a combination of:
Splenda $2.99 - 2.00 insert q - Get $1.00 +UP = Free
Mentos $1.49 BOGO - (2) $1.00 insert q's = +.51/2
Tide Stain Release $3.99 - 3.00 insert q - Get $1.00 +UP = Free
Febreeze Noticables Warmer $2.49 - $3.00 insert q; Get $1.00 +UP = +1.51

*I believe the Tide and Febreeze coupons expire today.

In the picture you'll see an assortment of stuff like socks, tshirt, Scott single roll toitey paper, bread, crossword puzzle book, 2011 calendar, crackers....
Some of the stuff I had to get as fillers when I ended up with a good bit of overage from the Mentos.

But the main problem was that the Splenda wasn't ringing up at $2.99. At two of the stores, the Store Manager said since it wasn't ringing up on sale, it wouldn't give the +UP reward, so they would modify price to include the +UP, and sell them to me for $1.99.  Who am I to tell an All-Knowing Store Manager any different?
When they did that, it took my balance below $25.00, and they made me have to buy more to be able to use the $5/$25 coupon. So I was pretty much grabbing whatever I saw nearby.

Funny story: at the first RA I didn't notice the Splenda weren't ringing up right until my total was about $10.00 too high, so when we looked at it, that's when we saw. So she took them off and price modified to $1.99, including the $1.00 +UP. Because I had already paid with coupons, my total came up over $3.00 in the negative. So I went to find something else to buy to bring the total up.
Just so happened I picked Scott single roll toilet paper. I grabbed three of them, at $1.29 each, they should have come up to $3.87. But when she rang them up, I was still $1.18 in the negative. So I went and grabbed another roll, and she rang it up, and nothing changed. We never could figure out what happened. She just opened the drawer and gave me the money.

Looking at my receipt now, I see the Scott single roll tp's are on sale BOGO this week!! Hahaha. What are the chances?

Trans #1:
Used $0.00 +UPs
$0.38 + .76 tax = $1.14 oop
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs Coffee
Final $3.86 profit

Trans #2:
Used $0.00 +UPs
-1.74 + .69 tax = $1.05 She paid me
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs (says Coffee, but had to be for Splenda bcuz I didn't buy coffee in this order.)
Final $6.05 profit

Trans #3 & 4: (Splenda modified to $2.99 like they were supposed to be)
Used $3.00 +UPs
$0.39 + .76 tax = $1.15 oop
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs Coffee, $1.00 +UP Coffee {Splenda}
Final $1.85 profit

Trans #5:
Used $0.00 +UPs
-0.71 + 1.45 tax = $0.74 oop
Rec'd (6) $1.00 +UPs Febreeze, (2) $1.00 +UP {Tide}
Final $7.26 profit

Trans #6:
Used $7.00 +UPs
$0.08 + .45 tax = $0.53 oop
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs Coffee, (3) $1.00 +UP {Splenda}
Final $0.47 profit

Trans #7:
Used $4.00 +UPs
$0.40 + .51 tax = $0.91 oop
Rec'd (5) $1.00 +UPs Coffee, (3) $1.00 +UP {Splenda}
Final $3.09 profit

Trans #8: (Bought 3 double-bundle newspapers)
Used $7.00 +UPs
$0.20 + .43 tax = $0.63 oop
Rec'd 0.00 +Ups
Final $7.63

Trans #9:
Used $5.00 +UPs
$0.43 + .61 tax = $1.04 oop
Rec'd $1.00 +UPs Tide, (5) $1.00 Coffee, (2) $1.00 {Splenda}
Final $1.96 profit

Trans #10:
Used $5.00 +UPs
$0.43 + .89 tax = $1.32 oop
Rec'd $1.00 +UPs Tide, (5) $1.00 Coffee, (2) $1.00 {Splenda}
Final $1.68 profit

Final Total $20. 44 Profit


Different Publix stores, I found plenty of Ronzoni GD pasta; BOGO $1.79, used (2) $1.00 MQs from insert (there are also blinkie and tearpad q's) for +.21 overage per 2.

Yakisoba .60 each, used .50-doubled-to-$1.00 MQ from insert = +.40 overage each (or $4.00 overage on 10).

Found some Vivarin and Sominex; $3.19 each, used $5.00/2 PQ from Green Flyer and $2.00 each MQ from insert, for +$2.62 overage per 2.

The baking potatoes and carrots were free after $1.00 Target IPq.

Used to my overage to buy some Bacon-Bits I needed, and a pkg. of ground beef.

Other deals I did:
The Velveeta is BOGO for $3.85, I got 5, used the $5/5 Kraft IP, and (5) .50 Target coupons. Made them .43 each after coupons.

I've been carrying some Gatorade coupons from some insert since who knows when, the expiration is today, so if you have them RUN!
They currently have the Gatorade Recover on sale for $2.00 each.  There's a $1.00 off a 16.9 oz. bottle PQ in the new Yellow Flyer, and my MQs were for .35, which doubled to .70.  So they were .30 each after q's.

Orville Redenbacher big boxes of popcorn are on BOGO for $4.89, or $2.45 each. I used $1.50 MQ from the Food Lion booklet, "Food You Love For Less" (Thanks, Brandy!), making them .90 each.
There is a PQ in the new Yellow Flyer for $1.50 off 2-ltr Pepsi wyb (2) OR popcorns. At one of the stores they were $1.75, so I paid .25 each, but at the other store they were $1.59, so only .09 after coupon.

But the overage from the pasta, Yakisoba, and drugs paid for most of it.

Trans #1:
*Another one of those Great Math Mysteries I can't seem to figure out. My total was -.79 when I went to checkout. I grabbed a double-bundle of newspapers at 3.00; with .79 overage, I would only pay $2.21 for 2 papers. Not much more than the $1.00 sellers, and saved me a trip to go where the dollar paper sellers are.
As I was checking out, I realized I hadn't allowed for my $5/$25 Rite Aid q that this Publix will take, so I went and grabbed another double bundle of newspapers. According to *my* calculations, the final total should have been $0.21 before tax.
Same as yesterday, all the prices are right, all the coupons were given/used/applied, they all have "-" beside them, so weren't accidently added on instead of subtracted off.
But the total came up to $4.21 plus tax. I cannot figure it out! So aggrivating.
$4.21 + 1.83 tax = $6.04 from gift card
Saved $97.16
Trans #2:
Different Publix, pretty much same deals, the total came out to the penny what I had figured.
$0.40 + 2.13 = $2.53 from gift card
Saved $97.16

Grand Total for everything pictured and (4) Sunday papers, not pictured:
$8.57 from my gift card (no cash oop!)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


18 Transactions, all pretty much back-to-back except for the times I moved aside to let another customer go ahead. But I didn't have to go in and out, and they didn't say anything to the effect of a new coupon policy handed down by Corp.

This store had the 4-day sale papers out, but I didn't look close enough to see which FullBar was for the FARR. I saw the price was $1.99 and assumed it was that one. Cashier was nice enough to tell me the correct bars were on a cart up front AFTER I bought the wrong one first.

$8.13 + 4.06 tax = $12.19 oop
RR's Used $48.70
RR's Rec'd $61.90
Final Total $1.01 profit

Rite Aid

Trans #1: NYC deal
$0.96 + 1.53 tax = $2.49 oop (messed up and got a $.99 nail polish)
Used $21.00 +UPs
Rec'd $26.00 +UPs (Still got $26 even tho .99 nail polish?)
Final Total $2.51 profit

Trans #2: Bayer Deal
-.20 + 2.30 tax = $ 2.10 oop
Used $3.00 +UPs
Rec'd $10.00 Bayer, $5.00 Diabetes
Final Total $9.90 profit

Trans #3: Candy Deal
$0.40 + .76 tax = $1.16 oop
Used $12.00 +UPs
Rec'd $10.00 Candy, $3.00 Lifesavers
Final Total $0.16 oop

Trans #4: NYC deal
$0.17 + 1.56 tax = $1.73 oop
Used $21.00 +UPs
Rec'd $26.00 +UPs
Final Total $3.27 profit

Trans #5: Candy deal
$0.70 + .51 tax = $1.21 oop
Used $11.00 +UPs
Rec'd $10.00 Candy, $3.00 Lifesavers
Final Total $0.79 profit

Trans #6:
-.09 + 1.06 tax = $0.97 oop
Used $6.00 +UPs
Rec'd $2.00 Samy, $1.00 Spam
Final Total $3.97 oop

Grand Total $12.34 profit

Grand Total for the week $35.07 profit


(Southeastern Region)

13 shops in 3 stores.

McCormick Grinders were on sale for $1.00 each; the tag is dated 10/30 so I'm not sure if today was the last day or if it'll be extended....There was no tag for the Catalina so I don't know the details of that. I just tried one to see if it'd work and it did: Buy 3, get $3.00 OYNO.
I had a MQ from the expired Publix Yellow Flyer for BOGO McCormick Grinders. The 1st Kroger wouldn't let me use it (they said it was a Publix coupon), so they cost me tax, but then the other two Kroger not only let me use the BOGO coupon, but gave me shelf price instead of $1.00 sale price. So I was paying .77/3, and getting $3.00 cat back!

At the last Kroger, the boy also gave me shelf price for the Tornado BOGO coupons. I wasn't expecting it and went $5.21 into the negative! He gave me money!
After I knew he was giving me shelf price for the BOGO, I went back and did three more Frozen Food Mega deals because I'd get them alot cheaper here than going to another store where they might only give me the sale price.

Total $4.00 + 2.80 tax = $6.80 oop
Used $15.00 OYNO cats
Rec'd $39.00 OYNO cats
Final Total $17.20 profit


Yakisoba is once again on sale for 5/$3.00, or .60 each, so with the .50 coupon, give .40 overage each. I used my overage towards the Nesquik powder.
Also got some overage for the Mahatma rice and EAS bars, which I used for the cost of the Velveeta.
The Velveeta cost .43 each after $5/5 Kraft IP coupon and .50 Target coupons.
The bananners were free with the $1.00 Target q.

This order I had figured out to go negative .09 before tax, which caused a CS person to need to come put in her numbers, but they were busy and I was holding the line up, so I said I'd just pay and take the last coupon to the desk and do a missed coupon.
The coupon was for the "Up to $3.89" on the EAS bars. Some cashier put in $3.89, some put in $1.99, the cost of the bar. Cashier put in $1.99 for one of the bars, but the CS gave me $3.89 and tax for the other coupon. Woohoo!

$1.29 + .62 tax = $1.91 from gift card
Refunded $4.01 for coupon = $2.10 profit
Saved $41.99

At the second Publix I visited, found the last two boxes of Ronzoni GD pasta, and some rice and Yakisoba, and bought a package of ground beef and a couple boxes of the Luzianne with the overage. No coupon for the Luzianne, but it was on BOGO sale.
Then I found the clearanced Benevia, so I grabbed a gift card for that overage.

I do my figures as I go along, and I had figured my total to be $3.96 + tax after coupons.  I don't know why, but my total came out to be $7.85 + tax.  Everytime I add and re-add I get a different total.
All the prices on the reciept are the same as I had figured, and all the coupons were used. But I never come up with the same total as $7.85.
So, I give up.

$7.85 + 2.70 tax = $10.55 from gift card
Got new $25.00 gift card = $14.45 profit
Saved $123.30

Friday, October 29, 2010

Questions Answered

MY personal policy is to always have the lowest oop as possible. But that's because I really don't need most of this stuff, but I do need my money. Now some other shopper's will justify spending more oop if they are making a profit on the money after +UPs. But to me, +UPs aren't exactly the same thing as real money. I can only spend them in Rite Aid, buying alot of stuff I don't really need, and if I accidently let them expire then I'm just out.

I don't know how small an amount you're talking about starting out with, but if you find a deal like the NYC cosmetics this week, where you have to spend like $20.87 + tax oop, to get $26.00 +UPs back, if you have somewhere close to $20.00 of +UPs to start with, then yes, do that deal first, then you can roll all those little $1.00 +UPs on lesser +UPs deals.

But if you only have a couple +UPs dollars to spend, then how I would start out would be to put together a deal of smaller +UPs deals and free stuff that, with coupons and the $5/$25, came out to a low oop, but gave me back more +UPs than the oop I had spent. I would do that until I had built up the larger amount needed for the bigger deals.

Even if you can't find enough stuff to put together a $25 deal and have a low oop afterwards, if you even find one item that gives a profit after coupon and +UP...there are generally free after +UPs deals like toothbrushes and toothpastes that you can find coupons for...and do those, one or a few at a time if you have to, if you can't find enough for a $25 build up your +UPs until you have a large enough stash to be able to play the big deals with.

Hope that answered your question...I'm not really good at explaining this stuff.

Which brings me to Tina's question:

In my right side menu, scroll down to underneath where it says Grab My Button and you'll see Buttons for some other blogger sites.
Southern Savers and Hip2Save both have very good tutorials and instructions, with videos and everything.

I couldn't explain it half as well as they do.

If you have a specific question I can try to answer, but I have to warn you in advance, I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, lol. (Which is why I always insist that if *I* can do this, anyone can do this.)

I visit Southern Savers and Hip2Save, along with Iheartpublix and weusecoupons to get my deal plans for the week...which again I don't bother posting here because it seems kind of redundant, when the stuff is already posted at the other sites.
What I post here is my own shopping experiences and rambling thoughts and occassionally a heads-up regarding something I think might not be general knowledge, like when those certain Rite Aid coupons started beeping last week, but then started working again this week.

Anyway, if you need any help, let me know. If I don't know the answer, maybe I can point you to someone who does :-)

Walgreens Followup

If you read yesterday's post about my Walgreens shop, you'll remember the cashier was telling me that their Manager told them that he'd been told in their District Meeting last week that "One per purchase" on the coupon means "One per visit".

So I called Walgreens Customer Service and made my complaint, and what do those knuckleheads do? Have the Manager call me. What a colossal waste of time.
"The coupons say "one per purchase" and that means one per visit".

He insists this comes from Corporate and their Vendors.  I told him Walgreens Corporate Coupon policy is online, and it doesn't say that:

When purchasing multiple items, Walgreens accepts multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified. Management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased.

I just told him I wasn't going to argue with him and asked for his District Manager's name and phone number. Guess I'll be calling her next week.

Also, I wasn't going to mention it, because I wouldn't want to possibly cost someone their job/livelihood just because they said something stupid (sticks and stones). But it's not the first time I've heard it, and if I just keep not saying something then they are just going to keep thinking it's okay.
It was right at first, when she explained this new coupon policy of them only accepting one coupon (on multiple identical items) per visit, she added on this little aside, "We did stop all them Indians from coming in here and buying up all the Dr. Peppers to sell twice at much at their stores."

If you've been reading here awhile, you already know I'm a backwoods, redneck southerner; so I'm not usually one to take automatic offense on behalf of others' age, race, religion, whatever, but that comment always just irks me to no end. 
First off, where do idiots that make this kind of statement think the stuff that they are selling comes from? Uh, yeah, they bought it from someone else, marked up the price and are selling it in their store, hello!

I don't have alot of financial smarts, but the way I see it, the Vendor sells stuff to the stores for the cost they need to get for the item to be able to pay for their operating costs, etc.  Then the stores mark up the price to cover their costs, etc. and sells the stuff to us. I buy it from the store, set the price to cover my costs/profits, and sell it in my garage sale or store.
Maybe my customer will go on to mark it up and sell it to someone else, but what the heck do I care, so long as I got my money??? What does Walgreens care, they got their money. The vendors certainly don't care that Walgreens is selling the stuff. They hope Walgreens sells the stuff, and buys more stuff to sell, too!

But, too, I mean, you could tell by her tone, she just seemed to particularly dislike that it was the Indian store owners doing it.
Probably, if we'd been having a different conversation and I told her that I sold some of the stuff I get free/cheap on Craigslist, she probably would have thought that was a good idea.

We have several Indian families here where I live, (Indian-American?) Anyway, the ones I know are very nice, and really hard working. Seven days a week, open to close, they are always there. They get to know you, and ask about your kids or spouse, and remember things about you that you don't even remember about yourself, haha.
Far as I can see, they're just trying to make a living like the rest of us.

Anyway, so I told the manager that the cashier had said that, and he ignored the "them Indians" remark and started giving me a spiel about them having the right to limit the number of items a customer can purchase...if one person comes in and buys 30 of something, then there's nothing left for other customers, blah blah blah.

I said, yeah I know about your "rights", but that wasn't the point. The point was, that was an offensive statement. 
He said, yes it was, and if it was said, it would be addressed.

If it was said. So she'll deny it, and I'll be the liar and trouble-making coupon lady.
Ask me if I give a care.
I don't care if people like me or talk about me behind my back or throw darts at my picture, so long as THEY follow proper coupon procedure and I get my deals.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rite Aid

Good shopping day at two Rite Aids; made a mistake, but was able to get it corrected without any trouble (I got my cards mixed up and used the 10% of instead the 20% off that I'd wanted to. She was able to do something and take the one card off, then scan the other card and make it work without having to void and start over, so that was good.)

There was also a jerk-off of a Store Manager at the second store. He was on an isle putting up price stickers and saw me head to the register to checkout, so he came up there and asked the cashier had he had a chance to read the note he'd posted beside the register yet. Cashier said no, he hadn't time yet. SM tells him now might be a good time. Yes, with me standing there waiting to check out.  He tells me, Sorry but he has to check something.
Of course I knew what it was, the email about the so-called fradulent $5/$25 coupon.
Hey, SM, here's an idea - how about, instead of indicating that I'm a thief and a fraud, you wait and see if the coupon I'm using beeps and a message pops up saying it's no good first??

Oh well. The cashier gentleman was very nice and polite and chatty, so he made up for the hatefulness.

At Rite Aid #1, I found (3) of the Oral-B Vitality Toothbrushes for half off, and had a $10.00 MQ from one of the P&G's.
I bought two of them together and two Butterfinger Bars, but they still busted me on the total only coming up to $24.98. Are you kidding me?? She said "it" would kick out the $5/$25 coupon. (No it won't) Whatever, I got two more Butterfingers. They were free after my $1/2 tearpad coupon anyway.

Crazy thing was, I didn't totally complete my figuring to realize that I was buying $25.98 worth of stuff, and using $27.00 worth of coupons, so would need another $1.02 worth of something for my balance to not go into the negative. I said, oh no, I think I'm going to have to buy something else, and she was like, no, let's see if it works, and it did, and went $1.02 in the negative, paying for most of the tax. She makes me spend .02 for the $5/$25, but then allowed more coupons than I'd spent. Ohhhhkay.

-1.02 + 1.39 tax = $.37 oop

The other Oral-B I wanted to find $15 more of something, but they had no Spam, no Alka Seltzer, no Bayer AM, no cosmetics, not enough Samy. So I just said to heck with it and added it to the Gillette deal.
The Gillette deal:
$6.39 (with 20% disc) x 4 Gillette Pro-Series Skincare
-3.00 x 4 Gillette Pro-Series Skin Care flu booklet q
-2.00 x 4 P&G insert
$3.59 (20% disc) x 2 Gillette Fusion Shave Gel
-1.00 Gillette Fusion Shave Gel P&G insert
$11.99 Oral-B Vitality
-10.00 ?insert?
-$5/$25 RA IP
-6.00 +UPs

$.73 = $3.13 tax = $3.86 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +UP Gillette wyb $30
Final Total $0.14 profit

Then I did another candy deal. This time I got the right items and amount to earn the bonus $3.00 +UP (wyb $10 Skittles, Starburst, Lifesavers):
$1.00 x 10 Skittles and Lifesavers
$1.50 x 3 Trident
$1.59 x 7 Kind Size Candy bars BOGO
-2.00/3 Trident, etc ?insert?
-0.99 x 7 BOGO candy bars
-11.00 +UPs

$0.70 + .77 tax = $1.47 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +UP wyb $25 candy, $3.00 +UP wyb $10 Skittles, Starburst, Lifesavers
Final Total $0.53 profit 

At the next store I did another candy deal; they didn't have any gum, so I just bought more BOGO candy bars.
Used $10.00 +UP
$.95 + .78 tax = $1.73 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +UP wyb $25 candy, $3.00 +UP wyb $10 Skittles, Starburst, Lifesavers
Final Total $1.27 profit

And another Gillette deal:
Used $2.00 +UP
-0.05 + 2.24 tax = $2.19 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +UP wyb $30
Final Total $5.81 profit

And I did another NYC deal. It was a close one; there was only 12 of the $1.99 nail polish in the rack! I'd read to check the clearance racks/shelves for it, so I did, and managed to find one bottle. I wasn't sure how that would work out, but luckily it rang up regular price. He was going to modify it to .99 and I was like, no, no, don't do that!
Used $20.00 +UPs
$.87 + 1.46 tax = $2.33 oop
Rec'd $1.00 +UPs x 26
Final Total $3.67 profit

Grand Total for the day: $11.05 profit


Good CVS shop; I love the one cashier guy at this store, he never gives me any problem at all. Beeping $/$$ coupons, no problem. Expired ECBs, no problem., nevermind that one...

My Mom had asked me recently did I ever get any deals on furniture polish. I didn't really know because I've not needed furniture polish. I still have the same can of it I've had for the, long as I can remember actually. (Which, I know, generally isn't past yesterday, but seriously, I've had the same can of furniture spray for years and years. Just hardly ever use it.)
Anyway, I saw CVS had them for 2/$6 and there was a $2/2 coupon, making them 2/$4 or $2 each. Probably not the best deal in the world, but I had to buy something to get rid of a $15.00 ECB, so at least I got something somebody needed, and not more candy!!!

Also did the Contour meter deal; $14.99 - $10.00 MQ, get $5.00 ECB = Free.

Since they had them, and I was there, I rolled a couple $5 ECBs on some Azos.


The Plan was to buy Colgate at $3.29 - $1.00 MQ = $2.49 + .20 Jello; get $3.50 RR.
Then buy Fullbar at $1.99 and two Balance bars at $1.59 - $1.59 BOGO MQ = $3.58. Pay with $3.50 RR; get $1.99 RR and $1.59 RR. (4-day sale Oct. 27-30)
Buy More Colgate and something, and so on.

So I go to Cosmetics to check out and the cashier asks had I heard about the new coupon rules?
Um, no, sure haven't.
Apparently it goes something like this: Because the MQ says "1 per purchase", their Manager says that means you can only buy 1 per visit. Because - get this - the Distict Manager told them that the Manufacturers told them if they kept taking so many coupons they weren't going to pay them for them anymore.

I said, I think your Manager misunderstood something in the telling.
Oh, no! There was a big district meeting about it, he got an email, it said they couldn't take more than one coupon per visit.
I said that's stupid, how would they (being the manufacturers) know if I did 10 transactions, or 10 different people did transactions?
Because they can check the cash register tape and know if back-to-back transactions were done, and look at the cameras and see it. They know.

So I break out my cellphone and dial up 1-800-walgreens and tell the chick my story and she's like, Here's your case number, someone will call you within 2 days. Thanks, lady, that don't help me right now.

I was irritated and the cashier kept saying it's not us, we just have to do what we're told, I can't afford to lose my job right now. I said I know that, but you were told wrong.

So the Store Team Lead came up and I said ok, what if I walk outside and back in, is that a different visit?
Oh, yea, you can do that, that'd be fine.
Why didn't she just say that to start with??? Heck, I thought they were saying like once a day or something.

I also thought they were talking about doing back-to-back RR deals using coupons, but no, they literally meant they will only take (1) MQ per visit.
If there's a 2/$3.00 deal, and you have (2) $1.00 coupons, no goood. 
She said a lady had come in wanting the 4/$5 or whatever the price was deal (in-ad q) on the Campbell's soup, and had (4) coupons. They had to make her buy them one at a time, walking out of the store and back in each time!!
That's fine for the in-ad coupons, but we all know a large majority of Walgreens prices are like $1.79, or 2/$3.00.  If they are making you buy them separate in order to be able to use 2 coupons on 2 items, they are ripping you off besides inconveniencing the hell out of you.

The cashier said she was a couponer, too, and she hated it, too, but she had to do what they said. I said well I'm fixing to by God get it fixed for you. That ain't right.

I bought the Colgate and Royal Gelatin, used the $1.00 Colgate q, but in the rigamaroar, forgot to use the in-ad q for the jello, so over paid .49 for that.
Got $3.50 RR.

Bought Fullbar for $1.99, the Balance Bars rang up $1.59 and $1.41. She kept trying to enter the coupon at $1.69 because that was the coupon limit, so I told her to try $1.59, but it wouldn't take that either. She rolled up the receipt so we could see what the price was, and saw the 2nd one had rang up $1.41, so she tried that and it worked.
Got $1.60 RR for the Balance Bars, but No RR for the Fullbar.
They had no 4-day sale paper, no one had heard of a 4-day sale, so no deal.

Without the $2.00 RR for the FullBar, my Plan didn't work out, and I was in NO mood to try to figure out an alternative.
And even though I would have made $1.00 profit on each of the Colgate, I wasn't even about to turn that much cash into RRs.

So I left.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rite Aid; Round 2

*I heard rumors the blue $5/$25 expiring 10/31 and 11/30 were working again, but wanted to try it for myself first...They DID scan without beep for me tonight.
Rain finally let up, so I headed out to do some more Rite Aid shopping, at a much better store. Better stock, way better customer service. They are so friendly there.

Trans #1: NYC deal
$1.99 x 13 NYC cosmetics (there was an assortment of stuff like mascara, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, etc. for $1.99)
$1.99 x 13 NYC Nail Polish (they also had some nail polish for .99 that would have been free, but if you get the $1.99 nail polish, you get $1.00 +UP for them too)
= $25.87
-1.00 NYC IP x 6 (
-14.00 +Ups
= $.87 + 1.46 tax = $2.33 oop
Rec'd $26.00 +UPs ($1.00 for each)
Final Total $9.67 profit
*I used (3) computers to print the NYC coupons. Even if you can't print any, it's still a bunch of free makeup and nail polish and about a $3.xx profit.

Trans #2: Alka Seltzer
$4.39 (with 20% disc) x 7
-1.00 x 7 IP mq
-18.00 +UPs
=$0.73 + 2.15 tax = $2.88 oop
Rec'd $10.00 Bayer, $14.00 Alka Seltzer
Final Total $3.12 profit

Trans #3: Candy!!! (Messed up!!!)
*There's a $3 +UP wyb $10 Lifesavers, Skittles, Starburst; the Lifesavers peg candy bags are $1.00 each, except the Sugarfree are $1.50, which I didn't pay attention to.
I also didn't count right, and only ended up getting (9) bags, coming up .50 short of what I needed to get the $3 +UP. So I'll try a return-rebuy tomorrow. Hate doing that because if they say they aren't giving me credit for the +UPs I spent, there's gonna be a fight.
Eh, I'll probably just let it go and eat it (eat it, haha). It's not worth the hassle.
$1.00 x 8 Lifesavers
$1.50 Lifesavers
$1.50 x 6 Trident
$2.50 x 2 Reese's
$1.59 King Size 3 Musketeers BOGO
-4.00/6 Trident, Dentyne, Hall's etc SS 8/08
-1.00/2 Reese's Kit Kat etc SS 10/17
-0.99 BOGO 3Musketeers, Twix, Snickers, Milky Way RP 9/26
-14.00 +UPs
= $0.10 + .75 tax = $0.85 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +UPs Halloween Candy
Final Total $4.85 cost (Should have been more like $2.35 instead)

Trans #4: Free Kitty Litter!!!
I don't know if I've missed the sale at Publix, or they quit having BOGO sales on the Tidy Cat, but anyway I've been out of kitty litter for awhile now...about to the point of desperation. I saw the Tidy Cat was over $8.00 for the jug and was just going to grab a bag of cheap stuff for the time being, but then I thought, well, if I can use the $5/$25, that brings it down to $3.something, about  the same price as the smaller bag of cheap stuff.
Then I realized, wait a minute, I get 20% off that price, so now it's down to $6.95, or $1.95 after the $5/$25. I just needed some free stuff to get my total up to $25.00. Or, better yet, profit Samy!
$6.95 Kitty Litter (w/ 20% disc)
$4.99 x 3 Samy BOGO
$0.50 x 6 Butterfinger
-2.00 x 6 Samy Vv
-1.00/2 x 3 Butterfinger Tearpad mq
-4.00 +UPs
=$0.92 + 1.27 tax = $2.19 oop
Rec'd $6.00 +UPs Samy
Final Total $0.19 oop

Grand Total $7.75 Profit

Rite Aid

We've been having some icky weather for the past couple of days; the Red Alert Warning called and woke us up just after 6am Monday morning with severe storm warnings, rain off and on all day. Yesterday was rainy and the wind blew like hurricane speeds. We've been under a tornado watch since yesterday sometime.
Today it's coming Noah's floods.

My son drove my Toy to school today, leaving me his bucket'o'junk to drive if I needed to go anywhere. I said Uh-uh, I ain't going nowhere.
But then after awhile the rain slacked off, and the radar looked like there was a break in the action before the storms fired back up this evening, I decided it should be okay to run to the post office and make a couple Rite Aid runs, the two stores here in my county.

By the time I got done, it was raining so hard, the water couldn't drain fast enough, the parking lot was filling with water. Thought I was gonna have to swim to the car.  No way I was going to try to make it to the other store, 20 miles away. Thought I did good to make it back home.

The store here near the house is a small store, hardly stocks any of the sale stuff, and they're not that easy to get along with. The Shift Supervisor has gotten into couponing since I started shopping there, and I try to help her out, to get in good with her, but, I don't know if she's jealous because I get better deals or what, but she's always got some snide comment to say. Like today, on the Spam and Samy hair stuff, I got four and six +UPs, and she gave a little un-amused laugh and said "Yeah, they're supposed to be fixing where you only get one coupon for those things." (I assume she meant like Limit 1)
I said, "Well if they do, then I'll only buy one of them."
(Reckon that was the point of them taking away the limits?)

Trans #1:
$5.29 Samy Hairspray x 2 BOGO
$4.99 Samy Hair stuff x 4 BOGO
$1.99 x 4 Spam
$1.99 sandwich bags
(*I originally tried to get a couple boxes of Tampax using the $2.00 flu booklet q and $2.00 MQ, but she busted me on the flu booklet q, darn it. Then she said I didn't have enough to use the $5/$25. So I went and got two more Samy and two more Spam.)
-2.00 Samy Vv q
-1.00 Spam flu booklet q
-4.00 +UPs
= $0.22 + 1.10 tax = $1.32 oop
Rec'd $6.00 +UPs Samy, $4.00 +UPs Spam
Final Total $4.68 profit

*Samy deal: This week Samy is BOGO, prices start at $4.99 (not the Fat stuff). There's a Vv coupon with a short code which means it's not a one-time use so you can use more than one (using more than one per transaction is YMMV, since it does say One per customer). Anyway, if you can, buy 2, use 2 Vv coupons, pay $0.99 + tax, and get back $1.00 +UP for each Samy, which makes it about $1.00 profit per 2.

*BTW, there are several new Vv coupons for November that are back to the short codes. Hopefully they are going the way of the +UPs limits, and getting rid of them. Maybe they found out people wouldn't use them as often if they were limited to one. I know I didn't.

Transaction #2: Candy deal
$2.50 x 2 Reese's Fun Size bags
$1.50 x 9 Trident and Dentyne Multi-pack gum
$1.59 x 5 King Size 3 Musketeers Candy Bars BOGO
0.45 Beef Sticks x 2 (user error)
-1.00/2  Reese's Kit Kat etc SS 10/17
-2.00/3 Trident, Dentyne, Hall's etc SS 8/08
-4.00/6 Trident, Dentyne, Hall's etc SS 8/08
(There was also a $1/1 Reese's or Kit Kat Vv coupon that I didn't have)
-0.99 x 5 BOGO 3Musketeers, Twix, Snickers, Milky Way RP 9/26
-10.00 +UPs
=$0.40 + .82 tax = $1.22 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +Ups Candy
Final Total $1.22 oop

Trans #3:
*I had looked for the AlkaSeltzer in the antacid section, not knowing these were Cold/Flu powder things, so located in a totally different part. I just figured they didn't have it, but asked anyway, just for the heck of it, while I was checking out, and sure enough, she took me right to them.
(Then she went to lunch and the SM took over, and first thing he starts in with "We have the right to limit..."  So I said nevermind, and put my coupons away. He took the boxes to return them to the shelf; in the meantime, it's coming a flood outside so I just stand there waiting to see if it's going to let up any, and he comes back and says that I get $2 +Ups on each box, so I'm still getting a little bit of a deal. I still said no. Seven boxes or none. He gives the spiel about "his other customers". Way to make me valued there, pardner. I mean, I'm only earning you money here, no big deal. I'm still standing there, waiting, and finally he says Ok, he'll do it for me. I said I didn't want to put him in the hole or cause him any trouble. He said no, he would do it if I... He didn't finish the statement. I think he was going to say "insisted", which I didn't insist. I just said I wasn't going to buy any. I wasn't worried about it because I go to other Rite Aids that don't mind selling thier stuff. Anyway I just didn't say anything else, bought the Alkies, and left in the pouring rain.)
$4.39 (with 20% disc) x 7
-1.00 x 4 peelie q's found on some of the boxes (I didn't get the $3 mq in my papers)
-21.00 +UPs
=$0.73 + 1.80 tax = $2.53 oop
Rec'd $10.00 +UPs wyb $30 Bayer, $14.00 Alka Seltzer
Final Total $0.47 profit (Not the big mm as those with the $3 mq got, but I'm happy with basically free)
*Pay attention much? Just now seeing there are $1.00 Alka Seltzer Plus IPs at Rite Aid Caregiver.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Project

I found these neat Spooky label stickers at the Dollar Tree store. They came eight to a package, for a dollar, which I thought was a good, cheap cost to create some Halloween decor.
Then I found a, I mean a Wine provide me some empty bottles.
The bigger and the smaller green bottles were the only ones she had. I don't know if there's other sizes/colors. I would like to find some more different bottles, for a variety of different looks.
I put the Red Blood label on too low :-(
I thought it needed to be lower, but then once I got it on there, and didn't like it, that was it, there was no changing of minds.
O well, I have six others I can do better.

I can't show you my spooky Halloween setup because I didn't get my act together and get the Utility room straightened up so I could be able to reorganize my Stockpile, which is mostly stacked and piled like a Hoarder's wet-dream all in the diningroom, and covering my diningroom table.

Some years ago when my hubby still worked on an ambulance, they gave me several of their old white hospital sheets, which I drape over the table and my ladderback chairs.
Then, I looked and looked and looked and finally found, at a yard sale, some black, wrought iron candlabras that look really good (spooky) sitting in the middle of the white-sheet-covered table.
Then I stretch out the spiderwebbing all around everything and put the black, plastic spiders in it.
These wine bottles will look great with the table setup...hopefully next year, because I don't see me getting it together this week :-(

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Walgreens didn't have any Nivea, but I rolled some RRs on the Mucinex Spray and Blistex, free after RR, but not free for me on account of I had to buy alot of fillers to be able to use the $3 and $1 RRs I got last time to pay for the $7.99 nose spray. Oh well, the boys like the Wags sodas and I usually buy a few when they're .39 anyway.
I was going to blow my other $1 RRs on the Brach's Halloween candy for .99 this week, but they didn't have the Harvest Mix kind that I like, so I only got one of the Autumn Mix.

I also shopped some Krogers, but only got a few cans of Glory Snap Peas, and Black Eyed Peas, and a Free Yogurt with Oreo Toppings, can't remember the name. Left all that stuff at Momma's anyway.
Crest was all sold out at every store.


Ahhm, yeah. This was kindly a strange story.

The first CVS I stopped in had No Mentos, but plenty razors. I bought an AZO and got raincheck for 10 Mentos.

Rite Aid

Sad luck as I've had finding Nivea this week, I wasn't even going to stop in Rite Aid, but then I thought I could've used a couple more $4 profit from the Blink, so I did.

Turns out, no Blink, but yes on the Nivea and Febreeze Noticables.

$3.99 Nivea x 4
-3.00 RP 10/17 x 4
= $3.96
Got $5.00 +UP = $1.04 profit

$5.00/2 Febreeze Noticables
-3.00 PG 9/26 x 2
= -1.00 overage
Got $1.00 +UP = $2.00 profit

$4.99 Oscillococcinum (to bring amount up to/over $25)
-2.00 (Jan insert?)
= $2.99
SCR $4.99 = $2.00 profit

$0.50 Cheez Balls (to bring amount up enough to use $1.00 +UP)

Used $5/$25 RA IP
Used $1.00 +UP

$0.45 + 1.27 tax = $1.72 oop (for some dumb reason, I forgot to use my gift card and paid cash instead??)
+UPs $5.00 Nivea, $1.00 Febreeze
SCRs $4.99 Oscillococcinum

Final Total $8.27 profit x 2 transactions = $16.54 profit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rite Aid

Trans #1:
-$10 +UPs
$0.20 + 1.52 tax = $1.72 from gift card
+UPs: $3.00 Nyquil (Vicks), $2.00 Scope
SCRs: $3.99 Simply Saline, $4.99 Oscillococcinum, $2.49 Bee Honey, $2.99 Thermacare
Total: $7.74 profit

Trans #2:

-8.00 +UPs
-.04 + 1.42 tax = $1.38 from gift card
+UPs: $3.00 (Vicks)
SCRs: $3.99 Simply Saline, $4.99 Chestal, $4.99 Oscillococcinum, $2.99 Thermacare
Total $10.58 profit

Trans #3:

-9.00 +UPs
$0.95 + 1.40 tax = $2.35 from gift card
SCRs: $3.99 Simply Saline, $4.99 Chestal, $4.99 Oscillococcinum, $2.99 Thermacare, $7.99 Blink
Total $13.60 profit

Trans #4:

-3.00 +UPs
-.02 + 1.54 tax = $1.52 from gift card
+UPs: $3.00 (Vicks), $3.00 (Vicks)
SCRs: $2.99 Thermacare, $7.99 Blink
Total: $12.46 profit

Grand Total $44.38 profit
(Really?? Wow, that's wack.)


Dropped by a couple CVS's today, hoping for Schick Rainchecks. Wouldn't you know, they had plenty shavers in stock.

Scanned the Big Red Machine, didn't get anything good.

Still finding the Robitussin-2-Go 2-packs for .99, free after $1.00 IP coupon.

Found those 8-pack funsize bags of M&M's on sale for .99 at the first store. I had a coupon for $1.50/3 from one of the inserts, and then turned out the amount of overage I got from buying the Mentoes was $1.47, so theose ended up being pretty much free:  or .03 + tax.

Store #2 had alot of razors, and no Mentos.
Store #3 had alot of razors and (2) Mentoes, which gave me dang .21 overage to try to do something with.  There wasn't anything in that store under .33, those nasty caramels I don't do nothing but throw away, so I went ahead and got a candy bar that was .50. I'd rather pay .29 for a candy we'll eat, than .12 for one I'll throw in the garbage.

Spent $0 ECBs, got $0 ECBs.
OOP was....less than $1.00

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rite Aid

AKA, more misadventures of Me. I drove 28 miles for this little bit of stuff because I thought today was Tuesday, instead of Wednesday. Argh!

$8.00/2 Vick's Inhalers (what?! I used to pay like $1.79 for these at Walmart!)
-2.00 x 2 RA Flu Booklet q
-1.50 x 2 ?10/10 PG?
= 1.00
Got $3.00 UPs = $2.00 Profit

*Here is an example of the answer to your question, Mrs. Babcock - I spent $1.00 +UP on this deal, but got $3.00 +UP back.  Pete and repeat.

$3.99 Listerine Zero
-1.00 RA IP
-2.00 RP 9/19
= .99
Get $1.00 +UP = FREE

$3.99 Simply Saline
-1.00 IP
= $2.99
Get $3.99 SCR = $1.00 Profit

$7.99 Blink Tears
-4.00 Peelie q
= 3.99
Get $7.99 SCR = $4.00 profit

Used $5/$25 RA IP
Used $5.00 +UP

Spent -.04 + 1.61 tax = $1.57 from gift card
+UPs: $3.00 +UP Vick's, $1.00 Listerine, $1.00 Listerine
SCRs: $3.99 Simply Saline, $7.99 Blink

Final Total $10.41 Profit

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Back to our regularly scheduled programming...
...Due to I had to recover from Saturday on Sunday, and get caught up on some stuff at home on Monday, I had to work to put my deals together this morning before heading out. Unfortunately it took longer than I planned, so I didn't have alot of time to be able to do all the shops I would have liked to before I had to be at the college for my son's Cross-Country meet.

Besides Food Lion I was able to hit three CVS stores.
I didn't have any $/$$ coupons; I was hoping to score some Hydro rainchecks, but of course, when I want the raincheck instead of the item, they'll have plenty of the item.

$8.99 Hydro Razor
-4.00 ?insert?
= 4.99
Got $5.00 ECB, making it free

*None of the stores had any Schick Hydro Shave Cream to go with my "Free wyb Razor" peelies :-(

$1.79 BOGO Mentos Gum
-1.00 x 2 Mentos 10/3 SS
= +.21 overage/2

$7.49 Neutrogena Split End stuff (Hidden ECB deal)
Got $7.49 ECB, making it free

$6.99 AZO (Monthly deal, limit 5)
-2.00 IP
= 4.99
Get $5.00 ECB, making it free

$0.99 Robitussin-2-Go 2-pack
-1.00 IP

$1.99 CVS Hand Santizier Spray Pen
-2.00 CVS IP q

Food Lion

I was right there, so I ran in for some free GD pasta and to test the Pebbles Cereal Catalina. Their cereal was about a quarter more expensive than the store I usually shop, so I only did one deal, to see if I'd get the cat, and I did.

$3.20 Pebbles cereal x 4
-6.40 BOGO Sale
- .75 x 4 mq's (?9/12 SS?)
= $3.40
Got $3.00 Cat for buying (4)
= $0.40/4, or .10 a box

*Those coupons say Marshmellow Pebbles, but all of the boxes are pictured on the coupon, so I've not had any trouble using them on the other Pebbles, too.

$1.00 Garden Delights pasta
-1.00 blinkie or insert or tearpad q

Final Total $0.40 + .35 tax = $0.75 (after Cat)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Outing

Had a great day attending the Wings Over Atlanta Airshow at Dobbins AFB today!
Free parking, Free shuttle, Free admission, All day Aerial Entertainment, including the Canadian Snowbirds and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels! Waahooo! Love those jet engines.

Despite all the Free, they did get us on the food and drink. Bottles of water and cups of ice/coke were $3.00, hot dogs and nachos were $4.00. The Sausage-dog thing my hubby got was $7.00.
Our lunch cost *gasp* $41.00, then we spent another $9.00 on some more drinks later, so $50.00 total.
But that's okay, we generally spend at least that much anytime we go anywhere fun and it was totally worth it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Food Lion

Same deals at Food Lion;
$1.00 Garden Delight Pasta
-1.00 (I forget what insert)

Golden Crisp $3.41 BOGO
-3.24 overage from Pasta
= .17

$2.96 Pebbles cereal BOGO
- .75 (I forget what insert) x 2
- 1.62 overage from pasta
= +.16

I don't know what I messed up in my adding, and can't tell a darn thing with these crazy receipts, but instead of $0.01, my subtotal was $0.37.  Not that I'm complaining, that's still a darn good cheap cost for what all I got! I just hate to mess up and not get the right totals.

$0.37 + .38 tax = $0.75 oop
Saved $52.32 (Seriously??)
Coupons tendered: $34.91; You saved $17.41 with your MVP card! = $52.32


Well, that's it for the Mega sale for me.
Next week is a Frozen Foods Mega sale but I doubt I'll be playing that one. No room in my freezers. There'll also be a 10/$10 sale, I can't remember what all was included except free Crest after PG coupon.

$0.96 + 3.26 tax = $4.22 oop
Rec'd $1.00 OYNO for (4) Idahoan Potatoes
Saved $167.86

*There is a new Lactaid Blinkie, still $2.00 off any, dated into Dec. 2010.
*Saw a $1.00 off Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta Tearpad at Kroger. This makes them free at Food Lion currently.


Stopped by CVS and got more free candy! I think it's like an every other day thing?

This time I also remembered to get my Green Bag Tag scanned, so I got candy for .02 tax and .25 towards a $1.00 ECB. Good deal!

Rite Aid

Did some Lysol deals and found some Nyquil Sinex. The $4 q's didn't beep at all today. Had to get a couple more Freebates to get my total up to $25.

I found 22 nail polish at one store, but gave 10 of them to the cashier (SS) for her daughter.
The other store had alot of nail polish, but none were ringing up on clearance for .99 cents.

$82.97 Value before coupons
$0.97 + 4.39 tax = $5.36 oop
$11.00 +UPs Spent
$37.00 +UPs Received
$ 7.98 SCRs earned
Final Total $28.62 profit!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rite Aid

Many thanks to Christa for the Rogaine/Bounty deal idea.
$29.99 Men's Foam Rogaine
- 6.00 20% disc.
-20.00 Oct. Vv
-10.00 IP Rogaine website
$11.99 15-roll Bounty
- .25 mp PG 9/26 or 10/10?
Paid $0.73 + $1.76/$2.17 tax = $2.59/$2.90 oop
Rec'd $1.00 +UP Bounty
Final Total $1.59 and $1.90 for total 30 rolls paper towels.
and Rogaine.

The Lysol deal (not available in Short-ad land) I saw late in the game. I guess I didn't see it right away because it wasn't spelled out for me *Barney style*.
The Purex 3-in-One sheets are BOGO $8.99, Lysol Wipes (et al) are BOGO $3.49, and Lysol Spray is 2/$7.00, or $3.50 each. Plus, if you buy $10.00 worth, you get $3.00 +UP.
There are mq's in the inserts for $3.00 off the Purex,  $1.00 the Lysol Spray, and $1/2 the Wipes.
I think there might be some Vv coupons also, but I was using coupons from the Coupon Savings/Flu booklets; $1.00 off Purex, $2.00 Lysol Spray, $1.50 Lysol Wipes.
Most stores were out of either the wipes or Purex sheets, so I had to change up my shops alot, getting wipes and sprays, or sheets and wipes, etc. Several different variations there.

The Cokes were on sale for $9.00/3, and get $1.00 +UP wyb 3.
I bought them with the nail polishes that were free after +UPs, so the $5/$25 I used applied straight to the Cokes, making it $3.00/3, or $1.00 12-pk.

In two stores I found the boxes of Nyquil liquipills that say Nyquil Sinex on them. They aren't marked for the Nyquil sale, but did ring up $4.99. I used the $4.00 Sinex coupon from the 10/10 PG (there are also $4 from the 9/26 but those only have the Spray pictured, where the 10/10 has the Nyquil Sinex box pictured so they can't argue it). The coupon did beep at one store, but went right through without any problem at another.
$4.99 Nyquil Sinex
-4.00 mq
= .99 and Get $1.50 +UP
*I also had a $2.00 Sinex Flu booklet coupon I was able to use so my savings were even better.

Then, got some more Freebates when I needed them to bring my total up to $25, and found several more Little Hugs drinks clearanced for .74 each.

Final Totals:
$294.58 Value Before Coupons (Sale prices)
$4.96 + 13.04 tax = $18.01 oop
$68.96 +UPs Used
$72.00 +UPs Rec'd
$31.44 SCRs
Final Total $16.47 Profit
There's a BOGO50% sale on All Nail Enamel (excluding Brucci, Wet 'n Wild, and Maybelline), and get $1.00 +UP wyb Any Nail Enamel.
Some people have found that some of the *Sinful Colors* line of nail polish is ringing up at .99 and still giving the $1.00 +UP. (I can confirm this.)
Here is a general list of colors that have been found to be ringing up at .99, but I learned that this varies from store-to-store. At one store Ladies Choir was .99, but not at another, and some others.
The best thing to do is take one of each color to the counter and get it price checked.

*Apparently some people have also learned that while +UPs are unlimited, there does appear to be a $25.00 limit per transaction. So if you buy 26 nail polishes, you might not get one, so split them up.

A Slice To Go (Nail Art)
Bamboo 5107
Boogie nights 854
Chopstick 7 33854 23002 5
Cream Pink
Dawn 5113
Dream on 80
Dumpling 7 33854 23005 6
Dusk 5114
Fasion Neon 60
Femme Fatale 5117
Fortune cookie 7 33854 23004 9
Fried rice 7 33854 23000 1
Full moon 7 33854 23016 2
Glass pink 776
Great Wall
Hot&Sour 5101
Irish Green 198
Ladies choir 7 33854 23022 3
Lang Lang
Love Bite 5111
Love Nails
Me First (Nail Art)
Morning Breath (Nail Art)
Orange Alert (Nail Art)
Rose in Your Nose (Nail Art)
Stormy 5115
Vamp 7 33854 23012 4
Witching Hour
Worn Before (Nail Art)

*There is also a rumor that *Ooh La La* brand nail polish is ringing up at .25, and giving the $1.00 +UP, but I can't confirm this one since I never found any at any of the stores I visited.


I wasn't even going to stop. Then I thought, I'm right here, what if I don't go in and it turns out they had more of the Hall's I could have made some profit on?
I was really only planning to get some Hall's, if they had any, pay the quarter+tax and get a $1.00 RR (however many times I could, which I figured would be none.)

Turned out they had everything (except Reach TBs) in stock. Even Noxema razors. Wow.

I used my $5 Contour Meter RR to buy the Nivea.
Then I used the Nivea RR to buy the Gillette/Old Spice BW.
Then I used the Gillette/Old Spice RR to buy the Noxema razors.

I found a tube of the Crest for Me so I did that deal, too.

Then I was trying to get free Total Care Floss:
$3.99 Total Care Floss
-2.00 MQ
-2.00 in-ad q

Again, same as happened with the TBs earlier in the week, the in-ad q only took off $4.00 instead of $6.00.
I didn't catch it until later, until I was way gone, so well.

Trans #1: $0.50 + .04 tax = $.54 oop
Trans #2: $1.17 + .08 tax = $1.25 oop
Trans #3: $0.49 + .03 tax = $.52 oop
Trans #4: $1.96 + .14 tax = $2.10 oop
Trans #5: $.25 + .02 tax = $.27 oop
Total $4.37 + .31 tax = $4.68 oop
(for a bunch of stuff we won't even use and I'll end up giving away)

I'm still having the same sort of brain fart about figuring up the RRs, I need a reminder?
Altogether I used $14.00 RRs, and got $15.50 RRs.
But I only used $5.00 of the RRs I already had, and rolled the rest.
If I mark out the ones I rolled, I end up with $6.50 RRs left from today's shopping.
Hm, well, still $1.50 profit either way I add/subtract them.

I guess my final total today was $3.18 oop after RRs.


Had another $5.00 OYNO I had to spend, it expired today. Someone got me all excited about Sister Shubert Dinner Rolls, on Mega sale for $1.99, minus a doubled .50 mq from the 10/3 SS, so .99 each. They said these are usually $3.50 each or some such.
I needed more bread like I need another hole in my head, but it sounded like a good deal I guess.

I got over in the bread dept and saw the New York Pizza Dipping Sticks on Mega sale for $1.94, with a .55 cent blinkie hanging on the door. Those don't double, but I LOVE Pizza Dipping Sticks, and I'd heaps rather pay $1.39 a box for those than .99 for a bag of dinner rolls!
But, they only had one box left. Waahhh! Wish I'd paid attention and knew these were on sale, I'd have stocked up with my $5 OYNO cats.

So, I got (4) Sister Shubert dinner rolls, (1) New York Pizza Dipping Sticks (which we've already eaten), (4) Mac'n'Cheese Dinners, and (1) Fuze.
Then I got (10) more Fuze.

I found the .75/1 Fuze tearpad at a Walgreens today.
Even though the Fuze rang up .99, the coupons beeped and had to be pushed thru. Don't know why.

Used the $2.86 overage from the Fuze to buy $2.69 package of bacon.

The Glory Field Peas & Snaps and Black Eyed Peas are also $1.00 at this store (forgot to look at date again.)

Got (6) Lactaids using $2.00 blinkie = .16 each (.95)

$1.50 + 1.35 tax = $2.85 oop
Saved $59.56 (97%)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Food Lion

Most of this won't be any help to most of you, since my store doubles coupons up to .60 cents.

$1.00 Ronzoni Garden Delights Pasta
-1.00 10/10 SS or Blinkie q

$1.12-1.39 16oz. Varieties Ronzoni BOGO
- .55 Quick Cook 10/10 SS or .55 blinkie (use 2)
= .02 - .29 /2 boxes (for most people)
= +1.08 - +.81 overage (for me)

I got alot of pasta for the overage to help out on my other purchases, obviously.

Cheese/Pasta deal
$2.49 Kraft Cheese Slices x 5
$1.12 Ronzoni Spagetti BOGO x 3
$1.00 Ronzoni Garden Delights Spagetti x 5
$0.99 Cantaloupe
-5.00/5 Kraft Instant Savings Promo
-5.00/5 Kraft
- .55 (doubled) x 6 Ronzoni blinkies
-1.00 Ronzoni Garden Delights x 5
= $0.20 + .56 = $0.76 oop

Cereal/Pasta deal
$3.41 Golden Crisp Cereal BOGO
$1.39 Ronzoni Pasta BOGO x 4
-  .55 Ronzoni Quick Cook 10/10 SS x 8
= $0.12 + .14 tax = $0.26 oop

Cereal/Pasta deal
$3.41 Golden Crisp Cereal BOGO
$1.39 Ronzoni Pasta BOGO x 4
$1.00 Ronzoni Garden Delights Spagetti x 5
- .55 Ronzoni Quick Cook 10/10 SS x 8
-1.00 Ronzoni Garden Delights x 5
= $0.12 + .29 tax = $0.41 oop

Big Deal
$0.99 Bumble Bee Tuna Pouch x 9
- .55 (doubled to .99) blinkie x 9
$1.99 Crisco Oil x 3
$1.29 Pillsbury Frosting
$0.89 Pillsbury Cake Mix
-0.89 Free Cake Mix wyb (3) Crisco Oil and Frosting
$5.94 Ground Sirloin
-3.00 OYNO of Hamburger, Pork, or Chicken catalina
$1.39 Ronzoni Pasta BOGO x 2
$1.12 Rozoni Pasta BOGO x 3
- .55 (doubled) Quick Cook 10/10 SS x 4
- .55 (doubled) Ronzoni blinkie x 6
-2.00 OYNO Cat
-2.00 OYNO Cat
= $1.32 + .57 tax = $1.89 oop
Final Total $3.32 oop


Stopped in at CVS since I was driving by and scanned my card(s), got more Free + .03 tax Candy Corn!

Here's the deals I'm looking at for next week 10/17:

$5 ECB wyb Shick Hydro 3 or 5 $8.99 Limit 1
Schick Hydro 3 Razor $4 (11/14/10) SS 10/3/2010
Schick Hydro 5 Razor $4 (11/14/10) SS 10/3/2010
Peelie - Free Hydro Shave Cream wyb Razor

Mentos B1G1F 15 ct
Mentos Gum, 15pc bottle - $1.00 off any 1 (11/30) SS 10/3


Pretty much same deals at Kroger this week on the cookies and Velveeta/Mac'n'Cheese.

One store I went to had Glory Black Eyed Peas and Field Peas and Snaps marked 10/$10 (forgot to lookat date).

I have/had (2) $5.00 OYNO cats expiring tomorrow, so I used one today to stock up on eggs and also I saw the frozen burritos were part of the mega sale, $2.69 after mega.
Because my nabisco and velveeta coupons were $1/2, I had to not get (2), so I had to find another mega sale item to go with the burritos. I had $2.00 off any Beneful from the 10/10 RP; I was counting on it taking off the $1.49 sale price, so I got a .49 pkg of pizza crust to soak up the overage, but apparently the coupon beeped and the cashier put it through for the whole $2.00, so instead of .50 overage I got 1.01 overage.

I had also got (3) dozen eggs on sale for .88 each, then I found a $1.00 OYNO (and some other cat coupon) thrown down in the floor in the freezer section, so I used it to get another dozen eggs.

(3) Transactions Total:
-.59 + 1.89 tax = $1.30 oop and $5.00 OYNO (and 1.00 OYNO found = free)
$56.62 saved

Rite Aid

Trans #1:
$0.50 + 1.43 tax = $1.53 oop
Used $15.96 +UPs
SCRs: $25.46
Final Total $7.97 profit

Trans #2:
$0.21 + 1.70 tax = $1.91 oop
Used $10.96 +Ups
SCR: 6.99
+UPs: $8.00
Final Total $2.12 profit


$0.39 + .93 tax = $1.32 from gift card
Saved $44.04

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rite Aid

Trans #1:
$9.99 Neilmed Nasa Mist
$3.49 Emergen-C
$6.29 Pedicare Syrup
*Gave me 10% disc, but these were supposed to be $4.99!
$8.09 Pediacare Gentle Vapors
*Gave me 10% disc off $8.99, but these were supposed to be on sale for $6.99!
-1.00 Pedicare Product 10/10 SS
-1.00 Pedicare Product 10/10 SS
-2.00 Neilmed IP
-18.00 +UPs

$0.86 + 1.60 tax = $2.46 oop
SCRs: $25.46
Final Total +$5.00 profit

Trans #2:

$7.99 Clairol Hair dye
$2.99 No Nonsense Panty
$2.99 No Nonsense socks
$2.99 No Nonsense men's socks
$2.49 Crest Sensitive
$2.49 Crest Sensitive
$0.89 x 3 Gain dishwash liquid
-1.00 x 2 Crest RA Flu Booklet
- .75 x 2 PG 10/10
-1.00 x 3 No Nonsense Flu Booklet
-2.00 Clairol in-ad q
-2.00 Clairol PG 9/26
-1.00 x 3 Gain PG 10/10
-6.00 +UPs

$0.11 + 1.37 tax = $1.48 oop
+UPs: $8.00
Final Total +$0.52 profit

Trans #3:

$9.99 Neilmed Nasa Mist
$3.49 Emergen-C
$4.99 Pedicare Syrup
*Rang up correctly at other store.
$6.99 Pediacare Gentle Vapors
*Also rang up at 8.99 at this store, so they had to manually correct it.
-2.00 Neilmed Nasa Spray IP
-1.00 x 2 Pedia Care SS 10/10
-16.00 +UPs

$0.46 + 1.23 tax = $1.69oop
SCRs: $25.46
Final Total +$7.77 Profit

Trans #4:

$2.99 No Nonsense socks
$2.99 No Nonsense socks
$7.99 Clairol Hair dye
$2.49 Crest Sensitive
$2.49 Crest Sensitive
$8.09 Pediacare Gentle Vapors (sonuva frick-frack patty-whack *$^%@!)
('Scuse my french)
-1.00 x 3 No Nonsense Flu booklet (scanned one twice?)
-1.00 x 2 Crest Flu booklet
-0.75 x 2 PG 10/10
-2.00 Clairol in-ad q
-2.00 Clairol PG 9/26
-1.00 Pediacare SS 10/10
-8.00 +UPs

$2.54 + 1.32 tax = $3.86oop
+UPs $7.00; SCRs $6.99
Final Total +$2.13 profit

Grand Total +$15.42 profit


Stuff I bought for Overage:
Yakisoba Noodles .79 - .50(doubled) = +.21 each x 10 = +2.10 overage
Mahatma Yellow Rice .89 - .50(doubled) = +.11 overage x 10 = +1.10 overage
EAS Myoplex Bars 1.99 - $3/2 Publix coupon stacked with (2) up to $3.89 off printable = +3.00 overage

Stuff I bought because it was a good deal:
(Turned out most of my good deals this week happened to have overage. Usually I'll pay up to a 1.00)
Hidden Valley Dressing 1.73 - 2.00 = +.27
Progresso Bread Crumbs .97 - .50(doubled) x 2 = +.07
Thai Kitchen Ginger Instant Rice Noodle Soup .99 - .50(doubled) x 2 = +.02
Ball Park bun size franks 1.50 - 1.00 Publix coupon - .75 x 2 = +.51
Lactaid milk quarts $2.19 - 2.00 = .19 each

Stuff I needed: (no coupons used)
Publix bacon 1lb. $3.99
Publix chips $2.59 each
Publix flour $2.29
Soft Taco Shells $1.49
Salmon $1.69

Also used $5/$25 Rite Aid competitor coupon.

Final Total $3.71 + .60 tax = $4.31 cost
*Sometimes I get the full amount of the $3.89 on the Myoplex bars, If I had today, my total cost would have been $0.51. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rite Aid

Lots and lots of deals to be had at Rite Aid this week, both SCRs and +UPs.
I made three separate shopping lists: (1) Free After SCR, (2) Free After +UP, and (3) Free After +UP and $5/$25.
Because I'm not too swift of mind, I shopped my SCRs and +UPs deals in separate orders.

The Free After +UPs:
AirWick $4.99 - 4.00 (SS 8/29), Get $1.00 +UP
Crest Pro-Health $2.49 - $1.00 Flu Booklet - $1.00 (PG 9/26), Get $1.00 +UP
*I only had (2) $1.00 off, and then .50 off, so I bought (4) together and used a $1/$10 Oral Wellness q to make up the other dollar.
This was actually a $2.04 MM.

Other free after +UP I didn't get yet:
Gain Dishwashing deterg $0.89 - $1.00 (PG 10/10)

Free After +UP and $5/$25:
*I combined the free after +UP above with these and a $5/$25 to get these items for free:
Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color $7.99 - $2.00 in-ad q - $2.00 (PG 9/26), Get $3.00 +UP (= .99)
Dial Body Wash $2.99 - $1.00 IP, Get $1.00 +UP (= .99)
No Nonsense Hosiery, Socks, Underwear $2.99 - $1.00 Flu booklet (there is also a Video Value q), Get $1.00 +UP (=.99)

*There are more deals I didn't list because I didn't have the coupons or whatever so be sure to check Southern Savers or Hip2Save for the full ad matchups.

Lots of Free After SCR this week, too many to list, but all of them together adds up to $55.88, so break them into two trans and use a $5/$25 on each to make a quick $10 profit.

Bought bags of pretzels clearanced to .25 and a Special Forces flashlight clearanced to $3.99.
The Yoohoos, Airhead, Choc-covered-cherry were filler items.
The Udderly Smooth lotion was a mistake.

Total Before Coupons $242.08
+UPs Used $99.77
+UPs and SCRs total $123.29
Spent $2.30 + 14.14 tax = $16.44 oop (gift card and cash)
Final Total $7.08 profit


Trans #1:
$2.50 Quaker Oatmeal
$2.50 Quaker Oatmeal
$2.99 Colgate Total
$2.99 Colgate Total
$1.00 GE 2-ltr Orange Soda
$1.00 Glad Wrap
$0.99 x 4 Robitussin-2-Go
$0.99 Candy Corn
= $17.93

-$5/$15 CVS IP
-2.00 x 2 Quaker Oatmeal IP
-1.50 x 2 Colgate IP
-1.00 x 4 Robitussin-2-Go IP (last one adjusted to .96)
- .99 Candy Corn CVS CRT

$0.98 + .70 = $1.68oop
Rec'd ECBs $5.98 Colgate, $2.00 Quaker Oats, $1.00 GE Soda
Final Total $7.30 Profit

Trans #2:
$0.99 Candy Corn
- .99 CVS CRT
= $0.00 + .03 tax = $.03oop

Trans #3:

$1.50 x 10 Starbucks Singles
$2.99 Colgate
$2.99 Colgate
$ .99 Candy Corn
= $21.97

-$5/$15 CVS IP
-1.50 Colgate IP
-1.50 Colgate IP
- .99 Candy Corn CVS CRT
-13.98 ECBs

$0.00 + .69 tax = $0.69oop
Rec'd $5.00 Starbucks, $5.98 Colgate
Final Total $3.69

Trans #4:
$3.00 x 5 AJC Bundles
$2.49 Charm
= $17.49

-$5/$15 CVS IP
-2.49 Free Charm wyb $15
-10.00 ECBs

$0.00 + .35 tax = $0.35oop

Grand Total cost $6.77


I was actually wanting Walgreens to start having good deals again? What was I thinking?? How could I have forgotten how stressful it was to make sure I got this much and that amount and the correct number of whatever and blah blah blah.

I don't know what the heck I did; the Reach was supposed to be giving me $1.01 overage each time, and the Hall's .75 profit each, but according to my calculations, this stuff cost me like $19.00, nearly $20.00??

Maybe I'm figuring wrong. I started out with $7.00 RR. Do I only count those as what I spent? Or do I also count all the RRs I earned and rolled today?

If I'm supposed to add all the RRs, I spent $12.87 in cash, and $33.00 in RRs, making it a cost of $19.87.
But if I only count the RRs I started with, then I spent $12.87 in cash, and $7.00 in RRs, making it a profit of $6.13.
(Neither amount really seems right)

*Adding the Reach and Hall's transactions I did, and subtracting the amount of the items that cost, and tax, it appears that the +6.13 profit is probably correct. Sure don't seem like it.

*Total before coupons, excluding tax, $172.18 (No way that little bit of stuff is worth that much!)

$1.00 Hall's Refresh Lemonade-Raspberry or something like that - only flavor on sale
- .75 Tearpad q found at Kroger awhile back (I saw .55 at CVS today, if you can't find anymore at K)
Get $1.00 RR
= +.25 profit after RR

$3.99 Noxema 4pk Disp razors
-1.00 8/08 RP
Get $3.00 RR
= +.01 profit after RR

$14.99 Contour meter
-10.00 8/08 RP
Get $5.00 RR
= +.01 profit after RR

$3.99 Reach Total Care TB
$3.99 Reach Total Care TB
-3.99 BOGO 10/10 RP
-1.00 10/10 RP
-4.00 Wags in-ad q (takes off 2.00 for each)
= +$1.01 overage in transaction

$10/3 Gillette Body Wash
-2.00 x 3 9/26 PG
Get $3.00 RR
= $1.00/3 (free w/ Reach overage)

$9.00/2 Nivea for Men
-2.00 x 2 10/10 RP
Get $4.00 RR
= $1.00/2 (free w/ Reach overage)

$.80 3-Musketeers Candy
$.79 3-Musketeers Candy
-.89 BOGO  9/26 RP (Tag said .89, or 2/something. I wrote .89 on the q and she put it in)(Apparently sometimes they ring up .89/.70 instead)
-.30/.31 each Wags in-ad
= .09/2 (more like .18/2 if they look at the price it rings up and only take off .80)

$0.25 No Nonsense Knee-Highs (filler items)
$0.34 Caramel candy (emergency filler, first transaction. The BOGO candy q attaches to both bars, btw)

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well I was gonna be smart and go to CVS and do last week's and next week's shop at the same time, but I got there a couple hours too early.
Some of the other stores I shop at actually turn theirs on ealier on Saturday, so I thought maybe this one was just saying it turned on later when it really turned on earlier.....Nope.

Oh well. The only thing I was shopping for next week was the Colgate and Oatmeal, and lawd knows I don't really need either of those.

I don't know how long they are going to do it, but when you scan your card at the red machine, it's been giving a $5.00 off Halloween Decor CRT. I got one on all three of my cards. 
The Spider candle holders and the blinking Skeleton and Pumpkin were 2/$5, so they were free after coupon. Completely free, not even any tax.
Then I got some flickering tea lights which were $4.99. The CRT says *Up to $5.00*, so the cashier entered the coupon for $4.99, and they were free, too.

I also don't know how long this price is in effect, so check on it next week, the Robitussin-To-Go 2-ct. box is/was $0.99, and there's a $1.00 IP Any Robitussin here:
(Change the email adress to print more)

*These aren't on the shelf with the other med stuff, they were in a box hanging on the corner of an endcap, and you pull the boxes out at the bottom. I walked past it at least four times before I saw it. I was looking for little packages like travel size Tylenol and such. These are pretty big boxes, almost like a regular small bottle of cough syrup.

Here's you a Monthly deal; thru Oct. 31st I believe. It wasn't marked at the store I was at, but it worked.
Azo Anti-Itch Cream or Wipes cost $6.99; Get $5.00 ECB (Limit 5)
-2.00 IP coupon from here:
Pay $4.99, get $5.00 ECB

*If you're not familiar with this item, it's on the feminine products aisle.

Trans #1:
$19.95 before coupons (used $4/$20)
$8.50 ECBs used
$0.98 + .50 tax = $1.48 oop
$12.99 ECBs rec'd
Final Total $3.01 profit

Trans #2:
17.95 before coupons (used $5/$15)
$7.80 ECBs used
$0.18 + .91 tax = $1.09 oop
$12.99 ECBs rec'd
Final Total $4.10 profit

*I did the three Halloween transactions separately because there had been reports that it didn't work when you used it with a $/$$ coupon. I had enough other stuff to be able to use my $/$$ without needing the Halloween items to bump up the total.

Rite Aid

Got in on the Nivea lip deal this evening. Can't believe I even found any, but they had alot. I got messed up because some of them rang up with my 10% discount I wasn't expecting. Put alot of my transaction in the negative but I didn't realize it until one got so low it wouldn't take my last $2/2 coupon. (Not that I'm really complaining, it made for some dang low oop!)

Also found (5) Artic Advantage TBs, because no one else knew they were included :-)
The Dixie deal was, it was on sale for 2/$4.00, and I used a $1/2 IP and (2) $1.00 q's from the Flu Booklet, then got a $1 +UP back, so made them free. Almost missed out on these :-{
The Hugs was on clearance for .74 cents. My kid likes these.

$110.35 Value before Coupons
$60.66 +UP Spent
-$3.31 + 6.52 tax = $3.21 from gift card(s)
$79.13 +UP Rec'd
+$15.26 Profit Final Total


*They were out of the Friskies Natural Selections Cat Treats, but I found out there were BOGO coupons in the 7/18 SS. Since they are .49 after the Mega Sale comes off, the cashier will enter .99 as the price of the coupon. Which makes both free after coupon.

*The Glory $10/10 signs were torn off the BEP and greens. I didn't price check, so I don't know if they are gone off sale at all the stores or not.

*I needed to spend like .40 so I cruised over by the milk cooler to see if there were any Manager Special pints of milk, and I saw they had the quart size of Lactaid for $2.16. I was standing there debating whether I wanted to go all the way back out to the car to my Publix coupon holder, when I looked up and saw the $2.00 blinkies hanging right there! YaY!

Total $0.34 + 1.51 = $1.85oop
(and $1.00 to the Breast Cancer thing. The cashier ambushed me as I was scanning my stuff and asked me. I didn't want her to give me trouble with my coupons so I had to. )
Saved $65.46

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rite Aid

The candy deal appears to be over now, but at the time it was going on, it was giving the $1/2 +UP as advertised, in addition to $2 +UP each bag. So if you go 10 bags at $2.50 each = $25.00, and you got $25.00 +UPs back!
Plus using the $5/25 and .50/$5 and $2/3 or $4/6 Sour Patch/Swedish coupons made for some sweet profit!

I also managed to find a few Oral-B toothbrushes and Crest Outlast w/ Scope toothpaste; free after +UP.
If any of you are out tomorrow and see any Oral- Artic Advantage TBs, have them price check: I found (1) today and it worked for the free after +UP deal.

I also found (4) of the Oral-B Vitality Rechargeable TBs at one store, clearanced 50% off to $12.49.
I bought (2) at a time and used $5/$25, $1/$10 Wellness, and (2) $10 MQs from 9/26 PG.
That took me .02 in the negative, so I didn't use a $1 off any Oral-B from the flu booklet, but if I had another $1.00 more of stuff I could have.
No +UP on these; just really cheap after coupons. You may still be able to find these next week, so keep looking.

Otherwise I bought several bags of Pretzel Rods and three boxes of Mini Moon Pies because they were clearanced for .25 could I not??
Also burnt some +UPs on a clearanced 2GB flash drive for $14.99. My son needed one the other day.

Also got a jug of milk we needed and it was too far out of the way to drive to Publix the way I went today, and the 6-pack of Little Hugs drinks were clearanced at .74,  I needed .58 more cents to bring my total up to the amount of +UP I had to spend. My kid jumped on them when I came in the door, so I may have to go back and get the rest of them later.

$268.88 Value before Coupons
$144.00 +UP Spent
$3.88 + 9.01 tax = $12.89 from gift card(s)
$167.18 +UP Rec'd
+$10.29 Profit Final Total


Velveeta Shells cups are .99, and .49 after Mega sale.
Use $1/2 Any Velveeta Shells (and Mac 'n' Dinner) from 9/26 SS makes them FREE.

Nabisco-to-go cups are .99, and .49 after Mega sale.
Use $1/2 Nabisco 9/26 SS makes them FREE.

Friskies Natural Sensations Cat Treats .99 Mega sale price.
Use $1/1 Friskies Cat Treats 8/22 SS or 9/12 RP makes them FREE.

Other deals Not Mega:
$0.49 Meow Mix Market Select Cat food
-$1/2 Meow Mix 9/26 RP makes them FREE.
*Other region(s) are reporting getting a $1.00 OYNO for each (6) purchased, but apparently not working in the SE region.

$1.00/2 Butterfinger
-$1/2 Butterfinger Tearpad makes them FREE.

$1.00 Glory Black Eyed Peas or Greens
- .90 IP Q (leave your email if you need me to send you this .pdf coupon)
makes it .10 each

Clearanced bread $0.39 and $0.49 loaf

These bags of Wonka Exceptionals Chocolate candies are on sale for 2/$4 and are a participating Mega sale item, so $1.50 after Mega price.
There is a $1.50/1 coupon in the 9/12 RP, making them FREE.

-.06 + .98 tax = $0.92 oop
 .00 + .99 tax = $0.99 oop
-.14 + .68 tax = $0.54 oop
3.87 + 1.02 tax = $4.89

Total Spent $7.34 oop
Total Saved $229.71