Friday, October 1, 2010

Food Lion

So last week when I decided I was bored with the Publix sales and was going to change it up and start buying some stuff, maybe actually spending money, apparently the feeling carried over to Food Lion. Just not quite as effectively. I really didn't need some of the stuff I spent money on, but got it because it seemed like a good deal.

$6.99 BOGO charcoal
-2.50 x 2 insert 9/26
= $1.99, or about $1.00 each
I didn't need charcoal at all, but how do you pass up $1.00 a bag?

$4.00/2 Jif
$4.00/2 Smuckers
$2.07 Capri Sun
-1.00 x 2 RP 8/08
-5.00 wyb 5 promo
= $3.07
*Again, I didn't need any of this, but the price seemed too good not to.

$1.00 Hamburger/Chicken/Tuna Helper x 6
-1.00/3 Better At Home booklet x 2
Get 3.00 OYNO
= $1.00/6
*Great stock up price! I'll be going for more of these.
(The OYNO cat is $3.00 off your next purchase of beef, chicken, or tuna, but it's coded for the Helpers)

$3.49 Glade 4oz candles x 4
-3.49 BOGO q 9/26 x 2
-3.00 promo wyb $8.00 worth Glade
-2.00 OYNO cat per each (2) candles you buy
= +.02 after cat
*The first time I bought 2 of the room sprays and 2 candles and only got one of the OYNO cat. The cat reads Thank You from Glade Jar Candles, so I got 4 candles next time, and got both cats then.

$1.00/2 Meow Mix Market Select cat food
-1.00/2 9/26 insert

$1.00 Hershey Milk Shake chocolate milks
-  .35 (doubled) IP
= .30 each

$1.39 BOGO Ronzoni Pasta
-  .55 x 2 blinkie q's (doubled)
= +.81
*Last week when I shopped my coupons only doubled up the amount of the item, alowing no overage, but this week they fully doubled again. Confusing.

$0.89 Mac'n'Cheese BOGO
- .55/2 (doubled) IP
= +$0.21

$1.89 Philly Cream Cheese BOGO x 5
-5.00/5 IP
= +$0.30 overage

Trans #1
Used $5.00 OYNO cats
Spent $6.78 + 2.42 tax = $9.20oop
Rec'd $5.00 OYNO cats
Final Total $9.20

Trans #2
Ued $5.00 OYNO cats
Spent $5.65 + 2.58 tax = $8.23oop
Rec'd $7.00 OYNO cats
Final Total $6.23


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Melissa said...

Thanks for visting, PCQ!

Wow, 15 followers now, my little blog is getting popular. I'm not sure why. I get all my deal ideas from better blogs with alot more info.

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