Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rite Aid

Many thanks to Christa for the Rogaine/Bounty deal idea.
$29.99 Men's Foam Rogaine
- 6.00 20% disc.
-20.00 Oct. Vv
-10.00 IP Rogaine website
$11.99 15-roll Bounty
- .25 mp PG 9/26 or 10/10?
Paid $0.73 + $1.76/$2.17 tax = $2.59/$2.90 oop
Rec'd $1.00 +UP Bounty
Final Total $1.59 and $1.90 for total 30 rolls paper towels.
and Rogaine.

The Lysol deal (not available in Short-ad land) I saw late in the game. I guess I didn't see it right away because it wasn't spelled out for me *Barney style*.
The Purex 3-in-One sheets are BOGO $8.99, Lysol Wipes (et al) are BOGO $3.49, and Lysol Spray is 2/$7.00, or $3.50 each. Plus, if you buy $10.00 worth, you get $3.00 +UP.
There are mq's in the inserts for $3.00 off the Purex,  $1.00 the Lysol Spray, and $1/2 the Wipes.
I think there might be some Vv coupons also, but I was using coupons from the Coupon Savings/Flu booklets; $1.00 off Purex, $2.00 Lysol Spray, $1.50 Lysol Wipes.
Most stores were out of either the wipes or Purex sheets, so I had to change up my shops alot, getting wipes and sprays, or sheets and wipes, etc. Several different variations there.

The Cokes were on sale for $9.00/3, and get $1.00 +UP wyb 3.
I bought them with the nail polishes that were free after +UPs, so the $5/$25 I used applied straight to the Cokes, making it $3.00/3, or $1.00 12-pk.

In two stores I found the boxes of Nyquil liquipills that say Nyquil Sinex on them. They aren't marked for the Nyquil sale, but did ring up $4.99. I used the $4.00 Sinex coupon from the 10/10 PG (there are also $4 from the 9/26 but those only have the Spray pictured, where the 10/10 has the Nyquil Sinex box pictured so they can't argue it). The coupon did beep at one store, but went right through without any problem at another.
$4.99 Nyquil Sinex
-4.00 mq
= .99 and Get $1.50 +UP
*I also had a $2.00 Sinex Flu booklet coupon I was able to use so my savings were even better.

Then, got some more Freebates when I needed them to bring my total up to $25, and found several more Little Hugs drinks clearanced for .74 each.

Final Totals:
$294.58 Value Before Coupons (Sale prices)
$4.96 + 13.04 tax = $18.01 oop
$68.96 +UPs Used
$72.00 +UPs Rec'd
$31.44 SCRs
Final Total $16.47 Profit
There's a BOGO50% sale on All Nail Enamel (excluding Brucci, Wet 'n Wild, and Maybelline), and get $1.00 +UP wyb Any Nail Enamel.
Some people have found that some of the *Sinful Colors* line of nail polish is ringing up at .99 and still giving the $1.00 +UP. (I can confirm this.)
Here is a general list of colors that have been found to be ringing up at .99, but I learned that this varies from store-to-store. At one store Ladies Choir was .99, but not at another, and some others.
The best thing to do is take one of each color to the counter and get it price checked.

*Apparently some people have also learned that while +UPs are unlimited, there does appear to be a $25.00 limit per transaction. So if you buy 26 nail polishes, you might not get one, so split them up.

A Slice To Go (Nail Art)
Bamboo 5107
Boogie nights 854
Chopstick 7 33854 23002 5
Cream Pink
Dawn 5113
Dream on 80
Dumpling 7 33854 23005 6
Dusk 5114
Fasion Neon 60
Femme Fatale 5117
Fortune cookie 7 33854 23004 9
Fried rice 7 33854 23000 1
Full moon 7 33854 23016 2
Glass pink 776
Great Wall
Hot&Sour 5101
Irish Green 198
Ladies choir 7 33854 23022 3
Lang Lang
Love Bite 5111
Love Nails
Me First (Nail Art)
Morning Breath (Nail Art)
Orange Alert (Nail Art)
Rose in Your Nose (Nail Art)
Stormy 5115
Vamp 7 33854 23012 4
Witching Hour
Worn Before (Nail Art)

*There is also a rumor that *Ooh La La* brand nail polish is ringing up at .25, and giving the $1.00 +UP, but I can't confirm this one since I never found any at any of the stores I visited.


Doreen said...

Can you tell me the nail polish deal?

Melissa said...

I'm fixing to post about it. I was soooo tired last night I couldn't even think (even more than usual, lol).

Mrs. Babcock said...

OH.MY.GOSH!! How in the heck do you get so many UP's?? I have no clue how to get more than like 8 UP's! I wish I were as good as you and could get all this great stuff for so cheap. Especially all the rite aid stuff... I'm so jealous! I know alot of people that I want to donate to.

Doreen said...

Thanks Melissa, I not only got a ton of nail polish yesterday but gave a copy of your list to the checkout girl and she was giddy...she always wants to go over my savings so she can learn! I also did one of the Rogaine...thanks for the info. I live in short ad world but still do pretty good!