Friday, October 1, 2010


I made a list of the Best Deals this week, and still plan to go do a shop of sale stuff, but my purpose of shopping Publix today was to get Gatorades for my son's team for the Cross-Country meet tomorrow.

The 8-packs were on sale for 2/$10.00, or $5.00 each, but at the first Publix I found a 15-pack for $7.19, which was a much better deal.
I got 10 Yakisoba, 4 bags of rice and the Myoplex bars for overage. The Colgate was $1.97 BOGO, or .03 overage, but not really after tax. I just got them to be getting them. And the bananas because I thought I still had a little bit more overage than I needed.
Turned out the cashier put the Myoplex IP in for $1.99 instead of $3.89, so I ended up spending more than I planned, but less than $2 bucks for 15 Gatorade, 10 Yakisoba, etc, I ain't complaining!

$1.54 + .39 tax = $1.93 from gift card

The next Publix store didn't have the 15-packs, so I got the 2/$10 packs; 10 more Yakisoba, 10 of the rice, and 2 Myoplex bars.  This time they gave me the $3.89 for the IP coupon, so I was happy.

-$0.01 + .51 tax = $.50 from gift card

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