Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Back to our regularly scheduled programming...
...Due to I had to recover from Saturday on Sunday, and get caught up on some stuff at home on Monday, I had to work to put my deals together this morning before heading out. Unfortunately it took longer than I planned, so I didn't have alot of time to be able to do all the shops I would have liked to before I had to be at the college for my son's Cross-Country meet.

Besides Food Lion I was able to hit three CVS stores.
I didn't have any $/$$ coupons; I was hoping to score some Hydro rainchecks, but of course, when I want the raincheck instead of the item, they'll have plenty of the item.

$8.99 Hydro Razor
-4.00 ?insert?
= 4.99
Got $5.00 ECB, making it free

*None of the stores had any Schick Hydro Shave Cream to go with my "Free wyb Razor" peelies :-(

$1.79 BOGO Mentos Gum
-1.00 x 2 Mentos 10/3 SS
= +.21 overage/2

$7.49 Neutrogena Split End stuff (Hidden ECB deal)
Got $7.49 ECB, making it free

$6.99 AZO (Monthly deal, limit 5)
-2.00 IP
= 4.99
Get $5.00 ECB, making it free

$0.99 Robitussin-2-Go 2-pack
-1.00 IP

$1.99 CVS Hand Santizier Spray Pen
-2.00 CVS IP q

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