Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yakisoba is once again on sale for 5/$3.00, or .60 each, so with the .50 coupon, give .40 overage each. I used my overage towards the Nesquik powder.
Also got some overage for the Mahatma rice and EAS bars, which I used for the cost of the Velveeta.
The Velveeta cost .43 each after $5/5 Kraft IP coupon and .50 Target coupons.
The bananners were free with the $1.00 Target q.

This order I had figured out to go negative .09 before tax, which caused a CS person to need to come put in her numbers, but they were busy and I was holding the line up, so I said I'd just pay and take the last coupon to the desk and do a missed coupon.
The coupon was for the "Up to $3.89" on the EAS bars. Some cashier put in $3.89, some put in $1.99, the cost of the bar. Cashier put in $1.99 for one of the bars, but the CS gave me $3.89 and tax for the other coupon. Woohoo!

$1.29 + .62 tax = $1.91 from gift card
Refunded $4.01 for coupon = $2.10 profit
Saved $41.99

At the second Publix I visited, found the last two boxes of Ronzoni GD pasta, and some rice and Yakisoba, and bought a package of ground beef and a couple boxes of the Luzianne with the overage. No coupon for the Luzianne, but it was on BOGO sale.
Then I found the clearanced Benevia, so I grabbed a gift card for that overage.

I do my figures as I go along, and I had figured my total to be $3.96 + tax after coupons.  I don't know why, but my total came out to be $7.85 + tax.  Everytime I add and re-add I get a different total.
All the prices on the reciept are the same as I had figured, and all the coupons were used. But I never come up with the same total as $7.85.
So, I give up.

$7.85 + 2.70 tax = $10.55 from gift card
Got new $25.00 gift card = $14.45 profit
Saved $123.30

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